Series 5 Replays

December 19th, 2018

November 29th, 2018

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Replay of December, 17th with Gloria Shaw

Gloria started the call by describing how she was guided to create a Monthly subscription program  to provide further support to her clients - guided by the Whole Heart Healers she works with.  She described some of the amazing feedback and results she has been able to achieve for her clients.


This Replay is for you if you are ready to give yourself a Gift of Healing - a gift only you can give yourself!   This was a very well attended call and Gloria worked with many listeners and did a group healing for everyone who had written in.
We would love to have a call like this everyday!  That is not possible.   Clearly judging by the questions we were asked in the Q&A box there is a huge need for Gloria's Special Offer


Monthly Program - Daily in the Energies Remote Healing and Monthly Live Group Call with Gloria Shaw

Monthly Program Subscribers  - add One to One Private Sessions  - with Gloria Shaw



Replay of November, 29th with Gloria Shaw

Gloria started the call with her beautiful Meditative process for healing with her Whole Heart Healers that you will love - and like Shashi not want to come back from.  A must listen to experential process that is impossible to describe with our mind or words - you need to listen and fell into the energies... 

This Replay is for you if you if want to achieve: Freedom from Past Traumatic Stored Discordant (Emotions , Thoughts, Feelings and Events) contributing to Pain & Suffering, Stress & Struggle, Lack & Limitation, Disease and unhealthy Relationships  is a Divine Gift of Love. A Gift of You Healing You!  Using the Power of Love, Light and Truth.
Gloria took a question from earlier in the week from Hsien-chi and brought in a beautiful healing process you for all of us - "Hi I've been having body pain for years but lately I've developed skin rashes on my arms, legs and torso. Could you tell if there's any correlations between the body ache and the rashes? And could you help me to get some relief? Thank you." ~ Hsien-chi
Gloria also brought in a beautiful Group healing for all of us - Jennifer had written in to say, "Decorations, presents, family feasts and "cheer" all sound fun and festive - But why does the holiday season often trigger stress, anxiety, and feelings of sadness.  I feel anythiny but Merry.  I was interested to learn that U.S. News & World Report, psychologists shared that one of the biggest contributors to holiday overwhelm is the idea that we're expected to "be merry." And this heavy air of expectation actually creates an underlying pressure that either sparks or amplifies lower vibrating feelings and emotions."
Gloria Shaw brings us her Brand New Whole Heart Healing & Transformation Divine LOVE Healing Immersion - Monthly Subscription that starts at $29 a month - of Daily Remote Healing Energies and a Monthly Live Gro up call that startes on Decemher 4th at 1pm Pasicif and 4pm Eastern - starting at just $29 a month.

If your heart is saying YES! Please and Thank You. Then this amazing/profound monthly healing, support and guidance program that Gloria brings is for you.  To Get Immediate Access to this Special Offer click here.   

Enjoy the Replay, share with your friends and family.

Yes! As we have had so many requests - Our Calls are now Available for Purchase!

This supports al of us in the exchange energy of giving and receiving.  This brings us together in community and allows everyone to unlock their prosperity!  A fun fact is that every energy exchange that you make comes back to you multiplied or something even better!   Our calls are on sale for $8.88 USD - you can download and listen to as often as you like.
Please press the Return to Merchant button after making your purchase.  Please email us at Support after your purchase with details of the Name of the Speaker and the Date of the call and we will  send you the access to the call recording.  This is done manually so do be aware that we will send you the recording you have purchased and can download as sson as possible.
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