Series 4 Replays

July 23rd, 2018

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Replay of Karen Lagrange's Powerfull Call on the Crystal Matrix Box and Custom Pyramids

We were delighted to have Karen Lagrange back on Transformation To Joy Global Telesummit. If you have not heard about Karen Lagrange - you are in for a huge suprise when you Listen to the Replay. 
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Karen is a natural born healer and her ability to tune into what you need is Extraordinary! Karen has an uncanny knack for tapping into what you need to remove blocks, core issues and limiting beliefs to get you on the fast track to Thriving, as opposed to Surviving!
On the Replay listen to the Testimonials of what it has meant for Shashi, Kate, Jaishree, Rosie, Mehar and Thelma to work with Karen.   Karen also did a powerful process for calling back your power. Karen also started using her rods - a new line of enenrgy products she is bringing to our listeners on a future call - to work with the Crystal Matrix Box and any pyramid you have - either made by Karen for you or made out of crystal.  
As some of you may be aware Karen lost her son Justin, following an accident - a few months, and that is why this call - marks a turning point.   It was Justin who guided Karen on this path of energy healing - some 25 years when he was i his teens.     
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Shashi introduced Karen to the Telesummit  World, on February 16, 2017, by having Karen back on a weekly basis in her Series 1 of Transformation to Joy Global Telesummit. If You have not experienced Karen's energy and Loving and Giving heart - it is time that You did!  Now - Exclusively from Transformation to Joy Global Telesummit, you have the chance to have 3 Months of Live Call Live recordings and support from Karen Lagrange from our Series 1.  These 14 powerful, life changing and impactful Live Call Recordings featuring Powering Clearing and Healing calls unmatched by any Telesummit!  No one caller was hurried! Every caller got their issue addressed.  Never been offered before by any other Telesummit.  It included the amazing Clearing for Un-diminshing and Never Ending Wealth and Prosperity clearing.You can listen to these Call Recordings as often as you like!  They will be especially helpful if you experience similar issues to the ones Karen is working on with a Live Caller as those blocks can be released for you too! Often the issues we are facing are so similar that you too will resonate with the callers Karen did mini healing with using her Crystal Matrix Tool and Box.

As part of her Special Offer you also have the chance to order your Pyramid - made specially for you by Karen.  Most people who order Karen's pyramids aim to have at least 3.   You have 3 sizes to choose from, small, medium and large.  

Listen to this Replay and discover why we brig amazig healers like Karen Lagrange on our show.  

Enjoy the Replay and follow us on Facebook and Twitter. 

We look forward to having you on the call.


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