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Divine LOVE Healing Immersion - Monthly Subscription

 Brought to you by Gloria Shaw / Whole Heart Healing & Transformation  

     With Divine Spherical Energies & The NEW Cosmic Heart Healing Energies  & So Much More...


Healing your Wounded Heart, Opening your Heart is powerful medicine - To Love is to Heal


Taking care of your Energy system is one of the Best Holistic/Preventative Health investments you can make. This is true SELF LOVE !

Freedom from Past Traumatic Stored Discordant ( Emotions , Thoughts, Feelings and Events)  contributing to Pain & Suffering, Stress & Struggle, Lack & Limitation, Disease and unhealthy Relationships  is a Divine Gift of Love. A Gift of You Healing You!  Using the Power of Love, Light and Truth.

Being on the Energies each month is for all those who are ready! Who are saying enough is enough! I AM READY!

  • I am worthy & deserving of living and loving pain free. Feeling GOOD!
  • Enough trying, lying and dying. I have tried so much, not been 100% honest and my health is slowly getting worse.
  • . I am ready to open my heart to activate the Healer within, the Light within, the Love within, the Wisdom within. No more pain and no more suffering for me.
  • I am ready to unblock my JOY organ and let LOVE in, and awaken my heart and heal my spirit, so I can remember Who I am..
  • I am ready to Forgive and be Forgiven and to FEEL to HEAL.
  • I am choosing Love over Fear, Light over Darkness, Truth over deception & illusion.
  • I am 100 % committed to getting to the root of the real cause of pain & suffering, lack & limitation, stress & struggle and all unhealthy negative relationship ( myself & others)
  • I need help, support, guidance to assist me as I learn, grow, expand to the greatest / highest version of my True Divine Self.
  • I choose freedom. I want freedom from my- self imposed  “Unforgiveness prison”  Universe show me the key that sets me FREE.

Dangers of a Wounded Heart, an Unhealed hurting Heart, a closed off heart, a blocked heart...


  • Hurting people hurt other people.
  • Attracting negative unhealthy relationships, abuse, heartache..
  • Use the mind to analyze, criticize, judge, make wrong. Attempt to fix, control or manipulate which leads to more negativity, beating self up and others.
  • In a stuck negative cycle of blaming, shaming, waiting, hating, hurting…
  • Inability to trust, believe, receive, to have faith, forgive and be forgiven and move forward in love.
  • Start believing the limiting beliefs ( I am not worthy, I am not deserving, I am not good enough, pretty enough...etc.
  • Continually drag the old dysfunctional P T S D ‘s ( Past Traumatic Stored Discordant Emotions and Energies ) into new moments despite wanting something better.
  • Have unhealthy boundaries or none at all.
  • People please at my expense for fear of saying no and being disliked..
  • Physical signs and symptoms keep increasing, limiting my mobility, wellbeing and vitality, even to the point of complicated health challenges, and or life threatening illness.
  • Feeling lost, abandoned, fatigued, forgotten, unimportant, invisible, resentful, depressed, anxious, desperate.. Or worse.

Gloria is humbled, honored and proud to announce that she is a PTSD Survivor and she no is no longer suffering from a wounded heart.


Despite childhood sexual molestation, teenage pregnancy that resulted in being kicked out to live on the streets, severe car accidents, abusive/ unhealthy marriage that resulted in divorce,  a life threatening ( you’ve got six months to live ) diagnosis, loss of both her ( only ) children and many other losses ( including her life savings )  surgeries, traumas that followed.

Whole Heart Healing not only saved Gloria but taught her valuable life lessons she now shares freely, to help others suffering, stuck in victim consciousness, lack and limitation, in pain/ hurting without Love. She now has an open loving, whole heart that loves to love. She understands wounds of the heart and how they hurt us or worse. She wants everyone to receive that gift of Divine Love, To FEEL to HEAL , to turn them into  blessings “ being of service “ and wants you to want that, too. 

Ok, so what is a heart wound and this Energetic  Past Traumatic Stored Discordant ( emotions, thoughts, feelings, habits ) and Energetic Hoarding?


