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"Raising Your Vibration for 2021 & Beyond!" 

"I AM Ana-La-Rai - I am a Universal Channel, Teacher, Love & Light Worker, Energy Shifter (Healer) and member of

the First Wave Transition Team for Planet Earth.   My destiny is to assist individuals and groups both in preparation and co-creation of the transition to the new vibrations, new energies and New Earth. My focus with clients is to be an Agent of Change, assisting them to improve, enhance, enrich and enlighten their lives."

Here's what people are saying about working with Ana-La-Rai:

In private sessions, Ana-La-Rai is very keen on providing the best possible conduit to bring people to a better version of themselves. Her sessions are intense and she really wants to bring solutions and well being via love and light into people’s life. The first time I heard Ana La Rai was on a radio show and I immediately went to The Alchemy website and started to listen to past Collective calls. I was blown away on each and every one...we are very lucky to have this wonderful person doing this important and meaningful work. ~Anne Dahl

I've worked with Ana La Rai for about a year now. Her sessions fill me with love and light and leave me floating. I'm pain free now and don't take pain meds any longer. I sleep much better and awake rested. I'm also back to work and I was sure if I would ever be back to work again. ~Terry Tver

In our weekly meditations and Alchemy gatherings she creates and holds a powerful field of love and light for all participants to open our hearts and work together to help mother Earth. The personal Love and Light sessions I had with Ana La Rai cleared deep rooted believes and traumas I never expected to release in this life time. She is a powerful healer.~Stella Castaneda

Ana-La Rai is an extremely powerful intuitive life coach and healer, who is accurate and gets the job done. Ana-La Rai recently worked with me to clear some very deep emotional blocks related to my mum who passed away when I was 3. During the session Ana-La Rai channelled my mom giving me messages that opened a flood of love energy being palpably felt through my entire body. Later she discovered my inner child hidden within my body and guided me on how to re- integrate that aspect of me. These shifts were life changing for me and I immediately felt myself upgrade on many levels. As Ana La Rai facilitated the session, I could sense the presence of very highly vibration beings around her and her ability to work on the dimensional aspects of one’s self is beyond powerful. I can only describe what I saw and felt during the session with Ana as “phenomenal” and I would have no hesitation in recommending her as an Intuitive Life Coach, or Healer. ~ Deborah

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Here's the Replay of our January 12th 2021 Live Call with Ana-La-Rai: 


As Ana-La-Rai confirmed on the Live Call write in to us to get your 50% discount on the activation of the Original Code of Love ($77USD for $38USD).


Here's some of the Feedback from our January 12th 2021 Live Call with Ana-La-Rai: 

Thank you for sharing AnaLaRai with your listeners. Every class or group program I have taken thru AnaLaRai has blessed me and helped me move forward in my spiritual journey. I have learned so much about myself by working with AnaLaRai. - Paula Wise - Eureka

I really look forward to hearing AnaLaRai speak today. ..Thank you!! - KasandraR Ryane - Parksvillew, BC

What do you think about vaccines? - Lianne Meijndert - Spijkenisse

I am looking forward to connecting to the code of love. Thank you!  - KasandraR Ryane - Parksvillew, BC

Love means caringness without limitations ~ Rajaspari Wiskin - Whitby,Canada

??Thank you Ana La Rai.Now I truly understand the code of Love beautifully explained.....I Love You??????  - Rajaspari Wiskin - Whitby,Canada

from my understanding some of our issues are from past lives and can be very deep in our subconscious so we need to do some deep clearings in order to clear them. yes, I am interested in the 1/2 price activation.-  jo - edmonton


Package A

Package A - Recordings Only

  • All of the 2020 Full Moon Recordings (each approx. 1 hour long). Each is a guided meditation for your own personal journey. Often new Beings of Light come through. Ana-La-Rai says, "I never know in advance what will occur."
  • See Descriptions listed below.
  • Clearing Prosperity Blocks Recording.

As Ana-La-Rai confirmed on the Live Call write in to us to get your 50% discount on the activation of the Original Code of Love ($77USD for $38USD)

January:   (Council tells me they will also do this for 2021)

Join us as we meet The Fairy Council who share about the coming decade and our two worlds merging.During this 1 hour session they offer us to have a partnership for 2020 with a member of the Fairy Council. This partnership will support your energetics during the year but will be a time of learning for them as well. You are invited to merge at least once per month for the day with your Fairy, but no more than once per week.

