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Our #1 Best Selling Offer is the one Brought to you by Arathi Ma on Your Enlightened Health.

We continue to showcase some of our Best of the Best Healing Packages and Arathi Ma is right there in our list of Top 10 Speakers! In fact, as Shashi was guided to share it is right up there in the TOP 10 favorites of Shashi's of all time.  Shashi may be biased but she has been listening to and getting healing packages as part of her own healing and transformation journey since 2008 - for well over a decade.
💫💯💞Today we have opened up access to her Replay and Special Offer on Your Enlightened Health.💫💯💞

As we continue to Celebrate our Second  Anniversary of Transformation To Joy Global Telesummit, our master Energy Healer Arathi Ma and her top selling offer - is in more demand now than it has ever been - click here to Learn more about her  Special Offer  and to listen to the Replay of our interview with Arathi.

Arathi Ma’s, on a powerful call on Transformation To Joy explained that the Package she has put together came to her as a download and took a several months to put together.  As many of our listeners who jumped in and got her Package discovered, it has high vibration beautiful music and healing energies on many, many levels.   It includes Planetary and other powerful energetics, and specific Mantras for all the body parts and systems! Wow! Rejuvenate and upgrade every part of your body and body systems, including your skin, to experience Your Best Health Yet!

Don't Miss Out! With Package B you all get the 8 audio voice, 4 silent tracks from Package A and recordings of 4 Group Calls.
Here is an extract of what Arathi Ma has to say generally about her Package A, on the Repay she goes into a full description of what her Package A comprises of:
"Arathi Ma: The first the package is Package A which has the MP3s, which are eight multi layered comprehensive healing MP3s, they're all relatively lengthy because I noticed that often people actually do loop them anyway all day, so it give me a chance to put a lot of material into it. Then there's four bonus MP3s which of three are silent and one has my voice on it. All the major MP3s have my voice on it. There's music on it as well which was composed by my husband, it's very beautiful, and has multi-layers of energies and processes"

Become that which you truly are and make it possible for you to experience renewal in every area of your life including vibrant health, fulfilling and loving relationships, business and career success, and so much more!See every area of your life transform with Arathi Ma's Multi Layered Comprehensive Healing and so much more, that is her Special Offer!

Let Arathi Ma assist you to step into new Possibilities, that are available now more than ever.

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