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Package A:

Package A: Power Pack Meditation Pack

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Kim Gerlach is offering three Power Meditations as part of her Package A:

First Meditation - Radiate Your Soul  Do you want to communicate with your guides? Are you interested in a deeper relationship with the angels? Your soul is your ticket! Sitting with the power and light of your soul is the way to strengthen your connection. This meditation will guide you to fill yourself up with that light and power, and to strengthen it. This exercise is designed to help you unfold your mediumistic gifts and so much more. Practiced regularly it will

  • Cleanse  and heal your energy
  • Heal things in the space around you
  • Deepen your meditations and journeys
  • Provide a natural energetic boundary
  • Step into your power

Second Meditation - Prayer Tree Shamans around the world pick prayer trees for their community.  Prayer ribbons are tied onto the branches. The wind carries the prayers off to the ears and hearts of our guides. These ceremonies are practiced all over the world. Trust in the tree and the wind in these ceremonies gives power to your prayer. I created this meditation so you can have your own personal ceremony with the creative forces and your guides helping you. Put your prayers into action today.

This meditation will guide you to:

  • Find your prayer tree in the unseen realms
  • Put the energy of your healing prayer into a ribbon
  • Set your prayer free
  • Honor the tree
  • Create a sacred place for you to return

Third Meditation -  Personal Curse Removal  The power and intention of your thoughts can lift you up or derail you. You have more power than you know. Have you experienced these thoughts?

  • Who do I think I am?
  • I can’t do this
  • I’m not talented, smart enough, good enough

Saying these things to yourself causes a curse. Sticky energy is sent out and blocks the flow of blessings that naturally flow to you.  This energy builds up and can create your reality. It holds power and vitality that belong to you! In this meditation I walk you through how to invite your guides to bring you to a place in time the moment before you launched a curse on yourself. Your guides will:

  • Lift the curse
  • Cleanse the energy
  • Restore lost power and vitality

You will then experience the flow of power and vitality as it returns to you, the rightful owner. Your flow of blessings that naturally occur is allowed once more.

Bonus Free Gift: Build Your Altar Meditation

For many people, creating an altar provides a place for comfort to visit. This is a sacred place to help you move out of an ordinary state of consciousness and into a state where your psyche knows you are getting ready for special work. Build your own altar in the unseen realms in this exquisitely beautiful guided meditation. You can take this altar with you in your mind wherever you go.  Use it for your meditations, working with spirit helpers, and  times of quiet introspection.

  • Step through the veils
  • Walk through the fragrances, sounds, and textures of nature.
  • Find your glowing room
  • Be cleansed by your spirit helpers
  • See the altar that has been waiting for you

Add your own beautiful power objects


Package A  - Power Pack Meditation Pack

Valued at $197

For $97


Package B:

 Package B:  Sacred Dialogue

includes all of Package A

Valued at $297

For $197







Join Kim in her live intuitive development circle called Sacred Dialogue!

On Sundays at 10 am EST on Zoom she holds a magical circle where you will be taught how to deeply connect with your spiritual nature. Strengthen your abilities as you give and receive intuitive messages in this safe and fun environment! Building this muscle will make you a much better medium, healer, coach, parent..you name it! Joining in is easy! Just click on the Zoom link and take part from the comfort of your own home. For this introductory package you will receive six intuitive circles. These are just some of the things you will do:

  • Learn intuitive skills
  • Do group exercises
  • Enhance your connection to your guides
  • Develop clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience as well as other clairs
  • Use remote viewing
  • Reading auras
  • Learning the tarot and other divination tools.

The circles are held each Sunday so pick and choose which six you would like to attend.

Package B of Sacred Dialogue

Includes all of Package A

Valued at $297

For $197







Package C:

Kim invites you to work with her on a one-one level:

"I will give you a 50 minute psychic medium reading in which I will give you guidance on any aspect of your life and or messages from your loved ones or a shamanic healing session."

