Series 4 Replays

July 19th, 2018

July 26th, 2018

July 31st, 2018


July 16th Replay

This was another Powerful, High Energy, Life Changing call with Sandra Pelley who has a passion to help her clients - which comes across on the call. Her Special gift is the space she holds for you to Unblock the Greatest Expression of Your Soul to Live Your Life Fully Empowered, Energized and Ready to Greet the World!

Through various methods, helping people has been her goal for her entire life. In the early 2000’s she suffered a life changing injury, that took 10 years to truly recover from. During this time, Sandra was directed towards a non-traditional way to begin healing and her Soul’s Purpose began.  She started to listen to Telesummits, and to Transformation To Joy Global Telesummit.   As she shared one day she received an email from Shashi  that changed her life - shortly after that joined Shashi Langham's Mentoring and Coaching Program for New Speakers 

This is what people are saying about working with Sandra

"Universally, there are no mistakes. There was a reason Sandra came into my life at the time she did. I'd been struggling with some personal issues that had kept me in "stuck mode" for some time. Sandra offered me her knowledge, expertise, integrity, generosity, and passion for her work all wrapped up in a beautiful package of Light.  That is what she works with. I see it and feel it when I work with her. Her gifts she shares authentically. She has been a spiritual lifeline for me. The messages she provided from my Higher Self were profound and "spot on".  The tools she gave me to use work!  I am no longer "stuck" and am moving positively forward in large part to Sandra's gifts. I highly recommend working with Sandra in any area of your life. You will feel the healing." ~ Sue – Massachusetts

On this call Sandra helped a number of callers through issues they are facing and challenges they are having.   Mehar and Thelma are both working with Sandra and have had extraordinary results, already!   Thelma was encuouraged to start coming on our calls by Mehar and Thelma is so happy she did finally did (as you will hear her tell it in her own words on the July 25th call).  Rosie, a new caller to the show, also brought to us by Mehar, got support with a specific issue she is dealing with, calling from the UK. 

On this call, Sandra assited Melissa who lost her son, Ben, last October.  The process Sandra did to support Melissa - moved everryone on the call.  we could feel the outpouring of Love was Melissa.

Sandra will be back on our show on Wednesday, July 25th so make sure to look out for the call details, and if you have not registered you will have a chance to register for our Telesummit below.  We would love to welcome you to the show.  

July 25th Replay

Yes! This was also another Powerful, Powerful call with Sandra Pelley and a strong reinforcement of how Powerful an Intuitive Healer Sandra Pelley is.  Sandra, I am proud to say was one of Mentoring and Coaching student on my program for New Speakers, and has been a bright, bright light in the healing and transformation she bring to all her calls and all our listeners.

Sandra started the call by doing a beautiful Grounding meditation, taking us in a different direction than usual, for the support she wanted to provide to listeners who had recently purchased her Special Offer package with their various health issues.  Working with the listeners lineage - when that energy first came into being - healing it at the root source.   Focusing on that one person where the illness started, feeling the presence of angels as that energy lifts and see it coming directly into your Heartspace and flowing - through your Heartspace to where it is needed and how it is healing in every dimension, direction and every realm.  Breathing in that change, associating it with the smell of citrus oranges - the energy adapting and that healing staying with you through all time in your lineage going forward.   Recognise how that energy follows in your footsteps, feel the ripples of that.   As you come back to you feel the ripples and recognise how the Lions Gate is aiding with that.

Mehar described how the beautiful the journey that both took with the pyramid work Sandra had done with her on her one to one session - but that she struggled with what if they don't believe me.  Sandra supported her in using her positive power and not worry about whether people believe her or not.  With self-belief, we got the feeling that Mehar will do the good work she is so very capable of.    The power of the healing that took place could be felt.

Trudy, came on to the call to say she has enjoyed all our calls, and particularly Sandra's calls and wanted some support around relationships ending and a new one coming into her life.  Sandra, took Trudy through her powerful breath work - by simply writing down and saying these 4 sentences phrase.  You can do this on the Replay! As and as you say each line  of the four sentences - take a deep Breath and let it go.  Say the next sentence line and repeat with the Breath work.  Do this whenever you need to ground and as part of your daily Self-care and Self-love!





Sandra asked Trudy to connect with a happy memory and see herself standing there with a someoney she is very happy with - a Divine compatible partner - a year from now.  Wearing yellowy green/turquoise green clothes.   This visualization is working on the energies -  Living in the Energies!   On this call Sandra taught Trudy, if she did this exercise on a regular basis - Living in those Energies and just allow the energies to flow as they will.   Feel into the energies, he will start to appear in her reality.  It will be very intriguing how the energies will shift to bring about a positive outcome - doing it first thing in the morning and at night you can manifest your deepest heart's desires.

Thelma came on the line to give some amazing feedback, after her one to one session with Sandra, her daughter asked, “What happened in there, you look ten to fifteen years younger!” Even the next morning, she said “Mother you look wonderful.” Thelma said she had to write in to Sandra to tell her.  Thelma, went on to say, “Not only that I could not take in a lot of that I just wanted to go to bed but unfortunately I had to stay up a while before I could go to bed. “

"One wonderful thing that has happened was I started to sing!", declared Thelma. Singing along with a Kundalini audio that is a favorite of hers” Thelma you see is a trained classical singer – she was so wound up with the training taboos that she had stopped singing!  But that morning, after her call with Sandra the evening before she overcome those limitations and she just kept with it and kept going and her singing – with joy – sounded good even to her own critical mind and ears!    She opened up to the possibility of healing work - her daughter had been encouraging her for years! It finally has sunk in.  She said she loved 'George' – her dragon – and can feel his energies – this was something that came up in her session with Sandra.   The other thing that Thelma mentioned on this live testimonial was the freedom Thelma now has to allow things to unfold and just happen.  A lot of it is about allowing, as Sandra has demonstrated with our other callers on this 25th July call and all her other calls with us.  So much of a real sense of freedom came in for Thelma to allow things to unfold – Living in the Energies! All of that in a mere hour and a half session with Sandra Pelley.   Thelma thanked Sandra for her wonderful work, thanked Shashi for having Sandra on the show and also thanked Mehar for recommending that she come on our Live calls to listen and work with our energy healers.

“A wonderful, fabulous, beautiful experience.” decalred Thelma.  Sandra, said “Wow”

Here we were keeping out Divine something, something…even Shashi struggled with getting the right word to describe the synchronity that was just demonstrated of the right speaker and right audience members coming together in Divine Right Timing! But, of course, the word I (Shashi) was struggling  to get was Appointment.  This was Thelma's and Sandra's  Divine Appointment.  As one of the ladies piped up...Appointment!... as I (Shashi) struggled to find that elusive word.   Sandra was in tears, overcome with the feedback she had just received, and was encouraged by me (Shashi) to take her time to come back to centre and to take that feedback in.

Do listen to the call and share with your friends and family - you never whose life you will be able to touch just by sharing this Replay.

Sandra will be back on our show on Tuesday, July 31st - as a slot opened up, in Diving Right Timing! So here we are another Divine Appointment Opportunity!  Sandra's immediate YES! is very deeply appreciated by us!  So make sure to look out for the call details, and if you have not registered you will have the chance to register for our Telesummit by on this page.   We would love to welcome you to the show.  

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