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September, 13th, 2018

August 28th, 2018

August 2nd, 2018

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Replays of Eddie Stone's Live Calls on Transformation To Joy Global Telesummit will be posted on this page

Replay of Eddie Stone, CEO & Founder of Touchstone Essentials Live call on Transformation To Joy Global Telesummit.

On this first, introductory call with Eddie Stone, Eddie shared his journey and passion for organic, clean, natural ingredients for supplements and return to plant based-nutrition for his own health and well-being, and feels very strongly that he is role model for his grown up children to adopt and live a healthy lifestyle and that you can be the same - as so much of our well-being depends on the choices we make with our diet and nutrition - and the supplements are here to stay! However, not all supplements or detox products like Zeolite are created equal.

Eddie - also touched on blue areas - where all things being equal certain segments of people enjoy a longer lifespan of 10 years+ as a result of the slight changes they make to their diet - by keeping it simple and pure.

Shashi described her own experience with the Pure Body (zeolite) and taking the Super Green Juice and Organic Super Protein - and how tasty the the two were - taken just on theie own with good quality water. Shashi also very quickly lost her cravings for sugar.

Eddie, gave us a quick run through on how to take Zeolite and will back on Transformation to Joy on August 28th - that gives you time to try order and try out the Pure Body (Zeolite) and the Transform Pack and let us have your on the August 28th call.

Listen to the Replay to discover how Eddie Stone, "Over the course of two decades marketing and making nutritional supplements, I couldn’t help but notice that many of the same problems found in Big Food—pesticides, ultra-processed ingredients and toxic additives—were also found in most “health” supplements."

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