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Sunday Oliver

Wednesday, November 28th 

at 1:00 PM Pacific, 4:00 PM Eastern

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Sunday Oliver is Live with us Today, Wednesday November 28th at 1:00 PM Pacific | 4:00 Eastern | 9:00 pm UK Time

Sunday's Live Group classes start December 7th or 8th and continue the following week on December 14th or 15th and continue in January 5th or 12th - you will also get 20+ audios to work with- This is huge! During the call we will be playing the "Spinal Nerve Healing" silent audio that Sunday is offering as part of her Special Offer.
Sunday says this about this call, "If you’ve got things going on in your lower body that haven’t responded well to ordinary treatments – or even alternative treatments – you might want to hear about another way of addressing them. On the call with Shashi I’ll be talking about how I dealt with my own, supposedly incurable, lower body difficulties (including numbness, breathtaking pain, constant nausea, and inability to walk more than a few feet at a time). On the show I’ll be demonstrating some of the energy healing I’ve used to come through conditions everyone said I’d just have to live with and manage. You can try out what I do and see how it works for you.  I’m offering healing classes, sharing those same methods with you.  to Learn more click on the Get Access Button below.  Don't wait, click on the Get Access Button Now and I look forward to having you on the call."
Sunday, "If you have health issues that keep hanging on, even with good treatment, or if you have problems manifesting things, lower body dysfunction may be playing in. Digestion, immune systems, inflammation, stiffness, balance issues, and coordination may all be rooted in your lower body. So can addictions and compulsions. If your spiritual life is full of brilliant realizations, but your daily life never really seems to actually change, you might want to investigate what lower-body aliveness can do for you. On the Live call you ask questions or request a healing, and learn more about the classes audios you will be getting with the Group classes and a Suprise Bonus too!"

You can also call in by phone that is a US (+1) based Number.  If the number above doesn't work for some reason, click on the url above or here for Local and International Numbers.

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TTJGT Recordings

Upcoming Calls This Week with  the following Guest Speakers: 

Cindy Edison;  Sunday Oliver & Gloria Shaw

Series 5 Replays you may have missed...

Cindy Edison is back with us Today Tuesday,  November 27th at 1:00 PM Pacific | 4:00 PM Eastern to talk about Allow Your Soul to Lead - The Teachings of Josef

Allow Your Soul To Lead  - The Teachings of Josef is a series of '6 mini-books'. Volumes 1-3 have been publised and are available on Amazon for purchase.   Volumes 4-6 are planned. Josef is the evolutionary consciousness and evolved vibration of Seth, channeled by Jane Roberts in the 1960's, 70's and early 80's, and Abraham, channeled by Esther Hicks.  These teachings bring in the vibration of the New Earth that is now available to the human collective! Josef teachs us how to gain 'access' to these New Earth vibrations and shift us from F-E-A-R to L-O-V-E  -  both individually and collectively. 

That story of Josef is in itself is worth hearing.  Help us get these call details and the resulting Replays out to as many people as you know!

On these calls you will gain the most advanced perspectives on how your ego and your human aspects work together with your Soul  to create a life of more Joy, Peace and Abundance. This symbiotic relationship is true alignment and this space is what Abraham refers to as the Vortex.  It is the pure vibratory spacy the e of the Zerou  Point or the field of creation. You are at the point of Choice.  You choose your vibration and the experience you invite into your life.   You create and manifest your life through the momentum you create by the your thoughts, emotions and feelings - which send out a vibrational signature of where you are in your consciousness!"


Cindy Edison says, "I've been  channeling spirit since 2009. At that time, I was told by several of the Masters, I would be delivering an important message to the masses. Josef began coming through as Abraham in 2010 and revealed themselves to me, as to who they are, in 2016 - meaning the 'evolved version'. They gave me the name of Josef when they signed the Welcome Letter in the beginning of Book 1 in October, 2017. Prior to this life, I spent thirty-five years in creative advertising as a writer and creative head, and Vice-President of Marketing of a successful company I co- owned with her husband."

