July 23rd, 2019 (Replay)

July 23rd Replay of Our Call with Judy Cali on Wishing Stone Gift of a Divine Father, Mother & Child Reunion.

On this very well attended call,  Judy described tha Greatest Gift we can give to ourselves at this Time, to be at Peace about our Parents. No matter what your Parental experience has been, you can Turn inward, to your Divine Father, Divine Mother as a Divine Child. You can feel Cherished, Safe, Adored, Loved, Delighted In & Tickled with Giggles just as you are. Judy started doing this as a Teenager.

Judy took us into a Heart Journey to connect to our Divine Family as we Allow the Perfect Healing for us on the Live call and on the Replay - it took Judy 3 days to create this Prayer. The magical beaing from the Cereal Snap, Crackle and Pop! came in too with a Special message. There was also a Very Special Message of Celebration and Recognition from King Arthur and a beautiful process for us the 10%-ers holding hands around the World and merging with another circle of the 90%-ers.

On this Magical call Your Divine Family will thru Judy Gift you a Powerful Wishing Stone with so many magical qualities, It will Guide you to Manifest your Sacred Heart Wishes, Dreams & Longings that Honor you NOW!

Judy also took many live callers and Questions from the Q&A box - so much of what came up resonated with so many of us.

On this call Judy also shared about her Integration as Anna, Mother Mary’s Mother, 18 months ago. She went thru 6 Integrations in 2018 & about 3 Integrations this year, including, into her I AM Presence Self & just recently, as one of The Golden Ambassadors of The 77 Energy Pods of The New Children.

Judy is recording a Custom Prayer just for this Group to be part of a package with a Personal Session.

We ended the call with gleeful laughter and giggles.

Enjoy the Replay and share your feedback with us.

>>> Do Share with us what you got from the LIVE call and by listening to the REPLAY <<<

We look forward to having your feedback. Write in to support



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