  • Heart wounds & heart walls usually start in Womb, childhood, teen years getting worse in adulthood. Every deeply traumatic experience ( like abuse, accidents, surgery, trauma, drama, death, unmet needs, negative thoughts/feelings/emotions/habits ) that was untreated, unhealed, or ignored. Got stored,( frozen in past time), stuck,hidden,hardened which can lead to feelings of anger, guilt, shame, blame, resentment, bitterness, self hate, self loathing, criticism, depression, anxiety, addictions, pain & suffering, stress and struggle, disease states or worse.
  • Energetic Hoarding is our body keeping score, the accumulation of dark, negative, toxic, thoughts, feelings, emotions, traumas and events that block entrances and exists. Blocking flow channels ( giving and receiving ) block meridians, organs, chakras, joints and organs creating ill health, disease as well as poor hygiene, addictions, depression, anxiety, deep feelings of emptiness, isolations, feeling unwanted, unloved, grief, sadness, sorrow which creates the need for denial, suppression, oppression and even more stuff. Never feeling loved, grateful, fulfilled, satisfied, in any area of life.

Does this sound like you? Or anyone you know?


Ok, if your heart is saying YES! Please and Thank You. Then this amazing/profound monthly healing, support and guidance program is for you.  

NO More excuses/waiting/worrying/wishing/wanting/hoping.. It’s Whole Heart Healing Time. Consider this your ticket to freedom, your get out of self imposed unforgiveness prison, “ get out of pain jail card”  Some of the many benefits to name a few.


Shift problems into Soul-utions.** Activate the best day of your life-every single day “. ** Awaken & deepen a sense of Peace, Joy, love, aliveness, peace, harmony, balance, relaxation, feeling good, feeling blessed. Other benefits can include:

**Open your heart to listen to the voice of your soul. ** Enjoy a heart centered “ Heaven on Earth” living here and now.** Spontaneous physical, mental, emotional healing and real transformation.** Receive clarity, awareness, insight, intuition about your gifts, abilities, purpose and path.* Connect with plug into Divine Source, Pure Love, source love with plenty to share and plenty to spare.** Turn your core heart wounds and their lessons into Divine & Perfect Blessings and use them all for highest and greatest good. Always in All ways.


Gloria says,  " There is no such thing as a Broken Heart or a Broken person, but only a closed off/blocked wounded heart and a fearful, confused, innocent, stuck in a rut, living in FEAR person.  A Broken Dream and a Soul with a wounded heart... Getting ready, preparing for LOVE, LIGHT and TRUTH so they can remember Who they are.  Which is Divine & Perfect LOVE."

Here is how the monthly program supports you, guides you, teaches you, heals you and loves you using the power of your heart, love, light and truth and the Healer Within.


  • Gloria is humbled and honored to be your guide, using her healing voice and her Whole Heart Healing & Transformation - energy healing modality guided by her amazing God Team to assist Divinely and Perfectly along your Divine Love-Healing journey.
  • Results speak for themselves for those who said yes, committed 100%, trusting, believing, having faith in the Healer Within and that Love HEALS.
  • Receiving the monthly divine and perfect remote energies will help raise your vibration in preparation for the monthly group call.. Each month we will come together to assist you in all areas of your life ( to open your heart, to allow, accept and receive the divine and perfect cleansing, clearing, releasing, dissolving, shifting, lifting & transmuting all heart wounds, the old PTSD emotions, thoughts, feelings and all those frozen in time non loving, non serving energies. In addition to supporting your connection with your guides, your next step, your heart’s desire and what you really want.


So here’s how this works:

  • Once a month there will be a live  40 -45 min group  ZOOM call that will include some insight, wisdom, learning time followed by a group meditative healing / Activation process. Everyone will benefit, uniquely for YOU.
  • Once a month Gloria will place everyone on the energies for that month in a Divine Sacred Container. Gloria will connect higher self to higher self with her awesome God Team.  
  • You will be sent the “ Divine and Perfect – FOR YOU energies” all month long. Depending on your needs they will arrive either daily or weekly.

You will be given instructions on how to prepare, to allow, to accept and receive, each new month’s energies.

No worries if you miss the live call, the energies will be just as beneficial on the Meditative Healing replay for that month. Suggested to listen to this meditative healing once daily or as guided by your higher self.  Add on family members will not be included on these group call energy, only the main person. In order to give everyone the best possible program attention and outcomes.


