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Welcome to Arathi Ma’s Special Offer

Internationally known Healer & Spiritual Mentor

Medical Intuitive, Light Body Transformation and

Soul Language!

Your Enlightened Health


Your Overall Body, Mind & Spirit Cleanse & Upgrade!

Would you like to experience profound changes in your Body, Mind, and Soul?

You are invited to:

Cleanse and upgrade your body, mind, and soul and allow yourself to move through 2019 and beyond with a new perception of your health and your life. Let me assist you to ground new possibilities, that are available now more than ever, into satisfying results.


Clearing, Repairing, Balancing, Healing & Upgrading to Your Optimum Levels

Are you ready to:

Initiate True Health!


For Digestion — Nervous System & Brain — Immune System — Hormones — Sleep — Ears & Eyes — Major Organs — Muscle/Bone/Ligaments Pains — Teeth — Reproductive Organs — Heart & Circulation — Skin Rejuvenation — Protection from Accidents/Trauma — Astro-Planetary Harmony — and much more…



In Meditation — Spiritual & Psychic Developments

Do you want to:

Blur the imprisoning perceptions of disease and open yourself to the primordial Light within? Becoming that, which you truly are and make it possible for you to experience renewal in the area of health, relations, business, and much more?

Expect to:

√ Remove Inflammation  √ More flexibility  √ Feel renewed  √ Increase energy  √ Feel lighter  √ Improve concentration  √ More resilience to infections  √ Better memory  √ Breathe easy  √ Become happier  √ Good digestion  √ Maintain good vitality  √ Peaceful mind  √ Release pain  √ Move into spiritual alignment  √ Strong immune System  √ Physical  alignment  √  Feel vibrant  √ Optimal metabolism  √  Flat tummy  √ Skin improvements  √ Become healthier overall √ Feel confident  √ Feel loved  √ Feel nurtured  √ Feel supported  √ More joy  √  Peaceful mind  √ Meditate better  √ Relax better  √ See new Perspectives  √ Improve Meditation  √ Happier & Blissful  √ More Youthful  √ Inspired & Creative

You may have some of these issues:


  • Chronic inflammation?
  • Autoimmune issues?
  • Feel chronically fatigued?
  • Cannot shake a sense of depression?
  • Pains in your back, muscles, joints?
  • Feel constantly fatigued?


  • Is hard to concentrate and get things done?
  • Prone to accidents or had them in the past?
  • You feel unsure or unsafe in life?
  • Lived through trauma in body and/or mind?
  • Feeling mentally and spiritually lost?

Allow the Primordial Light to help  

You Shift Your Body & Mind & Life

Allow Yourself to Shift and Live

From Your Own True Nature

Package A of


“I'm sooooooo thrilled ! Had just completed the mental emotional-balance MP3, sitting facing the sunshine after lunch... I believe I slightly dozed off at one point. Then I came back to myself with your voice and suddenly saw behind my closed eyelids a beautiful cascade of white light, and then a golden Sun emerging from its centre... I was full of wonder, peace and joy !!! Jai Jai Ma !! I usually never SEE anything while meditating, what an amazing sensation! Thank you SO much !

Caroline S.

Special offer $99

This package includes:

8 Multi Layered Comprehensive Healing:

  1. Strong Digestive System - MP3 – 11:46 min
  2. Courageous Immune System - MP3 – 16:07 min
  3. Clear Brain ​& Nervous System - MP3 – 15:18 min
  4. Vibrant Hormones — MP3 – min IN PROGRESS
  5. Beautiful Eyes & Ears — MP3 – 16:00 min
  6. Strong Organs & Bones, Teeth, Muscles — MP3 – 25:19 min
  7. Joyful Heart, Blood, Circulation —MP3 – 19:00 min
  8. Happy Kidneys & Reproductive Organs— MP3 – 20:26 min


  1. SILENT Strong Auric Power — MP3 — 7:39 min
  2. Skin Cleanse & Rejuvenation — MP3 – 20:02 min
  3. SILENT Astro-Planetary Harmony — MP3 — 16:49 min
  4. SILENT Sleep — MP3 —18:18 min


Strong Digestive System

Format: MP3

Running Time: 11:46 minutes

Multi-Layered - Comprehensive

Physical-mental-emotional-spiritual Cleanse & Healing

ITEM #1 contains:

  • Source Light Infusion
  • Shifting Perception from Disease to Health
  • Dosha Balance via elemental balance
  • Cleaning and upgrading the elements
  • Leaky gut repair
  • Yeast cleanse
  • Inflammation & ulceration
  • Diverticulitis
  • Flexibility scarring
  • Structural alignments of intestines
  • Metabolic fire reset in all tissues, stomach, small intestines
  • Clearing wide range of toxins
  • Clearing excess debris from intestinal walls
  • Clearing trauma, surgery, accident
  • Relationship clearing of environment & situational Issues
  • Restoring proper osmosis of water and nutrients
  • Rejuvenation of peristaltic
  • Removal of emotional frequencies of fear, anxiety, bitterness, anger, guilt, shame, confusion etc.
  • Removal of entities & implants
  • Overall Auric Field Repair

“I released a massive amount of “flukes” of all kinds along with the yeast.”

“A quick note to say that after this big experience with my mother’s lineage and after 3 days of listening to the yeast and other clearings I’ve also had a massive clearing of parasites…I’m a bit mystified! I’ve been doing cleanses for almost 20 years once in a while so I am familiar…I’ve even done a full panchakarma, but as well I lost my health for 5 years because of amoebas and parasites from third world travel. 

The last two days I released a massive amount of “flukes” of all kinds along with the yeast. I did add some Health-force Naturals products to support my liver, absorb the toxins and to keep everything moving out. I took a break for today….phew! Wow.

I’m blown away with all the power of your work…and so, so grateful!”

- CB

“I have not had a better digestion IN MONTHS.... without changing anything in my diet or taking additional medicines.”

“Arathi Ma’s energy is so so kind and loving... I used her mp3s and slept and slept (did not understand what was going on....truly- kind of drowsy on a Sunday and then Monday too) I felt warm energy flowing through...and believe me...I have not had a better digestion IN MONTHS.... and that is without changing anything in my diet or taking additional medicines.

She is the real deal (use that word for the non-Guru-ism types... But it's about energy truly and goodness) Please do try the mp3's ( I just used the yeast ones and am eager to use others) -I am from India and I know what she spoke about various vata, pitta, kapha body constitutions is correct as I so-called knew from my background...but how it perfectly fit or impacted the day to day or seasonal /weather changes was like mind blowing (there is difference in between knowledge and wisdom) She just knew... Like a mother. To add to that, her calm voice is just magical... almost hypnotical and soothing. To add to it, when I joined the private Facebook group, I found it very interactive and you get answers when you post.”

- Sari Grace

“NO colostomy bag…my stomach has been great ever since!”

“On Dec 22 2014 I ended up in the Hospital because my colon had burst. Arathi Ma came to the hospital to visit me and worked on me while she was there. I was in a lot of pain and I was worried because they told me that they may have to take out part of my colon and I would end up with a colostomy bag.  That was very terrifying for me.  After Arathi Ma came to work on me, I noticed that I wasn’t in as much pain. I came home from the hospital with nothing more than pain meds and after a week, I no longer needed them.  My stomach has been great ever since.

Arathi Ma has also worked on Ancestral clearing for me and since then I have met my birth mother and my birth father.  I have found four sisters that I never knew I had as well. 

Since working with Arathi Ma there have been many changes in my life and all positive. I have the most amazing life and I never thought that was possible. They are forever imprinted on my heart!!!”

- Linda Glegg, BC


Courageous Immune System

Format: MP3

Running Time: 16:07 minutes

Energy Healing Process

Multi-Layered - Comprehensive

Physical-mental-emotional-spiritual Cleanse & Healing

ITEM #2 contains:

  • Source Light Infusion
  • Shifting Perception from Disease to Health
  • Dosha Balance via elemental balance
  • Cleaning and upgrading the elements
  • Wide variety of Toxins cleanse
  • Vaccination imprints clearing
  • Spleen, Blood, Lymph pathways cleanse & support
  • Allergy cleanse: environmental, nutritional
  • Childhood Imprints cleanse: shame, rejection, ignoring, isolation, exploitation, neglect, assault
  • DNA Damage & hereditary Repair
  • Planet Mars Spleen & Venus Gallbladder Mantras
  • Male - Female Balance
  • Overall Auric Field Repair

What to expect?

  • Not catching every cold or flu
  • Allergic symptoms reduce or disappear
  • Relate easier to others
  • Feelings of contentment
  • More energy
  • Reconnected to your soul
  • Feeling connected to others
  • Feeling safe
  • Being able to eat restricted foods again
  • Feeling better overall


Clear Brain & Nervous System

Format: MP3

Running Time: 15:18 minutes

Energy Healing Process

Multi-Layered - Comprehensive

Physical-mental-emotional-spiritual Cleanse & Healing

“Fully recovered…within a few short days!”

In November of 2013 I got pneumonia.  I was so sick I could barely walk.  The doctor wanted me to take several medications including inhalers that I was not comfortable taking.  During one session I immediately felt better and the pneumonia was significantly improved to the point that I was able to fully recover without the inhalers or any further medical treatment within a few short days. I actually remember feeling the virus or sickness leave my body during the session. Thank you Arathi Ma!

- Danica, Maple Ridge, BC

ITEM #3 contains:

  • Source Light Infusion
  • Shifting Perception from Disease to Health
  • Dosha Balance via elemental balance
  • Cleaning and upgrading the elements
  • Clearing brain fog energy
  • Signal loops cleanse
  • Weak nerves strengthening
  • Confused Nerve pathway reconnect
  • Clearing and ignoring EMF, WIFI, Smart Meter, any other harmful radio waves and pollution
  • Chemical clearing of pharmaceuticals substances that are not useful or harmful
  • Shock and Confusion clearing
  • Accident, concussion, impact clearing
  • Assist Stroke Healing
  • Nerve & Myelin Sheath Damage Repair
  • Mercury Mantra
  • Brahma Mantra
  • Chamomile 5D Frequency
  • Clearing habit of pain and suffering
  • Left-Right brain integration
  • Total Brain integration
  • Upgrading Nerves & Brain capacities
  • Attuning to your soul frequency and Dharma/Purpose
  • Overall Auric Field Repair

What to expect?

  • Feeling Clear
  • Feeling Alert
  • Better concentration
  • Improved Wellbeing
  • Feelings of contentment
  • Reconnected to your soul
  • Feeling connected to others
  • Easier meditation and relaxation
  • Feeling alive
  • More energy available
  • Inner strength
  • Feeling grounded
  • Increased Self-esteem

“…rid myself of my inner noise!”

I have searched for years and years to rid myself of my inner noise and find that place of peace, of contentment and knowing, of unmistakable peace, contentment and knowing, not just reading about it or witnessing someone else’s but having it as my own.  Finally, I feel I am on the right path.  Arathi Ma is very powerful but not power taking, she showed me how I can always connect with this centre, independent of her, now that is a great teacher.

- Maureen, Maple Ridge, BC

You said I will get a job by mid March and I started my new job on March 16th!”

Hello my dearest Arathi Ma,
You have been such a blessing to me and praying for me and my family, and can’t thank you enough esp. during the most difficult moments in my life.

You engaged, encouraged and walked me through things, to remain positive and strong and see the light coming my way and it did, you said I will get a job by mid March and I started my new job on March 16th, you said my son will open up to us and he did and the list goes on and on … I don’t know what I  would have done without you…you‘re a WOW and Awesome is all I can say … Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

- JDH, Winnepeg, Alberta


Vibrant Hormones

Format: MP3 in progress

Running Time: -

Energy Healing Process

Multi-Layered - Comprehensive

Physical-mental-emotional-spiritual Cleanse & Healing

ITEM #4 contains:

  • Source Light Infusion
  • Shifting Perception from Disease to Health
  • Dosha Balance via elemental balance
  • Cleaning and upgrading the elements
  • Spiritual Hormones Receptors Repair & Healing Balance: Oxytocin, Dopamine, Cortisol, Endorphin, Serotonin
  • Correct Imbalances & Malfunctions of all Glands: Thyroid, Adrenals, Sex Glands, Pancreas, Thymus, Pituitary, Pineal
  • Clear & Reduce overall mental-emotional Stress Response Habits
  • Upgrade overall Wellness Regulation aligning to Joy
  • Overall Rejuvenation of Auric Field
  • Strengthen Blood Sugar Metabolism (Insulin function)
  • Improve Sleep
  • Remove water retention
  • Remove entities & curses
  • Increase Libido
  • Increase Vitality
  • Normalize Appetite

What to expect?

  • Bliss
  • Feelings of contentment
  • Joy and passion
  • Reconnected to your soul
  • Feeling connected to others
  • Good discernment
  • Feeling alive
  • Good digestion and metabolism
  • Good stamina
  • Able to set joyful goals
  • More energy available
  • Inner strength
  • Feeling grounded
  • Increased abundance
  • Increased Self-esteem
  • Physical health issues improving or disappearing
  • Increased libido
  • Fertility
  • Blood sugar balance
  • Quality of hair & skin improve

“..lots more energy…skin and hair shine, and above all, I have lost 4 pounds with no change in diet!”

“Dear Arathi, Wow!!! Thank you so much for the miraculous results I have received from your healing. After just 1 week of receiving your healing in the call, my hypothyroidism conditions have greatly improved.  I have lots more energy, my skin and hair shine and above all I have lost 4 pounds with no change in diet. Is the first time in 20 years that I loose 4 pounds in a week, due to hypothyroidism this is like loosing 20 in normal conditions, can't wait for more results! Thank you so much”

- Dr. Martha Umana


Beautiful Eyes & Ears

Format: MP3

Running Time: 16:00 minutes

Energy Healing Process

Multi-Layered - Comprehensive

Physical-mental-emotional-spiritual Cleanse & Healing

ITEM #5 contains:

  • Source Light Infusion
  • Shifting Perception from Disease to Health
  • Dosha Balance via elemental balance
  • Cleaning and upgrading the elements
  • Perception of Unity & Truth
  • Normalizing Eye pressure
  • Clearing Eye strain
  • Clearing harmful images/impressions lodged in eyes
  • Resetting optic nerves
  • Strengthening and normalizing muscle function
  • Clearing floaters & debris
  • Retina repair, rejuvenation
  • Cataract
  • Macula scarring softening
  • Edema clearing
  • Macula tearing repair
  • Ear Cochlea rejuvenation (Meniere’s disease)
  • Ear Infection clearing (old)
  • Inner ear balance and support (dizziness, loss of hearing)
  • Clearing aging programs

What to expect?

  • Removal of Eye strain
  • Clearer vision
  • Eye pressure improve or normalized
  • Improve or remove dizziness
  • Hearing improved or restored
  • Seeing more Beauty & Harmony all around and within
  • Hearing better
  • Hearing more Beauty & Harmony all around and Frequencies of Truth

“The doctor told me I had 20/20 vision…certainly didn't need any glasses.”

“Wow, wow wow. Yesterday I went for a regular eye check up. I did one maybe 2 year ago and was prescribed glasses for not looking very well far ahead. I think it was something like 1 on my right eye and 0.75 on my left. I didn't really wear the glasses, only very occasionally when I was driving in the dark and there was a poor vision.
Yesterday, expecting that I will need a stronger glasses I picked a frame, since it was all covered by my insurance and was ready to tell to the doctor that this is the frame I want. To my surprise, the doctor told me I had 20/20 vision and certainly didn't need any glasses. On one of the tests, the lady was surprised and said that she didn't see such a good range of focus for a long time. All I did was listened to Arathi Ma’s 360° health MP3 on loop every night. Thank you Arathi Ma. What a wonderful surprise.” 

- Katya

“Grey spot that blocked my central visual field for weeks had completely disappeared!”

“My husband and I bought the book Awakening with Arathi Ma for 4.99 on, read it together, and through reading the book we were introduced to Arathi Ma.

Arathi Ma is exactly like her name: Divine Fire. She doesn’t play around when there is work to be done resolving problems or healing someone, and one might have to face things that aren’t easy to learn about oneself.  I know this from personal experience after several sessions with her. But I also know every bit of it was necessary for my total healing. For that, I am profoundly grateful to Arathi Ma.

Most recently, about 4 months ago I was diagnosed with Age-related Macular Degeneration, and my vision was deteriorating rapidly. My optic nerve was disintegrating and my ophthalmologist confessed he had no idea why it was happening. I didn’t have glaucoma, because my eye pressure measurements were always within normal limits. I emailed Arathi Ma when I realized that medical science couldn’t help me and explained my desperate situation to her. She told me I needed a healing right away. She couldn’t see me that day, but I was able to book a session with her for the next day. Although she didn’t tell me at that time, I could feel her already working on my eyes that night, albeit remotely. When I awoke in the morning, my vision was a little sharper, but still far from normal. Later that day, I had my session with Arathi Ma. She got right to the heart of the matter, literally. After asking me some very poignant questions about trauma I had experienced in my past, residual grudges, etc. she began to heal my eyes. Immediately I noticed that my vision became a little sharper, and the grey spot that had blocked my central visual field for weeks had completely disappeared. I was so happy I began to cry tears of joy and thanked Arathi Ma with profound gratitude. When I awoke the next morning, the grey spot had returned, but was significantly smaller, less defined and did not block as much of my central visual field as before Arathi Ma’s healing. I emailed Arathi Ma and she explained to me that the healing of my eyes would continue and that nerves (specifically, my optic nerve) would take a little longer to heal than other parts of the body. We booked another session and during the follow-up the spot had disappeared, my vision improved, and only 2 little floaters were left.

I encourage everyone who has a physical, emotional, or mental issue to book a session with Arathi Ma and give her the opportunity to also work miracles in your lives. And for all of you who have tried your luck and wasted your money with Spellcasters online as I have, only to find that most, if not all are con artists, you need look no further: Arathi Ma is the Real Deal.

