July 24th, 2019 (Replay)

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If you are asking is this package for me - only you can answer that...
Shashi says, "Yes, I too bought a lot of packages - but when you buy out of FEAR and Desperation than that is not the right energy to start anything new.  That is why I keep my Replays and Special Offers open and available for a long time. We are very lucky to have this Package from Harrison Klein with a Discount of 66.67%.  This Package normally sells at $997 and for $10,000 Plus when he hold Live Training Events.  Harrison is so passionate that this Package should reach 5 million people - he is giving you a 30 Days Money Back Guarantee!  So provided you follow our Refund Policy guidelines below - you can try this Special Offer for 30 Days Risk Free!"

July 23rd Replay of Our Call with Harrison Klein.

Shift from Inertia, Unbalanced, Unhealthy and Struggle to Awakened Vibrant Growth, Momentum and Thrive Easily with Harrison Klein the Creator of the I AM Effect!

Replay - Shift from Inertia, Unbalanced, Unhealthy and Struggle to Awakened Vibrant Growth, Momentum and Thrive Easily with Harrison Klein the Creator of the I AM Effect!

On this Replay you will hear how Harrison went from feeling lost, alone, existing on the margins of existence had an enlightenment 'bang' out of body event that transformed his life and his ability to enhance his sens- his hearing, his eyesight and co-create a life of Thriving Easily. He went from inertia, unbalanced, unhealthy, struggle to Fully Awakened Vibrant Growth, Gaining Momentum and Starting to THRIVE EASILY!

Work with Harrison to manifest abundance in all areas of your life - money, wealth, living life doing what you love, having success in love and in every area of your life...

Be a Part of the Consciousness Movement has changes millions of lives already - be part of the 5 million lives Harrison want to transform!

To get started and to learn more go to: https://transformationtojoyglobaltelesummit.com/harrison-s7/

"I have come away with some amazing tools !!!❣️" - Barbara

So, what are People Saying about Harrison Klein:

“Took our company from $243,000 to 3.5 million” ?- Harrison Klein’s wisdom and business savvy took our company from $243,000 per year to 3.5 million in one year. