Series 5 Replays

November 1st, 2018

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Replay of our November, 1st call with Amy Flynn

Amy and The Collective (Source) joined us for a very powerful call with multidimensional galactic Light Rainbow frequencies and quantum activations to lift you out of limiting 3D energy and patterns into exciting 5D life of FUNbundance, prosperity and unlimited possibility.


Throughout the call you will F-E-E-L  into the activations and special Frequencies. Wow! F-E-E-L into the beautiful, feel good Crystalline StarLight Rainbow Frequencies to raise your vibration and activate your Light Body.


Listen to this call to discover the behaviors keeping you from stepping into your prosperity and FUNbundance as Amy and The Collective raise your vibration and teach you a powerful Release and Replace (have two pieces of paper and a pen handy) a to get you out of the habits that keep you trapped in lack and scarcity.


With Amy's Package B - New to Transformation To Joy of Indepth, very focused energy session to transform and release two areas of focus for you - energy surgery - very focused and powerful session!!! 


Expectation is so important, Melinda wrote in to say: "hooray! prosperity is here! love this!" and Larry wrote in to say "Fantastic discourse Amy & the Collective!"


Contrast this with what Jane wrote in, "Thank you so much , Amy and the collectives for all you do to help with the ascension and abundance.. Please tell me if I have any blocks left that stop me from manifesting my dreams? Love and Light and Laughter Jane." and what Joanne wrote in "Hi, I've been trying to build a work at home business so my husband and sister can retire and to help out my family. I've been scattered and unfocused trying to do to many things at once and not getting anything accomplished. Now I'm scared that we will end up losing everything we have worked hard for because we owe so much money. I would really appreciate any activations and special Frequencies to help me focus on what I need to do to build a successful business and to have a successful business to help my family with plenty of money for other things." - Joanne


Amy promised that at the end of the session (Replay) "The Collective" will wrap everything up with powerful activated energy to imprint the frequencies of prosperity and FUNbundance upon your cellular memory and energy matrix. You will feel AMAZING at the end of the session! Let us know if on listening on the Replay Amy delivered this by writing in to support.


We look forward to having your feedback -  on the call.

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