- Cheri Conderman


Strong Organs, Muscles, Bones & Teeth

Format: MP3

Running Time: 25:19 minutes

Energy Healing Process

Multi-Layered - Comprehensive

Physical-mental-emotional-spiritual Cleanse & Healing

ITEM #6 contains:

  • Source Light Infusion
  • Shifting Perception from Disease to Health
  • Dosha Balance via elemental balance
  • Jaw muscles release (TMJ)
  • Frozen Shoulder release
  • Neck & Occiput release
  • Strengthening Teeth Enamel
  • Clearing dental impressions
  • Muscles relaxing, strengthening, rejuvenating
  • Stomach & Duodenum & Esophagus clear & upgrade
  • Liver & Gall Bladder clear & upgrade
  • Pancreas clear & upgrade
  • Spleen clear & upgrade
  • Kidneys clear & upgrade
  • Lungs clear & upgrade
  • Heart clear & upgrade
  • Colon & Intestines clear & upgrade
  • Overall Auric Field Repair
  • Opening to your core essence
  • Cleaning and upgrading the elements
  • Crystalline & Light frequencies for bones & teeth
  • Angelic, Plant, and Earth crystals frequencies access
  • Pain Relief personal & collective morphic field
  • Fear Relief personal & collective morphic field
  • Ancestral Healing
  • Entities Cleanse
  • Muscles tone
  • Fascia flexibility- accidents, tension, etc
  • Confidence, strength,
  • Homeopathic Arnica 5D
  • Spine and Cranium release

What to expect?

  • Eliminate or reduce pain
  • Flexibility in muscles & joints
  • Make healthier choices in life
  • Clearing imprints of accidents & trauma
  • Heal or improve problems with major organs
  • Reverse osteoporosis
  • Lengthen shortened muscle fibers
  • Beautify & harmonize overall body shape
  • Whiten teeth & heal gums & cavities
  • Increase Vitality & Mobility
  • Improved Health
  • Heighten Happiness
  • Overall Healthier Organ function

“I have gone back to my beloved ballroom dancing!”

“S. Arathi Ma, I have bunions and plantar fasciitis and fallen arches and, from time to time, Achilles tendinitis flare-ups. Four years ago, I had a "high" ankle sprain on one side, which took a year to heal, and even then, I had a permanent "shin splint" feeling in my left shin as the tibia and fibula separated slightly with each step. I love to dance, and had given it up for years. Listening to your 360 health package mp3s has at least partially mended the ligament tears in the ankle. I have much less pain walking and walk several miles a day now, and I have gone back to my beloved ballroom dancing. Thank you.”

- Sue T. Southern California

“My daughter’s fingers completely cleared up!!!” 

“When I first engaged Arathi Ma's remote work on my 7 year old, my daughter would chew the pads of her fingers.  She chewed them until they were very red, inflamed, sore and she could barely hold a pencil without much discomfort.  She had developed this habit months prior and could not seem to stop, regardless of the many conversations we had about her thoughts when she chews her skin.  It was definitely time for Arathi Ma, as I have worked with her for many years and know from experience that her power to heal is like none other!  Well, low and behold, within 3 weeks of having Arathi Ma perform remote work on my daughter, her fingers were completely cleared up!!!  Yes, as usual, it was a miracle and I am so thankful for Arathi Ma's services.  My daughter and I used to giggle because she would sometimes feel her finger tips tingle and tickle (during the times I knew Arathi Ma typically does her remote work) and I would share with her that the sensations were ok, and in fact Arathi Ma was healing them in that moment - she would smile and her eyes twinkled!  THANK YOU ARATHI MA!!!!!”

- Caroline N., Langley, BC


Joyful Heart, Blood, Circulation

Format: MP3

Running Time: 19:00 minutes

Energy Healing Process

Multi-Layered - Comprehensive

Physical-mental-emotional-spiritual Cleanse & Healing

ITEM #7 contains:

  • Source Light Infusion
  • Shifting Perception from Disease to Health
  • Dosha Balance via elemental balance
  • Cleaning and upgrading the elements
  • Cosmic Heart Alignment
  • Blood Pressure reset
  • Edema relief
  • Lungs strengthening
  • Correcting Heart Valves issues
  • Repair tissues of heart muscle fibers
  • Lymph drainage/cleanse
  • Strengthen & repair of vein valves
  • Resetting blood: white and red blood cells
  • Blood consistency and content
  • Alkalinity reset
  • Cleaning arteries
  • Heart muscle healing and upgrade
  • Emotional Healing
  • Ancestral & Family Clearing & Healing
  • Entity Clearing
  • Surgery Trauma clearing in heart & rest of body
  • Auric Field Repair

What to expect?

  • Improved circulation
  • Better intuition
  • Blood pressure improve/normalize
  • Release edema
  • Breathe better
  • Surgery impact release
  • Heart valve improve & strengthen function
  • More energy
  • Better relations with others
  • Feel more joy
  • Feel more youthful
  • Remove or have less fear and anxiety
  • Hemorrhoids & varicose improvement or clearance
  • Anemia and other blood issues corrections

“I now (went back to Taekwondo)… 4 days without any oxygen!”

I have had a lung problem for over 2 years. The doctors say it is Usual Interstitial Pneumonia (not curable). I had developed a bubble of fluid in between the membranes of the right lung (which was surgically removed). 

Diagnosis was slow and this year, a month ago, it was so bad, I was so out of breath that I could not walk more than 10 steps without stopping to regain my strength and breath. I demanded oxygen to improve the quality of my life. It helped me do work around the house. 

For 2 weeks now I had had healing from Arathi Ma, which has improved my breathing tremendously and I now am functioning healthily normal (went back to Taekwondo). I went 4 days without any oxygen. But,  I would still use the oxygen for hard work to help the lungs. 

My overall health is much better now.

- Peter Rogers, Maple Ridge, BC


Happy Kidneys & Reproductive Organs

Format: MP3

Running Time: 21:16 minutes

Energy Healing Process

Multi-Layered - Comprehensive

Physical-mental-emotional-spiritual Cleanse & Healing

ITEM #8 contains:

  • Source Light Infusion
  • Shifting Perception from Disease to Health
  • Dosha Balance via elemental balance
  • Cleaning and upgrading the elements
  • Freeing the Kidneys from the Fear
  • Nourishing Kidneys & Adrenals
  • Assist Kidney stones dissolution
  • Clearing reproductive traumas: emotional & physical
  • Clearing Prostate blockages
  • Ovaries & uterus alignment
  • Clearing Hysterectomy trauma and underlying disease imprints
  • Soften scars from surgeries in abdominal area
  • Bladder strengthening
  • Auric Field Repair

What to expect?