February:  (Evergreen)

The New Council of Light for Humanity's Awakening comes forth with a beautiful gift for us. They move into one cell within our physical heart and create a new, 3rd strand of DNA in the current 2 strand structure. This process will take a minimum of one year to completely change all the DNA in the cells of the heart. No information is given regarding changes we will see as a result of this 3rd strand.

March:  (Evergreen)

This full moon is a great process to use and dissolve any or all inauthentic roles you are currently playing in your life.  Use this process as often as you wish.

April:  (Evergreen)

On April 7, 2020 a new group came through called "The Timurthians". They come from another time & space but are present at our time of incarnation on planet Earth.They do a process of dissolving the veil between the human Self and the Higher Self. Then they facilitate a different kind of merging. They hold open a space without the veil for 3 consecutive days so we may learn more from our Higher Self.    NOTE: My voice is very different during this session! LOL

May: (Evergreen)

Join me with Lord Buddha as we travel to the WESAK ceremony in Wesak Valley for the annual celebration.

June: (Evergreen)

Join Lady Faith & Archangel Michael as they assist us in balancing, aligning and harmonizing ourselves. They lead us through 3 processes that we can use over again to balance our divine masculine & feminine, then to align closer with our agreements or contracts (purpose) and finally to clear the energetic debris or static from our fields.

July: (Evergreen)

On July 4 2020 new Beings of Light came through. They are beyond time constraints and are of the Family of El. They shared their vibrational frequencies to assist us to move to a greater expansiveness. At the end of the meditation they share the frequency of Oneness, beyond time, to assist you in remembering. The energy is VERY strong in this meditation so it is recommended you be sitting down or laying down to experience fully.

August: (Evergreen)

Join us as we each get to experience 3 differing potential timelines. We are walked through the various choices and experiences and at the end, you are allowed to pick another timeline to merge with your current timeline.

You can also wait, re-listen as often as you wish, and select the time line at a later date.

September: (Evergreen)

On September 1, 2020 both First Light and Lord Shiva came through to assist and support us on the guided full moon meditation. Lord Shiva did an "adjustment" on 3 specific chakras to allow the Highest Self to anchor more into the physical body.  It is suggested you listen when you can relax afterwards.

October 1st:  (Evergreen)

A new Collective comes through, called The Collective of the Divine Feminine. This full moon is VERY soft and nurturing. They do an activation to assist you in bringing forth your own nurturing of Self through softness, gentleness, kindness, love, compassion and peace.

This recording can be utilized as often as you wish.  Please be in a relaxed location to listen to this full moon meditation.

October 30th  (Blue Moon):  (Evergreen)

This guided meditation with First Light is not "for the faint of heart". We are taken through a process of releasing/removing a layer of our personality. This is to assist you in the journey back to the authentic self. The earliest you can do this process again if 3 months after listening if you are on a "super accelerated" path.

Session runs approx. 90 minutes and must be done in a quiet, relaxed space without distractions.

November: (specifically for 2021, listen first)

On November 30, 2020 a new group of Light Beings came through for the full moon (new to me). They called themselves "The Rahyons" and they are energy beings without physical form. They are interested in our planet and its current dimensional shift and offered to support us with an "energetic grid or suit" around our physical bodies.

This "suit" will be in place until December 31, 2021 and is designed individually to make the incoming planetary energies easier or gentler to receive. It takes a full 7 days to integrate your new suit.

Permissions must be given a couple of times in the meditation before the suit will be created. All changes or upgrades to the suit are managed by your Higher Self.

December: (Evergreen)

Mother Gaia comes forth to lead us on this guided meditation on December 29, 2020. She shares that over various lifetimes we each placed "gifts" we would need in 2021 in vaults deep within the Earth.

We each visit our vault and get to retrieve the first item for us. All of us have at least 3 gifts in the vaults and some may have up to 12 gifts. Each gift was specially placed by a former Self to support our journey now.