Brenda Lainof's Replay of November 19th call on Pathogenic Remote Clearings! is now available

As you will hear on this Replay  Brenda has a passion for helping people clear negative emotions, pathogens that include bacteria and viruses so that their chronic health conditions such as fatigue, skin rashes, depression, anxiety, digestive issues, disturbed sleep and many others can be resolved.

On this Replay you will also get access to Brenda's group clearing for Mercury toxicity.   Maria wrote in with this feedback, "Hello Shashi and Brenda thanks for the clearing I was yawning all the time a lot. Thanks "  So do, listen and share this Replay with anyone you will feel will benefit from that clearing.  A lot of issues got cleared  - on this call as Brenda took live callers and questions from the Q&A that were so topic relevant.

Congratulation to Narinder for the birth of her daughter 5 weeks ago - Brenda did a powerful clearing for issues that came up for her and the baby - so the level of trauma dropped from 8 to 2!   She had written in to say, "Hi Brenda and Shashi. I gave birth to a beautiful little daughter 5 weeks ago. However the birth was a bit traumatic. She turned on the way out and I developed an infection, so after 24 hours of intense labour I had to have an emergency episiotomy. We both had antibiotics for 48 hours. Please could I have some support to clear the birth trauma for us both and the effects of the antibiotics on her stomach. Thankyou"

Shashi shared how she started working with Brenda in 2011 on a regular basis as part of her journey into healing and transformation.

So, if you suffer from any chronic or long standing issues and if your doctors don't know what to do and you do not want to take medication that is not working, or causing you side effects...if you have tried everything through the traditional Medical channels, then chances are that working with Brenda may give you the holistic pain-free, drug-free healing you have been looking for

Twice a month Brenda does Group clearings in her Facebook Group - which you will also get access to.   


Brenda's message to You: As underlying hidden pathogens and emotional blocks are cleared,  you will surely start to feel healthier, happier and living a fun filled Joyful Life - that is yours for the asking.   On November 19th, on Transformation To Joy, I begin a series of conversations with Shashi Langham and will take your questions and do a clearing for Mercury toxicity.  I will also take your questions  - on the phone and in the Q&A box to intuite into what you need assitance with.

I look forward to working with you on the call and in deeper work with you if you are called to work with me on this Special Offer I bring to YOU, the Transformation To Joy Community member, listener or visitor.

Kim Gerlach's classes started Sunday November, 25th on "Unleasing Your Guides to Awaken to a Joyful and Fulfilled Life!"

Kim Gerlach is offering a beginner level, a refresher or for the advanced intuitive and mediumship work. It’s designed to get you, your mind, and body into the best possible place to receive communication from your guides. This class will jump start your clairs. Putting you in motion. You will meet one or more guides. Kim will teach you to strengthen connections for better clarity in your work, life and purpose.

Kim is also offering a workshop is designed for people who want training so they can assist family members and friends after death. Understanding and preparation from those aiding in the crossing over eases the way for our loved ones. This class is a previously recorded class taught in September 2018. You will receive a link to the recording and a PDF of the class materials. Sandra Pelley, who recommended Kim to the show also shared that: "I have taken part a class on the crossing over through Kim. It was incredible. Very powerful teacher. She sets the boundaries and provides solid guidance."

Kim Gerlach is both a shamanic healer and a psychic medium.  Her passion is to see her students and clients embrace and tap into the gifts.  She brings to Transformation to Joy:   Awaken to a Joyful and Fulfilled Life by Unleasing Your Guides! 

Kim Gerlach is also spirit worker, serving both as a necromancer and a shamanic healer.  Her mediumship teachers are Marilyn Alauria and Judith Kohnen.  Kim has studied shamanism with Cristina Pratt, Caroline Kenner, and Chris Farmer.  Kim mentors students and teaches classes on shamanism, mediumship, and psychic development in person and on Zoom or Skype.

