Welcome to Anahata Holly Hallowell's

Special Offer:

Become a Vibrational Match

For Your Desires!

Welcome to Anahata Holly Hallowell's

Special Offer:

Become a Vibrational Match

For Your Desires!

In order to experience our desires, we must be a vibrational match.

Anahata says,

"Our vibes don’t lie and we always get the perfect blending of what we are Magnetizing with all our layers: Mind, Body and Soul. Manifesting your desires doesn’t work merely through focusing and intention, you’ve got to also Remap Your Subconscious patterns and programs which are keeping you a mismatch to the goals you have in life. You are connected to all things and can leverage the unique Energy Signatures of anything in order to activate Resonance Remembrance™. We do this through Assisting Frequencies called The Anahata Codes. When you can learn to live in the Now and remap the past, you align with the Future you desire and you can finally reach your goals."


Package A: Remap with Codes (On Demand)
Value: $750

Special Offer Price: $99

Package A Intro/Information – Over 6-hours of On-Demand Training, Dozens of worksheets and guides, and powerful Activations. Introductory Course: to get you up to speed on a deep level into the science and process of the course method and work.

How to Pull Codes: training on how to find the most effective Anahata Code for any concern or desire. How to Remap Your Subconscious: A step-by-step how-to of the remapping process. General Guided Medication Breathwork: To frame the activations which are facilitated for specific areas of your life and blocks.

Worksheets & Guides: a library of supporting documents and processes to implement the journey personally including: Mastering Mindset Magnetism & Magnetism Activation Guide, Belief Consciousness Worksheet, Leveraging Triggers, Shadow Integration Worksheet, Enneagram Code Application, Block Removal Guide.

The Anahata Codes and Guide:  How to Use the Law of Attraction (LOA) of Energy Medicine, The 7 Tools of Restoration, How to Build a Wellness Vortex, How to Consciously Map, The How to Remap Your Subconscious raction (LOA)Guide, The Time Fractal Calculator, Guided Breath Work Meditation, and NOW Activations (Seeding Helpful Triggers) Document.


Package A

Total Value $750

Discount  87% Off

Special Offer $99

Package B: Remap with Codes PLUS Personal Remap Session with Anahata
Value: $1,750
Special Offer Price: $199

Package B Intro/Information - includes all of Package A.


You receive a personal Remapping Session with Anahata. The Remapping session will be an hour-long coaching call with Anahata where she will help you to uncover your triggers, the main fear-based programs your running, and she’ll Pull Anahata Codes specific for your personal remapping needs.

She will also give you a personal plan and Medicine based on your own circumstances and goals in order to achieve your desires.

The hour long private session she is offering is a one off - it is not being offered anywhere else.  Anahata has been training practioners all over the World to do this work - so this is an unique one-off opportunity of a lifetime!  

Package B - includes all of Package A

Total Value $1,750

Discount  89% Off

For You $199

Package C: Full Remap with Codes Journey

Value: $4,749

Special Offer Price: $599

Package C in addition to everything in Package A and B,


You will receive 9 Weekly Lessons: Delivered to your inbox and archived in a Member Center.

9 Weekly Meditations: Activations/ journeying/ meditations to implement the weeks lessons and processes.

9 Weekly LIVE coaching calls: with all program registrants to ask questions and get personal coaching from Anahata.

The Nine Topics address and interweave the 9 Core Liming Programs and are focused to support: Change and our Desires, Time and our Desires, Layers and our Desires, Planning for our Desires, Remapping for Health, Remapping for Relationships, Remapping for Joy and Fulfilment, Remapping for Abundance and Remapping for Purpose.

Activations to Remap include replacing programs: Fear of Loss and Separation, Fear of Being Harmed or Controlled by Others, Of being Corrupt, Evil or Defective, Fear of Being Useless, Helpless or Incapable, Fear of Being Deprived or in Pain, Fear of being Worthless, Fear of being Unwanted, Unworthy of Being Loved, Fear of Being without Support or Guidance, and Fear of No Identity or Personal Significance.

Package C - includes all of Package A and B

Total Value $4,749

Discount  87% Off

Special Offer $599

Here's what others are saying about working with Anahata...

“Holy smokes! I feel so many energy shifts. I was not prepared for how huge this would be for me! It’s profound.” - Caitlin P.

 “So loving how things are unfolding effortlessly and I am on a ride trying to keep up! My quest to align with Alchemy in order to help my own students “change the energy, change the manifestation of the mass” (the law of Alchemy) I was blessed to resonate with when you Ask and receive Anahata into my life” Anonymous Student

"During this experience, I noticed many truths about myself, mostly realizing how much I had allowed “fears of all sorts” control and dominate my life, form my opinions and keep me feeling trapped and hopeless. Now I notice so much more self-confidence and a growing sense of awareness of my already whole, loved, and powerful being, just as I am." ~ Anonymous Student

“Manifesting has been much easier and a constant reminder of choosing which vibration I want to stay in.” Delia F.


About Anahata...




Anahata (Holly Hallowell) is the Channel of The Anahata Codes. Her unique Modality is known as The Law of Attraction of Energy Medicine and is practiced by thousands of students around the world and facilitated by dozens of Certified Anahata Code Practitioners. Her first book, Resonance Remembrance: The Art of Activating Assisting Frequencies and Evolutionary DNA will be debuting this year.