August 22nd, 2019 (Replay)

July 31st, 2019 (Replay)

July 17th, 2019 (Replay)

Enjoy our August 22nd, July 31st & July 17th Replays of our Powerful, High Energy calls with Jennifer Lee on Love Your Body Healthy and Open to a New World of Possibilities!

These have been some of the most precious and unique calls we have had on Transformation To Joy.

On these calls,  Jennifer worked with many of our callers and brought in beautiful support and energies of the elementals in a magical place that is Wimberley, Texas.  On August 22nd call even a hummingbird and a group of hummingbirds joined in to add to the energies of the call!  Jennifer also brought to the call a beautiful Light Language and powerful message from Source of the support there is now there for us!

You will not believe that these were Jennifer's very first 3 Live Call on any Telesummit.

These Replays are for you:
  • if you are looking to connect back with your body and to all that is here to support you in nature and in the Spirit world
  • you want simple ways to cultivate optimum health by having a loving, compassionate relationship with your body
  • if you want to know how your life change - by making small changes and unconditionally loving and accepting yourself
  • if you want to release judgment and resistance to a whole new world of possibilities by being present and living more and more in teh present moment.
On these calls Jennifer shares practical steps you can take to support and LOVE your bodies through these challenging times.

Jennifer had said, "I'm so excited and honored to be appearing as a Guest Speaker on Transformation to Joy Global Telesummit. I'll be on live, Wednesday the 17th at 2pm MDST that's 4pm Eastern, speaking with Shashi Langham about cultivating optimum health by having a loving, compassionate relationship with our bodies.The focus of what I am offering is that as you release judgment and resistance and love yourself exactly as you are, flow increases and you open your health, and your life to a whole new world of possibilities.

If you've any health challenges come on this call to find out how I can support you in Loving Your Body Healthy...I am so very much looking forward to having you on the Live call with Shashi. Shashi has created a wonderful Community of listeners who come together on a regular basis to support each other and to be supported by wonderful healers. Let us, in Community help you Love Your Body Healthy and Open to a New World of Possibilities! You'll be glad you did." ~ Jennifer Lee"

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