Amy Flynn was back with us on November and brought us her powerful Release and Replace Process as a way to Opening the Door to Your Unlimited Prosperous and  FUNbundant 5D Life!

Amy and The Collective (Source) joined us for a very exciting session immersed in multidimensional galactic Light frequencies and quantum activations to lift you out of limiting 3D energy and patterns into exciting 5D life of FUNbundance, prosperity and unlimited possibility. This was a delicious, fun and high vibration session loaded with high frequency energy that you will definitely feel right from the beginning!  The Collective bestowed us with activations and special Frequencies throughout the call.  On the call you discovered behaviors that keep you from the prosperity and the FUNbundance you desire as Amy and The Collective transform your vibration and expose your habitual beliefs.  Amy took live callers and gave some amazing insights they can act on - and will resonate with you!  Enjoy the Replay!

🌈 "After experiencing these exquisite energies I can describe them as an oasis in the middle of the desert. They respond when called upon to help you regain peace and harmony. I called them while being stuck hours in the traffic jam , while standing in a long line at Post Office, in every annoying every day life situation and they are there for me supporting me to go by with grace and ease... I really love them! Thank you Amy for this and all you do."- Paula H. 🌈

When you work with Amy's programs, you'll receive a double bonus!  All Amy's programs are infused with a very High Frequency Multidimensional Energy that clears you, balances your energy and uplifts and aligns your vibrational frequency as you listen.  You will be empowered to engage joyfully and powerfully with Life so you may experience success after success with ease and joy.

"The Collective and I  are committed to guiding you into the highest expression of yourSelf and the  experience of your Unlimited Abundance.  We are committed to lovingly supporting you in raising your frequency and consciousness allowing you to create the life you dream of."  ~ Amy Flynn


Maria was back with on Wednesday October 24 th for her Most Powerful and Life Changing Call Yet on our show

If you are struggling then now is the perfect time on the Taurus Full Moon to let go of programs, contracts, oaths, vows, agreements, pacts, commitments and conditions that no longer serve you.   The energy is here to highlight areas where we need to create better boundaries and practice more self love.  So, if you are finally done with what no longer works for you, now is the perfect time to move forward to Create Your Extraordinary Life - the seeds you will sow now serve you for years to come.  
On this most powerful and life changing call yet with Maria, Maria shared some very deep insights on what keeps you from Trusting Yourself, what keeps you in Fear and Doubt, how you keep and all of us keep avoiding ourselves from Living a fully abundant life and an Extraordinay Life - from the inside out!
Here's some feedback from the call - from listeners who were on the Live call: "Hello Maria This is Gabriella from Sweden......I ask for help to help to clear what is holding my receiving back? I have done really intensive inner work and clearing"....maybe from other lifetimes which may blocking....I don`t know what to do more. I mean receiving my money flow. Thank you" - Gabrielle, Sweden.  Maria worked on this for Gabrielle, and this is what Gabrielle wrote in to say: "Thank you very much for picking my question and thank you for Maria`s clearing and answer (I will listen again in replay)...today is a very heavy devasteted day and it feels better now...thank you very much <3 many Blessings"
"Just want to say I have been on live calls and they are very powerful, probably even better than the 1/1s because the group energy is great and you receive a lot of healing. I will be sorry when they stop. So, really, people should take advantage of them when they are still available!" - Diana, Florida


Dawn Crystal  Replays for all of her three programs are here on Anti-Aging Clearings and Activations, Spiritual Self care and Get Out of Pain Fast.

