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Liberate Your Soul With Mother Mary

Are you Ready to Embody your Angelic Goddess Self And Manifest your Sacred Mission? 

  • Are you willing to exchange anything within yourself which is unlike love, for a greater capacity to love?
  • What is your role to play now Earth Angel on Planet Earth in this time of great transformation? Your new prayer?
  • It’s time to heal and reclaim your womb superpowers of birthing the New Age of Aquarius and your divine missions.
  • Why reclaiming and purifying your Womb Chakra is vital to your ascension journey.
  • Learn 3 powerful tools today to begin reclaiming your womb chakra superpowers!


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On the Live call or the Replay - Listen to the new healing meditation that Laura brings to the show.   She will also take live calls and do intuitive oracle readings/healings and as we are all so well connected - this will resonate with you if you are listening and on this page now.

On this high energy call, callers will gain clarity, soul level truth and guidance for their life path, relationships, spiritual gifts or personal challenges.  They may also experience inner shifts, healing or other insights of clarity.  Sometimes Laura also brings in a light language healing transmission through to open the Cosmic Heart or bring in healing DNA codes or activate your divine mission and contract with Heaven.

Laura says "My perspective is that each person is a Divine Sovereign Being of Light & Master Creator of their souls destiny.  I mirror back to them this soul level truth that “they are the light made in the image of the Creator, All That Is, Divine Mother/Divine Father”. They are an innocent child of the Cosmos."

Laura's Liberate Your Souls With Mother Mary  Package A

Total Value: $654

Special Offer: $111

With 83% Off Discount

 Join Laura for a 5 week healing journey to create your new Angelic Goddess Self New Earth Prayer! 

Begin straightaway, and if you can listen to these 5 classes before the New Moon and Solar Ec;lipse on December 14th - you have the unique opportunity to create even more of a shist on a planetary bais as we shift from the 3D to the 5D consciouness and embody the Mother energy of the Sophia that Laura talks about on the Live Call/Replay.

Here's what Laura has to say about her Package A

"My new Earth Mission & Purpose retreat with Mother Mary, Angels, Archangels and other Feminine Ascended Masters to immerse yourself in a sacred healing circle of divine feminine light and unconditional love activation. As we resurrect our spiritual mind, our womb/dan tien centers merge as one filled light raising our consciousness and strengthens our resolve for your highest evolution into 2020.

The most important relationship on earth is your relationship with your inner self and the inner marriage between your feminine and masculine energies. The extent to which you heal yourself and come to union within is the extent to which you can heal all of your external relationships.

As we purify, meditate and fast we can open to receive deeper insights from our Sacred Angelic Self through the journaling process guiding us into areas of reflection for positive change and transformation setting a strong foundation of love, self-compassion and respect.

Experience a deeper connection with your Angelic Goddess Self. Receive daily prayer support, activations, attunements and Mother healing for your soul. Receive your Divine Mission & Purpose Prayer Angel Kit.   Ask your questions and receive channelled messages.

*Align your vibration with Divine Love through embodying your Divine Feminine nature you ignite your passion and radiant presence of unlimited prosperity flow!

*Remove faulty patterns in your Soul DNA to finally break free of your "victim consciousness timeline" to create your new 5th dimensional prayer of Heaven On Earth.

*Learn a new Angelic Prayer Blessing for creating unlimited opportunities for manifesting more prosperity, abundance and happiness.

*Release and heal deeply held trauma and integrate your lost Soul Aspects expanding your light vibration and embodying more personal empowerment.

Package A includes Five weeks of Group Healing Prayer Support and guided journeys - 120 minutes each (recorded for you to download to your learning library) PDF and audio meditations.  (Value $555)  

We will meet together for four weeks to create your New Earth Purpose, Mission and Prayer map.  Including taking your questions where you can ask for channelled messages from Celestial Beings of Light.