***Clearing Prosperity Block: (Evergreen)

This guided meditation was brought through a few years ago with Lord Maitreya with a small group over Skype. Lord Maitreya guides the listener through a process to find and release money and prosperity blockages through this and past lives. This session can be used as often as you wish.  Session is approximately 30 minutes long.

Package A

Total Package A Value: $250 USD

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Special Offer for You $88 USD

Two Payments Option Plan Now Available!

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Package B

Ana-La Rai's Package B

includes all of Package A

Ana-La-Rai's 2020 Full Moon Recordings

***Clearing Prosperity Blocks Recording


30 Min Energy Tune-Up One-to-One with Ana-La-Rai

Live Group Healing on February 4th with Ana-La-Rai at 11.00 AM Pacific (no recording)

50% Discount on the activation of the Original Code of Love

February 2021 Full New Moon Creation Class on "Clarity" with Lady Isis


30 Minute Energy Tune-Up Reading with Ana-La-Rai

Experience the energies and clarity of Ana-La-Rai in a private, one-to-one session via Skype or telephone. Feel the vibrations of love as you are wrapped in light as your Guides come through with messages. Be ready to hear what your Guides want you to know, maybe even something you have been ignoring or missing. Come prepared with questions or simply let her read your energies. You are welcome to record this session.







 Package B

includes all of Package A

Total Package B Value: $599

Today With 68% Discount You Get $411 Off

Special Offer for You $188

Two Payments Option Plan Now Available!

Special Offer for You $94.00 Now and $94.00 in the next month!

More About What People Are Saying About Working With Ana-La-Rai

"I want to start by saying that whenever I count my blessings Ana La Rai is one of them. 

This journey started like all the great things in our life: by Divine Synchronicity. 

After a long time of searching and asking Father/Mother God to show me the way to my spiritual healing. 

Ana La Rai was the speaker for the radio show Your Divine Uniqueness hosted by Moncef Afkir. 

The first thing I noticed about her was her humbleness. She was genuine and very accurate in each message delivered to the people who called for a reading with her, and that made me feel safe, to the point that I scheduled an appointment with her. 

It went beyond all my expectations, and so did the next one and the many that followed. 

Her energy is kind and loving and this helps your heart open for healing knowing that there’s no judgment, just the most pure unconditional love you have ever received from another human being that under the direction of her Guides and your  

I AM Presence can know everything about you, not only in this lifetime but past ones. 

I loved the change in me and decided to take the next step in my personal growth journey by booking a 3 month Light session of shifting and healing, and I can say without the shadow of a doubt that it has been the best thing I have ever done for myself. 

My consciousness has expanded due to all the energy cleaning and shifting. My heart is open to love and thus, receive love like never before. I feel the connection with my Source, my I Am Presence and other Beings of Great Light. 

Many changes happened in my inner world that have been reflected in my physical body as a consequence of the new energy in which I vibrate now. 

I am still a work in progress, but believe me when I say that I know that all is part of the Divine Plan for me, and have my heart open to receive all the blessings that every day brings. 

So, my brother/sister, if you find yourself reading this testimonial is because your I Am Presence is guiding you to take a more direct personal approach into your own journey. I say: GO AHEAD!!!

The only thing you will lose is the stagnant energy that serves no purpose for the fulfillment of the Divine Plan that YOU have in this wonderful planet. 

Finally, let me just finish by saying this...when I count my blessings, Ana La Rai is one of them. 

In Love and gratitude, 

Nancy Z. "


A mutual friend had told me Ana-La-Rai was a very clear channel of high level information and healing. I now know that for myself.

In the most life-altering, deep, important 15 minutes of my last decade's profound healing journey she zeroed in on an unconscious belief and a "bottomless pit" wound from my time in the womb, birth and babyhood. Using Intuitive Life Coaching methods she brought forward the issue I suffered from greatly, had tried unsuccessfully to heal and was utterly unconscious about: "No gratitude and no gratitude for life." It was a perfect encapsulation of my distressed Mother"s state of mind at the time. Ana-La-Rai then cleared the pattern as much as possible.