"Overnight my nails were noticeably growing and within a week, the ridges have lessened. My skin is softer and a rough patch on my chin is nearly gone. And my skin was glowing, like I had a light bulb inside of me. Right away!The winter depression has also lessened, and I was able to attend a family function that for years I had not gone to this time of year, and as well, my energy levels are up, which isn’t usual for this time of year.Coughing and wheezing has lessened; almost gone now.Back and shoulder pain disappears too! Well worth the price! And this was all within two weeks of listening to Dawn’s MP3’s." - Alice

"Hello Dawn!
Your anti-aging package has been AMAZING!! I had only heard the Youth Elixir mp3 once and my sister in law commented on how my face was glowing. She couldn't stop going on about it 😊 I had not told her anything about your program so she had absolutely no idea that i was listening to your mp3. Also i have noticed that my sugar cravings have reduced considerably.The other amazing thing that's happened was while listening to your hair, skin and nails mp3, i felt tingling on my scalp almost like little ants crawling on my head. Not a joke my hair is considerably thicker and shinier and this too after just listening to this your mp3 only once.Absolutely love your programs.
Thank you for sharing your gift with the world.Much gratitude," - MC AustraliaAccess Dawn's Sepcial Offers here


Special Offer Ended October 31st, 2018

40% Off Now Sold Out. To go on our mailing list for when the offer re-opens email us here at  Support
Aquaware 5 and TheSourXe V endsManifest and Create Your Own Reality! Extraordinary Health! Wealth! Love & So Much More!


With the Lunar Eclipse upheavals and planetary alignments we need to go inwards - to Shift Our Reality to “All is Possible!” and "I Choose My Own Reality!" - for the highest good of all!  This is your chance to OWN and use Peter's incredible TWO software programs, to take your deepest dreams and desires and manifest them into YOUR reality – by charging up your water with either Aquaware 5 or TheSourXe V or BOTH to journey beyond your current limitations to a level of consciousness and abilities you never before thought possible! To get started now click on the button below.

"Your ENLIGHTENED Health" -  for Clearing, Repairing, Balancing, Healing & Upgrading Your Body to Your Optimum Levels and to so much more!

As we continue to Celebrate a One Year Anniversary of Transformation To Joy Global Telesummit,  we are opening up access to our Master Energy Healer Arathi Ma and her top selling offer - is in more demand now than it has ever been! Arathi Ma on a powerful call on Transformation To Joy explained that the Package she has put together came to her as a download and took a few months to put together.  As many of our listeners who jumped in and got her Package discovered, it has high vibration beautiful music and healing energies on many, many levels.   It includes Planetary and other powerful energetics, and specific Mantras for all the body parts and systems! Wow! Rejuvenate and upgrade every part of your body and body systems, including your skin, to experience Your Best Health Yet!  To get started now click on the button below.

To go to the website, click on the Get Access Now! Click Here.  Use the coupon code Healthy10 at the checkout to get an extra 10% off. "

Shashi Langham, " I was recently searching for ways to change my diet, and although I have steered clear of diet supplements I was looking for good quality, plant based organic supplements that I could start adding to my diet.    I realized that a lot of my Ascension symptoms and aches and pains were to do with poisons and heavy metals in body!  It was making me feel sluggish, tired and gaining weight.

I needed to make some drastic (dietary) changes and I had heard about the benefits of taking Zeolite - as a powerful way of detoxifying the body.  My search led me to Eddie Stone and his supplement company, Touchstone Essentials.  I discovered, just like our Energy Healers on Transformation To Joy Global Telesummit, Eddie's company does not cut corners when it comes to his product offerings.  Touchstones Essentials offers real whole foods that are certified organic and concentrated in an easily ingestible supplements and powders for creating amazing tasting smoothies.  More importantly, his products contain no artificial colors, no artificial flavors, no artificial sweeteners, no artificial vitamins, no GMOs, and no toxic additives.   To go to the website, click on the Get Access Now! Button below.  Use the coupon code Healthy10 at the checkoutto get an extra 10% off. "

Serendipity, or just a happy chance co-incidence - I watched the movie, "The Million Pound Note" starring Gregory Peck - a stary based on a Mark Twain's novel, hours before getting on a call with Vandana Atara Aura. The Movie brings up all kinds of issues of Vows of Poverty and living in a 3D world on Money, Wealth and Abundance - of the struggles we face daily to meet just the "bare necessities of life," - all that can change with Vandana Powerful new Abundance Program that she brings to the Transformation To Joy Community. To learn more click here:

You Can Inscribe Your Name In A New Book Of Life To Flow, Flourish & Be Free Of Old Stories & Records With Ease & Grace! You Are Way More Powerful & Magical Than You Think Or Have Ever Been Told! You Have Earned The Right To Amend, Negotiate & Create Accelerated Abundance To Heal You & Your Ancestors From Lack, Poverty & Scarcity!