Included in this program to love and support you on the Energies is:


Option 1 - Starting at $29/month


  • Once a month group call. Topic will be divinely guided by group consciousness on a huge variety of topics. Plus the monthly Remote healing energies as described above.  Monthly call dates will be first Tuesday, unless a public holiday  - Call recording of the December 4th call is available for everyone who has purchased.  Future calls are planned for Wednesday, January  9th, February  13th and March 13th.  Further dates will be provided for April 2019 onwards.  These Live Group Calls with Gloria Shaw will take place at 1:00 pm Paciifc | 2:00 pm Mountain time| 4:00 pm Eastern.  You will be given a Zoom Call link - you need the same link to access these calls.


  • MP3 Opening your heart to Divine Love. This creates that opening to allowing, trusting, believing and receiving Divine Love that serves your greatest good.


  • Order by December 21st, 2018 to get Your Fast action bonus gift - MP3 Healing Heart Wounds,  the whole heart healing way.  Say to yourself,  "Yes,  I am worthy and I deserve this!"  and sign up for monthly subscription to receive this free Bonus gift.


  • Add one person or pet in the same home, or more - For those who have a would like to include a family member or pet in the same home  for only $10.00 per person or per pet living in the same home. A true Gift of LOVEPlease note: You need to be a monthly subscriber with a current subscription to have this option and email us at Support to submit your name and location and if you opt to add a pet or a family or loved one their name to be added to your main Subscription.


Refund Policy - Please note, there is no refund on this package as the energies start immediately you purchase.  Also, as the energies would have started - on the monthly subscription a 30 days notice of cancellation is also required!  To cancel your subscription email us at Support, in advance of the next 30 day cycle starting.


Monthly Program - Daily in the Energies Remote Healing and Monthly Live Group Call with Gloria Shaw

Give Yourself or someone Special the #Gift of Whole Heart Healing & Transformation Divine LOVE Healing Immersion with Gloria Shaw for 1 month or longer - starting at $29 a month.


Option 2 - Include a One to One Session - You can add up to 3 Sessions: 1 session for $99,  2 sessions for $198 and 3 sessions for $297!

  1. For those who love Gloria’s personal one on one sessions, this is where the magic really happens, you will have an opportunity when you join this monthly group healing, love program to purchase a one on one (40 min ) zoom call session. For only $99.00
  2. Additional monthly healing sessions can be added on at this time, for as many months as desired, as long as you are on the monthly subscription/ energy program.  Sessions must be booked and completed within the 30 days. 

Monthly Program Subscribers  - add One to One Private Sessions  - with Gloria Shaw


"My grandson's warts completely gone

After two months my 5 yo grandson’s warts are completely gone. We had tried treating them with wart solutions and nothing helped. We hadn’t tried anything else for months until I included him in my package, so I know it is Gloria’s energy work that has done it. My daughter reads his affirmation out loud each day and he says “I accept”.

The first picture is from October 17, a couple weeks after we started with Gloria (the warts were actually worse than this at the beginning). The second picture is from December 3, so 6 weeks later.

I still can’t believe they are gone!

Thank you from us both  Debbie  and Cooper Ennis"

Debbie and Cooper Ennis

I received an invitation from my friend Gloria, offering a Distance Healing Treatment prior to Christmas which I decided to offer as a gift to my friend Tom who had been diagnosed with Mantle Cell Lymphoma which has no cure. He had surgery for 4 hours to remove intestinal tumours and received no radiation or chemotherapy as the doctors were undecided as to what treatment to provide. Gloria sent her 30 day gift of healing and when Tom went back 3 months later for follow up, there was no trace of the cancer. It was such an unbelievable outcome for the medical community that he underwent 3 days of scans to check his whole body. Still there was no trace of the cancer. He had decided during the 30 day distance healing to meditate, which he did 3X a day for about 15 minutes and it is my belief that he opened himself to the healing energy that Gloria sent. A miracle? Yes, one could say it was. He is still a year and a half later, free of Mantle Cell Lymphoma.

Ruth McLaughlin, B.C. Canada

“Gloria I wanted to thank you and the Whole Heart Healers again for such a profound healing tool! It has taken me a bit to listen to it, as I keep falling asleep. . I say that with a smile, as I am beginning to know that my sleep time has become very restorative

I want everyone to know that I am seeing the benefits of the daily energy healing. I am experiencing miracles in my changes of awareness these days. Each present moment has become so thoroughly experiential, that I get a sense of being lost that is very freeing. I know that it is all of the letting go that is in process. I have been working very diligently for a long time, to reach this level of opening and letting go. It is so profound to observe myself as it is happening.

