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"KLEAR Your Way to Joy and Happiness!"

If you are in lack, struggle with emotional and physical pain more so than others? 

If you  just know stuff, without being told - a kind of knowing that goes way beyond intuition or gut feelings? 

If you find that being in public places can be overwhelming for you?

If you strongly feel the emotions of others and take them on as yours to deal with?

The list can go on and on and on...

Then Chances are you are an Empath you can finally shift your world, as many thousands have with Jade Rehder's signature KLEAR Activations. 

That is why we are bringing you Jade Render's Special Offer on KLEAR Your Way to Joy and Happiness!

Even if you are not an Empath - you deserve to have Joy and Happiness in your life!

If you are an Empath you can come to the realization that being an empath can be a beautiful gift that can take you from struggling to thriving - if you have the support and tools you need.  With Jade's KLEAR activations, Mp3 audio programs you can quickly connect with your authentic self,  embrace the gifts that are inherently yours and raise and fully embody your 5th dimensional consciousness - and quickly start to live a fully empowered and Joy filled and Happy life you deserve! 

So who is Jade Rehder?

Jade Rehder, The Empath Whisperer, is a passionate multidimensional coach, alchemist, empath, and intuitive. Jade has a way to “Rock” your world. She has a Klear and straightforward approach that allows Empaths get to what is hidden powers they all possess beneath the surface. Working with Divine Source energy, Jade brings you accurate gentle information, healing and transformation.

Jade Rehder, is also an alchemic transformational coach, certified energy coach, shamnic practitioner, advance practitioner of ancient Hawaiian huna la'au kahea and founder of a new healing technology, KLEAR.  For Jade KLEAR is the culmination of 17 years of study, experience of working on thousands of people, higher guidance, intitive inspiraions and training in making change at the causal level beyond the ability of the mind or ego to grasp.

"Let's begin at the heart of the matter: there's nothing like Jade's KLEAR technique! It has completeley changed my life. I've struggled with PTSD for years and years, and doing KLEAR helped me heal in ways I truly thought would never be possible. I didn't believe it and it still worked!!! ... I genuinely recommend Jade as a gifted empath whisperer, guide and practitioner of the healing arts. I have recommended her to family and friends who have had similar astounding successes..." 

- Doreen Damico

Package A:

Package A:

Empaths KLEAR Your way to JOY and HAPPINESS! 

Jades's Brand New 6 Pack Individual KLEAR Channel Audio mp3 Guided Experiences Created Just for you in the  Transformation To Joy Global Telesummit Community. 

First Do Read the 5 page Empath Pain Relief Kit/Workbook by Jade Rehdern as part of your Daily Klear process (see further details below)

Please note there is also the Klear Preparation audio to use before doing your specific Klear audio work in the Very Special Bonus Free Gift Pack from Jade Rehder

Caution: Do not listen to these audios while driving or operating equipment. Please listen to these audios when you can sit back relax and be present with yourself.

The 6 pack audios:

KLEAR I’m Not Good Enough

KLEAR Lack of Self-Love

KLEAR Low Self-Esteem

KLEAR Negative Self Talk

KLEAR Other People’s Opinion of My Body Matters

KLEAR Self Doubt

Each of these 6 pack audios comes with an Activation of the Divine Energies Inside You!

Bonus - A Very Special Free Gift to be downloaded in Your Download page - when you get Jade's Special Offer.  Jade Rehder's  - 5 page PDF Soul/Sol Sourcing Daily Practice & Empath Pain Relief Kit.  Work through this PDF and Listen to the Release Anxiety and the Drain audios. Share freely with your friends.   This is being offeres as FREE gift just for your coming on the Live call and for listening to the Replay of out call with Jade Rehder on Transformation To Joy Global Telesummit. Thank you for being such a bright light in our Community.

Package A: $127 Value ~ Save over 50%

Sacred Exchange $57 


"Be prepared for things to be different and better"

Every single time I have worked with Jade and her KLEAR process, I have seen dramatic shifts that have helped me immensely. I have not only had emotional and spiritual shifts, but I have seen shifts in my physical health and well being. I would unreservedly recommend Jade and this work to anyone who is interested in real change and improvement in their life. Be prepared for things to be different...And better!"

- DT

"Energetically I feel more shiny.  ~ Connection chills ~ Peace from the deep level of connection with Source. Most everything does not disrupt my world – easy to tasks that in the past would have struggle / difficult. Things that I fought with were all gone."

- Roger House , Empowerment and Relationship Coach, Glenwood Springs, CO

Package B:

Package B:

KLEAR Your Way to the Big Joyful and Happy YOU Session!

With Jade Rehder!


1:1 private session ~ 75-90 minutes recorded

Please note: 24 hour notice of any changes required.

You are done attracting the same challenges in your relationship to self-love, family, intimate partners, work, money, happiness and your worth. You are ready to look at the elephant in the middle of the room (your life) that keeps getting bigger the longer you ignore it. You want support to accelerate your progress by KLEARing it from the root and beyond! Want to get KLEAR™, so you can be the Joyful and Happy You?

Package B: Value $333 ~ Save over 47%

Sacred Exchange $177







More on... What People are saying about working with  Jade Rehder...

Jade Rehder, Empath Whisperer, Bio in her own words:

I am passionate about BEing an Empath, Conscious Channel and natural Knower. Over the last 19 years on this physical plane of experience I have mastered my natural empathic challenges. As an Empath Whisperer, Multi-Dimensional Coach, KLEAR Channel Healing® Master, Master Energy Alchemist, Retreat Leader and Mentor, I have trained and been certified in quantum transformational techniques focused from the both the science and spiritual view. I love to share my knowledge, experience, gifts and insight with other Empaths and Lightworkers.

It is my privilege to work with those that have newly awakened to their natural intuitive gifts and expanding consciousness I do with and my group work in Lightworkers Accelerator Academy. A place Source inspired me to create to share skills, wisdom, ‘earth smarts’ and magic with other Lightworkers stepping into their bigger work and stepping up to make a positive difference in our world from a place of Peace and Love.


For those who have been on the path for many years I do private Deeper Dive work to provide the catalysis experiences to uplevel you, your gifts and your impact!

As a sensitive/knowing/intuitive feeler/empath my entire life, I have walked the path of the self-mastery of my feeler/knower gifts, this allows me to be a Magical Tour Guide on your path to Joy.  I know first hand many of the challenges you face. I would love the opportunity to share ideas, practices, self-healing, clearing, block removal, releasing of the past, karma transcendence and strategies to support you in moving into your enjoyable awakened conscious life!

Some of my credentials-

2005 NLP Practitioner

2005 NLP Master Practitioner

2005-Present Student Ancient Hawaiian La’au Kahea/Huna

2007 Reiki Level I Initiate

2007 Practitioner of Hawaiian Ho’omanaloa Energy

2007 Master ASK Trainer by Colorado Board of Higher Education

2007 Certified Energy Coach

2008 Alaka’i/Teaching Assistant Ancient Hawaiian La’au Kahea/Huna

2008 Reiki Level II Practitioner

2008 Certified Energy Coach

2008 Advanced Ancient Hawaiian La’au Kahea/Huna Practitioner

2008 Kumu Ho’oponopono

2009 Reiki Level III Master

2009 Certified NLP Trainer

2010 Matrix Energetics Levels I, II, II

2011 Kumu Ho’omanaloa Hawaii Ko Aloha Halau

2014 Certified Crystal Healer

2015 Doctor of Divinity

2016 KLEAR Channel Healing® Creator

2018 Founder Lightworkers Accelerator Academy