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Stand-alone Package A: 5 eBooks by Dianne Robbins’ and 150 Golden Keys Prayer & Activation by Judy Cali

Stand-alone Package B: Prayer of the Saints and a One to One 30 mins+ Private Session with Judy


Stand-alone Package A:

Dianne Robbins’ 5 eBooks

150 Golden Keys Prayer & Activation
by Judy Cali


Dianne Robbins’ 5 eBooks

e-Book 1: Telos - First Transmissions From Mt Shasta

(New Expanded Version)

(PDF Format)

Explore the rich family life of the people from the Lost Continent of Lemuria, who have been living Underground for the past 12,000 years; and who, due to their isolation from the surface population, have created a civilization of peace and abundance, with no sickness, aging or death.

Read about the Advanced Civilizations that live in peace and brotherhood in the Center of our Earth, which is Hollow, and contains an Inner Central Sun, with oceans and mountains still in its pristine state.

“Greetings from Telos! I AM ADAMA, Ascended Master and High Priest of Telos, a Subterranean City beneath Mt. Shasta in California. I am dictating this message to you from my home beneath the Earth, where over a million of us live in perpetual peace and prosperity.

We are human and physical just as you, except for the fact that our mass consciousness holds thoughts of only Immortality and Perfect Health. Therefore, we can live hundreds and even thousands of years in the same body. I, myself, have been in the same body now for over 600 years …

… In the name of the One Creator of All, I AM ADAMA”

e-Book 2: Messages From the Hollow Earth

(PDF Format)

You Have Waited Thousands of Years to Hear Our Messages….

Greetings from the Hollow Earth!

I am Mikos and I dwell inside your Earth. I am reaching up to you in consciousness, to impart our frequency to you as you read the words on these pages of our book. These pages are sacred, for its content contains the mighty power to change the world – if but enough surface folk read them. This is our purpose for dictating our messages to you. It is to hasten change on the surface so that people will once again be connected to their divine self and source of inner guidance.

You have waited for thousands of years to hear our messages, and it is only now that the vibration is high enough for us to come forward and speak to you. These messages you read, come directly through our hearts, relayed from the heart of God. Your heart is God’s receptacle – so open it wide, my dear readers, and receive our words directly into your heart – where their vibrations will raise your consciousness enough to meld into us directly as your eyes perceive our words.

We await the great day when we will be able to show ourselves to you, when you will be able to peer directly into our eyes and fathom the God within our souls – including yours. Many are now still separated from the Lord God I AM of their being, but our purpose for these messages is to bring you the reality of your own God Selves and help you connect to the Light within your own soul.

e-Book 3: The Call Goes Out from the Cetacean Nation

(PDF Format)

“We are the Cetaceans, your oceanic brothers and sisters, here to work along with you to preserve and care for our home on earth. We are here in our full consciousness, waiting patiently for Earth’s children to bloom into the caretakers you were meant to be. We are all connected as one.”

The Call Goes Out is a series of messages channeled from the cetacean species – whales and dolphins. This book graphically spells out why they are here on Earth, how they work with extraterrestrials, and how we humans are interfering with their mission. They make an impassioned plea for us to stop whaling and cease using fishing nets, and also to free whales and dolphins in captivity. Readers will have their eyes opened to the rich culture and family life of another intelligent species on this planet.

The Call Goes Out is a simple, direct plea from the heart to stop killing those who are trying to help us.

e-Book 4: Tree Talk

(PDF Format)

In early 2008, Dianne Robbins received this message during a time of meditation: “We are the Tree People, and we would like to begin our dictations to you again. Now that your other book is finished (The Call Goes Out from the Cetacean Nation), the way is clear. We, too, need a voice to speak through, and we have chosen you, who have also chosen us. We wave our leaves at you to begin….”

Just as the Cetaceans are the Earth’s Record Keepers living in the Oceans, the TREES are the Record Keepers living on Land. The Trees comprise a “vast underground communication network” system that transmits information so that all Trees, everywhere on Earth, know instantly all that occurs. They are Living Libraries embodied in bark that we, as humans, can easily “tap” into. Their “line” is always open to us, so tap into it – they are eagerly awaiting our call. They are waiting for us to acknowledge them as the Tree People.

Foreword from the Tree People.

Greetings, Dear People of Earth. We are the Tree People, and we thank you for reading our book of messages, dictated from us to you, for the purpose of acquainting you with our world and seeing the world around you through our eyes. For our eyes encompass all realms, including yours. As you read our messages of love, know that our love for humanity is deep and profound, for you are the Caretakers of the Earth, and this is your domain. So cherish the Earth, feel the sacredness of all life, and walk in harmony as your feet touch the Earth and your heart intertwines with ours. We thank you for reading our book, and through our messages may you understand the Great Laws of Life, and act to bring peace and harmony back to our planet. We stand with you as ONE.

e-Book 5: Messages from the Crystal Kingdom

(PDF Format)

Welcome to the Crystal World. We are the Crystal People and awesome in our state of Beingness. We just stand at our posts, buried deep in the ground, and grow and listen and watch and capture all that occurs on the Earth. For we are great antennas too, and can read the wind, hear the water, and scan the sky. We can fly. We fly through our thoughts; alighting at whatever destination we choose to go to. We travel on Crystal beams of Light and are connected to the Creator’s heart, just as life is. We too, have a tale to tell.

