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What’s the Current Buzz on Abundance?

Justice says,

"I'm so excited and honored to be welcomed back to the Transformation to Joy Global Telesummit. I'll be on live, Tuesday the 16th at 2pm MDST that's 4pm Eastern, speaking with Shashi Langham about wholistic prosperity, navigating the current energies we are in, taking live callers and offering a special transmission.

The focus of what I am offering is Buzzing With Abundance! Body. Business. Belonging. 

Abundance isn't a thing it's a state of dynamic well being! Sustaining abundance is you surfing the waves of your inner and outer worlds, all you are, all you feel, your dreams, your creativity unleashed!

If you've ever had issues with "not enough" this will help you know you're deeply lovable and completely worthy of being wildly alive and wholly prosperous. You can join us live, for free, and check out my special package offers, as well as all the other wonderful speakers that Shashi has lined up!"

*All package options include membership to my private FB Group, Playfully Conscious Community. Join an established online community of like minded, like hearted individuals, playing in their inner and outer worlds who are my friends and students. You’ll get to ask questions, participate in lively group discussions and weekly online chats."

Package A: Buzzing With Abundance 3 Audio Recordings (Total Value $99)

Abundance Buzz: Recordings Only (96 minutes) + FB group access

"Abundance isn’t a thing, it’s a state of sustainable, deep well being! Accessing abundance is an ongoing process in which you are reclaiming your vital essence. Stress, emotional baggage, agreements and adaptations that we make in childhood can lead to trance of illness, poverty or toxic relationship dynamics. If you have ever asked yourself why you don’t have enough… love, money, or well being or why YOU simply don’t feel like you’re enough, this course will help you remember and experience yourself as a deeply lovable, abundant being.

We will explore what it is to Buzzz With Abundance in three 30 minute recordings. We will focus on three pillars of well being; Body, Business and Belonging which are fundamental to generating sustainable abundance.

#1 Body Audio - Abundance is an embodied experience! This transmission will guide you gently into your body, help unravel pain and liberate trapped emotions, releasing your vital energy for healing and creativity. You need to feel safe to heal and this exploration will be taken with utmost care and consideration to allow you to fully relax into your body, recovering the energy you need to feel great!

#2 Business Audio - Think of minding your business as a means of holding your energy sacred to you. This transmission explores boundaries, energetic structure with self and others, emotional and psychic hygiene. Once you have liberated previously held, stagnant energy, it needs direction as well as an appropriate container. This is not only viable for business owners or entrepreneurs but is vital for anyone who wants to live a more creative, meaningful and productive life. Our time and energy are our most precious resources and we need to invest them wisely to get abundant returns.

#3 Belonging Audio - Be. Do. Do be. Be do. Be! Belonging is about being you and knowing you are enough! Nature is abundant and so are you in your organic state. This transmission will help you unravel from the social construct of fitting in and come HOME fully to yourself and Gaia, Earth Mamma. It is when we KNOW how fully and deeply we belong to ourselves, the earth and each other that we are able to find community with whom we can share in love, joy, fulfillment and purpose.

Justice says, "Please note: I believe in doing deep work within a safe container. I also believe that Play is the most effective way to shift energy, patterns and habits and is how we organically heal and grow so we’re going to have a lot of fun doing it!"

Package A

Total Value $99

Discount  67% Off

For You $33

Package B: All of Package A and a 90 Minutes Private Session with Justice on Belonging (Total Value $597)

Recordings from Package A


90 Minutes Private  Session with Justice, which can be recorded, with a full month of support via email access around your session & Facebook Group where Justice holds a weekly web chat and does Q & A with live videos.

Package B - includes all of Package A

Total Value $597

Discount  67% Off

For You $199

Package C:Playfully Conscious Collaboration

All of Package A and B a 90 Minutes Private Session with Justice on Belonging (Total Value $597)

Recordings from Package A & Package B 90 Minutes Private  Session with Justice, which can be recorded, with a full month of support via email access around your session & Facebook Group where Justice holds a weekly web chat and does Q & A with live videos.


Three (3)  60 minute sessions with Justice, which can be recorded, plus ongoing email support for as long as you work with Justice.

Package C - includes all of Package A and B

Total Value $1397

Discount  76% Off

For You $333

Package D: Includes All of Package A, B and C


Deep Dive One Full Year Engaged Mystic Mentorship

Our healing and growth is an ongoing process not a destination! I enjoy creating transformational partnerships with my clients as the most effective and rewarding way to work, or as like to say, PLAY in Consciousness!