  • Soften scars from surgeries in abdominal area
  • Bladder strengthening
  • More energy
  • Better reproductive functions
  • Pain release
  • Better sleep
  • Overall Rejuvenation
  • More grounded
  • Feel safe
  • Supporting healthy bones, teeth, hair, nail growth
  • Better sexual health & joy

“Doctor told me that my erosion, which used to be VERY big, just disappeared!!!

“Hi Arathi Ma, I just wanted to let you know, that some time ago I listened to your mp3 on Yeast, menopause and hormones. And I noticed that while sneezing I don't "leak", but today I was to see a doctor and I was told that my erosion which used to be VERY big just disappeared!!! Thank you Arathi Ma. Love you and your work. Wish you all the best!”

- Anna

No abnormal cells anymore!!!"

“I'd like to give a testimonial for Arathi Ma’s package. This was the first purchase I've made and was not sure how I would respond, but started listening to the different MP3's for about a week. I didn't notice any changes at all, but that was ok. I had scheduled a cervical biopsy 2 weeks out due to abnormal cell growth for 2 years. Well I went in for my appointment and the GYN told me..."ok you're fine. I can't find ANY abnormal cells to do anything!!!" I was astounded! The only thing I kept thinking was it MUST have been those MP3's this week!!! Thank you SO much for ALL your healing! So much LOVE and GRATITUDE! <3”

- Laura Conley


SILENT Auric Strength & Protection

Format: Soundless MP3

Running Time: 7:39 minutes

Energy Healing Process


Bonus #1 Contains:

  • Neutralize & buffer social stress
  • Neutralize & buffer politic & world events stress
  • Neutralize & buffer business stress
  • Neutralize & buffer energetic collective influences
  • Neutralize & buffer hypnotic TV impressions
  • Neutralize & buffer disasters stressors
  • Neutralize radio waves & WiFi

“After Ojas MP3 ….I didn’t need the estrogen crème anymore!”

“I have been using the Silent Encoded Ojas Nourishing MP3 for about 5 days.  I would use it in a continuous play whilst sitting, reading or working about twice a day.

Initially I experienced an instant shift in breathing.  Breathing became slower and peaceful as in deep sleep although I was awake and meditating.  I felt the core alignment strengthened and various centres in the body warmed.  Belly throat head feet.  All over nourishing sensation.  I notice that my eyes were moist again and i was using 10% of the estrogen creme that i have been using to combat uncomfortably dry eyes, vaginal dryness, mouth and skin. 

5 days in as I sat I experienced a welling up of energy, not so pleasant, rise in my belly.  As I let it ‘do its thing’ the energy seemed to rise up and out of my body.  As it rose I was flooded with uncomfortable dryness in the eyes and heavy dryness in my hands, to the point of discomfort from the inside out.  I felt as if a cloud of dryness had been purged.  

After some more use of the MP3 I am very pleased to say I have not used the estrogen creme. This is tremendous! My eyes are moist etc. I can say the dryness issue has been successfully brought to balance.”

With Gratitude to Arathi Ma

- Nicola x, Vancouver, BC


Skin Cleanse & Rejuvenation

Format: MP3

Running Time: 20:02 minutes

Energy Healing Process


Bonus #2 Contains:

  • Source Light Infusion
  • Boundary healing
  • Stress clearing on skin nerve ends
  • Skin Detox & cellular clearing
  • Rejuvenation & Vitalization of entire skin
  • Activating the soul of the skin for Pigmentation clearing of sun damage, age spots
  • Goddess Saraswati energy for even, soft skin
  • Collagen increase
  • DNA repair for age reversal
  • Enzyme increase for telomeres
  • Scar softening and clearing
  • Whole body skin tightening
  • 5D Frequencies for pure potential
  • Quickening each small skin chakra
  • Skin nourishing via Vitamin frequencies
  • Lifting jaw line, face, eyes, overall body areas
  • Slender feet
  • Trauma release from chemicals and environmental assault
  • Plumping

“My skin is getting super elastic, I am losing FAST the weight & "orange peel.”

At the beginning I didn't feel I had anything so transcendental to expect as my health has always been a great asset for me (been on bio-energetic homeopathy for a decade) so I did not feel a need for the big program... especially since I couldn't afford it at the moment.  So I just took the mp3s more or less as an afterthought — or as a preventive.  🙂 

Yet I am super happy to report that, listening to the mp3s every second day or so —and looping the silent ones at night—I suddenly seem to be growing a lot younger! Always tend to not look MY 48 but now my hair is growing WILD, definitely something is clearing big time in my bowels (don't ask!), my skin is getting super elastic, I am losing FAST the weight and "orange peel" I picked up from long-term breastfeeding at more than 45 (?) and my energy is much, much higher (a threat for some people I know, as it was not low to start with, hehe). At the same time, I am having a "sleeping spree" like never before... I used to sleep very soundly but few hours.
 All this tells me, that my hormones had really got a big hit from the pregnancy, lactation, etc (my body decided that instead of a menopause, it would have.. a baby hehe) And now, thanks to you, all that is getting back into place!!! 

Thank you so much and many blessings, hugs and love!

- Claudia Calvo


SILENT Rejuvenating Sleep

Format: Soundless MP3

Running Time: 18:18 minutes

Energy Healing Process


Bonus #3 Contains:

  • Vibration of Herb Hops
  • Vibration of Herb Chamomile
  • Vibration of Rose Quartz
  • Primordial Light
  • Vibration of Pure “Atlantean” Clarity
  • Vibration of Angelic Love

“…testing negative for some of the persistent pathogens in the Lyme's family of co-infections!”