I feel so blessed and grateful for the day I heard you speaking on the tele summit. You and your work are a gift to humanity, I have never quite experienced anything like it despite all the products and programs I have purchased over many years.

Thank you and the Whole Heart Healers”

Kathleen B

Best Healing ever, wow!

This was my first energy healing experience and I must say, WOW! It was truly miraculous, to say the least.  I have suffered with fatigue almost all my life. I spent a lot of money on other MP3’s, healings and I even in the past changed my diet. Nothing worked until I started receiving those Love energies. I could feel all the love. The one on one session with Gloria put the cherry on top. I can now say in addition to feeling energetic I feel joyous. A brand new feeling for me. So grateful. Thank you for bringing this amazing healer to the world.

My heart is full of gratitude and Love.


My name is Claudia Hickman and I am a stroke survivor. I had no use of my right arm and had very limited use of my right leg. My stroke happened in 1999. I had basically given up hope anything would change, then I met Gloria.  I said yes when she offered to help me clear my headache. Not sure what I experienced but just knew something relieved that headache..

Gloria gave me Whole heart Healing Energetic Heart Reset Meditation. After a few days of listening to the meditation, I started moving my fingers and able to lift my foot. I am getting better and my ability to let the past go, has left me feeling  stronger and now hopeful.

Gloria has been a bright light in my life and I will always be grateful and thankful to her. She has shown me I have the ability and with my higher power I can accomplish anything.

Claudia Hickman

Wow..is all I have to say.  Gloria Shaw is a true gem. I initially was introduced to Gloria because I wrote in on telesumit and took my question and she mentioned it was my time and she was right. I have suffered with Hashimotisis thyroid diease for several years and as result had experienced side effects such as extra heavy menstrual cycles that as a woman can be devestating and crippling. I am happy to report that during the 30 days I actually had a "normal" menstrual cycle which I could not believe becuase I have not had one in years but working with Gloria shifed that. I also had become sick with migraine, upper respiratory infection and after having a session with Gloria, the next day everything thing had cleared up. I went from feeling run down coughing up thick green mucus to the next day, I coughed once and noticed everything was clear and my chest felt better. After the session, my infection, seemed to heal itself, it was amazing. I also have a new sense of self like it is my time and a refreshing outlook and more happier than ever. I also changed a few things in my diet thru her recommendation, and I have slimmed down and lost some weight. Simply amazing!!! I would highly recommend a 30 day remote healing and session with Gloria. It was life changing for me and I am so grateful to her for sharing her gift. Blessings to you Gloria:) You make my heart sing and smile:) Thank you.


Gloria is amazing. She summarized 20 years of health conditions and medical diagnóstic in one hour session. After just two sessions my health and habits completly changed. My bloating, swollen hands, hormonal imbalances..... my body felt clean and healthy in so many ways for the first time in my life!  My husband and I had been wanting to have a baby, we tried everything for many years, one month after doing Gloria’s program I found out I was pregnant.  Joy!


My dear Gloria  Just wanted to acknowedge how accurate the message was you sent to me. I beleive this is the gift you opened up for me and said that it would come sometime in some form. Dont you just love it.:) one of those synchronicities… Wanted to thank you personally for working with me and my energies and guiding me back to ME.  Listened to your recording and whilst i know we “move on” there, within it, holds a comfort of knowing that whatever growth i go through, Source has my back and is willing to assist my expansion, no matter what. So much gratitude to you.

Absolutely loved the experience of the daily energies and working with you.


Love and gratitude

Louise Fox

After listening to the MP3 Opening your Heart to Love, it makes sense we need to have an open heart first before the healing can take place.  That helped me understand why some other healings didn't work completely for me.

Amazing how we can heal ourselves when we open our hearts to allow, receive and believe!!

Thank you again!!


Dear Gloria

I just listened to you on your call,  the Journey to the Cosmic Heart healing meditation you did with the group was amazing.  It helped me to release some past life trauma.  Thank you!

My mom is doing so much better since her session, too. Time for her to book her next session with you.


5 out of 5  All issues are gone  It sounds odd to even admit that I suffered with severe constipation for over 70 years. It even sounds stranger to report that listening to a meditation, saying words Gloria sent me and receiving some kind of energy every day for 30 days “ worked “ I am eliminating every day like a normal person. I am proud to say it, no matter what it sounds like. It worked!

