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Maria's October 29th, 2018 Replay

Maria's October 24th, 2018 Replay

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TTJGT Recordings

Replay of another Powerful and Life Changing, October 28th call with Maria Martinez

Maria took us all through a deep healing process - you will want to Listen to again and again.  She also took a number of callers through a process to help hem with where they are stuck - However, depending on the issues that show not all of them can be resolved on a call like this - that is why Maria's Live Group calls start on November 6th are so valuable. To Learn More, click here. 

This Replay call is for you if you:
Are you willing to recognize, notice and accept full responsibility for everything you’ve created in your life as a result of the stories, belief systems, emotions, patterns and vibration you were running?
Own the life that you’ve created and set yourself free. Be in observance of your life and let go of the drama, the victim, the ego, and all other archetypes that sabotage you, hold you back, and keep you hostage.
Let go of programs, contracts, oaths, vows, agreements, pacts, commitments, conditions, arrangements, charts, stacks. Remove them from your DNA and Akashic records, all lifetimes, all realities, all timelines, all dimensions, all parallel lives, all planes in which you exist, the multiverse and omniverse to the time of creation.
Complete your and everyone else’s Karma, attachments, cords, entanglements you are carrying in your field. Finally set yourself free and create from your vibration.
Reprogram your mind, clear your energy, release the emotions, complete karma and soul contracts and raise your vibration, heal all areas of your life and align with all that you desire.
Have healthy boundaries, stand in your power, feel healthy, energized, confident, inspired and completely comfortable in your own skin.
Be Your Greatest self and Create Your Most Extraordinary life with ease, grace, and certainty.
Love yourself, love your body, fully express yourself and be your Divine Uniqueness.
Maria took us all through a deep healing process - you will want to Listen to again and again.  Maria's Live Group calls start on November 6th.

Replay of our Most Powerful and Life Changing, October 17th call with Maria Martinez

If you are struggling then now is the perfect time on the Taurus Full Moon to let go of programs, contracts, oaths, vows, agreements, pacts, commitments and conditions that no longer serve you. The energy is here to highlight areas where we need to create better boundaries and practice more self love. So, if you are finally done with what no longer works for you, now is the perfect time to move forward to Create Your Extraordinary Life - the seeds you will sow now serve you for years to come.  On this most powerful and life changing call yet with Maria, Maria shared some very deep insights on what keeps you from Trusting Yourself, what keeps you in Fear and Doubt, how you keep and all of us keep avoiding ourselves from Living a fully abundant life and an Extraordinay Life - from the inside out!
Here's some feedback from listeners who wrote in to the call:
"Hello Maria This is Gabriella from Sweden......I ask for help to help to clear what is holding my receiving back? I have done really intensive inner work and clearing"....maybe from other lifetimes which may blocking....I don`t know what to do more. I mean receiving my money flow. Thank you" - Gabrielle, Sweden
Maria worked on this for Gabrielle, and this is what Gabrielle wrote in to say: "Thank you very much for picking my question and thank you for Maria`s clearing and answer (I will listen again in replay) is a very heavy devasteted day and it feels better now...thank you very much <3 many Blessings"
"Just want to say I have been on live calls and they are very powerful, probably even better than the 1/1s because the group energy is great and you receive a lot of healing. I will be sorry when they stop. So, really, people should take advantage of them when they are still available!" - Diana, Florida
"Hi Beautiful Maria and Shashi, Money has not yet come in for me to cover the packages I've purchased already and allow me to purchase more which I truly want to do as they are so wonderful, enjoyable, and powerful! I want to actualize the cash now and move forward now instead of waiting and knowing the money is coming. Your help is deeply appreciated." - Melinda.
Thank you Melinda for this question, it gave Maria an opening to do a beautiful process to clear what is blocking Melinda in taking the steps she needs to take and removing all the layers of abundance is outside of me, it is limited and instead look at where she can provide value, and know that her abundance comes from within herself, from loving herself and comes to her from an infinite source. Also clearing where she is feeling unworthy. Maria also gave Melinda and all of us simple questions we can ask ourselves - and clear all the layers that keep us stuck and gave her and us some powerful questions to ask and to step into Trust - Trusitng the Universe. That is when the real shift happens, when you are in what Maria described as Radical Trust.
Melinda wrote in to say," Thank you both so much!"
This Replay is available for purchase.  See above for details.

