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August 9th, 2018

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Replay of Vandana Atara Aura's August 9th Live Call on Transformation To Joy Global Telesummit on on Inter-Dimensional Soul Retrieval For Empaths, Starseeds & Sensitives is Here.

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On this call Vandana guided us through soul empowerment with the energies of Merlin (moments before Vandana mentioned Merlin Pamela saw Merlin's wand which she came on line to share!!!) and his Divine Feminine compliment and all of the royalty were present to restore your Royal inheritance.  Know you are a Divine human sent here for a higher reason and calling. Activate the codename  'RICH ' a code for Releasing and Clearing all the 3D energies, in the presence of Lord Metratron and other angelic beings - feel the thousand petal lotus flower open.   Feel empowered and ground your feet - this is a whole new world we are stepping into.  Life force, magnetic fields - see the photonic lights dance all around you.  Setting in an intention to manifest something new, better than you ever imagined - call in your magical little one who you can re-parent, empower and nurture.  Create a whole new set of Earth records.  Letting go all you are ready to let go of, forgive others and yourself for.   Feel the star medicine healing not only you but all fields, all worlds, all planets.  Breathe in more energy into all those empty spaces in you and shower them with light.  Fill up the barren and empty spaces.  Healing soul loss, claiming what you lost, what you have been missing.  Breathing it back in- wherever you left it - during that first trauma.  To show you, guide you, teach you how it feels to heal to feel whole and complete.  Releasing other people's energies - from people, from systems, from jobs you have had, from the roles you played.   Just allow your belly to open and allow all those empath wounds you have taken on and carried  - allow all those to release through the belly button - from the front and back and all around.  Stand underneath a waterfall and wash out all toxins, old energies and densities - melt, dissolve and let them all go.   Allow a golden Mother Gaia to heal it.  Allow all your lineage, guardians, the master beings who have gone underground to emerge take it and burn and recycle all of that density and Karma.  Coming back to your Light body - maximize and accelerate your healing - clearing all blocked trauma energies.  Healing all disease.  Breath in....

This is a cosmic celebration to align with the 8-8 Lions Gate Stargate Frequencies to empower your soul gifts, retrieve your power pieces, speak your truth & courageously create new beginnings to birth the new earth in unity & community!

In This Accelerated Light Soul Empowerment Group Session, Vandana help callers and listeners who listen on the Replay

-  Deepen your connection with source, your angels & your higher self

-  Love yourself free & re-set your entire reality

-  Forgive & release past wounds, trauma & karmic misunderstandings

-  Take back your light, energy & vitality to re-write your soul destiny

This  Accelerated Ascension Activation Introduces You To:

-A Quick & Easy Way To Unlock Density & Merge With Your Inner & Outer Light

-Nameless Light Codes To Help You Unlock Blocks & Untwist Karmic Knots

-How It Feels To Truly  Release & Let Go Of Others Energies

-How To Instantly Clear Fear, Stress & Anxiety From Your Cells, Hormones & DNA

-How To Flush Out Stuck Energies, Imprints & Implants

-Your Birthright To Speak Your Truth With Ease & Grace

When You Release What Is Not & Take Back What Is Yours,  You Will Experience:

-How It Feels Like To Hold 100% Light In Your Cells, Chakras & Field

-Knowing & Trusting You Are Divinely Supported, Blessed & Beloved

- Profound Peace, Vitality & Well-Being From The Inside Out

- Courage, Clarity & Confidence To Live Out Your Soul Purpose

- Emotional Clearings To Dissolve Heart Walls & Body Armor That Diminish Your Light

- Quantum Tools To Help You Attract Abundance & Thrive On The New Earth Vibration

- How To Do What You Love, Love What You Do & Live On Your 5D Soul Ascension Timeline

You can heal, clear & release energies you’ve stored & absorbed from past lives, the womb & in childhood.

Thelma came on the live call to share what the process was like for her and to ask her question about stepping into her powers - the reading Vandana gave will give you insights into how deep Vandana’s work is on the Cosmic level.

Do Enjoy the Replay and share with your friends and loved ones.



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