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Love Your Body Healthy - and Open Your Health, Your Body and Your Life to a Whole New World of Possibilities!

What if it was possible to cultivate optimum health by having a loving, compassionate relationship with your body?

How might your life change if you could unconditionally love and accept yourself just as you are?

As you learn to release judgment and resistance and love yourself exactly as you are, flow increases and you open your health, and your life to a whole new world of possibilities.

As we ascend and our vibration rises, health challenges seem to become even more prominent. Whether it's weight gain, autoimmune disorders, food sensitivities, pain or extreme fatigue, our bodies seem to be struggling with the energies.

In this program with Jennifer Lee, you will receive support and healing through these challenging times. You will learn why grounding is so important and how to use the vibrations of love and joy to heal your body.

In Package A, you will receive access to a Private Facebook group where Jennifer will be posting 15-30 minute live streams everyday for 21 days starting on Sunday, September 1st.  Jennifer will offer tips to create optimum health and discuss how the energies on the planet are affecting us and how to navigate through the challenges.

You will also have support from others in the group.


In addition to the Daily 21 days Private FB group Live Streams you will receive the following healing transmissions:

Audio #1: True Empowerment through Intention - In this teaching Jennifer will go through a little of her story as well as speak about how the Conscious Breath and Intention helped her body heal. Know that as she speaks, there is an energetic transmission of love, joy, health and vitality coming through her words.

Audio #2: The Healing Power of Joy - The vibrations of Love and Joy are some of the highest frequencies that exist and have been proven to help assist the body with healing. When you are feeling love and/or joy, lower vibrations cannot exist. In this meditation, Jennifer will help you cultivate the Love and Joy vibrations. She will lead you though a visualization creating these feelings. Once the feelings have been established, you will first send all of that juicy energy to your body.

Audio #3: The Beauty of Breath Meditation - In this transmission, you will ground your energy back into your body, back into this Now Moment, through breath and intention.

Jennifer's Package A

Total Value $200

Discount  64% Off

For You $77

Package B - includes all of Package A


2 90 Minutes Group Zoom calls with Jennifer

In Package B, you will receive everything in Package A plus 2 90 minute group calls via Zoom on September 12th and 26th at 11am CT.

On the first call Jennifer will discuss what has come through that is relevant to moving You forward in mid September.

From August 19th, 2019 Jennifer has channeled that things are starting to move forward and that Source is now starting to provide us with what we had set into motion prior.  The energies are supporting all of this magic, and yet we had to take a time out to go within and look at the Truth of who we are and what we REALLY desire. Things will start showing up, but it is up to us to go towards what really feels in alignment with our Soul's Highest Path and if it feels good, going towards that. Also, letting go of control because we have all been stuck in "survival mode". So when the magic appears can we actually allow it to come in? Because of the fact that we have been in survival mode for awhile now, we may feel weary of the gifts coming in, especially since they will appear to come in so easily, but if we can follow our intuition and see that magic and miracles are possible, this is the week that they will begin to appear. It is time to let the magic in!

Jennifer will take questions and do clearings on the Septemebr 12th call. The second call on September 26th will be more of a Q and A call where you will have a chance to ask your personal questions.


Jennifer's Package B - includes all of Package A

Total Value $450

Discount  67% Off

For You $147

In Package C, you will receive everything in Package A and B and a One-to-One private 45 minutes session with Jennifer.

Jennifer's Package C:

includes all of Package A and B

Total Value $750

Discount  60% Off

For You $297

Here's what others are saying about working with Jennifer...

Jennifer is an absolute joy to be around. Her energy radiates love, compassion, and intuition. I was blessed to have spent time and receive healing light from this beautiful soul while on the riverside in Wimberley and so much negative energy was cleared out! I've been able to do things I haven't done in months, even years due to physical and spiritual clearing. My foot, shoulder, and neck pain subsided after her CBD, reiki, pranic work, fascia massage and my body was called to earthing. It seems that she is able to translate messages that I wasn't able to hear from my own body. She's amazing and genuinely gifted! Occasionally plagued by insomnia, I slept for 12 hours since our meeting 2 days ago. I'm at a complete loss for words. Who would have thought that health would be so much fun? If you have an opportunity to work with her, I highly recommend it! ♡

        - Colette R

Jennifer did a clearing on me. She felt that my lymph was blocked from past life grief and sadness. Within minutes of the clearing, I felt lighter and the pain was substantially less. Also since working with her, I have increased my financial abundance as more and more clients show up interested in my products. I asked Jennifer to work on my son who was diagnosed with Schizophrenia and we have noticed that he engages with people more and seems to be much more happy with life. I am so happy that she has entered our lives.

         - Greg,  Owner and CEO of Green Mantis Hemp

I started working with Jennifer and I noticed I had more confidence and energy to start following my passions.I have been drinking more lemon water, talking to my body and doing the things you suggested. This has been the most stress-free I've felt in months. I appreciate you so much and I see you being super successful!

          - Esther D.

Originally, I started working with Jenn to help me expand my business. Within 6 months of working with her, I had made over 6 figures and landed an account with a HUGE NBA team! I love Jenn's fun enthusiastic energy! Her belief in me, helped open me up to seeing my own True Potential which led to creating success.

         - Mike, CEO of Clum Creative


About Jennifer...

Jennifer Barnes is a Wellness Intuitive, a Channel, Wayshower and Ascension Coach. She connects directly to Source and works with Angels, the Elementals, Archangels and Ascended Masters. Her intention is always to deliver messages of 100% Love and Light.

Her professional experience includes working as a Personal Trainer, Yoga Teacher and Breathwork Coach. Her feminine energy is able to connect with the Higher Self of each client in order to create fitness programs that are designed specific for what their body needs and asks for.

Her Spiritual work focuses on cultivating emotional, physical and Spiritual health.

Jennifer has always been drawn to how the body works and through her own experiences she has realized that in order for the body to work properly, ALL aspects of life need to be addressed.

As a Pre-med student in 2000, she was in a horrible car accident and like many others had a Spiritual Awakening. This awakening led her to Spiritual Studies which included Reiki healing, Angel Therapy, Astrology and other modalities of this nature. While learning these different healing energies, she started receiving guidance oh how to heal the body through intention and touch and breath. She was guided not only to study energy healing, but also begin learning about the healing powers of herbs, essential oils, flower essences and different foods.

Seeing that she was able to heal herself from many health challenges, she chose to start empowering others and help them on their journey of healing. As someone who sees each body as the Perfection that it is, she is able to hold space for her clients as they re-member their own Power and Divine Perfection.