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We are so excited... delighted to welcome Gao Motsemme - a new Speaker to the Telesummit world.  Gao is an incredible high vibe and high energy healer and illuminator,  On her very first Telesummit call she will be talking to us about Organsim Money and How Women, in Particular, Can Feel the Pleasure and Manifest Their Deepest Desires!

Yes, we're bringing you another BRAND NEW SPEAKER...See call details below...

Shashi worked with Gao on 22nd March and is blown away! She received a check in the mail for £218.71! Not only that there are two tax refund checks for £311.80 and for £215.99 are also being creditted to her bank account!  How awesome is that!

If you were unable to attend on the Live call, do listen to this powerful Replay again and again.  Also share the replay and the link to this page with your friends and family who can benefit from hearing what Gao has to say.

You will leave this call changed and energised- so powerful is the energy on this call.

Shashi Langham Host & Founder of Transformation To Joy Global Telesummit

She was the first person to ever I mean EVER succeed in addressing my issues.

I cannot recommend Gao enough. I have had very complicated psychic and empathic problems for a very long time, and she was the first person to ever I mean EVER succeed in addressing my issues. Issues from being very empathic and feeling excessive fear from entity attachments and emotional cords from people. There were times where I would ask for help from mediums and shamans who tried to help me but they would get too afraid of my issues and reject me or didn't know exactly how to deal with issues and they mess up. Not saying that those shamans didn't do their best, but if you truly want to see fast and marvelous results in healing yourself, you should give it a try with Gao. I just cannot recommend her enough. Thank you for all of the spirits who connected the two of us and thank you Gao for owning yourself and your abilities. I can only imagine the work that you had to put
into getting to where you are today. Again, if you are a psychic or an empath or even a normal person, I have to say her work does work and before giving up on your issues, you should reach out to her. I had this belief at the back of my head that there is no person who can really help me out with my psychic issues but here she was. ~RN

Gao Motsemme is a Freedom Illuminator, a healer, a coach and a transformational Speaker with charisma and practicality. Her mission is to help people to embody the path of spirituality and create their life from love and pleasure.

Gao teaches that in our reality, having Money has been associated with sacrifices, hard work, suffering and pain, and there is fear that even after working so hard for it, it will not last long or it comes with repercussions, fear of changing and becoming something, you are not, fear of not being loved for who you truly are but for money, fear of not belonging, particularly for women.

On this Replay and is her Special Offer that she brings to Transformation To Joy, Feel Pleasure and Manifest Your Deepest Desires, Gao shifts all that for you and gives you a deep understanding that money loves pleasure, and she emphasizes the importance of:

        • taking your space,
        • owning your power,
        • aligning your body,
        • your personality with your soul,
        • igniting the pleasure from within, and
        • using your sexual energy to manifest your soul’s desires with ease.


I met this beautiful woman GAO. She is Amazing, she knew from the beginning what was wrong with me. I have been working on myself for years, since I was 21 I’m 55 years old now, no one help me really. GAO hit it on the head, I felt everything the stuck ness. When she started I felt the tears rolling I just let go and allowed all she was doing, but it’s like I was talking to a friend she’s so loving and get to the point she took her time with me her beautiful smile and loving energy, IAM so grateful she will not ever know how grateful IAM to her thank you my beautiful sister, I Love You from my heart  ~ Cheryl Clarke

How can you take your space and feel comfortable in your skin?  Gao helps you do this by tuning into your energy fields and working on the patterns that may be preventing you from moving forward in your life with her audios, Group calls and one-to-one private sessions with her.

In this Program, Gao teached that your body is an intelligent vehicle, allow it to be the conduit between Heaven and Earth. This is your opportunity to transmute the shadows of hunger, judgement, and shame.

The shadow of shame is connected to the power centre of money and soul message located in the pelvic bowl and is all about your sexual and creative impulses.

The shadow of Judgement is connected to the power canter of vision and impact, and that affects your Intuition, and the shadow of hunger is connected to the power canter of love and influence.