Package C - 50 Minute Private One-to-One Session with Kim


Includes all of Package A and B

Valued at $397

For $297







Package D:

Package D Includes all of Packages A, B, and C

$2500 Valued at $3000

Power Path Class

Kim teaches a two-year Shamanic Training course. Power Path is the first half of the two year program. Previously these trainings were only available to those interested in becoming shamanic practitioners. It is preparation to touching the divine and holding the souls of your clients in your hands. This is a great responsibility so shamanic practitioners are prepared for this through deep trainings. Kim saw the tremendous potential to help anyone who is on a spiritual path, not just those who will become shamanic healers.

The nine-month program:

  • Heals deep issues
  • Strips away energies that impede your progress
  • Transforms your abilities

You will learn how to:

  • Journey
  • Have proper energetic boundaries
  • Mediumship and Clair development
  • Control and enhance your abilities
  • Heal negative thought forms
  • Work with your shadow self(Your shadow is the part of you that has been pushed down)
  • Deeply step into your personal power

Each class is five hours long and will be held on Zoom every three weeks on Saturdays. It begins in March and ends in November. All dates will be discussed and agreed upon before being confirmed. Payment plans are available.

This class is a prerequisite to the second year which is for those interested in learning shamanic healing methods.

Package D  - Power Path Class

Valued at $3000

For $2500

Or Select a Payment Plan of 10 $250 Payments over 10 months

What People are saying about working with Kim...

I had a session with Kim yesterday. I felt so comfortable like I had known her for years, although we’ve never met. I did a thirty minute session which turned into an hour session. I would definitely recommend her. She asked me about spirit guides and my journey. And found out information I wasn’t even expecting to hear. Lol! She was very thorough with all of the information she gave me. She eased my mind about questions I needed answered. Thank you Kim so much! I can’t wait to do another reading with you!!! Just FYI I talked to some of my spirit guides today and can’t tell you how excited I was! Thank you, can’t wait to take your classes in September. - Amber Knapp


Just wanted to say a big Thank You to Kim for the shamanic healing she did on my mum. My beautiful mum has had a very long journey to get back to being healthy and herself after being in hospital for 5months. Mum is experiencing ups and downs with readjusting to home life and having some problems with her mobility. I read Kim's reviews and contacted her to do some healing on my mum. Since Kim started this healing Mum is feeling and looking better, having restful sleeps & some of her health issues are getting better. Kim asked me about my mum and if she had this and that because she had dreamt of a lady. Kim had no idea what my mum looked like but she described her to a T. I sent her a photo to which surprised Kim as this was the lady in her dream. I am truly amazed at the level of healing that Kim gives & her guides…Kim puts so much time and energy into ensuring her clients get the best outcome from this healing. Also I am excited to know about Mum’s mobility will be coming back and as Kim’s guides said “there will be no stopping her”. I am crying with happy tears. I would not hesitate to recommend a shamanic healing from Kim. She is very reasonably priced and has a beautiful calming nature whilst explaining the process. Kim genuinely cares. I will be having a healing soon and will book in another for Mum later. Thank You So Much!! - Mel Wilson

I had a reading and a shamanic experience with Kim. She was awesome. The healing she sent me enabled me to go deeper into issues that I was experiencing in order for them to begin to heal. What was really neat was before our reading I was emptying the dishwasher and Kim’s first words were that my grandmother (deceased) said that I was putting things away into a cupboard. Mind blowing! - Sheri Diamond

I had a healing with Kim for a certain issue, and I must say I felt so much better after she did her work. Also I received a reading from Kim, which was extremely accurate. 5 Stars for sure. - Arlin Meier

I had a reading today with Kim, she is one of the readers I easily connected with and that is more difficult when you are an empath yourself. Kim was sweet, she gave me more time than I paid for and made sure to answer all of my questions and guide me through my situation… she sweetly gave me her encouragement. And that means a lot when you are despairing for a glimpse of light. Highly recommended. - Melody Tunes

I’ve been lucky enough to have distance and face to face healing sessions with Kim. She’s had a number of teachers, and has a wealth of tools. Many of which I’ve been unfamiliar with. Her work is powerful, and she has a sensitivity to pick up on several things that needed to be cleared that other practitioners haven't. I can’t recommend her highly enough. - Peter Holzer