Replay of October 17th call with Maria Martinez

"I also have - the meditation today was that when she (Maria) was doing the energy from the receiving to the giving through the hands - the left hand to the right hand - it was totally on fire! The energy level was off the charts going from my left hand to my right hand back and forth as she did the receiving and the giving. It was awesome!" - Tamara
"I was excited too - because I had a surge of creativity - before the call with some programs all starting with Step into Your...and as simple as Life and several different and that was all she Maria was talking about when she started the call ... and that was pretty cool too." _ Tamara
This was another powerful, high energy call with Maria Martinez do listen and share!

This Replay is available for purchase.  See above for details.

"Yesterday’s call was quite extraordinary. Truly one of the best I Have heard of Maria’s. So many blessings! Would you ever consider including an mp3 of the call as part of the package?" ~ Joanne (following the call we had with Maria on Monday, September 10th)
"Hi, namaste Shashi!  What another wonderful, empowering, beautiful healing call, activation, and shared experience with you, Maria, Divine Presences and all on the call!  Thank you, Thank you all! With gratitude, appreciation, Love and Light, Elizabeth.  Happy Blessings!. Trust, allow, welcome, surrender, receive, appreciate, rest, relax and enjoy!" ~ Elizabeth via email after our September 10th call with Maria
"Shashi, I agree, this was such a deep beautiful process, and it does feel to be sinking in deeper 🙂 thank you Maria" - Diana, Australia
"Hi, namaste, Thank you for this valuable activation. Would love to stay free and clear from old programs, influences, doubts,and strengthen divine possibilities and blessings of financial flow. Feel some nervousness in heart area and solar plexus, almost can I really allow it to be so easy and great esp. when those around me don't. Any clearing possible appreciated. In all ways, Thank you, blessings, Light and love, Elizabeth"
"Thank-You Maria, You are such an Inspiration. (Sepember 7th call) I feel so grateful for being on this Call <3 Many Blessings Beautiful Maria" ~  Destiny
"Thank you, what a powerful call! First time I thought of Abundance as a Loving Energy! Wow! Last part really felt the strength of it, On the bridge! Hooray! Much appreciation, Light and love, Elizabeth"
"Just wanted to get back to you and maria shashi. I feel much better now,, more relaxed and the physical pain has decreased. I feel like crying. what a relief finally knowing that this can be cleared.. many thanks. Rosemary"
Maria is a Success Coach, Multi-dimensional Healer, Energy Alchemist, Breakthrough Specialist and Wealth Consciousness Activator.  Maria's work is transforming lives, just last week (September 4th) Maria wrote in to us to say.
"Hi Shashi!!!
I am so excited.  I see so many miracles happen.  
This last week, 
* 3 women in one of my group trainings got a new job
*1 triple her income and is now starting a new business
*  Another is now handling all his financial blocks from a place of empowerment
* another settle on legal issues savings hundreds of thousand of dollars
* another attracted  25 new paying clients in 1 week
* another is now getting along with ex husband and he is providing child support
* another is booking high paying gigs
Lots of abundance every where.
I am excited to support your community in creating their own abundance miracles."

Replay of October 10th call with Maria Martinez

This was another powerful, high energy call with Maria Martinez do listen and share! Shash shared the powerful shifts she has had after being on Maria Live Group Calls - she is now a changed pwrson from who she was When Maria came on the Transformation To Joy Global Telesummit on August 1st, 2018.  Maria mentioned that in future she will not be able to offer Live Group calls on our call on October 24th - so this may be your last change to come on up to Nine (9) Live Group calls with Maria.  Check out Maria's Special Offer  - Live Group Calls with Maria begin on November 6th.
This Replay is available for purchase.  See above for details.

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