Eddie Stone,  January 30th, 2019 Replay

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If you have been on the healing and transformation journey for a while or you have just began - cleansing your body of toxins and impurities will help you raise your vibration, create more space and expansion for your cells to hold more light and ultimately for you to hold a higher vibration - for longer periods of time.  It has never been more important to improve the quality of the food we eat and the water and drinks we take into our body temple.

About Eddie Stone

"Over the course of two decades marketing and making nutritional supplements, I couldn’t help but notice that many of the same problems found in Big Food—pesticides, ultra-processed ingredients and toxic additives—were also found in most “health” supplements.In fact, most supplements are anything but healthy.I knew that needed to change. Your family, my family, all families deserve better.When we fuel our bodies with the right ingredients, we fuel our potential. Ideas sprout.
Possibilities grow. Happiness takes hold.A new way was needed. So in 2012 Touchstone Essentials was born with a commitment to clean ingredients, organic practices and sustainability.The solutions we offer are pure and simple. We aim to make organic goodness accessible and affordable. So we cut out the middlemen and make our wholesome, carefully-crafted supplements available direct online.It’s all the good from nature, delivered right to your door.  Eddie Stone, CEO & Founder of Touchstone Essentials."

On this 30th January call recording and Replay Eddie Stone, CEO & Founder of Touchstone Essentials explains what led him to create his range of good, clean and nutrient dense nutrional supplements products, the need to release old toxins and heavy metals and why thousands of clients all overr the world trust Touchstone Essential Zeolite - both Pure Body and Extra Strength for their detox needs.  c why you should look for nutrition dense food supplements, what got him on this path of creating and providing the Nutrition that is fit for a fit, active and healthy lifestyle you deserve.

One change you can make today to create a positive shift if you are looking for Nutritional Dense, Organic and Good quality food and have a limited budget and not a lot of time for preparing your food is to try the  Super Green Juice for 30-45 days.  It contains  44 certified organic superfoods help cleanse your system, reset your metabolism, alkalize your body and unleash your natural energy! Nothing artificial, no added sugar, with a light refreshing taste.  Super Green Juice also brings you 44 of the world’s healthiest organic superfoods, together in one convenient and tasty scoop. Each ingredient is carefully selected for its renowned nutritional qualities. Together these superfoods help to reset your metabolism, cleanse your system, and fuel sustained energy.  You could easily spend hundreds each month buying the organic superfoods inside Super Green Juice, and still not replicate the results. And you’ll save hours each week with our ready-to-use proven formula.

Supergreens +D One Eddie won't leave home wiithout as he travels and keeps up with his busy schedule, Supergreens +D uses certified organic, non-GMO and vegan ingredients. Support gut health and your digestive tract with 5 billion probiotics, plant-based enzymes, and a prebiotic to strengthen the microbiome to optimize digestion. It contains Optimal levels of organic Vitamin D (2,000 IUs a day) helps support bone health and your overall immunity.  As Eddie explained on the call most plant based proteins are chalky and don't digest very well. This protein is predigested and tastes really good. If you looking for faster and thicker growing hair and nails. Use for 6 weeks and see the changes and the tangible.

Organic Super Protein Fuel your body with clean, complete superfoods and organic plant proteins rich in BCAAs to support healthy muscles. Enjoy the convenience of this satisfying protein shake that is simple to make and easy to enjoy at home or on-the-go. Deliciously smooth, filling and easy to digest without any soy, dairy or added sugar, so you can feel good about how you fuel your body.
Power your body with certified organic, non-GMO, gluten- free and vegan ingredients. Nothing artificial and made in the USA. 18 GRAMS OF PLANT PROTEIN: Each serving includes vital MCTs, organic omegas and digestive enzymes to keep you feeling your best.

Calm Hemp Oil 750mg (Mint)

“I Shattered My Arm, Struggled With Sleep, Woke Up In Pain, and Drowned In Stress…
Until I Discovered Mother Nature’s Calming ‘Elixir Of Youth’!”

As Eddie shared on the call he Severely Dislocated his Elbow, and his Arm was Completely Mangled - this was from a Skateboarding accident - he shares his life-changing discovery here.


Calm Pets Hemp Oil 250mg -  Rich in cannabinoids for an entourage effect, each serving provides 25mg of cannabidiol (CBD) for a total of 750mg CBD per bottle. Superior non-GMO phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil helps calm the effects of temporary inflammation, discomfort and stress, while supporting restful sleep. Calm Premium Hemp Oil is produced from 100% USA (Colorado) organically grown hemp, and retains a full spectrum of terpenes, flavonoids and cannabinoids. Uses advanced nano-emulsification technology, making our hemp oil highly absorbable, and incredibly effective.   Uses chromatography to remove any THC (no high) while preserving all other beneficial compounds found in hemp oil. No prescription is required. Furry family members can experience the calming benefits of cannabinoids with a total of 250mg CBD per bottle to restore vitality in pets. Superior phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil helps cats and dogs recover after activities, eases stress and anxiety, calms joint discomfort and more.  Calm Pet Formula is produced from 100% USA (Colorado) organically grown hemp, and retains a full spectrum of terpenes, flavonoids and cannabinoids.With no artificial ingredients, and a natural hemp flavor that pets love. Use advanced nano-emulsification technology, making our hemp oil highly absorbable, and incredibly effective for pets.Use chromatography to remove any THC (no high) while preserving all other beneficial compounds so it is safe for cats, dogs and other furry companions.


Shashi Langham, " I was recently (Summer 2018) searching for ways to change my diet, and although I have steered clear of diet supplements I was looking for good quality, plant based organic supplements that I could start adding to my diet.    I realized that a lot of my Ascension symptons and aches and pains were to do with poisons and heavy metals in my body!  It was making me feel sluggish, tired and gaining weight.

I needed to make some drastic  (dietary) changes and as so oftens - search and the answer or teacher will appear.  I had heard about the benefits of taking Zeolite, as a powerful way of detoxifying the body.  My search led me to Eddie Stone and his supplement company, Touchstone Essentials.  Since 2012, his plant-based supplement company has been making organic, clean, and whole food supplements that use the power of healing plants – fruits and vegetables (that’s it!) – to optimize your health. Its capsules are even plant-based!

I discovered, just like our Energy Healers on Transformation To Joy Global Telesummit, Eddie's company does not cut corners when it comes to his product offerings.  Touchstone Essentials offers real whole foods that are certified organic and concentrated in an easily ingestible supplements and powders for creating amazing tasting smoothies (just add water).  More importantly, its full products range contain no artificial colors, no artificial flavors, no artificial sweeteners, no artificial vitamins, no GMOs, and no toxic additives.  Instead, it sources organic foods free of pesticides and herbicides, derives nutrition from powerful plants, utilizes backed-by-science custom blends, uses ingredients from sustainable sources, and Eddie is a stickler about quality control, testing everything before it gets close to the bottle or the containers!"

Touchstone Esentials delivers to over 60+ countries and I highly recommend the Zeolite an the Transform Bundle Pack. To go to the website, click on any of the orange buttons on this page.  All of Eddie products come with a 30 day Money Back Guarantee. 

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