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"BEing a 5D Lightworker and at PEACE During this Time of Massive Expansion!"

If you are a Lightworkers chances are you struggle with bringing forward your gifts and so finding PEACE.

So who is a Lightworker?

  • Lightworkers have a calling to being a bright light in the world, who understand that their actions (no matter how big or small) have the potential to raise the vibration of the planet.  A Lightworker's soul is awake, conscious that their presence matters and that they are part of something that is bigger than them.
  • Lightworkers are not just tie-dye wearing hippies and healers with dreads. Far from it. They are teachers and chefs, writers and singers, producers and cleaners, mothers and mediums.
  • A Lightworker is someone who makes a conscious decision to endeavour to answer the call of Source (light) over the call of the ego (fear).

There are two types of energy on this planet. Light and dark. Light energy is unlimited and comes from Source. It’s high vibrational, expansive and full of love. Dark energy is much more dense. It’s the manipulation, power struggle and fear. It sees us all as separate, rather than connected spiritual beings. It goes against the flow of The Universe.

So who is Jade Rehder?  Jade Rehder, The Empath Whisperer, is a passionate multidimensional coach, alchemist, empath, and intuitive. Jade has a way to help you Experience BEing a Lightworker and  Open Your Spiritual Gifts and Enhance Your Natural Ways and Making a Positive Difference in the World.   As you follow the playlist she has created you will unblock the resistance to allowing your Lightworker gifts to expand and enhance.   In no time at all,  you will notice that you have more freedom to BE the more Joyful and Expanded You!

"Let's begin at the heart of the matter: there's nothing like Jade's KLEAR technique! It has completeley changed my life. I've struggled with PTSD for years and years, and doing KLEAR helped me heal in ways I truly thought would never be possible. I didn't believe it and it still worked!!! ... I genuinely recommend Jade as a gifted empath whisperer, guide and practitioner of the healing arts. I have recommended her to family and friends who have had similar astounding successes..." 

- Doreen Damico

Package A:

Package A - $97 ($222 value)

This 9 Session Exclusive KLEAR Channel Healing® Guided Experience BEing a Lightworker  to Open Your Spiritual Gifts and Enhance Your Natural Ways and Making a Positive Difference in the World

As you follow the playlist and unblock the resistance to allowing your Lightworker gifts to expand and enhance you will notice that you are have more freedom to BE the more Joyful and Expanded You!

Caution: Do not listen to these audios while driving or operating equipment. Please listen to these audios when you can sit back relax and be present with yourself.

The 9 Exclusive KLEARS  include:

KLEAR Introduction and Preparation

KLEAR for Willingness

KLEAR for Trust

KLEAR for Clarity

KLEAR for Connection

KLEAR for Discernment

KLEAR Claircognence Gift

KLEAR Clairsentient Gift

KLEAR Clairaudience Gift

KLEAR Clairvoyance Gift

BONUS - Lightworker Self-Care E-Book: Lightworkers Guide to Navigating Earth


Package A $222 Value ~ Save over 56%

For Sacred Exchange $97  


"Be prepared for things to be different and better"

Every single time I have worked with Jade and her KLEAR process, I have seen dramatic shifts that have helped me immensely. I have not only had emotional and spiritual shifts, but I have seen shifts in my physical health and well being. I would unreservedly recommend Jade and this work to anyone who is interested in real change and improvement in their life. Be prepared for things to be different...And better!"

- DT

"Energetically I feel more shiny.  ~ Connection chills ~ Peace from the deep level of connection with Source. Most everything does not disrupt my world – easy to tasks that in the past would have struggle / difficult. Things that I fought with were all gone."

- Roger House , Empowerment and Relationship Coach, Glenwood Springs, CO

Package B:

Package B - $197 ($444 value)

Includes all of Package A


Private 1:1 45 minutes KLEAR session with Jade on Access Your Diamond Light and Diamond Light Activation recorded Live with you and you also get the recording to enhance your activation.

