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October 30th, 2018

October 25th, 2018

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Please Note our Replays will now available for purchase - to support our Speakers, our platform and enable our listeners to exchange energy so that they can jump start and pick up speed with the energy of giving and receiving.  Thereby everyone is supported in community and everyone has the chance to unlock their propsperity by asking that what they give in the way of energy exchange and money comes back to them multiplied x10, x100, x1000 in monetary value and blessings or something even better! This came to us, as a download on a call with Vandana on October 9th - as we write in our New Book of Life.  The Value of our call recordings came in as $17.77 USD and we are offering you our calls for $8.88 USD.

Yes, We are now offering you the ability to purchase individual calls recordings from Transformation To Joy of your favorite calls - as many of you have asked for in the past.  To purchase simply click on the button below.  Do make sure you press the Return to Merchant button after making your purchase.  Also do email us at Support with details of the Name of the Speaker and the Date of the call you have purchased so we send you the access details for your call recording.

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Replay of October 24th call with Sandra Pelley

Sandra has been a regular guest on Transformation to Joy Global Telesummit.   Sandra is now offering 3 Group Calls starting from $57 and 6 Group Calls Starting from $127!   These Group calls start on November 5th at 10:00 AM Mountain Time.

Sandra wants to help you find what’s within yourself so you may enjoy your life more fully and create what you desire; whether it is a new career, developing a better relationship or so much more. She’s an intuitive medium that is able to find critical moments in time that your soul is ready to deal with, moments that are important to your soul’s development.   As many of our listeners discovered, in the Transformation To Joy Community, having one to one personal time with Sandra can be truly transformational - that is why Sandra is offering a Premier Package. 

To make this offer even more valuable, Sandra on our call on Tuesday, October 30th, 2018 agreed to add her monthly  Pineal Chakra Activation Group calls on Zoom as a special  bonus. Shashi has only recently started to experience these powerful calls with Sandra.    In fact, the one she attended on Monday, October 29th - the day before the Live Call - left a deep, moving and profound impression on her.  So much so that she would like everyone in the Transformation To Joy Community to have access to these very sepcial calls with Sandra and she asked Sandra if she would offer these as a bonus to her Premier Package.  We are delighted to say Sandra agreed.   Thank you Sandra.

Sandra Pelley's work is quick, fast and truly transformational on so many levels.  Sandra works with her incredible group of guides, that encompass but are not limited to the Over Lighting Deva of Healing, PAN, the White Brotherhood, the Ancient Ones, such as the Trees, many power animals and spirits truly look forward to helping you. Often childhood events follow us into adulthood, these events and other 'traumatic' occurrences each have their own energy signature. Sandra seeks out the signature that is ready to be 'dealt' with and is shown the path that will help ease the way to positive change.

Sandra Pelley asks "be open, with no expectations and no limitations."

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Replay of October 24th call with Sandra Pelley

"Hello Shashi & Sandra, Thank you for your heart conversation about Trust & LIfe. Unlike Sandra, I am absolutely no mountain bike rider, in fact Exercise in general seems to be my biggest barrier or boulder (as Shashi said). I understand that part of loving my body, requires me to move it & exercise, and yet, every single day, I make excuses, (such as fatigue, exhaustion). Sandra is there something energetically that you can suggest, to help me? No expectations 🙂 Love & Blessings to you both" ~ Diana

Hi, thank you so much for sharing your life. I was moved to tears. I was divorced 7 years ago and have not been able to move on. I am not sure why but everytime i have the desire to give my heart to someone, i begin to lose myself. I am egar to find love but i have not been successful. Could you tell me what's causing this?" ~ Shirley

"Love you guys Any message? A young man gave me a rose I felt like my son told him, my mom needs that right now! He got a nice hug" -
"I can't call in and I keep getting kicked off web. Been trying for an hour even to send yhis....whew what's up!!!?" - "I need a car for winter been trying for a 2010 Hyundai Tucson one owner. Snows flying this week! I can even put my bike on the back Really feels like a safe car for me. Or keep my Not looking good so far...holding the vision! Any advice to manifest? Bank won't go the whole amount!" ~ Melissa

Replay of October 18th call with Sandra Pelley (Replay expired but available for purchase)

Sandra Pelley the courage of the lion, strength of character and the Lion meditation you just did on our call - in relation of how much we have accomplished in our lives - with each piece of fur and hair on the Lion's mane and fur. Walk with pride with your Lion family.  Awaken the lion inside you.

Replay of our October 16th call with Sandra Pelley (Replay expired but available for purchase)

This was another powerful, high energy call with Sandra Pelley.  Sandra has been a regular guest on Transformation to Joy Global Telesummit.   Sandra is now offering Group Work in addition with her powerful one to one work.

Sandra takes people very quickly, very fast to their 5th Dimensional Heartspace and get them to shift very quickly to shift issues.  Now is a very powerful time in betwwen the 10:10 Gateway and the 11:11 Gateway in a 11 Year!   Now is the time to write in that Book of Life, what Sandra calls the morning pages to write what you want to create to have in your life that you do with JOY and EnJOY!  Sandra described how a friend who is having health challenges is pulling in Joy  into her life despite what is outpicyuring in her life - she is at choice!

So for that RESET - take a few minutes to manifest what you want to create as an amazing life - of Joy, that you will EnJOY!

In the meditation, ceremony Sandra took us through, a Red Cardinal came in through the energy of the Air element to help us center and ground through the four directions and the four elements -first with water and next with the earth   Sandra also brought in the energy off fire and burning of sage to clear our spaces.   A feather from a Red Cardinal comes to us as a gift - and through breath work - we emerge as a Phoenix rising from the fire and the Red Cardinal takes the words we have written far, far into the Heavens (or zero point where all creation happens) as we do what it requires with our Mind, Body and Soul to Heal at the deepest level possible.  Feeling... the need to be Open, with no Expectations, no Limitations and being OK with the Outcome.  Feeling our physical body step into the Present Moment - ready and willing, accepting, trusting and believing As you listen, Sandra guides you to feel that the gift of the feather is like a young fledgling Red Cardinal on your shoulder here to guide you to your inner Divine Purpose - and so it is!

Enjoy this Replay and listen for the powerful one to one work Sandra did with Tamara who had a huge shift take place.  Sandra also did work on issues PJ wrote in about which Sandra felt were closely related to the ones that came up for Tamara.   Recreating a future outcomes that  supports them both!  work along with Sandra - and note how different it makes you feel!

Tamara mentioned she has shared details of our Telesummit platform with her friends - Thank you Tamara.

Sandra will be back with us for another call on Thursday, October 18th.   We look forward to having you on that call.

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