  • Receive your four week PDF Kit of questions to take you on a journey to clarify your purpose, your mission, your gifts and create action steps for putting into motion.
  • Gain clarity on what your new life looks like and how you are to serve the new humanity post COVID-19?
  • Create your personal Earth Angel Map including your core I AM mission statement, define and clarify your personal role to play now.
  • Activate your spiritual gifts to the next level light language activation.
  • Clearly identify your Goddess Archetype and spiritual gifts.
  • Receive a special “3 Waves of Stability Activation” with ArchAngel Michael.
  • Learn how to connect with the healing light of the Goddess to clear, cleanse deeply held density in your cells, organs and body.
  • Learn how to bring the healing light of the Goddess to heal your feminine core wounds, ancestral patterns and collective feminine energies.
  • Journey with Divine Mother to clear and balance your lower chakras, the Earth star, the Whale Matrix, the Dolphin Matrix and Diamond Light Matrix chakra.
  • Mother Gaia fully connects you to the Herkimer diamonds in the New Earth to activate you to be the highest and best you as a soul can be at this time.
  • Experience deep healing processes to transform and forgive yourSelf to create your new inner healthy foundation built on Self Love!


3 Bonus Gifts


Bonus #1 - Golden Heart Womb Activation Healing Audio (with Light Language)-  A meditation to heal and increase the flow of  your Heart Womb Heart connection 

(Value $44)




Bonus #2  -   Receive your 3 day Fasting Detox Prayer Angel Kit.

Everything you need to know about physical detoxing your body deva plus your smoothie detox recipes.

(Value $55)"




Bonus #3  -   Laura also added a new Live Group Call you can attend to create even greater shifts in your own journey at this powerful time.



Fast Action Bonus Extended: Just added by Laura - "We asked and Laura agreed that for anyone who purchases either Package A or B by January 2nd 2021 midnight Eastern, Laura  will record a Personal Light Language activation specific for them. They can either send an email with a topic they want to work on or have Source choose something. The activation will be short but packed with frequencies from Source that will go directly to the challenge they want to focus on."


Package A:

Total Value $654

With Discount 83% Off

You Pay $111

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Laura's Liberate Your Souls

With Mother Mary  Package B: 75 mins Private Session With Laura


All of Package A Total Value: $834


Package B Special Offer: $188

with 77% Discount Off

Divine Soul DNA - Activate Your Souls Mission And Gifts Session

Enjoy a private 75 minute session with Laura as she opens your Akashic Records and brings in your Divine Team of Light, Angels, Ascended Masters, Galactic Star Family, and Sophia Dragon Tribe to create a safe and loving container for healing, attunements, transmissions and channelled messages from your team.

Now is the time to activate access to your Soul’s gifts and align with your Soul Mission! A transformative energy process designed to activate your unique soul gifts and abilities. Open the portal to access the Divine knowledge of your Galactic Star Soul lineage. Activate the keys to your DNA codes for new programming. Ground and anchor your light body to the 5th dimensional Earth matrix for support. Receive clarity and guidance about your Soul Mission. Recorded audio session included.

Results you can expect:  

*Align your vibration with Divine Love through embodying your Divine Feminine nature you ignite your passion and radiant presence of unlimited prosperity flow!

*Remove faulty patterns in your Soul DNA to finally break free of your "victim consciousness timeline" to create your new 5th dimensional prayer of Heaven On Earth

*Heal your Mother/Father relationship to resolve any negative energetic inheritance and heal your heart

*Integrate more of your Higher Self consciousness

*Heal past intimate relationships and identify core themes

*Experience deep healing processes to transform and forgive yourself to create your new inner healthy foundation built on Divine Self Love!

*Open your womb-heart connection to access your cosmic flow of light

*Release trauma, limiting beliefs and suppressed emotions to open the flow of your womb and reclaim your authentic power

*Activate your divine feminine/masculine frequency vibration

*Heal your relationships and divine feminine-masculine harmony

*Transform your pain and suffering into pure love

*Feel more confident and clear about life purpose

*Activate more grace and ease into your life

*Expand your consciousness and release density

*Move into more peace and harmony with your life

Fast Action Bonus Extended: Just added by Laura - "We asked and Laura agreed that for anyone who purchases either Package A or B by January 2nd 2021 midnight Eastern, Laura  will record a Personal Light Language activation specific for them. They can either send an email with a topic they want to work on or have Source choose something. The activation will be short but packed with frequencies from Source that will go directly to the challenge they want to focus on."

