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with Eleanor Healy

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How to Shift Resistant Physical & Emotional Issues for Good!

Shift your resistant, chronic challenges—including the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level—so you can finally live the life you’re meant to live.

Do you struggle with resistant, chronic challenges—including physical, emotional, mental and spiritual?

Do you stuggle to find the ACTUAL underlying cause of your resistant issues?

Do you find that you are self sabotaging yourself as opposed to working in your best interest?

Do you feel exhausted from having tried everything to heal yourself?

Eleanor says, ""On my call on Transformation To Joy, you can access by clicking on button below - I will share with you how to access the ACTUAL CAUSE of your resistant issues so you can transform and heal them - even if you have tried everything!" 

 Listen to this powerful call with Eleanor Healy, Medical Intuitive Healer, infused with energies and a very special message for the Transformation To Joy community.  On this call Eleanor will reveal deep insights and teach you the REAL REASON why you can’t overcome your resistant, chronic conditions at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level, so you can start to release everything in the way of you having the physical, emotional and spiritual freedom you long for!

What People are saying about working with Eleanor Healey, Medical Intuitive Healer


"Thank you for the very healing call with Eleanor Healy (on Transformation To Joy Global Telesummit). I was not aware of the fact that many different symptoms in the body could be the result of one main root cause. Thank you for the energy healing. I was very affected by my false belief that "I am not allowed to be here" ! All my life I felt like I was a burden, and now I can start unraveling this. Now I feel free to claim my birthright, and I know that I desire to practice forgiveness of self and others.make
I feel I have already received a wonderful gift.
Much love and infinite gratitude."- Barbara, Canada


"Hello beautiful ladies I would love Eleanors insight, healing, clearing, energy work.. to what might behind my chronic fatigue, coupled with less hearing in my left ear and discomfort my left knee when I walk and or dance.. Have done lots of healing that help temporarily but not long term and or permanently.. I will be listening and will follow along. Had lots of childhood traumas and dramas, did lots of inner child work.. I don't seem to get the deeper wisdom behind them... love to know, learn and release them... thanks."


Eleanor on a Live call on April 9th on Transformation To Joy responded by saying I am in a race, it is like a catch 22 situation and I can never win.  Chronic Fatigue is like being in a hmaster wheel and they are unable to access the energy of the Universe to replenish themselves.  She sent energy to Gloria on the live call.  Gloria needs to ask for help and that she has to do everthing on her own - has had the effect of telling the Universe you refuse any sort of help. Gloria by being open to receiving help, even with someone holding a door open for you will begin to open you up to receiving support and help.  You are not on your own! You can ask for support. Open yourself up to receiving!  - Gloria, Davenport


" Amazing call ..Thank you." in Facebook referring to the April 9th call on Transformation To Joy Global Telesummit - Sandra Howie


“What an amazingly gifted woman. She knew very little about me and picked up on issues I needed healed quickly and efficiently. I immediately felt a release and calmness I had not felt in a very long time. I am very grateful for the work that she does.” - Anna B., USA


“After Eleanor sent energy, the acne on my jaw line completely cleared up, and I also had almost no breakouts around my cycle this month! The difference was so blatant that I knew for sure Eleanor's work was the cause, as I didn't do anything else differently this month. So I just wanted to say thank you to Eleanor for so generously giving of her time and healing energy! Honestly, having gotten such spectacular results from a short free healing on a Facebook post, I can only imagine what kind of results a full session with her would bring!!! Thank you again, Eleanor!!" - Rebecca M., Canada


“Eleanor is excellent. She finds out the root cause and gives the right solution. Which has really worked well for me. I am really very grateful to her. My Skin is very clear and my IBS problem has reduced by at least 80%. She is simply superb...More Success and Growth for you Eleanor. A Million thanks and Lots of Love and light to you.”- Nikhisha S., India


"I had a session with her and she was very accurate in her reading. The energy work was great and I am already feeling the effects. I would definitely recommend working with her."- Brandy F., USA


"I’ve never had any energy work before, didn’t know what a medical intuitive did, and didn’t know what to expect. Well I still don’t know how she does what she does, but what she does is incredible. I’ve had so many realisations and breakthroughs energetically, emotionally and physically in the last few days. Eleanor was so generous with her time and has such a gentle way of working, and everything she said was just spot on."- Leonie G., Australia


"I had a beautiful session with Eleanor, she was very personable and tuned into me the whole time and told me stuff that no one had ever picked up on. She explained what I need to work on and how it will help me once I let that block go. I highly recommend her to help you with something that your not getting any results on."- Tara T., USA

About Eleanor Healy..

As a Medical Intuitive Healer, Eleanor Healy helps you find the not so obvious root causes of your chronic physical symptoms—with the use of sharply accurate intuitive messages and powerful healing energy—so you can finally have the freedom and peace of mind you long for.

She is not only helping you as a powerful healer, counselor and sharply accurate intuitive with over 12 years of experience: she suffered from acne, the painful condition of IBS and serious anxiety for over 25 years. She understands what it’s like to live your life in a prison cell that revolves around enduring painful and debilitating symptoms.

Since overcoming these seemingly impossible conditions, it is now her mission to save you the time, heartache and money of trial and error methods that don't work, so you can resolve your chronic conditions and finally live the life of your dreams!

Her SOUL PURPOSE is to guide you on a light-hearted and joy-filled reunion back home to you (your TRUE SELF, the part of you that knows all the answers).

When she’s not helping you unravel and clear the root causes of your physical symptoms, she’s indulging in long trips overseas, baking vegan chocolate cake and watching Disney animated movies.


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