Arathi Ma

March, 8 2017

"Your Enlightened Health"
Eleanor Healy

April 2nd & 9th, 2018

"True Self Alignment: Resolve Root Cause of Stress & Anxiety from the Body!"
Amy Flynn

June, 21 2018

"Activate Your Abundant  (FUNbundant) 5D Reality!"
Gloria Shaw

July, 24 2017

"Whole Heart Healing & Transformation: Love Diet - The Heart mind Way"
Judy Cali

July, 17 2017

"Mystical & Magical Ancient Guides!"

"Many of you have asked for a way to contribute or make a donation to support us. So, a heartfelt "Thank You!" to you, our Transformation To Joy Global Telesummit Community. So do listen to our extended Replays and know that we are deeply, deeply grateful for your purchases of Speaker Packages and your generous and heart-based donations that support this page in remaining 100% FREE! We keep our Replays on Extended play as we know so many of our listeners in some of the poorest countries of the World get a lot out of listening to and re-listening to our calls for their healing and transformation!  Even in the United State some of our listeners need to listen to our calls at their local library as they have no other access to the internet - This is why we keep our calls on extended Replays!"