It is really the essence of your feminine power and you simply cannot work effectively or bring your soul calling to fruition, if this power centre is closed off.

Sometimes we vacate it depending on experiences and life circumstances.

It relates to your willingness to bring your brilliance to the world and get paid for it.

Shame instantly eliminates your power and disconnects you from Source.

When people feel powerless and disconnected, they look for some other source of connection and Comfort.

Most common challenges and distortions experienced are.

      • Addictions: including overeating, use of drugs, alcohol and the use of money
      • Co-dependency: extreme emotional dependency on others
      • Body Shame: Body hatred, eating disorders and body hatred.
      • Dysfunctional relationship with money and finances: unhealthy financial agreements, dependence on others for financial support
      • Fear of loss of love
      • Fear of being cast out, not accepted, losing someone, or being excluded.
      • Fear of being misunderstood or judged for expressing your uniqueness.

Package A - Consists of  5 Audios Gao Programs Created Has Just for You (Total Value $485)

Special Offer- Discounted at 80% Off

Total Value $485

Transformation To Joy Special For You $97

Audio 1: Prosperity Mindset Audio

This is a meditation to use for 21days and activate your mindset, and all cells in your body to align with money and the abundance that is your divine birth right.

Audio 2: Soul Message and Money Activation

Heal the womb and activate your gateway to the magic of the world, this is the space to hold and manifest your intentions.

-  access pleasure, abundance, and passion

-  fall in love with your body

-  open yourself to amazing orgasmic sex

-  creativity flows through you

-  you give and receive pleasure

-  Yes! It is safe for you to feel pleasure!

Audio 3: Release Walls and Open Your Heart to Love.

When you are in love with yourself, you are in love with God, even money is divine service, ecstatic, outrageous, pleasurable, and innocent.

- release memories of failed relationships

- fall madly in love with your gifts and share them

- open your heart to the love you deserve.

Identifying patterns of your needs through the partners you attract Pdf to journal.  Gao will provide a video or an mp3 to accompany the Pdf to help you release walls and open your heart to love.

The quickest way to change your relationship with money for the better is to forgive and love unconditionally.

Use this pdf to get to the core of your needs in relationships, this will help you to let go and forgive past relationships and unresolved issues in your relationships.

Audio 4: Heal your Feminine aspect and Maternal lineage’s relationship with money, pleasure, and gifts.

Money is related to your gifts and I have witnessed that due to:

          • our maternal lineage;
          • past lives experiences
          • fear of being cast out
          • Fear of being burnt alive

You may be unconsciously blocking yourself from not being in your Divine feminine energy.  Consequently, your energy and unconscious mind that is driving youis not comfortable with your gifts being shared out there!

You may be afraid that you will be hurt in the ways I have described. 

This, more often than not, shows up with you being afraid of sharing your gifts, fear of judgement.

So, you end up playing small and staying comfortableby hiding or just being one of the crowd.

Your fear of standing out in your genius energy as a powerful creator of the life of your dreams.

Struggling to charge money for your services or even having a lack of direction or clarity on your true calling and gifts you came here to share and be empowered by.

As you work with Gao with this audio you will chnage this so that you can:

- align with your Divine wholeness

-  open to receive wisdom and money

-  trust your Intuition

-  activate your worthiness to be paid for your gifts and so much more!

- connect to your power centre of your money and soul message

- connected to the power center of vision, impact, and Intuition

- connected to the power centre of love and influence.

Audio 5: Heal Your Masculine and Paternal Lineage’s Relationship With Money, Pleasure, and Gifts.

As you work with Gao with this audio you will: 


- activate freewill and choice

- invite the masculine and paternal lineage to align with money and pleasure while sharing your gifts.

- be self aware, journal and record what shifts you are able to create

- see the magic begin to unfold as you take back your power

- own your sexual and orgasmic energy more fully

Gao will also provide a Pdf to journal and anchor in love in relationships that you are healing.


