April 16th, 2018

April 19th, 2018


 Jade's Special Offer

Replays of April 19th and April 16th Powerful Calls With Jade Rehder  KLEAR Sorrow and Wounds of the Heart and KLEAR to Discernment and Divine Self Resonance

These two calls and the group KLEAR work Jade did on Your Sorrow and Wounds in Your Hearts and Replacing Discernment (to support Neutrality) With Divine Self Resonance is in alignment with Your Higher Self (11:11 - showed up for Jade when she completed the KLEAR Group Process).

Synchronocity of the two calls:  As for the April 16th call the April 19th call ended for Jade when the time was 11:11 am in Hawaii her local time.  “11:11 is the Universe knocking itself out to give you evidence of your alignment.” ~ Abraham Hicks

We know that 11 is a master number! 11:11 or the number 11 appearing twice, or repeated in your birth dates or other significant numbers indicates the presence of spirit.  It can also be a clear message from the universe to become conscious and aware and is an auspicious sign for all of us in this Transformation To Joy Global Telesummit Community - about the timing of these two calls! Share these replays - who do you know who needs to listen to these Replays! 

It is also confirmation that you are ready to bring up the wounds you are carrying in your heart and body to come up  to the surface and to be healed.  I highly recommend that if you have any issues at all of wounding and needing discernment you work with Jade by getting her Package B.

So what are your issues - is it that you get trigggered by anger as Narinder talked about on the call. What about negativity - of certain people that Rita talked or comes over you with no warning as Diana wrote in about.  Diana also wrote in about issues she had identified of intense anxiousness, depression, low mood.   You have similar issues or issues that are unique to you - that are ready to come into your awareness.  What are they and listen to the Replays to see if working with Jade is what next step needs to be.  

Between the timing of the two calls, on April 18th Chiron (the dwarf planet) representing the "Wounded Healer" transittioned fro Pisces! Wow! What synchronicity is that! 

Chiron it appears has guided Shashi to ask for Jade to do a KLEAR group process on April 16th that will clear the wounds and pains around two issues that we can work on at a conscious level to heal - at an individual level, in our lineage and in the collective.  The Klear Jade did on the 16th April will support us in that work.  The Klear Group process Shashi was guided to ask Jade to work with was Discernment that will help shift destructive patterns, harmful conditioning, traumas, and injustices - and we can get to clarity - with courage take a stand for what we know to be true.  It will help cut your ties with the past where it no longer serves you.  Then you can think for yourself and find your own way forward. As we begin this eight year cycle we can emerge more energized and awake—ready to heal our hearts, the environment, and, ultimately, the World.❤❤❤

Jade was with us on April 16th and did a powerful, deep group KLEAR process to resolve sorrow and wounding of the heart and replace it with Self Acceptance, Feeling Good, Happiness and Eternal Love and cleared 8,347,891 interferences and wounding of the heart from the listeners - this will only increase as the calls are played on Replay.  
On this April 19th call Jade explained the process in much greater detail.   Jade did a powerful KLEAR to interferences to Discernment, activated the 144,000 Quantun Chakra fields,  Pure Acceptance - for self and others, Trust, Eternal Love at a Multi-Dimensional level and Your ability to experience Neutrality - when you choose and  Discernment on a Global basis.  She also activated Your Inner Joy and Locked it in with Divine Joy.   Jade confirmed that the Live call, and live listeners cleared 9,343,079 energies of interferences to Discernment!  Jade confirmed that number will only increase as the calls are played on Replay.  
We can transcend and transmute through energy - imagine that we are able to alchemically change LEAD (Pb) to GOLD(Au) that is worth so much more in value.  Also if we shift the harmful energy of Gloom transmutes into the energy of GOLD that is more helpful.  Jade explained that she had a download to confirm that FEAR is False Energy Appearing Real! She changed it to Frantic Energy Affecting Your Reality! Well let's together change the F in FEAR from Frantic to Fantastic! Fantastic Energy Affecting Reality!
Remember Klear is a recalibration of fields and requires no processing!
Jade on this April 19th call explained what her Special Offer is and what the PDF and audios in your FREE Gift are and how that they are different from your Klear package.  The Soul Sol Practice is about moving from the need for Protection to being in Connection. Jade talked about the powerful testimonial she received from a client she had used the Drain process on.  The free gift includes a Klear on Release Anxiety. ❤❤❤
Bwlow you have access to this 5 Page PDF and 4 audios as a Special Gift from Jade (Empath Pain Relief Kit by Jade Rehder Soul/Sol Sourcing Practice)
Check out Jade's Special Offer, also by clicking on the button below or by going to her Special Offer Page here, if you can't wait.  Some of you have already jumped in and have started your journey into the Klear program, so thank you for that.   We would love to have your feedback on the show today and via email.