150 Golden Keys Prayer & Activation

by Judy Cali

This Prayer included Downloads, Activations, Initiations & assists you to Remember Who You Are.

You are guided to step into your Pure Sacred Heart Chamber & Sanctuary. You are surrounded by your Golden Spiritual Family including Golden Masters, Guides, Angels, Council of Elders & Golden Light Angels.

You are then opening the Golden Double Doors to your Closet of Identity and release 7 survival identities and activate thriving instead.

This then takes you in front of your Mirror of Truth and you remove all the untruths of who you lived as, until today. You will release 12 untruths and activate yourself as a Golden Divine Being of Joy.

Next you open up your Treasure Chest of You and recognize that You Are the Greatest Treasure you have.

Then you activate 14 different Treasures to allow you to live fully as the Golden Master that you are & Remember Your Mastery.

So now you activate All Sacred Flames including The Lilac Violet Flame and step into your Golden Shower of Purity. You remove anything unloving or untruthful in 26 different ways including your Core Fears, Roots & Residue & All Old People, Places, Things & Old Experiences as you are ending a 9 year Cycle on 12/31/16.

Then you step into a new 9 year Cycle clean, clear & balanced experiencing new adventures by Following Your Bliss, starting 1/1/17.

Last you will declare your intention from this moment forward to live your Grandest & Greatest Potential of you for this life & Honor yourself & All Life.


Stand-alone Package A of

Dianne Robbins’  5 eBooks


150 Golden Keys Prayer & Activation by Judy Cali


Dianne Robbins’ 5 eBooks

150 Golden Keys Prayer & Activation by Judy Cali Mp3 Recording

Audio of 150 Golden Keys Prayer & Activation (worth $97 as a Free Gift for those who purchase Dianne Robbins' 5 eBooks!


FOR $45.00

Full Payment


Stand-alone Package B:

Prayer of the Saints

Plus 60+ min Personal Session with Judy Cali

The Sacredness of Prayer of the Prayer of the Saints is allowing your Sacred Heart to guide you in what ever way feels good to you personally & to Remember Who You Are.

This Prayer is to assist you to be open & receptive to the 17 Saints & Jesus to delicately & lovingly download, activate & initiate whatever you are ready for in the Sacred Lotus of you now

You may want to know that Saint Rita also came, right at the beginning of the Prayer, with a very Special Message of Courage and Life Long Support for YOU from HER!

Each Saint will present themselves to you & put their personal Gift for you into the Holy Chamber of your Sacred Heart.

They will put their hands either on the Crown of your Head or onto your Sacred Heart & give to you their personal Sacred Blessing.

You are living, as we speak, a Life or Lives as Saints & giving Sacred Service in various Spiritual & Religious Orders.

These always involve taking Oaths, Covenants & Agreements by you, to pledge your dedication to the Order in some fashion.

You will release any of the above that you still carry but keep The Pearl of Wisdom from each & release any residue from All of your 3rd & 4th Dimensional lives & declare your Sovereignty as a Divine Being of Joy.

You will also call Home, those parts of you, that carry the Wisdom etc. you accrued as Saints & Sacred Servants of Divinity to merge into your Sacred Heart & for you to be connected to The Sacred Heart of Creation & The Sacred Heart of Creator.

All is offered through Love, Ease, Grace & in Joy as you experience The Most Benevolent Outcome in every area of your Life & in All your Sacred Bodies, Sacred Minds & Sacred Hearts, All Aspects of your Soul & In All Lives you are Living.

All is in Divine Alignment with your I AM Presence & your Sacred Heart.

All is in Divine Order, Harmony & Balance as all parts of you work in Divine Unity as Oneness.

You are HOME in your Sacred Heart full of Love & So it is.....

17 Saints plus Jesus to guide you in your Life at this time are remarkable people who experienced crisis's of Faith in many ways. They truly understand Life on Earth.

Jesus & Mary Magdalene came to teach about Christ Consciousness, which is Unconditional & Unlimited Love

The Saints we will be sharing are:

St. Rita of Cascia

St. Joan of Arc

St. Anthony of Padua

St. Therese of Lisieux (Little Flower)

St. Bernadette

St. Christopher

St. Cecilia

St. Catherine of Alexandria

St.  Raphael, the Archangel

St.  Padre Pio

St.  Nicholas of Myra (Santa Claus)

St.  Mary Magdalene

St.  Dymphna

St.  Agnes of Rome

St.  Michael, the Archangel

St.  Hildegard of Bingen

St.  Francis of Assisi

St.  Mother Teresa

Each of these Saints & Jesus, have Gifts for You that we will call forth.

Judy will Channel the Saints or Surprise Guests, as they step forth with a Message for this Spiritual Family, which you are a part of.

