Series 4 Replays

August 8th & 1st, 2018

Maria's Special Offer: 

August 8th Call

Wow! We Bring you the Replay of a Powerful and High Energy call -  Our Second Live Call Today with Maria Martinez on Manifesting Your Life of Unlimited Abundance!  It will be uploaded to the Replay page you can access here or by clicking on the Gold button above or below! 
Maria's Live Group calls started on August 6th - and we still have up to 8 more Live Group calls to come.  We have been on both Live Group calls with Maria and so much has shifted for us.  You will want to listen to the Replay again and again - please do as so much will shift.  Now is the time! Are you Ready?  Are you ready to Create the Unlimited abundance that is your Birthright!  Today in the energies of the Lionsgate we got Maria's perspective of Shashi (representing all of us) and everyone on this Program standing as a BEACON for others and the Transformation To Joy Global Telesummit Community to SEND A CLEAR SIGNAL THAT WE ARE READY to a higher vibraion, become grounded and to align with what is now available to us to receive, bring into our Reality and Create from a place of stepping into Possibility and stepping ito our Full Potential!  Yes1 fear will always come up  - but Feal the Fear and do it Anyway! Do not let it stop us.  24 hours prior before Shashi has to push through her server being taken of fline due to a VIOLATION around the data storage, size of our files and the traffic we attract to our website and Replays!   Shashi, supported by Rita finally got her website re-instated so this call could happen!
Resistance comes up  just as we are about to have the biggest Breakthroughs! Hardly surprising, as Maria is a Breakthrough Specialist and Wealth Consciousness Activator.
Maria's Special Offer - It was a no brainer for many of us in the community, as Maria added 2 more Live Group calls and we want to create Unlimited Abundance for our Transformation to Joy Community.   We also added a 2 payment option.   Today Maria is also bringing to the call her new bonus of a chance to work with Maria on your issue over a period of time in 3 or 5 one to one private sessions of 25 mins each!  The greatest shift happened for Shashi - when she committed to working with one healer she resonated with over a three month and then over a six month period.   It is when you are commited to deeply dive in that deep that profound and exponential growth can take place.  So are you ready to Manifesting Unlimited Abundance in any and all areas of your life!  We know we are!

Maria is a Success Coach, Multi-dimensional Healer, Energy Alchemist, Breakthrough Specialist and Wealth Consciousness Activator.

Maria supports people in identifying their gifts and talents, discovering their Life Purpose, living their full expression, and achieving Happiness, Joy, Fulfillment and Prosperity. She has the unique ability to see, feel and hear what is blocking you from your full potential, accessing your gift and living in your flow. As an activator of human potential, she removes your blocks, moves you into empowerment, amplifying who you are so that you can live in your flow, as your authentic self, the light, the Godspark, supernatural, divinity. As the creator in this reality, you can design a life that works for you, brings more love, light, joy, abundance and an extraordinary life.

These Replays are for you if you are looking to create Wealth consciousness and Manifest a life of Unlimited Abundance!

August 1st Call

What a powerful call, this was:   Maria brought energies to the call that we are all so ready to work with - to clear us on issues that has kept us diming our light, playing it small and not reaching our full potential.

Do listen to the end - as a special message came in for everyone who is drawn to listen to the Replay and who listened on the call Live.

Do write to us via email to calim your Free Gift from Maria.

"What an amazing clearing Maria took us through ! EXACTLY related to the issues that came up for me earlier today ! THANK YOU." ~ Laila - South-Africa

"Wow! I’ve experienced many clearings, but those were super powerful! I got really dizzy and disoriented after the first one, so I know a TON of energy was moving and really shifting in my field. Thank you so much, Maria!!" ~ Kathy

Maria's Special Offer and Live Group calls start August 6th - so do check out the her Power packed Special Offer here.

Manifesting Unlimited Abundance -  First Live Group Call:  Monday, August 6th 11:00 AM Pacific.  Don't Miss Out.   Sign Up here.
Thank for your feedback in our Quick Survey - a 2 Pay Option has been added to Maria's Special Offer and Maria has also added 2 more Live Group calls for all purchasers taking place on August 14th and August 21st - So Package A is 6 Live Group Calls, Package B is 8 Live Group Calls and Package C is 10 Live Group Calls.

“I’ve done a lot of these clearings with many different healers this past year, and Maria is hands down the most grounded, generous and authentic of them all.  The truth of her spirit comes through the sound of her voice and her healings are profound and deep.  She possesses a genuine Christ like quality; like she is from another dimension or planet."

~ Cheers, Allyson


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