Replay of our call Sunday, January 6th Live call with Dr Scott Werner

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Creating a Spiritual Reality - 12 Week Online Group Mentoring with Dr Scott Werner

"St Germaine came to me December 21, 2018 Friday morning and wanted me to start a group mentoring over Zoom with as many people as possible. The purpose of the group mentoring is to get aligned with the Ascended Masters in our mental thoughts, intent, emotions, and clearing energy in our auric field which is chaotic and not serving and slowing our evolution.

St Germaine is ok if your have a group watching it at your office or home with just one payment ($197.00 for all twelve sessions) and whoever makes the payment gets a free intuitive reading from Dr. Scott Werner as a bonus. ($200.00 value)

Yes, St. Germaine also said that you can hook up a projector to your computer if possible and invite people to your home or office for free  because it will shift the lives of those who participate. We can interact and you will be able to ask questions.

Scroll down for more details, signing up is easy and call recordings of the 12 sessions will be available for 12 months.   To learn more listen to the call recordings or come on Live calls with Shashi Langham, Host & Founder of Transformation To Joy Global Telesummit.  Our first call is planned for January 6th, 2019 at 4pm Eastern.

With Love and light,

Scott Werner - (previous MD – now doing better things)"

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This supports our Speakers and our listeners in the exchange energy of so that they can jump start and accelerate the energy of giving and receiving.  This brings us together in community and allows everyone to unlock their propsperity!  A fun fact is that every energy exchange that you make comes back multiplied x10, x100, x1000 in value, blessings or something even better!   We are offering you our calls for $8.88 USD.
Please press the Return to Merchant button after making your purchase.  Please email us atSupport after your purchase with details of the Name of the Speaker and the Date of the call and we will  send you the access to the call recording.
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