July 18th, 2019 (Replay)

July 18th Replay of Our Deeply Insightful, High Energy Call With Cindy Edison on Shift from F-E-A-R to L-O-V-E and Aligning YOU With Who YOU Really Are!

Replay of our July 18th Call with Cindy Edison on Shifting from Fear to Love and aligning you with who you really are.

The New Earth vibration is here and now available to the human collective! Josef teachs us how to gain 'access' to these New Earth vibrations and shift us from F-E-A-R to L-O-V-E - both individually and collectively.

On this powerful call - that you will want to listen to again and again Cindy and 'Josef' had so many insights to share...

>>> Do Share with us what you got from the LIVE call and by listening to the REPLAY <<<

Cindy will be discussing how the Beings she channels, known as Josef, offer a new perspective that will assist YOU in the expansion of your awareness, shifting you from Fear to Love and aligning you with who you really are!

Yes, Thanks to Many Lightworkers just like YOU and Wayshowers a portion of the human consciousness has already raised its cojnsciousness and continues to expand. However, much remains to be done to make Paradise, or Heaven on Earth, a physical reality. So many of us in the 3D Reality have been taught to push against Love and to dwell in our Shadows. Yes LOVE and LIGHT is your true nature of being.

The Josef Collective stresses our Oneness. Josef shows YOU how to move away from fear and the shadows and grow more in LOVE and LIGHT - RAISEYOUR VIBRATION and to ALIGN WITH WHO YOU TRULY ARE!

This is an EXTREMELY POWERFUL time to do this work as we are still in the full moon and eclipse energies!

There is so much support from the Beings Cindy knows as 'Josef' coming through on this LIVE call and the energies will be there on the Replay!!! How wonderful is that!

Enjoy the Replay and let us have your feedback by relying to this email.
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