My physical symptoms have improved dramatically as a result of Arathi Ma's healing work. My treatment is not complete but all areas have improved and I am currently testing negative for some of the persistent pathogens in the Lyme's family of co-infections. More significantly, I believe, has been a deep shift at a soul level. I feel happier, often with no apparent cause, more confident and purposeful. I have been involved actively in spiritual pursuits for many years but the shift since working with Arathi Ma has been to a deep knowing of my place in the life of all and determination to live my life well and with fulfillment for myself and others to the best of my ability. I also notice more creativity and optimism, for myself and for the world. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Arathi Ma, 

- Carole, Burnaby, BC


SILENT Optimal Astro-Planetary Harmony

Format: Soundless MP3

Running Time: 17:04 minutes

Energy Healing Process


Bonus #4 contains:

  • 12 Zodiac Sign Astrology Optimization
  • Mantras for each Planet included
  • Planetary Optimization: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptun, Pluto, North Node-South Node, Rahu, Ketu, Chiron

“I've tried many things to shift this money story, but nothing worked until I took Arathi Ma's program.”

My old money program or story that ran for my whole lifetime was that all money that came in would go out right away to pay bills and to spend to enjoy life, which always brought my bank account back to zero until the next bit of money came in. I've tried many things to shift this story but nothing worked until I took Arathi Ma's program.

The first thing I decided to manifest with money was to raise my 'zero' to $500 and not let it go below that amount and to grow it up higher and higher. I reached $500 quickly. And then I moved it to $1000. I was then able to raise it to $1500. And even with unexpected bills like needing new brakes on my car and coming up with the money to invest in the Wisdom Life School I did not go below $1500. I will keep raising my 'zero'. It's also amazing how many things I no longer spend money on now that I'm focused on saving and also focused on my spiritual growth by investing in the Wisdom Life School. Nothing else really matters right now. My priority is my growth and awakening and having some financial security allows me to relax and focus on the teachings. I will continue to invest in anything Arathi Ma offers. Her work is above and beyond anything I've ever encountered and I'm ever so grateful she crossed my path.”

- K.J. Carlottetown

"Arathi Ma is someone who introduces you to the realm of the ‘impossible made possible."

 —Danica Isherwood, BC

Package B:

Package B of


Special offer $127

This package includes:

All of Package A + Recordings of 4 New Live Group Calls

The entire package includes:

  • 8 MP3s

  • 4 Bonus MP3s

  • 4 Live Co-Creative Group Calls with abundant energetic clearings and activations (recorded for re-listening)

  • Private Facebook Group Support

4 Recordings NEW Live GROUP CALLS

Q&A Live Healings

Each call was customized to individual listeners!

Package B & C holders were invited to submit 1 issue 3 days prior to the call.


Length: 90 min

Format: Conference Call (recorded)

Priceless & Powerful Group Calls With Arathi Ma

Live Call Recording #1: May 20th 2017

Live Call Recording #2: June 3rd 2017

Live Call Recording #3: June 10th 2017

Live Call Recording #4: June 17th 2017

More on What People are Saying About Arathi Ma...

“My digestion has significantly improved and tolerance to gluten/wheat has also improved.”

"I have had one 3 week remote session with Arathi Ma which occurred during late Dec 2015 and January 2016. The primary area of focus was digestion. I experienced slow digestion as well as bloating and general discomfort. I was also seeking an improvement in lactose and gluten tolerance

Virtually within a few days of the session I felt a wonderful improvement in mood, which was unexpected. I also felt more 'spacious' (in the mind) with a greater ability to focus in moments of contemplation, which I continue to experience today. There is also an enhanced awareness of thoughts and my ability to remain unaffected by them. I believe this has resulted from greater 'light' in the consciousness, which the healing has brought about.  

Over the 3 weeks, my digestion has significantly improved and feel that there is much less irritation and discomfort. There is greater stability/calm in the stomach and digestive tract. I believe my tolerance to gluten/wheat has also improved and confident that lactose tolerance will significantly improve over time.

Arathi Ma provided regular updates and responded to all my queries in a professional manner. 

I am also grateful for the necessary tools and guidance that Arathi Ma provided to help open the mind in order to facilitate the healing. She also gave me a few great tips on diet/nutrition which have made a big difference. 

I am so glad that I did the 3 week remote session. Apart from its impact on digestive issues, the experience has given me fresh inspiration, faith and confidence.”

- Harsh, Sydney, Australia

“…fatally paralyzed and returned to work within the year,

… temporarily paralyzed and was up and walking within months,

…indefinitely hospitalized only to be finally well enough to return home”

“Group Healing is a phenomenal experience.  One needs only to relax and enjoy, while the healing powers of the Universe go to work on Body, Mind, and Spirit.  The first time I went, it felt like my body was going through internal car-wash – literally – as everything got cleaned, buffed, and shined.  I have since been returning every week and each experience is different and never ceases to amaze. However, not only have I personally benefited but so have the people whose names I have put into Arathi Ma’s “Healing Box”. 

Four have been viewed as miracles as they’ve all had very surprising, quick recoveries to serious injuries and illnesses, when up until that point all looked quite hopeless. One person was fatally paralyzed and returned to work within the year, the other was temporarily paralyzed and was up and walking within months, and the third one was indefinitely hospitalized only to be finally well enough to return home.  And, most awe-inspiring was the last one who was in a coma and suddenly woke up for a short while, after I prayed to have the opportunity to at least say “good-bye". This powerful healing energy exists for everyone to tap into. Accessing it through Arathi Ma is an incredibly easy way to receive it.  It’s like a gift waiting to be opened.”
With love & gratitude,

- Christine, Vancouver, BC

“The  mechanics couldn't fix my GPS…. thank you for fixing my car!!”

“Most people in my life have heard a story (or many) about how Arathi Ma has helped me with various aspects of my life. I actually giggle now when I have troubles in my life and I think to myself "I must bring this to Arathi Ma to help me through it". Well. When it came to my car, I laughed out loud...i heard myself saying to a friend "I have to bring my car to Arathi Ma to fix!"  Lolllll. Now. Is Arathi Ma a mechanic?  Heck no!  Does she love cars?  Well. She loves driving her car, but she wouldn't be rolling up her sleeves and taking my car apart piece by piece and fixing it.

This is where it gets interesting...she doesn't do it in her physical body for all of us to witness - what she does is even more powerful than any mechanic in the world could offer. I have had troubles with my electronic / navigation system for several months now. I had a new system installed. Multiple updates. And it still didn't work. I found this increasingly frustrating because I rely on my car for work, and I would never make it home again without my GPS. Soooo, it's important to me that this system works.