Package B:

Includes all of Package A

Total Value $834

 Discount 77% Off

You Pay $188

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Here's what others are saying about  Laura

Hi Laura, I am so blessed to be the recipient of the Divine love that channels through you into the world. Thank you for being a crystal clear portal of love. During my womb session, I felt so safe, and held, and protected by you. I had no idea where we were "going" so I just trusted you and I walked the path. You are like a Harriet Tubman and my path was like the Underground Railroad. You held the lantern of light while I moved through the darkness. And you led me to my freedom. You showed me the opening and stayed with me the whole way, through every heaving sob, as the pages of pain and loss peeled away. You lovingly held space for me to be with lifetimes of pain. This is the first time in a long, long time that I have sobbed and grieved with this intensity. What you invited in next was a surprise and a delight! I felt enraptured with Divine Love and I felt empowerment flooding into my womb, first in the form of the Divine Feminine love and radiance, next in the golden protection of the Divine Masculine. I immediately felt a sense of safety and protection that I've never felt before. I am now allowed to be me. I am allowed to have boundaries. I am SAFE! And, in closing, you offered me practical suggestions for how this may play out in my day-to-day life and what I can do to support myself. What an incredible, powerful healing session that has ushered in a new era of my life here on Earth. With deep love and gratitude,

Susan Morse

Dear Laura,

I am so grateful for you and your session today. I have been in a state of bliss since we talked. Your frequency and divine Feminine energy is so beautiful that it just makes everything feel good. Your imagery of my children surrounding my husband to heal him on his journey to Ascension touched me so deeply. And for the first time, this transition that has filled me with fear and dread feels blessed and hopeful.

Thank you so much for your time and your Grace. You are a true Goddess.

Sending so much love,

Dari C. 1/22/20

Hi Laura,

Thank you so much for your help and beautiful heart felt presence in our session on Saturday ~ I have watched it twice again already and will continue to utilize it to ground the healing for Ian so that it is well seated within him when he does return home in perfect timing.

Much Love,

Kathleen C. 1/4/20

I so much loved your wisdom and sweet kind manner/ voice. I received wonderful insights and confirmations. Thank you Thankyou. This info along with  the angelic prayer retreat is giving me all the tools I need for now. You were also an answer to my prayer to connect with someone who loves the Sophia Code. I was Divinely led to you. Your  Heaven on Earth prayer circle sounds great too.but I’m leaning towards your upcoming  new classes going through the Sophia code book. Do you have any thoughts regarding this? The detox has been easy and a blessing to jump start me on my goal to really nurture myself this year and support my body deva.. I am a nurturer but had never seen my body as a deva that wanted to be heard and valued.  Before it was more health related. This concept is far more empowering for me . This is the first time I have been introduced to this concept. Thank you. This was the perfect weekend to start this 2020 adventure,  blessings,

Linda K. 1/12/20

Hi Laura

It was a wonderful experience working with you for the last 4 weeks. I gained so much insight and I would use this knowledge to move forward in my journey. I thoroughly enjoyed all the sessions which were packed with gems.

Thank you for your generosity and time. It is highly appreciated.

You are an angel and may you be blessed with abundance and prosperity

With love and gratitude

Devakie Moopanar, Jun 4, 2020

Beautiful Laura,

I  just listen to the replay of the prayer/session  ones again  and I will listen..again and again (and this never happened before..) I have to admit that this prayer or healing session  is the most powerful I have ever received...!!! It is hard for me to find words to describe how I feel..  The only thing I can say is that the love and the healing I received from you and the whole Light Family brought me smoothly back to myself...My inner child also feels the precious freedom..as well! Myself and the inner child, we cannot thank you enough!

