Series 5 Replays

November 5th, 2018

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This supports our Speakers and our listeners in the exchange energy of so that they can jump start and accelerate the energy of giving and receiving.  This brings us together in community and allows everyone to unlock their propsperity!  A fun fact is that every energy exchange that you make comes back multiplied x10, x100, x1000 in value, blessings or something even better!   We are offering you our calls for $8.88 USD.


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TTJGT Recordings
On this live call, Maria took us all through a deep healing process - with Goddess Laxmi showering you with blessings, gold coins, flowers and so much more.  Whenever you listen, invite Goddess Laxmi into your homes and businesses. Maria, on this very popular call, also took a number of live callers and listeners who had written into the Q&A box through a process to help them with where they are stuck.
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Replay of our November 5th, 2018 call with Maria Martinez


Throughout the call you will F-E-E-L powerful shifts as Goddess Lakshmi or Maa (Mother) Lakshmi blesses you and brings you the healing you need to know that you are WORTHY, DESERVING and are ABUNDANCE itself!  This call is available for purchase - scroll  above for details.

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