Sophie R

Gloria is an angel, a true blessing. For a decade, Gloria has been an intricate healer and guide on my personal journey of growth and transformation. Her healing sessions are always uniquely, intuitively and perfectly designed to match what I need at the time. Both her in-house and distance healing sessions have helped me significantly along my path to mind-body-spirit health. Gloria always knows what to do - and I always leave her care feeling happy, healthy and whole again in my heart. Thank you Gloria, again and again. You are a such a gift to the world.

Allison Claire Eaton

Gloria is my Healing Angel. My little girl was very sick. She was in and out of the hospital for 10 months, getting worse. I have no idea what this Angel did, what I do know is for the next weeks my girl got better, after that she was 100% well.

Claudia Veriz

5 out of 5 I am amazed!! I bought package B from Gloria Shaw. I sent her my 3 issues. I am amazed at her email response. How does know me so well?! Her responses seem unrelated to the issues I identified for her and yet they are things I have been dealing with (in some cases for decades)! Things she couldn’t have known about. Thanks for connecting me with people who can help me “Love Myself, Love My Life!” If people are wondering if Gloria could help them, I’m happy to recommend her.

Anonymous Jan October 4, 2017

5 out of 5 Experience of Wholeness The only powerful word I can use to describe my experience in and after my session is “whole”, “ wholeness”, ……!!!

Each time my mind wants to revert or go to a perceived lack, it is as if, my mind gets “redirected”to an experience of wholeness, …cool! I am even remembering so many experiences when younger when I was enveloped in wholeness. I feel lighter, and freer as a result.

And, one last, when I was in my 20’s and 30’s, I used to have what I termed “ direct” contact ~ communication, with Source/ God/ in my meditations. It was like speaking to a good friend and very natural. Well, the day after our session, I awoke and started to have and trust this experience once again. This is really neat, and quite nourishing.

Donna K October 31, 2017

5 out of 5 Powerful I loved working with Gloria! She helped redirect me back to a place of wholeness, heart centered awareness and enthusiasm for life. Her insight into my 3 questions was amazing. I felt she really saw me. Through her loving guidance over the next 30 days, I was able to make some major shifts in my life. I would highly recommend her work.

Isabelle November 19, 2017

5 out of 5 Amazing Experience I’ve been using energy healing for over 10 yrs. My experience with Gloria has been amazing and I’m still working with her because the issue I needed help with was a difficult one that I knew would require more than one month of healing support.

Dianna V November 19, 2017

5 out of 5 Best Healing I have Experienced  I feel that your healing is the best I experienced. I want to thank you for your beautiful session. Since then I have a deep sense of peace. It takes a little time to get used to having peace of mind. I feel that in order to solidify what we have done, an extra 2 months should be added. I know how overprotective my ego is and so I want to continue with the work we started.
Thank you very much for your heart felt, kind work.

Raquel November 23, 2017

Thank you soooo much for your skills! I got better pretty much by noon the next day and have been doing wonderful since! I am always amazed that your method is so thorough in turning a bad health situation around to a healthy and energetic good one!

Susan Beard

I want to thank Gloria so much for literally saving my life. I was extremely sick man years ago and probably was not going to recover. By going to Gloria for many times and doing everything she said I did indeed live and recover my health. I owe her so much!

Craig Perkins, Todos Santos Baja Mexico

Gloria Shaw is a most unique and dedicated healer. Ten years ago she gave me all the diagnosis and support I needed to reestablish my health. It took four years of dedicated cleansing and healing, but I turned 50 with a clean, pink colon and a complete change in my physical and emotional health. I owe my current excellent state to Gloria's extensive training and big bag of tricks, which she is constantly developing and extending to include not only the realm of physical health, but the whole package of emotional, mental and spiritual well being.
Since we have known each other over the years I have sent many people to Gloria, and no one has failed to have their health improved and their lives enhanced by contact with her. I am always on the edge of my seat to see which direction her studies and passions will take her!

Donna Jones, Cabo, Mexico

Many years ago I made an appointment with Gloria owner of Health Naturally. I wanted to have another child. After my first child, I was advised I would never give birth to another child due to my uterus rupturing. The medical Doctors advised against even getting pregnant, even if I got pregnant they said I would miscarry the baby. I heard about this Healer named Gloria. I followed everything she suggested and we did some energy work etc. Within 10 months I got pregnant and I did not miscarry. In fact I gave birth to a healthy baby girl. The doctors were shocked! I gave birth to two other beautiful babies thanks to this amazing Healer.

Tracy W.