Love and blessings!


  Laura's 2020 Private Client Testimonials 

Talk about healing power!!! After this week’s prayer, Literally saw a shadow leave my presence and my energy was restored. I feel great and I am so thankful for what you do. Many blessings to you and your work!!!

Kitty R

I have been a Healer myself Reiki Master; Animal communicator Sound Healer so many gifts 4 over 20 years and I have come to other healers for my own healing as needed throughout the years and it is my Honor to Highly recommend Laura's work, her packages and Especially a private session as she channels in the pure loving celestial light all around. So much love 💙 so much reverence for your gifts/spiritual work. I will be a returning client. With Love, in the Brightest Light 🌠

Caroline Manzo

Wow.. Talk about "Get right to the point". This Akashic Record DNA Trinity Healing Process Laura is doing is very profound. I have never felt such power in a healing session before. I just set an intention, and everything that was no longer needed is now gone. No more rehashing the old stories. I have a clear direction and know exactly what I need to do. I highly recommend this process to anyone who is ready for a powerful shifts in there life.

Navona C." Master Akashic Records Teacher and Shamanic Healer

I just wanted to write to thank you for having Laura Hosford on your show last week.  The show with the two of you was so beautiful, and then I just had a private session with Laura.  Laura is  AMAZING!!  Laura communicated to me on a level I have never experienced with another Guide of Light.  She shared with me Light Language that evoked openings I have never sensed.  Her words echoed all I’ve been feeling and put me in direct communication with guidance I have felt around me for years.  I’m so excited to see where I venture onward because Laura has truly assisted me in unlocking new dimensions within and beyond myself.  YES! YES! YES!

Thank you, Laura.  Thank you, Cari.  I look forward to Laura being back on Straight Talk For the Soul.

Heather H.

Heather said it so beautifully, it did feel so empowering and tranquil. Indeed Beautiful Highest Honor and Gratitude!!! In addition as soon as I closed my eyes I also saw violet light. All your meditations take my breath away, with their beauty and love. I am still flying high from our session yesterday Laura, I have to say that I have been on the path of my awakening for many years now, and that session was one of the best and most powerful I have ever experienced. Not only the powerful healing that was brought forth but the answers to the questions I have had now for so many years were all revealed to me and brought forth, so much peace within my soul! I have no words to describe how much I appreciate all that you did for me yesterday! I also can not express enough for any of you that have not had a session with Laura to do so! I have been meeting recently such powerful beautiful Divine women/feminine, beings of so light and love lately and Laura you are indeed one of them!!! I love you sister and may you be so blessed in all you do!

Sky Walker

Oh man where do I start I was drawn to the Akashic Records through spirit I found Laura Hosford class . Let me say the energy in the class was very warm and loving energy Laura is a beautiful soul on her divine purpose . Her class is very informative an she talks with clarity so you can grasp the understanding of what she taking you through at that moment . I have a lot of love for her and all the people in my class I’m grateful for her time an energy it was beautiful ...The class definitely resonated with me I feel like she lead me back to where I really belong .Thank you Laura for the love and light!

Eric McBryde

I listened to the web replay of Ignite Your Goddess Prosperity Flow today.  Wow, I really enjoyed it and received a healing from it that has to do with guilt I have been carrying about my mom's death.  Thank you for your leadership and dedication. Love,

Shanda Keirsey

Hi Patty – I recently purchased Laura Hosford’s pkg B from you and participated in her 3-days of live calls and a private session with her.  I wanted to thank you very much for offering that!  Over the last few years I have purchased a number of packages, and this, by far, was the most enjoyable and helpful!  She is so calm and comforting consistently – it is wonderful to be in her energy.  So many of the packages seem to have the same processes and information rehashed over and over.  What she offered really feels like the “next step” into our new reality, and she provided an entire “operating manual”  bringing so many things together in a really manageable system.

Thank you again for your call with her which I was immediately drawn to.  And thank you for offering this package.  I hope that you will continue to work with her.

