Series 4 Replays

September 25th, 2018

September 21st, 2018

September 12th, 2018

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Replay of September, 25th call with Sandra Pelley

Do listen to this Replay and share with your friends and family - because we do have  a Telesummit platform that is heart-based.  Yes we do want you to purchase our Speaker's packages - if you resonate with the Speaker's energy, work and are ready to take the next steps necessary in invest in your own healing and transformation.  On Transformation To Joy Global Telesummit do know that you will be treated as an individual, as a valued Community member and will have a platform on which you can truly share what is in your heart and what shows up as you shift into healing and transformation - as so beautifully demonstrated by Anne, Mehar, Melissa, Marie and Rosie!

On this call, Sandra did a beautiful process of grounding and gave us a few more insights into how she got started on amazing healing work she does with our audience members.   Sandra shared how she herself Lives in and teaches her students and our audience members to do the same by - writing in their morning pages powerful affirmations of what they want to create - as their body image.

Sandra shared how the following three simple sentences - can be such a powerful way of Living in the Energies, so if you can make one change today - write down these sentences and do the breath worth as you say these words to yourself that Sandra demonstrated on the call and let us know what changes and shifts for you:

I AM Open with no Expectiations!

I AM Open with no Limitations!

And, I am OK with the Outcome!

Enjoy the Replays and share the Replays!

Replay of September, 21st call with Sandra Pelley

Sandra was back for another powerful call, demonstrating to both new and our regular listeners her amazing gifts!   Her opening meditation of diving into and travelling into the depths of the lily-pad brought up so many beautiful insights and openings!   This followed very shortly after with a meditation to make a bonfire of all the guilt we carry and to burn it all up!  Shashi, inner child was overjoyed at, this "torching the guilt".  Sandra on the call also announced that she is adding a meditation she created for Pets Passing (audio), after saying Goodbye to her 17 year old "Goldie" and the meditation from her package in Series 3 called Changing Guilt to Love Meditation (audio) which Sandra describes as, "I was literally led through the word 'guilt' in an incredible journey. There is a true sense of positive change happening at a core level. The word 'guilt' is foreign to many cultures and yet in North America it has a strong grip on so many of us without our even realizing it. This meditation peals back many layers of that and allows us to move through and past guilt into a state of love.

Here is the feedback and the questions Sandra took from the Q&A box and for one to one work on the Live call:

"Sandra & Shashi: Thank-You for this Lovely Call! Today is International Day of Peace, so I just want to send Peace of Mind, Love, Harmony, and Wellbeing to All <3 Many Blessings to Everyone!! Take it slow and easy as right now we are all releasing and its emotionally painful, this sadness, depression and fear has to go to make room for the Good stuff = Remember this is Ascension =We are all Growing...Lots of LOVE & LIGHT! The Spirit in Me Honors the Spirit in You!! Peace" ~ Destiny, Whitehall

"Hi Sandra and Shashi, I've been having a lot of pain in the body especially in the lower back all the way down through my legs. I've tried various treatments but haven't been able to find anything effective. It feels like this has taken hold of my life and I can't move on to other things. Could you help point me to the right direction on how to move on from this?" ~ Shirley, Brentwood

"Sorry i didnt catch the whole thing so I am a little confused. When you mentioned fishing, i could literally go back to the scenes when my dad took me fishing while i was little. However, those were very happy memories for me so i didnt feel the tensions from these memories. I did not feel the release in my lower back though" . ~ Shirley,  BRENTWOOD

"Dear Sandra and Shashi, I am really enjoying the call. I was wondering if you could help or guide me. I would like to break free from being a fearful being especially in a bigger group situation and dare to be seen, heard even if my views should be different from those of others. I feel both frustrated with and feel compassion for the scared child inside me and I am ready to grow into a brave and confident woman and step into becoming an amazing healer of souls. With love and gratitude, Gabriella"

"Sandra is amazing -- she has helped me so much. I love working with her!"~  Cyndi, New Salisbury

Replay of September, 12th call with Sandra Pelley

Sandra Pelley on this high energy call started with a short but powerful grounding process that opened us to looking back at the different paths we have travelled and the lessons, gifts and insights it gave us to move forward and to get on track to living our life purpose.

This call was after the 9/11 anniversary and so we  got Sandra's perspective of how she - little known to her - was opened up to her gifts on that tragic day as so many souls who lost their lives in New York's Twin Towers were seeking direction from her.    It took her 12 years to talk about it - as she shares on the call and in her ebook, which she is offering as part of her Package A.   Shashi also shared her own 3 life changing moments that opened up her heart - and her own one to one work with Sandra has transformed how she feels about her relationship with her son.

So imagine you are in your own twlight zone for revelation, insights and to use as a tool to empower you  - how it changed you, shifted you and those lives you were able to impact 0 whether knowingly or unknowingly.  So, take your next step forward, even if it is to say "I Love Me and so it is!"  So many amazing insights were shared on this call, you will want to listen and share with anyone you think will benefit from listening to this Replay.

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