Gao has been an amazing mentor to me, especially in the most challenging times of my journey as I have been going through major financial and relationship challenges. At a period where I experienced the death of my old self, my whole life changing, and I was lost in uncertainty she has guided me into clarity and self-power. Gao’s understanding of human soul and her deep wisdom has allowed me to recognize what I couldn’t see in myself. Her amazing gift of healing energies literally shifted my state of being each time we have worked together. Her brilliant observations and insights have made me see my blockages clearly, in shocking ways! She has the gift of expressing what is hiding from naked eye and it is truly a transformational experience.
I am infinitely grateful for her unconditional love and support, her inspiring feminine power on fire, which uplifts me, restores my inner power and guides me back to my truth (and Gao you do it so elegantly and naturally that I am in awe each time:)

I am eternally grateful to have Gao as a powerful and loving guide in my life🙏 ~Asli

Special Offer- Discounted at 80% Off

Total Value $485

Transformation To Joy Special For You $97

Package B - Consists of  all of Package A PLUS 4 Group Calls Created Just for You (Total Value $873)

Special Offer- Discounted at 77% Off

Total Value $873

Transformation To Joy Special For You $197

Group Call #1 - April 22nd on Release Vows, Contracts and Agreements That are Not in Alignment With ORGASMIC MONEY

At times we want something, and we want to push our way through to get what we want, or we act as if the obstacles are something against us.

Yet some of these are agreements that we made are from love.

With Gao, you will dive deep and engage in a ritual that takes you on a journey to honour all aspect of yourselves that are still attached to the agreements you made with your ancestors and release yourself from those bondages.

Group Call #2 - April 29th on Ignite the Prosperous Self-Identity

Become the superpower of pleasure, abundance, and passion.

Imagine all your aspects of thinking being connected to and informed by the body.

Embody and feel the millionaire aspect of yours that knows its worth is not defined by money, rather it creates money.

Group Call #3 - May 6th on Connecting To The Source of Abundance

This is an opportunity to grow and deeply embrace your relationship with the divine.

We all walk through different challenges in life. 

Yet, when these very challenges are not fully harvested into personal growth, you unconsciously bring these unhealed wounds into all your relationships.

These relationships include your relationship with money.

These challenges are:

      • Betrayal - the breaking or violation of trust, denial: the action of declaring something to be untrue or the refusal of something requested or desired,
      • judgment: to form anopinion or conclusion about someone to something that may or maynot have a basis in truth,
      • separation: to pull apart and not be included,
      • abandonment: to be left alone and detached so you end up lonely, unfulfilled and disconnected from everthing healthy joyful, fulfilling, vibrant and buzzing with life that would make us feel in connection, loved, heard, seen, safe, embraced and giving a sense of belonging and contributing as part of a family we create and a community we build.

Group Call #4 - May 13th on Orgasmic Money

                    • anchor in pleasure,
                    • effortlessly attract and manifest what you need and want, and
                    • sustain it with your powers.

Very soon, you will

- heal aspects of you from your childhood that was denied pleasure

- heal the wounds inherited from the womb

- create wealth without guilt or fear and so much more!



Special Offer- Discounted at 77% Off

Includes all of Package A

Total Value $873

Transformation To Joy Special For You $197

Package C - Includes all of Package A nd B

PLUS A 30 Minute Private Session With Gao

(Total Value $1020)

Transformation To Joy Special For You $297

A private session with Gao has been a life changing event for many of Gao's clients.

If just a short session can create so much healing and transformation imagine what a 30 minute session would do for you.