Just Because Your Ancestors Went Without Doesn’t Mean You Need To Duplicate Their Lack, Scarcity & Disempowerment Patterns
Vandana changed her own soul destiny & now she shares how to change yours!


Get Jade's Special Offers here

"BEing a 5D Lightworker and at PEACE During this Time of Massive Expansion!"

As a Lightworker you have made a conscious decision to endeavour to answer the call of Source (light) over the call of the ego (fear).  You innately know that Light energy is unlimited and comes from Source. It’s high vibrational, expansive and full of love. In contrast, dark energy is much more dense and entails manipulation, power struggle and fear and sees us all as separate, rather than connected spiritual beings. It goes against the Laws and Divine flow of The Universe, including Abundance and Infinite Love and Light - which is what you are at your core.

Jade Rehder, The Empath Whisperer, is a passionate multidimensional coach, alchemist, empath, and intuitive.

Jade has a way to help you Experience BEing a Lightworker and  Open Your Spiritual Gifts and Enhance Your Natural Ways and Making a Positive Difference in the World.   As you follow the playlist she has created you will unblock the resistance to allowing your Lightworker gifts to expand and enhance.   In no time at all,  you will notice that you have more freedom to BE the more Joyful and Expanded You!

Sunday Oliver's  Special Offer on Power Healing: Turn Broken Power into Your Whole Power is still available.  Sunday's Live Group Calls have started - but it is still not too late to join! 

Shashi shares, As I sit here reflecting on the first Live Group call (October 15th) Denise Sunday Oliver had on her Power Healing: Turn Broken Power into Whole Power.  Do check out Denise Sunday Oliver Special Offer here. as she will also take your questions by email and respond to you via email with her powerful, powerful healing and multi layered transmissions that go beyond our mental mind, ego and understanding with just language and mere words!  Here is some feedback we received on Sunday's October 8th and Maria Martinez's October 10th calls on Transformation To Joy Global Telesummit, just yesterday:

"Darling Shashi, I am just now finally listening to Sunday Oliver's discussion with you. May I receive Sunday's Silent Energy mp3 free gift offer please?

And by the way shashi, I absolutely love what you shared & your valuable input in this call & also everything you shared on Maria Martinez's call on 10 ~ 10. It was so heartfelt Shashi, you are truly such a beautiful gift to this community.

I feel so blessed by You I could cry! Love D__"

We have Opened up Access to Our Replay of Two Powerful, Energy Infused calls with Eleanor Healy, Medical Intuitive Healer

As a Medical Intuitive Healer, Eleanor Healy helps you find the not so obvious root causes of your chronic physical symptoms—with the use of sharply accurate intuitive messages and powerful healing energy—so you can finally have the freedom and peace of mind you long for.

She is not only helping you as a powerful healer, counselor and sharply accurate intuitive with over 12 years of experience: she suffered from acne, the painful condition of IBS and serious anxiety for over 25 years. She understands what it’s like to live your life in a prison cell that revolves around enduring painful and debilitating symptoms.

Since overcoming these seemingly impossible conditions, it is now her mission to save you the time, heartache and money of trial and error methods that don't work, so you can resolve your chronic conditions and finally live the life of your dreams!

Her SOUL PURPOSE is to guide you on a light-hearted and joy-filled reunion back home to you (your TRUE SELF, the part of you that knows all the answers).

On these a jam packed calls, Eleanor brought in exceptionally high energies and high vibration call and a message for our Transformation To Joy community and bodies!    Do Listen to these Replays - as chances are a lot of the work Eleanor did with our callers, and those who wrote in in the Q&A box will also resonate with you. To learn more Click on the button below.  We have also re-opened Eleanor's Special Offer!