Please provide Jade with at least  24 hour notice of any changes required for this one to one work with Jade as she sets this time aside just for you.

Accessing the Diamond Light Connection amplifies Your LIGHT in a multi-dimensional way giving your greater access to your Light Team and Light Gifts!   (Anything you can add on the last package you had, "Outcome they can expect to receive (i.e. You are done attracting the same challenges in your relationship to self-love, family, intimate partners, work, money, happiness and your worth. You are ready to look at the elephant in the middle of the room (your life) that keeps getting bigger the longer you ignore it. You want support to accelerate your progress by KLEARing it from the root and beyond! Want to get KLEAR™, so you can be the Joyful You?")

Package B $444 Value ~  Save over 56%

Sacred Exchange $197








Package C:

Package C - $347 ($888 value)

Includes All of Package A and B.




2-Hour Private Alchemy Session to Accelerate Your Journey into your Bigger 5D Lightwork!!! Get out of the resistance and access the ease, peace and grace that are here for you Right Now!!! ($333 value)


Plus 4-Hour Group Training ~ Lightwork Acceleration INTENSIVE

(Topic Varies, so you can choose the topic that is the most beneficial for you!) ($222 value)


Special instructions i.e. online calendar link will be provided - please give 24 hours notice of cancellation, Group Training call details will be provided and may even be on your download page. 


Package C:  $888 Value~  Save over 61%

Sacred Exchange $347








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Jade Rehder, Empath Whisperer, Bio in her own words:

I am passionate about BEing an Empath, Conscious Channel and natural Knower. Over the last 19 years on this physical plane of experience I have mastered my natural empathic challenges. As an Empath Whisperer, Multi-Dimensional Coach, KLEAR Channel Healing® Master, Master Energy Alchemist, Retreat Leader and Mentor, I have trained and been certified in quantum transformational techniques focused from the both the science and spiritual view. I love to share my knowledge, experience, gifts and insight with other Empaths and Lightworkers.

It is my privilege to work with those that have newly awakened to their natural intuitive gifts and expanding consciousness I do with and my group work in Lightworkers Accelerator Academy. A place Source inspired me to create to share skills, wisdom, ‘earth smarts’ and magic with other Lightworkers stepping into their bigger work and stepping up to make a positive difference in our world from a place of Peace and Love.

For those who have been on the path for many years I do private Deeper Dive work to provide the catalysis experiences to uplevel you, your gifts and your impact!

As a sensitive/knowing/intuitive feeler/empath my entire life, I have walked the path of the self-mastery of my feeler/knower gifts, this allows me to be a Magical Tour Guide on your path to Joy.  I know first hand many of the challenges you face. I would love the opportunity to share ideas, practices, self-healing, clearing, block removal, releasing of the past, karma transcendence and strategies to support you in moving into your enjoyable awakened conscious life!

Some of my credentials-

2005 NLP Practitioner

2005 NLP Master Practitioner

2005-Present Student Ancient Hawaiian La’au Kahea/Huna

2007 Reiki Level I Initiate

2007 Practitioner of Hawaiian Ho’omanaloa Energy

2007 Master ASK Trainer by Colorado Board of Higher Education

2007 Certified Energy Coach

2008 Alaka’i/Teaching Assistant Ancient Hawaiian La’au Kahea/Huna

2008 Reiki Level II Practitioner

2008 Certified Energy Coach

2008 Advanced Ancient Hawaiian La’au Kahea/Huna Practitioner

2008 Kumu Ho’oponopono

2009 Reiki Level III Master

2009 Certified NLP Trainer

2010 Matrix Energetics Levels I, II, II

2011 Kumu Ho’omanaloa Hawaii Ko Aloha Halau

2014 Certified Crystal Healer

2015 Doctor of Divinity

2016 KLEAR Channel Healing® Creator

2018 Founder Lightworkers Accelerator Academy