Thank you!!!   Blessings for all you do for us and the Planet,


Working with Laura over these last 3 months together has helped me to shift into a new place of inner trust and creating joy through writing poetry and love letters. When we first started working together I was struggling with the feelings of “unworthiness, resentment, anger, sadness and ongoing fears” spending many hours a day at home using clearing processes on myself. I was facing my fears especially “my fear of failure” in moving into creating my own coaching business so I could begin to earn some income while serving others. As Laura opened my Akashic Records, she channeled information that brought forward answers to my questions to help me see the deeper insights and clarity about the “hidden gifts” wanting to reveal themselves in the birthing of this process. With Laura’s guidance she took me “out of the box” of my personal experience into opening up to a new much bigger perspective of how I am here to serve the world. During our sessions together she brought forth a whole new creative process including a “template with defined steps” that I would use in guiding my clients on their journey to heal their hearts. This brought in a new structure that I feel comfortable with allowing me to gain the confidence that I needed to shift into feeling truly excited about my new business actually coming into reality now! I feel I have truly transformed my inner fears and shifted into a new place of courage and joy! I feel blessed and truly grateful to be working with Laura, who’s guidance has been infinitely helpful, insightful and joyful experience.

Lorraine W. Love Poet and Multi-sensory Healer

In my experience with the prayer, I had a very cool meeting with my Angelic team along with ArchAngel Michael. It was here that I saw my angel aspect. Merging with this angel energy, as it came back through my physical body was incredible. I felt amazing all day!

Carolyn A Jones, The Energy Architect™

I would highly recommend Laura Hosford’s Akashic Records class to anyone committed to their spiritual growth. During the class, I thought that in the past I had dealt with and released an old pattern - rejection. Laura helped me to reveal and release any emotions, memories, etc. attached to this pattern. I witnessed my own progress and shifts on that amazing journey and would not change a thing related to the course the way it is prepared and implemented. The opening and closing prayers are amazingly at a higher vibration than ones that I have heard before.

With great appreciation and lots of gratitude, I feel much lighter and clearer. I am thankful for Laura’s insight.

Kelly P.

I have my first session with Laura Hosford today. All I can say is Wow! During the session, Laura opened my Akashic Records and answered questions I had regarding setting up a business and stepping into my purpose work. So much clear, detailed, and inspiring information came through from my Akashic guides. I was able to gain clarity in both my gifts as well as the type of programs I can create. We also explored the talents I bring with me from my past lives and how those can be used to shape the products I produce. I was buzzing the entire session and, honestly, haven’t stopped yet. So many possibilities were revealed! Laura is a truly gifted translator of the Akashic Records. It is indeed a treat to get to work with someone with her gifts and talents. Thank you Laura, so much.

Lisa A. Intuitive Healer

My Akashic Reading with Laura was amazing. There were things that I had often wondered about that you clarified right at the start. I found the energy surrounding you very positive, enlightening, and full of love.

Bonnie C. Master Chakra Healer

Over this past year I’ve had several Akashic Records healing sessions with Laura and I will say these sessions have improved my life in many ways. I was carrying a lot of anger which was driving me to act in ways that were a danger not only to myself but to other people and that anger was cleared in an IST session with Laura. More recently we cleared some issues with fear and a need to be in control that have affected my life since I was a child. I didn’t realize how limiting it was until we cleared it and I feel like a new person. The immediate feeling is relief but as I adjust to the change I feel lighter and more confident in everything.  I tend to be a skeptic with a need for proof in everything and I can honestly say the changes that I’ve experienced are proof to me that the Akashic Records clearing works but people that I interact with on a regular basis have noted and commented on the changes. I’ve recommended this to several people dealing with various issues and I will continue with my sessions as I evolve and become a better person.

Beverly R. Reiki Master and Teacher

I love working with Laura. Though I never know the path our healing session will take, I’m confident she is always right there holding space and leading me out of the past and into the light. With my inner child especially she keeps focus on moving me/us out of a trauma or a painful memory and into a more positive vibration where my inner child ends up being empowered. Our latest session included super powerful light language & that really took the healing session up a notch! I could feel the language and energy surround both myself and my inner child to “wipe the slate clean” and create an entirely new chapter. I’m very grateful to have Laura as my healing resource.