What a beautiful call my dear. Calling in the flow and the miracles!

You touch my heart and my soul! 

I am praying that the listeners purchase your package, the likes of which I have never seen so they too can witness to an ease and flow of LOVE and healing...a different type of "awakening" for sure..

Kathy B.

Dear Gloria! 

Thank you for helping me see that I fell in to the codependency trap again.

What an eye opener this whole experience has been for me, you always seem to send the perfect energy that supports me, and assists me to make those very long overdue shifts in attitude and feelings, Gloria words can not express my gratitude and deep heart felt appreciation

Thank you for your help and generosity, and the lesson.  I had no idea how I could receive Love Energy in Sweden from you in Mexico and today I don’t have to know, because I know it works, it has made such a difference in my life, and my relationship with my husband.


Update and Testimony on behalf of Maxine.

Maxine’s caregiver and I are witnessing shifts and miracles since she  started receiving the whole heart healing

Love energies. After staying isolated in her room for over a year, she accepted lunch out and  she is now out of her room and even exercising at the kitchen sink with a huge smile.  Maxine at 86 is enjoying a much improved quality of life, thanks to those Whole Heart Healing Love energies.

In Gratitude, thank you from myself and her caregiver.

Update and Testimony on behalf of Maxine.

Gloria Shaw has worked in the field of Medicine and Holistic Health for over 45 years. Along her entrepreneurial – soul’s journey studied Nursing, Fitness and Nutrition. Became a Certified Alternative

Medical Practitioner, Certified Life Transformational Consultant, Reiki Master and Heart Centered Energy Healer/Guide/Speaker/Spiritual Change Agent.

The universe gifted Gloria with Whole Heart Healing, her Whole Heart Healing helpers  a unique healing modality that combines all of her life’s journey wisdom from her past losses, accidents, traumas & dramas, stress and struggles, lack & limitations, pain and suffering including the unhealed, unforgiven “ frozen / Stuck - Past Traumatic Stored Discordant emotions, thoughts & feelings ( wounds of the heart/heart walls”

That is delivered in Soul-ution Spheres loaded with Divine Spherical Energies, using Wholistic Meditative Healing /activations/attunements /awareness, energy and her spiritual healing tool ( her voice ) to help others to rise above their past, to surrender and let it go, to awaken their heart and heal their spirit, to set them free the Divine Whole Heart Healed Way, through LOVE and with LOVE.

Whole Heart Healing set Gloria free from her self imposed Unforgiveness, pain prison she existed in for over 60 years and knows it can do the same for others. Love Heals.

Gloria’s processes have been healing and awakening clients to their true, authentic, divine lovable/loving self. Through Gloria's Whole Heart Healings, her clients have experienced miraculous, transformational Healings that traditional text book medicine does not understand.

Gloria is committed to empowering and teaching people of all ages the many benefits of Whole Heart Healing and Transformation. Gloria’s mission is to end pain, suffering and heartache. Her heart wants people to enjoy living, to not just exist, numb and cope their way thru life.

Gloria says, "Whole Hearted Healing addresses you as a whole. Your Emotional, Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Body. Reminding you of “Who You Are”. That you are whole, complete, and perfect. Just the way God Created you.

Whole Hearted Healing starts by opening up your heart and clearing the scars around it. So you can let Love in. This creates a space for a shift. The kind that “moves mountains”. Allowing for transformation in all areas of your life.

Opening your Heart and dissolving those hurts, scars, wounds, and heart walls is the greatest most awesome gift you can give to yourself. Love truly does heal. With an open heart this holy heart shift makes the space for something more to shift. By releasing everything that is not the energy of Love you will go from Mind time to Heart time. It’s so much easier to forgive yourself and all others, without love and compassion it is almost impossible. The truth is what you feel you can heal. Locking up those feelings simply keeps you frozen, hurting, not enjoying Joy, love, abundance, freedom and fun. your heaven on earth. Gratitude is the currency of the universe, currency is gratitude in action. Gratitude is a blessed opportunity to overcome fear, get creative, resolve conflict in and with the energy of Love. This Whole Heart Healing is transformative in so many ways. When your heart is open and free of all those scars you spend your time in the energy of Love, you speak love, you hear love, you are love, it’s easier to give yourself permission to let go of everything that is not you, then your heart can fully awaken allowing the radiant being that you are to shine your light for all to see and know. You help others, you open to your full potential. Are you Ready!