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Mystical & Magical Ancient Guides Prayer Initiation & Activation by Judy Cali

and a One to One 30 mins Private Session with Judy Cali

Package A:


Mystical & Magical Ancient Guides Prayer Initiation & Activation  by Judy Cali


and a One to One 30 Minute Private Session with Judy Cali

Come join your Spiritual Master Family for an amazing conversation about 14 Unique Beings of Immense Wisdom. They will form a Divine Team for you & work in Harmony with your current Divine Guides & Angels to assist you to Mindfully, take your next step.

They will Download, Activate & Initiate you to assist you to Remember Who You Are & your Divine Gifts.

These are your new Divine Team:

1. The High Lady of Love & Compassion

2. The High Lord of Gratitude & Service

3. The Eagle King

4. Gaia's Garden

5. The Resting Tree

6. The Eyes of Beauty

  7. The Rainbow Prince

  8. The Phoenix

  9. The Chess Queen

10. The Camel Boy

11. The Winged Wise Ones

12. The Keeper of The Scales

13. The Word Lord

14. The Lady of The Mirror

In this Prayer of Initiation and Activation Judy Cali will explain as to the gifts each Mystical and Ancient Guide has to share with you, as to your next step and give you wisdom and insights that you can startapplying in your life.  Come back and listen to this recording often and journal the shifts and the changes you see and witness in your life.

Judy Cali's Package A


Judy Cali’s Package A includes:

Judy Cali's Mystical & Magical Ancient Guides Prayer Initiation 7 Activation  Mp3 Recording


30 Minute Session with Judy Cali (60 Minutes sessions available for an additional $100 - to be paid directly to Judy if you should require this extra time)




FOR  $160.00

(previously discounted at $122.00)

See what others have to say about Judy's work...

“I loved my session with Judy, it really bridged the gap between physical and spiritual for me, to finally know who my guides are and to help with the feeling of isolation. Judy was very kind, loving and generous with her many gifts, and gave me many tools to work with, and further my exploration into the spirit realms. thank you from”

- Giselle Rainier, Washington

“Dear Judy, It has been a month since our first session together. It is hard to find the words to truly express my transition that has ensued since our session. The work we did catapulted me to an energetic level my soul was ready to embrace and yearning to to realize. In the days that followed our session I felt a new found, yet personal strength come forward in my every step. It felt as though our time together allowed my inner soul to come into ‘the now’ with my current reality and in doing so my ‘sight’ and internal confidence grew.

Before I called you, I had hit a depressive slump where my desire to ‘live’ was minimal. I am so very grateful to you for the time and love you gave to me! It has really made a difference and was exactly what my soul needed. Now I feel more ready than ever to engage in the next chapter of my life.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

- Sunaura (Sunny), Destin, Florida.

“My meeting with Judy Cali still continues to flow thru me today, in the most loving and healing ways. This first meeting of ours, occurred 7 months ago, and “the gifts keep on coming!” Energetically I knew, I was in heart-space. If you are reading this testimonial, chances are you are considering connecting with Judy Cali. My intention of writing this is to let as many people as I can,… KNOW, that being in Judy’s presence, is a loving gift, that you will be giving to yourself! And TRUST that when you do say “yes”,… it will be so divinely perfect. My greatest gift to date is now being able to notice, witness, feel, love and honor my truer I AM PRESENCE. Thank you JUDY,… we shall meet again.”

- Maureen Squazzo, Warner Springs, CA.

"I was really impressed with her capacity and intuition; she is very certain and provides good advices that guide us to continue this journey of life. She is really great, without knowing me, was able to communicate with my angels and relatives and provide wonderful ideas. Blessings and all the best in your healer work.”

- Mayra Trujillo, Beaumont, CA

“I’m having a difficult time composing what it is I want to say about who you, Judy Cali, are to me. You threw me a life preserver when it felt as if I was drowning in all areas of my life…physically, emotionally and spiritually. You have helped guide me on my path, on my journey of this wonderful life! The life I am now living and loving! You are a Guardian Angel, my Angel…I am so blessed and grateful to have you in my life.”

- Jeannie A. - Sherman Oaks, California

Bio:   Judy Cali is Divinely guided to know the information to share and which Healing Methods are best for you. Your session is Sacred and Blessed in Grace. All is aligned with your “I AM PRESENCE”and honors your Highest Good.

All her life Judy has had a passion to understand Heaven & Spiritual Wisdom & to share it with everyone.  To date she has had 4 near death experiences. She believes all is encoded within our hearts at birth, and our job is to WAKE UP, REMEMBER, WHO WE ARE as ONE FAMILY & that we are everything.

Lemurian High Priest of Telos, Adama of Inner Earth, asked Judy to come to Mount Shasta to help form a community called Heart to Heart. She & Karma honored the call of the mountain and their Lemurian Family & moved to Mount Shasta, Ca in July 2009.
Judy absolutely loves sharing her gifts & talents of her Sacred Heart with others thru teaching, guest speaking and doing personal Intuitive Readings, Healing & Channeling work with people all over the world.

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