Rae S.

Feeling quite blocked in a certain area of my life, I turned to Laura for help. A very wise choice as she brings such depth of knowledge, in addition to her loving presence. While I’m fairly new to the fascinating worlds of the Akashic Records and Light Language, Laura’s skillful ability to access this wisdom and healing energies of these and other modalities made our session most powerful. As a result of working together, I’m feeling much lighter and now feel able to move forward, no longer blocked by the heaviness I’ve felt for so long. I highly recommend working with Laura if you want help uncovering and removing blocks that are holding you back from living your life fully and being your best self.

Marilyn O. Multi-sensory Intuitive

When I first met Laura Hosford last fall, she gave me an Akashic Record reading. I never anticipated the further, amazing work we would do together. The reading was very profound for me and explained many things in my life. Wanting to further develop myself, we began working together in private sessions. Laura has helped me to find, understand, and change (as necessary) things deep in my soul I never imagined could be uncovered and changed. Things I never even realized about myself or understood were at play in my life. The change in me since working with Laura is huge and noticeable to everyone. I enjoy life so much more and I feel so much more at peace. I feel like I’m in control for the first time in my life. Laura is one of the best at guided meditations and grounding that I’ve ever encountered. She is a deeply loving person who is very easy to relate to. She puts you at ease right away. I have taken one of her classes so far and she is a great teacher. She takes the time to answer questions and to explain things in a way that you understand. I am already enrolled in another one of her classes in March and have a list of future classes I want to attend. I highly encourage anyone to try a reading, session or a class with Laura. I believe you will find it to be as amazing in your life as it has been in mine. I am so blessed to have met Laura and I’m proud to call her my teacher and now, my friend

Jenny D. Akashic Records Practitioner

That was good!!!! I could really feel a throat-heart connection that came in during the guided prayer. I also had a strong sensation during the first release of fear process you guided us through! Thank You!

Rob D. Light Language Channel

That was good!!!! I could really feel a throat-heart connection that came in during the guided prayer. I also had a strong sensation during the first release of fear process you guided us through! Thank You!

Rob D. Light Language Channel

About Laura Hosford

Laura Hosford is a Sacred Oracle and Goddess of Light Emissary for the Divine Feminine Christ Consciousness. 

She uses her spiritual gifts of channelling Celestial Beings of Light, Ascended Masters including Mary Magdalene & Mother Mary, is a Womb Priestess and Ceremonial Frequency Rebirther, Shamanic Ordained Minister, Master Akashic Records Teacher, Light Language Channel, Intuitive Energy Healer, and Retreat Leader.

As a Transformational Teacher of Spiritual Truth and energy alchemist, Laura gently guides you to transmute layers of fear and energetic imprints of codependency, martyrdom, and other patterns of victimization held in your body and womb opening your chalice of crystalline light and activating your flames of ascension expanding you into greater Galactic consciousness and sovereign power. 

After an accelerated, life-changing experience in the South of France in June 2017, Laura began to experience higher states of consciousness and channel Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary in  her work.  Later she awakened to her role as a High Priestess of the ancient Rose Temple and Temples of Venus, her Acturian-Sirius star family and Sisterhood of the Rose lineage. 

As a midwife of the Divine Feminine Christ Consciousness movement now emerging on the planet bringing in the new

Golden Age of Peace, Laura is here to support helping men and women to heal and anchor their divine feminine - masculine frequencies to restore balance to the New Earth grids bringing harmony and peace to our planet. 

Using her Priestess gifts she facilitates the return of the Goddess circles, to hold sacred space for the Sisterhood of the Rose to awaken, remember and reconnect to their true Goddess heritage.

In all of her work she supports both women and men to develop a supreme sense of self love and divine worthiness, awakening their true Angelic God-Goddess Self to create the life of their choosing.