Series 4 Replays

September, 4th 2018

August 16th, 2018

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Replay of Vandana Atara Aura's August 16th Live Call on Transformation To Joy Global Telesummit on Healing Past Pain and Trauma Timelines was off the chart and a powerful, powerful call you will want to listen to again and again.

On this call Vandana guided us through a powerful group process - which was a powerful attunement and transmission.  Caroline said this is what she would love to wake up to every morning, and exactly what she asked for.  Her horse Merlin, who recently - he was with Caroline for 18 years may have connected us as she was looking to connect with Vandana again - and all of a sudden got to listen to a Replay of the call we had with Vandana on August, 9th - how incredible is that.  That Replay relates to a different Special offer so o a different page.  You can listen to that replay here.

The energies of fairies and the angelic kingdom and all others were just amazing - even Vandana was astounded with the energies that showed up.  These are lasting changes, as Caroline said in her feedback.   In this group  process, let Dr Lordan, the Arcturian healing team and other ascended Divine beings of Love and Light lift you out of pain and traumatic timelines so that you can good again, and you can fly and soar with the angles.  The arcturian medical team - who also have wings fly with you.   You are in your healing chambers, relaxing and receiving the healing.  Just feel how light and expansive you can become!  Feel all debries from the duality, your trauma timelines leave - see the flashing orbs of light in this healing facility as you are being healed.   Healing your mind, your body and soul.    Forgiving yourself and all others.  Saying ho'opponopono.  Loving all of it, loving your body, you pain.   Feel the fogginess lifting off you!  See all the false masks collapse and fall away from you.  Stepping into your highest Soul role.  Just being you - happy and fulfilled!   Thanking all your guides, the medical team, The Divine Mother - Earth mother.  Noticing the shift!  Bathed and blessed - from the inside out!  Enjoy this Miraculous, Divine Healing intervention - you have received everything you need to change what is not working for you.  Even as the Arcturain healing team return to their own planet, know that the nature and Deva spirits are here loving you and supporting you and the energies will continue to work with you for another 48 hours.   This was a powerful Density detox process.

Vandana has put together a great package - so that you can listen just before you go to bed.  We are all shape-shifters and we can tap into the star medicine.  Whatever healing you are struggling  with.   Flushing out toxins and pollutants.  Accessing your own inner shaman - so you don't feel hopeless or feel you are beyond.   There is a process for accelerated pain healing to rapidly and easily move you out into ease.   RICH ascension light codes are all there to help you shift out of stress and the 3D reality.  Open up to Cosmic higher heartspace so that you are no longer separated from your higher self - it will give you peace and because your soul body is merging into your physicality.  Release vows, contracts and karmic patterns so you can create new ones agreements that are more supportive.   Asking to be heard and acknowledged for all that you are - speaking from love.   Process to shift you out of the 3D trauma, pre-birth trauma so you can be released from your birth mother - so it becomes easier to become the magical manifester.  Heart de-armoring so that you can open up to love.  Release all the energies you stored in your stomach - as you were not able to process those energies in the moment.     There is also a chance to work with Vandana on a one to one.

Enjoy the Replay and share with your friends and loved ones and do take a look at Vandana's Special Offer here.




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