Here are some of the testimonials Gao has received from her on- to-one work with her clients that we were blown away with:

Open Doors to New Possiblities

Wow, What an amazing session. When I first came to Gao, I was having issues with my eyes that she was unaware of. During the session, she quickly tuned into my eyes and I am happy to report the burning and blurriness of my eyes has improved and I can see clearly now. Its almost like not only did she help my physical ailment with my eyes, but now I can see more clear in my future. She opened up the doors of so many possibiities for me in the future and brought me back fully into my body so I can experience the power within me even more. I am soo excited to see what else unfolds. I would highly recommend a session with Gao not only for any physical issues in your body, but to bring you fully back into your body and your power center in your wound to increase your manifesting power. She is such an attentive and gentle yet powerful healer. ~ De, Washington, DC


Yeah, before my session with u Gao, I had anger issues that I directed to anyone with authority over me and at men in general, I believed any man who dated me did me a favor as I felt unworthy of love, I cared more about how I felt about someone not about how they felt about me, I just thought of myself as trash.... After talking with you I sat down and told myself tht I am going to allow myself to feel love, thts when I realized who cared more about me, I told myself that I should come first and ever since, everything seemed to fall in place, I felt more in control of my life, I made decisions that changed my life and a year later I am happy, married and with 2 kids now. ~ Gina

Special Offer- Discounted at 70% Off

Total Value $1020

Transformation To Joy Special For You $297

What Else Are People Saying About Working With Gao:


Gao is the only coach that has been able to get to the core of my issue and for that I am very grateful I love her integrity, strength and passion to help in a many that is very unique!! She is a very powerful woman yet with so much grace and passion to help!! I would definitely recommend Gao and will myself have a few more coaching lessons ~Lucie Martin.


My passion has been unleashed....I have started my business now...its a lot of hard work and its fulfilling at the same time...I don’t have words to describe how I feel at this moment...day after day....it’s a miracle ...I've never thought arriving here was possible and also seeing the future unfold the way it is...its just amazing…….I started selling immediately after we spoke, I’m getting emotional about it.. Thank you ~ Tsholo


For as long as I can remember I have always felt lost,like I was just drifting in the wind with no direction no purpose ,I had so many undealt issues, unhealed emotional wounds dating back from my childhood. At some point it got so bad,I was so depressed and sucidal,that's when I knew something had to give,I needed help. With her healing everything began to change. I have been struggling with starting my cake business, but I can proudly say my business is doing amazingly my only complaint is having so many customers🥰🥰🤣.
My healing with her has worked miracles for me and I will always be grateful to her and her teachings as she has showed me a better way of living and to fully live and not just exist.I am well on my way to becoming the authentic and unapologetic ME.
Thank you so much Miss Motsemme ~ Morwesi

Her knowledge of this particular area was a relief.

Gao Motsemme was so incredibly kind, sweet, and affective! Her knowledge of this particular area was a relief. I had been to so many healers, and her techniques changed things for me, in a major way. I recommend giving her a try, you might see a major shift! ~ Kitoto Sunshine


I had a session with Gao and she was amazing. She picked up so much about what had happened to me health wise and also traumas from childhood. We did a lot of release in our session and I felt much lighter when she finished. She also reconnected me with my inner child. My inner child went from angry and fearful to dancing at the end of our session. She is amazing. If you haven’t experienced her healing method, you owe it to yourself to give it a go. You will be amazed. ~ Kate

About Gao Motsemme...

Gao Motsemme is a High Energy and High Vibe Freedom Illuminator, a Healer, a Coach and a Transformational Speaker with Charisma and Refreshing Practicality.

Her mission is to help people to embody the path of spirituality and create their life from love and pleasure.

She is an entrepreneur and a founder of Unique, Bold, Sensual and Fierce Loving Queens tribe, empowering women to embody their feminine power, reignite passion and release the grief of the loss of self.

She went through lots of major life shifts including the judicial injustice that led to 5 years separation from her 2 children which she believes it was an initiation to her path of service.

She specializes in helping her clients find balance between logic and emotion. she has a 6th sense for karma, divine truth and a spiritual warrior-to bring light to the things that are hidden. She demonstrates how to access divine power through free will and choice.

She is a master in the power of manifestation through intention, helping people embrace change and shifts thoughts, energy and reality at a soul level, she is indeed an Energetic Liberator.