Sandra has been a regular guest on Transformation to Joy Global Telesummit.   Sandra is now offering Group Work in addition with her powerful one to one work.
Sandra takes people very quickly, very fast to their 5th Dimensional Heartspace and get them to shift very quickly to shift issues.  Now is a very powerful time in betwwen the 10:10 Gateway and the 11:11 Gateway in a 11 Year!   Now is the time to write in that Book of Life, what Sandra calls the morning pages to write what you want to create to have in your life that you do with JOY and EnJOY!  Sandra described how a friend who is having health challenges is pulling in Joy  into her life despite what is outpicyuring in her life - she is at choice!  Please click on the button below to check what Sandra has to Offer.
So for that RESET - take a few minutes to manifest what you want to create as an amazing life - of Joy, that you will EnJOY!

Here are Some Bonus Replays for you:

Sunday Oliver

October 8th, 2018
"Power Healing: Turn Broken Power into Whole Power!"
Sunday on this high energy worked with two of our audience members who - even after just a few minutes of a helaign transmission from Sunday reported feelings they has not felt for months after suffering a mini stroke on her right side of the body. For Kate she felt a prickly sensation in her right foot and for Wendy she felt sensation she had not felt for a long time - as for ten years since she was diagnosed with MS

Maria Martinez

September 5th, 7th & 10th, 2018

"Healing Series Meditation & Spiritual How-to!"
Amazing Sharing from Shashi, Sandra and Rosie around 9/11 and The People's Princess "Diana's" Death.  A High Engery Call that brough tears of healing.  Calls that even Sandra, the Guest Speakers listens to her own calls and gets healing from.  So many amazing insights shared including watching your words - as words carry energy and vibration.  Turn SHI* to "Shiny Heavenly Ideas Transforming" Turn JOB to JOY came in with Jade on the day before this call! Listen to and share this Powerful, Off the Charts calls with Sandra Pelley ! 

Dawn Crystal

July 18th

"Spiritual Self-Care!"
In Dawn's reality healing in quick, fast and permanent - as Shashi herself has experienced with Dawn's work.  Listen to Dawn Replay and Go To her Special Offer Page To learn how Shashi received instant healing  - just listening to Dawn's call on Youtube with another Telesummit host! Dawn is passionate about helping people clear emotional and physical blockages so they can manifest from their Higher Self, step into their Full Potential and lead their lives and business in a way that align effectively with their souls purpose.

Jade Rehder

Sept 11th, 2018

"BEing a 5D Lightworker and at PEACE During This Time of Massive Expansion!" & "Empaths KLEAR Your Way to Joy!"
Jade has a way to “Rock” your world. She has a Klear and straightforward approach that allows Empaths get to what is hidden powers they all possess beneath the surface. Working with Divine Source energy, Jade brings you accurate gentle information, healing and transformation.
Jade Rehder, is also an alchemic transformational coach, certified energy coach, shamnic practitioner, advance practitioner of ancient Hawaiian huna la'au kahea and founder of a new healing technology, KLEAR. 

Eddie Stone

Aug 2nd & 28th, 2018

"Touchstone Essentials"
"Why Touchstone?" "When we fuel our bodies with the right ingredients, we fuel our potential. Ideas sprout. Possibilities grow. Happiness takes hold. A new way was needed. So in 2012 Touchstone Essentials was born with a commitment to clean ingredients, organic practices and sustainability. The solutions we offer are pure and simple. We aim to make organic goodness accessible and affordable... It’s all the good from nature, delivered right to your door. Welcome to the good inside." Eddie Stone, CEO & Founder of Touchstone Essentials.

Our Series 5 Replays and Even More Special Offers are Available Here:

Exclusively from Transformation ToJoy Global Telesummit - Limited Time Offer - Huge Value!!! - Yours to Own & Download!