We ask you to make a list of the things you would personally like assistance with & you will Telepathically tell each Saint how they may assist you.

You have also lived a Life or more as Saints & giving Sacred Service in various Spiritual & Religious Orders.

Please join us as we smile, laugh and you feel a Sacred Circle of Love all around you.



In this Stand-alone Package B - You will receive the Prayer of the Saints, plus a personal one ro one session of 60 mins Plus with Judy! Judy can channel messages for you and assist you in clearing old beliefs of long ago or past lives. All so you can step into your full-beingness in this lifetime.

Don't miss this wonderful opportunity to bring any questions that you might have about any area of your life to be answered and resolved.

Stand-alone Package B


Judy Cali’s Stand-alone Package B includes:

Prayer of the Saints Mp3 Recording

30 Minute Session with Judy Cali (60 Minutes sessions available for an additional $100 - to be paid directly to Judy if you should require this extra time)



FOR $160.00 USD


FOR 2 Payments of $61.00 USD 1 month apart (Click the Subscribe button below)

See what others have to say about Judy's work...

“I loved my session with Judy, it really bridged the gap between physical and spiritual for me, to finally know who my guides are and to help with the feeling of isolation. Judy was very kind, loving and generous with her many gifts, and gave me many tools to work with, and further my exploration into the spirit realms. thank you from”

- Giselle Rainier, Washington

“Dear Judy, It has been a month since our first session together. It is hard to find the words to truly express my transition that has ensued since our session. The work we did catapulted me to an energetic level my soul was ready to embrace and yearning to to realize. In the days that followed our session I felt a new found, yet personal strength come forward in my every step. It felt as though our time together allowed my inner soul to come into ‘the now’ with my current reality and in doing so my ‘sight’ and internal confidence grew.

Before I called you, I had hit a depressive slump where my desire to ‘live’ was minimal. I am so very grateful to you for the time and love you gave to me! It has really made a difference and was exactly what my soul needed. Now I feel more ready than ever to engage in the next chapter of my life.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

- Sunaura (Sunny), Destin, Florida.

“My meeting with Judy Cali still continues to flow thru me today, in the most loving and healing ways. This first meeting of ours, occurred 7 months ago, and “the gifts keep on coming!” Energetically I knew, I was in heart-space. If you are reading this testimonial, chances are you are considering connecting with Judy Cali. My intention of writing this is to let as many people as I can,… KNOW, that being in Judy’s presence, is a loving gift, that you will be giving to yourself! And TRUST that when you do say “yes”,… it will be so divinely perfect. My greatest gift to date is now being able to notice, witness, feel, love and honor my truer I AM PRESENCE. Thank you JUDY,… we shall meet again.”

- Maureen Squazzo, Warner Springs, CA.

"I was really impressed with her capacity and intuition; she is very certain and provides good advices that guide us to continue this journey of life. She is really great, without knowing me, was able to communicate with my angels and relatives and provide wonderful ideas. Blessings and all the best in your healer work.”

- Mayra Trujillo, Beaumont, CA

“I’m having a difficult time composing what it is I want to say about who you, Judy Cali, are to me. You threw me a life preserver when it felt as if I was drowning in all areas of my life…physically, emotionally and spiritually. You have helped guide me on my path, on my journey of this wonderful life! The life I am now living and loving! You are a Guardian Angel, my Angel…I am so blessed and grateful to have you in my life.”

- Jeannie A. - Sherman Oaks, California

See what others have to say about Dianne Robbins' work...

“Telos eloquently and courageously addresses the understandings and actions necessary for a healthy society and environment. Telos and other spiritually and technologically advanced civilizations do exist, and are coming forward in these exciting times.”

- James Gilliland, Author of Becoming Gods, and Becoming Gods II

“Dianne Robbins, in her transmissions, courageously brings forth the essence of the magnificent intelligence of the Cetaceans; their compassion, humor and profound act of self-sacrifice. This is a book which is bound to deeply touch all those with the open hearts and minds to receive this information, and then act upon it.”

- Timothy Wyllie, Author of Dolphins, ETs & Angels and co-author of the international bestseller, Ask Your Angels

Bio:   Judy Cali is Divinely guided to know the information to share and which Healing Methods are best for you. Your session is Sacred and Blessed in Grace. All is aligned with your “I AM PRESENCE”and honors your Highest Good.

All her life Judy has had a passion to understand Heaven & Spiritual Wisdom & to share it with everyone.  To date she has had 4 near death experiences. She believes all is encoded within our hearts at birth, and our job is to WAKE UP, REMEMBER, WHO WE ARE as ONE FAMILY & that we are everything.

Lemurian High Priest of Telos, Adama of Inner Earth, asked Judy to come to Mount Shasta to help form a community called Heart to Heart. She & Karma honored the call of the mountain and their Lemurian Family & moved to Mount Shasta, Ca in July 2009.
Judy absolutely loves sharing her gifts & talents of her Sacred Heart with others thru teaching, guest speaking and doing personal Intuitive Readings, Healing & Channeling work with people all over the world.

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