Kim, thank you so much for your help and understanding. I had a healing done from afar and it helped me regain my inner peace. Kim also suggested some exercises for me to practice in between or when I feel overwhelmed. She’s compassionate and a great empath. I will definitely return. - Graziana Nagy

After my healing with Kim I let go of feelings that had been bothering me for three years. And she followed up everyday. Also she got in touch with my grandmother and two other people and it was amazing how much she told me. Kim has a real gift. - Dede Lewis

The messages she gave me from my guides were on point and have helped me to pinpoint where I need to change things. Kim kept me informed throughout the 7 days of healing. -  Gill Webster

She was very informative. She gave me great insight. Her healing has helped my back and hip. They are healing. I would recommend this to anyone needing help and clarity. - Sue Kissinger

I had a session with Kim and it was amazing. The healing is lovely and she takes you through what is going on. My mom and dad also came through with messages. And the lovely part was my unborn baby also came through to give me messages about the questions I had been asking him/her. That was so lovely and I can recommend her work, she has a light joyful energy too, I felt comfortable. Thank you Kim, I can’t wait to work with you again.  - Gao Motsemmeme

I had a distance healing done by Kim. I can’t say enough how amazed I was with her connection and constant follow up and regular messages that were being passed to me. I have now had a shift from feeling anger and anxiety to being and feeling the inner calm. And most important of all I have made a distant friend that I can go back and ask a question based on my forward going journey. She has given me courage and I’m truly happy and thankful for all of the time that has been spent on my healing. Thank you very much Kim. - Maria Watson

I'm a current student of Kim's and feel so fortunate to have been able to take her class. I'm in week 6 of 8 and crossing my fingers she offers a level II or a mentorship program because this class has been instrumental and I don't want to lose momentum. She gives so much of her time and so many resources... like more than you can even get through in the class (which just means the learning will keep going and going!) I was sitting at home unwinding and thinking about how grateful I am, decided someone else might benefit from this so I should share!!!! XOXOXO - Jennifer Catherine Clayton

I want to thank Kim for the healing I received. I was feeling exhausted, not able to do any housework, also unsettled. After the healing I was able to clean the house from top to bottom. I feel much more energetic and calm. Kim made me feel safe and straight away knew what I needed. She also gave me great advice. This was the first session I had with Kim but not the last. I would not hesitate to recommend Kim to friends and family. - Jennifer Hughes

I did a distance shamanic healing with Kim and I can’t recommend her enough. It was such a great value for the money. I really enjoyed how Kim explained the whole process. I cleared lots of stuck energy around my heart, naval, and sacral chakra. When I received the healing I was so peaceful and I  could feel the energy flowing through my body. It was an absolutely amazing feeling and I wish I could stay in this peaceful state more often. I was very happy with the healing and the messages I got and I will definitely be coming for more. - Ivana Giancotti

Kim's Bio...

Kim is a psychic medium and a shamanic healer.

She believes you should be a soul fully embodied, and a body fully ensouled. She helps her clients and students to stand in their power. From this place all things are possible. Your connection is strengthened. Your light shines brighter. You can hear wonderful guidance for yourself that will clear up problems and confusion around things in your life. She works with her large group of guides who specialize in all topics.


Kim was led into this field because she herself needed healing. She suffered from debilitating depression and fibromyalgia. She struggled to stay employed. This journey through darkness included a car accident that should have ended her life. She recognized that it was time to do what she needed to do to take care of herself.

She was guided to receive healing work and the transformation began.
Her guided meditations take you through clearing work that is so profound you will never feel the same! Watch and feel blocks fall from you as your energetic path is cleared. Find new energy and vitality returned to you. New focus returning to dreams you have. See the way forward as a result of putting energy into your wellbeing.

Kim knows firsthand how hard it can be to communicate with your guides. She once struggled to make those connections. Because she was not born being able to do this she knows how to show you exactly what to do to make those connections. You will begin your journey into a beautiful relationship with your personal guides. You will see the benefits of having these wonderful beings in your life right away. She wants your relationships with your guides begin to blossom.