Well. Clearly the mechanics couldn't fix it. So I said to Arathi Ma - I am bringing my car in to you!  Ha!  So I did. And she discovered that there was an issue with the materials used within the Nav system, which was making it malfunction.

Arathi Ma did her "magic" (I call it) and voila!  My system works!!!!!!!!!  So there we have it, Arathi Ma defies all sense of logic again. And not only that - she had mentioned to me to be more grateful for it. So on the way home it was like the first day I bought the car - I loved it!  I was proud of it!  I was proud of myself for buying it!  I turned up the music and I enjoyed my first ride in it all over again!!!!  I had gotten so frustrated and annoyed with it that I forgot that feeling. Thank you Arathi Ma, for fixing my car and for renewing my gratitude for it!!!!!!”

- Caroline, Langley, BC

“70% better than early this morning!”

“Arathi M,  I have to relate what happened during this call. I am awaiting my second hip replacement surgery on my left side with the right replaced 8 years ago. This morning I could hardly walk with excruciating pain in my left hamstring, knee and hip socket. I was trying to figure out how I was going to get through the grocery store today. I was late to the call but did catch some of the opening healing session which was specific to all that I have going on right now and I could feel a release of pressure in my left leg although I did not get up until the call was completely over. When it was, I was able to rise out of the chair with little assistance. Had no pain in the hamstring and had about 60% more mobility than when I sat down. I still do have some pain in the knee but the hamstring completely released and I was able to walk with much less of a limp. I got through the grocery store with a huge smile on my face and although some discomfort did return I am still about 70% better than early this morning. Thank you so much for this package and these calls. My wish is to cancel surgery and to rid myself of this joint dysfunction. I know I have the power to heal myself and your teachings have hit a cord and helped me see how divinely guided we are and that each one of us has the capacity to do so. I will be following you wherever you go. Thank You and God Bless you and your gifts.”

- Kris Olson


Arathi Ma has worked in the field of medicine and healing for altogether 36 years; first as a nurse and for the last 26 years as a healer. She has a unique strength to push into the unknown, and open pathways for others to come along in engineering new health, happiness, abundance, careers, relationships, and self-realization. Her work affects all areas of life as she experiences everything as one unified existence.

At age ten, she experienced herself as pure cosmic consciousness and later, in her teen, was propelled three times into a state of full absorption (Samadhi).

She has medically proven to be able to live off the light of the sun and stars to a great degree.

Such abilities are side effects of an intense Light Body practice that is fundamental to her ability to heal others and also to rejuvenate the body with ease. Her clients and students speak of her as “Someone who introduces you to the realm of the ‘impossible made possible’.“

When she engages in healing you, she repairs and defragments the energetic anatomy, while weaving in and out with ease between psychological, medical, and spiritual perspectives in order to resolve disease on every layer of your reality, all the while your true gifts awaken and your potentials to making them available for you -  in your life.


“Now I am setting up my own business in the area of my life’s passion!”

I have been living a financial nightmare, really for most of my adult life. I have been like an alcoholic in my pattern with money. My thinking has been very twisted up and I’ve been living a pattern of destructiveness; build up my prosperity and then sabotaging myself and quickly tearing it down.  Arathi Ma has helped me to see this, and through working with me in this area I am finding myself feeling abundant inside even when I don’t have extra money or resources.  As well we are almost out of debt and we are beginning to talk about a future filled with possibility and prosperity, instead of drudgery and set back. She helped me setting up my own business in the area of my life’s passion.

Kim Pretzer, BC
Kim Pretzer, BC

“27 weeks pregnant with a healthy baby boy, great relationship, cats behave well!”

“My name is Mandy and I have had 2 3-week remote sessions with Arathi Ma within the last year.  I had 2 areas of my life that I wanted assistance working on 1.  getting pregnant and 2. better connection with my partner, myself and my cats.  

1.  Getting pregnant: 
My history:  I'm currently 38 years old.  I was diagnosed with endometriosis at the age of 17 and had 4 surgeries to clear up the scar tissue.  I had been working with my doctor, an acupuncturist and a chiropractor to assist with my symptoms.  During my sessions with Arathi Ma she identified that I have some energy issues with my pelvic region.  After assisting to repair my energy in the pelvic area, my body was ready to carry a baby.  Arathi Ma told me that within a 9 hour window I would be ovulating and that a baby boy's energy was around me.  I'm now 27 weeks pregnant with a healthy baby boy.  I believe my sessions with Arathi Ma was the final step that I needed in order to have a successful healthy pregnancy.  

2.  Better connection with my partner:
I asked Arathi Ma to assist with my relationship with my partner, myself and my cats.  Arathi Ma was able to identify areas of energy disconnects within my household and provide material for me to listen to so things could be back in balance.  During and after my remote session, many changes happened.  My cats are much happier in the environment and are no longer misbehaving.  I'm now married to the love of my life and our connection is stronger than ever.  We are planning a wonderful future together and we have great communication.  

I'm really grateful for being introduced to Arathi Ma and her ability to connect with me to assist with the areas in my life that I was struggling with.”  

Much Love,

- Mandy, California

“All that pain I had been storing inside my body has been removed!”

“I am 69 years old and have spent the better part of my life looking for help. I wanted someone to take away the deep depression I was in. I was on anti-depressants which did nothing. I was mentally, physically and sexually abused as a child. I carried it through my life like wearing a "jacket" you hated but you still put it on every day of your life. It's not what happens to you but how you let it affect you. I chose to let it almost destroy me. For reasons I have now had explained to me, I found satisfaction I keeping the pain alive. I almost enjoyed wearing the "jacket". But something deep inside me knew it was wrong. I wanted to be free. 

It was crippling me. The saddest thing was that it was making me lose my faith. But thank God, you can never lose your faith once you have found it. 

And it all has come together for me with the amazing help of Arathi Ma. All that pain I had been storing inside my body has been removed. The jacket came off. I found the help that I needed. I could write pages and pages elaborating on the things I can do now. The most important being, that I can think of the people who abused me without anger, hatred and fear. It's gone. 

They can never hurt me again. But the most profound thing was learning to love myself. These words may not sound earth shaking but please believe me, that's what it all comes down to. God really want us to love ourselves. 