We will begin our transformational partnership with 3 60 minute sessions  in which we will learn about each other, play with energy, consciousness and delve into personal, ancestral and collective trauma, building resilience, awareness and skills that are applicable to your everyday life situations and relationships as well as your commitment to personal healing, emotional well being, growth and creativity.

After we complete the series of three sessions, which can be spaced out to accommodate your needs, we will move into weekly 30 minute check ins in which you will continue to expand your skills and awareness of yourself and the energy that comprises all of our relational as well as secular systems.  This is how you learn to be in the world in your unique way, as a modern sorcerer.

You will increase your energy, vitality and efficacy as an agent of change in your own and others lives. You will learn to safely and effectively, move energy, to create real magic in your world, tapping into your own inner resources and partnering with Gaia, Earth Mamma, to become a powerful source of transformation. This is intensive work will shift you to your core! My students love this path and the bond we form in doing this work together.

You get ongoing email access to me, the group, and all the chats. For anyone choosing this option there will also be a monthly web meeting to honor the work that is being done together in a supportive container.

Your Deep Dive Mystic Mentorship Includes:

  • #1 All of Package A, B and C and
  • #2 Three (3) 60 minute (individual) sessions
  • #3 52 weeks of 30 minute (individual) sessions and a monthly group call.
  • #4 The option to record your individual sessions, Facebook Group access where Justice holds a weekly web chat and Q & A sessions with live videos and a Monthly Live Group call.


Standalone Package D - One Year Deep Dive Engaged Mystic Mentorship

Total Value $3,333

 (nearly $1000 off Justice's regular rate for this service) 

Discount  30% Off

For You $2,333

Here's what others are saying about working with Justice...

“The value of Justice’s work is fundamental to understanding trauma and the psyche. The practical yet deeply intuitive approach she offers provides a space for one to address root causes, supporting genuine breakthroughs. My personal well being in relation to working with Justice has improved immensely and has given me the opportunity to stay actively engaged in my own self healing.” Priscilla


“Justice brings a wide range of skills that she fully embodies, along with a beautiful ease, openness, and grace; held in a space that is sacred and honoring. The joint space or field that is present during her work opens up a beautiful flow that seems to invite spontaneous shifts. Those shifts, changes, and transformation we seek seem to best occur in the flow within a safe container and Justice holds that a priority.” Bill B.

"The teleconference was fascinating, a very neat look at the forces that limited me as a child, was not a part of my true self. As we went down the Rabbit Hole (and it literally felt like I was floating deep into a comforting, deep, black space that was loving and harmonious), I saw images and and flashes of myself in school. In the corner were all the things I was told to be that was not me. As the patterns were cleared, my body physically moved and I felt my mind and body relaxed and hum. I walked away from the teleconference feeling altered. Throughout the night, I felt the patterns continue to detangle, like my body was letting go of a very large load. Today, I’ve noticed stress reactions are considerably diminished. I really liked how Justice worked and taught, gentle, full of explanation and on many levels from science to spirituality. Like my ears heard some things she said and my body felt different states of consciousness that were brought to the conversation. Overall highly recommend. Thank you very much.” KM

"Justice, You have been instrumental in my transformation and liberation. I am a completely different person today then I was when I started working with you. Your assistance has helped change my life and the life of my children. I recommend you to anyone who wants to make a deep, lasting change. Thank you and much appreciation." Kim (mystic mentoring)


About Justice...

I have maintained an active healing/hypnotherapy and teaching practice since 2005 and have been aware of energy and raised with alternative healing my whole life. Some might call me an empath and I certainly work with many people who identify as such as well as coaches and healers. Intuition and practical information get seamlessly woven into every interaction, whether that is through transmission recordings or one on one sessions. The goal is to ground in this reality, fully alive and whole!

My own journey has taken me from the grasp of addiction and co-dependency into a now wildly alive, dynamically stable place emotionally, and physically, back to the mountains I grew up in. I embody a clear, fiery compassion, holding a powerful space in which people can safely and easily meet and heal their inner child, reclaim their sovereign self and mature in love and grace.

My background studies include but are not limited to: Massage therapy, NLP, (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, Shamanic Journeying, Reiki and Matrix Energetics. I have developed Playshops for children and adults from all walks of life.

Play arises through sacred spontaneity held in safe container.

This is how we heal and grow!

Love, ~Justice