My subsequent experience is I now have a floor installed in what had been an endless abyss of horrible feelings. The trauma state that I could easily get triggered into for 24 awful hours had lost its power. In the same astonishing 15 minutes she then channeled my main Guide, preparing me for a message I probably wouldn't like. I had been desperately wanting to leave my husband, but had been unsuccessful at actually doing so. My Guide (as Guides do) said I could make any choice I desired but my husband and I still had several contacts to fulfil, adventures to be had and our continued union would be my best path for happiness. [WOW! POW! SHAZAAM].

My Guide, who I trust deeply, is the ONLY source that I would listen to on this subject. My husband and I are now in the interesting process of reconciliation and new growth. Supposedly, in a year on this path, I will be saying "I am happier than I've ever been!" We shall see.

Ana-La-Rai's source of deep information and the power to heal is not hers. She is the clear channel who can connect to those sources and bring it forward. She generously uses her abilities to help others. Her real secret is she works connected to the high frequencies of Love and Light of the Higher Realms. I am very lucky she chose to help me.

Thank you

Mary W., Victoria, BC Canada

These have helped me so much, I am amazed I have created the beauty, love, and success I have with the subconscious patterns that I held. I have had 2 sessions now, and will continue to use them as a powerful tool to clearing my own negative thoughts towards myself, as they ripple out from me and come to me from the people in my life. Once i realized that I can get help to remove the vibrational signals out of my system of lack, anger, jealously, ungratefulness, pain, sorrow, blame, all that stuff... I was doing a happy dance. I expect great things! Thanks Ana La Rai for stepping into your worth and life purpose so we can all have the courage to do so in our own unique ways! 

- Amanda D., Canada, 2016 Love & Light Sessions

"Dear AnaLaRai:
I want to share with you that your healing session was very effective. The tooth that was reconstructed from inside out in the healing session, is perfect now. My dentist got a X-ray two weeks ago and there is no problem there. I am very happy for it. During this past two months I have seen the benefits of the wonderful work you did for me; thank you.

Love and Gratitude,



- Stella C.,  Ottawa, Ontario, Canada      Love & Light Sessions

"Hi AnaLaRai,

Thank you so very much for all of the wonderful work you do.

I made a personal commitment to take your coaching program. This turned out to be the Best GIFT I have ever given to myself!!!

You AnaLaRai are the "Real Deal" - so Genuine, so Caring, so Committed...to helping others :):):) You helped me connect to my heart, my higher self, and to my guides. I was able to release deeply embedded beliefs and patterns that were keeping me stuck. Today thanks to your help, and my willingness to change, my heart is opening up again. I feel happier, lighter, and peaceful. I have a new sense of direction in life and I look forward to working with you again in the future.

Thank you for all you do!!!


- Ginny H., Canada September 2017 Coaching Program

About Ana-La-Rai

Ana-La-Rai is a Divine Planetary Liaison, Mumara (Teacher), Healer, Emissary of Love, and Universal Channel for many Ascended Masters, Collective Consciousnesses, Whales, Galactics and Light Beings.

She is of the Angelic Realms, but has spent many lifetimes on Venus learning about Love.

She is blessed with gifts which can assist individuals and groups in moving forward; connecting to their own divinity and unlimited potential! When she works with individuals, information and visuals flow forth from past incarnations and present day, allowing her to share and assist in the moment.

Simply put, she assists her clients with changing their lives.... improving, enriching, enhancing or enlightening!On the Higher realms, she is involved with the Angelic Councils tasked with uplifting the collective heart of humanity into the Christ Consciousness vibration.

Much of her planetary work is done with The Alchemy Collective Consciousness as their Voice or Channel.www.thealchemycollective.org Her training began in 2002 and has been conducted directly by The Galactic Federation of Healers, The Council of 12 overlighting the healing of the Love Body of Humanity and the Waters of Earth, the Inner Plane Ascended Masters, the Venusian Emissaries of Love, the Angelic and Archangelic Hosts, as well as her first earthly teacher, Ama Ri Al.

Since 2004 Ana La-Rai has been facilitating Spiritual Retreats and Gatherings, travelling to various locations to clear and anchor higher vibration energies.

She continues to bring people together in Divine Service with The Alchemy Collective Consciousness and their Gatherings.  Through all that she does she works with the vibration and energy of LOVE.