Replay of our January 8th Brenda Lainof Live Call

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Brenda's Special Offer Pathogenic & Other Remote Clearings!

 ♦   Three 45 Minute Pathogenic & Other Remote Clearings


 ♦   Twice Monthly Group Clearing Calls on Facebook with Facebook Access

Brenda, " As you can see, Pathogenic covered a huge variety of illnesses and symptoms.  The good news is that as a Medical Intuitive, and Body Code, Emotion Code and Pathogen Practitioner  I can intuit, test for and identify the pathogens remotely that can create havoc on your physical body.  Pathogens such as bacteria, herpes, viruses, flu, fungals, parasites, miasms, heavy metals and toxic poisoning that love to hang out in your body and make you very ill.

Healing or relief is usually felt instantly or within hours of the session. I check in 48 hours after the clearing to see how you are doing by email or messenger.

We connect on Skype, Zoom, Facebook Messenger an updated report is issued after every session and 48 hour follow-up on each pathogen cleared.  Please note - there is some information gathering for the first 15 minutes or so and clearing for 45 Minutes - for your first call."

“Could feel tingling in hands and coolness in hands, was like myself and all of my guides “finally someone figured it out!” and grief how difficult it has been and not knowing how to clear it, what to do with it. Wow just wow Brenda!!! so awesome” Casey MacDonald, Canada


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