When you do that nobody can hurt you ever again. Just finish your life being a good person and all will be well. 

Open your heart to Arathi Ma and let the healing begin…”

- Lorraine Vilkas, BC

"More or less miraculous recovery considering I could barely walk, lie down or turn over last night - went to the art gallery tonight and will be able to go to my sculpture class tomorrow -  THANK YOU!"

- Angela, Burnaby, BC

“She has without a doubt changed my entire life.”

“I met Arathi Ma at one of lowest and darkest times of my life. Her presence was very powerful to me. I hesitantly made an appointment with Arathi Ma nearly two years ago and it was one of the best decisions I've ever made. At first the feelings were very overwhelming and I felt a lot of shame around her. As I learned more about myself I knew that she brought up things and knew things that I never wanted to deal with. She has without a doubt changed my entire life. 

I came to Arathi Ma with crippling depression, fatigue and utter confusion on which direction my life was headed. Her words are spoken from the core. Free flowing and so insightful. Everything that came out of her mouth felt like I was supposed to hear it at that exact moment. When on the table receiving her energy healing, she moves very softly but with such precision. Her energy is so engaging, it's undescribable. 

My life changed drastically. I have a much greater sense of self, I'm able to be present and much more engaged with people around me, I have the ability to assess situations in my life from a better place, and rarely do I ever feel exhausted anymore. 

I am so thankful I found Arathi Ma because before her I felt like I had exhausted all options: naturopaths, medical doctors, acupuncture... You name it, I had tried it. There was so much disconnect within and I no longer feel that's true. 

I am forever grateful to have worked with Arathi Ma and to continue working with her. Love,”

- J.I., BC

“Arathi Ma’s silent MP3s eliminated my sugar addiction!”

“After listening to Arathi Ma's MP3's a few times, I put the silent ones on continuous play three to four times a day.

After a week or so, I began to notice that I was not having the usual sugar cravings or purchasing anything sweet while in the store. Occasionally, I would think about something sweet, but that would soon pass. Then I realized, while telling my daughter that I hadn't eaten any sweets in three weeks, that it was Arathi Ma's silent MP3's! This was astounding for me because I had been, Notice: 'Had Been', a certified sugar addict. 

This is so amazing to me! And I feel 100% better!  By this I mean, I am no longer feeling sluggish and tired; the way I used to feel after a sugar binge.”

- Soleil

“The symptoms of my psoriasis…due to food sensitivities…. improve!”

“I have been listening to the replay of group call #1 addressing stomach issues, gluten sensitivity and other food allergy. The symptoms of my psoriasis seem to improve!  I have psoriasis for more than 45 years, the symptoms are always aggravated when gluten and a long list of food are ingested. So I have been on a very restricted diet for over 20 years. Can’t wait to work with you during our private session on 4-6!

I love it when you heal physical issues from soul level, outside of time/space at different dimensions. Fascinating!!”

Many thanks!

- Amy

“I have experienced pain in my heels which started several years ago with my second pregnancy. It feels similar to plantar fasciitis. Since I started listening to S Arathi Ma, the pain in my heels has since completely disappeared. This is good advice to help the process! Thank you!”

- Rochelle Lopez

“Years of tummy aches….since Arathi Ma's healing I haven't experience an ounce of pain!”

“My experience with Arathi Ma was very rejuvenating! I'll admit I was a bit nervous on what to expect the session would be like but Arathi Ma put my mind at rest -literally, she knew exactly how I was feeling. For some this may sound crazy but it's true and was surprisingly more comforting.

 Throughout the whole of the session I felt pressure free, I thought perhaps the session might be interrogative but Arathi Ma allowed me to express as much or as little as I wished to. The healing in itself felt powerful and a weight off my shoulders.  I've suffered from tummy pain for as long as I can remember and since Arathi Ma's healing I haven't experience an ounce of pain. Not only this but since then I know more about myself and have never felt so confident in myself. I still have some things to work on but Arathi Ma has given me great tips to help and they've helped a lot already. 

And so.. I continue on with my spiritual journey with more knowledge and guidance from Arathi Ma!” 

Thank you Arathi Ma!

- Gabrielle F., Dubai, United Emirates

“Great improvement in my digestive system and eyesight a lot sharper…see signposts without glasses!”

After trying several other healers with little improvement on digestive system issues and having a sore throat from acid reflux.     I also recently developed cataract in both eyes and have family history of high blood pressure.  I needed to see improvements and someone that could help with these issues...

Since I’ve been listening to Arathi’s soothing voice and her mp3’s and the group calls I have noticed a great improvement in all of the above issues but especially with my digestive system.  I have less acid reflux and feel less bloated.   I use the mp3’s daily along with the Group call clearings, which have been amazing and spot on. My experiences during the calls and mp3’s makes me yawn, burp and tear up a lot and can feel sensations like chills.  I can feel the energies shifting.  Eyesight seems a lot sharper and could read sign posts without my glasses! Yay!  There have been improvements in other areas especially in my relationships as well.

I love being on her FB page.  It is encouraging to read people’s testimonials of how their lives have improved with healing and working with Arathi Ma.  She interacts with us and helps us understand the deep-rooted causes of our issues.  She will make recommendations on which mp3’s to listen.

Arathi Ma is extraordinary and a gifted dimensional healer. I would highly recommend her to anyone.  She is truly amazing!  <3

- Nina, North Vancouver, Canada

“…two paintings got attention from two Art Agents to be hung in offices..!”

I wanted to tell you that I got some attention from two Art Agents who have taken the two multi-piece paintings that I showed at the QE theatre. They intend to offer them to their clients for sale/rental in their offices.  Presently a dermatologist’s offices.  They are considering splitting the pieces and placing the individual panels throughout their office space.  What fun!

It is important for me for you to know as these are the two paintings created after I began my studentship with you.  😀 😀

As I find myself more in my heart I have noticed I am in complete, utter awe of the Presence that you are.  The mind short circuits at this, whereas the heart is blown away 😀

- Nicola, BC

Package A: No Refunds after 7 DAYS

Package B: No Refunds after May 19, 2017

Package C: No Refunds after May 19th and after session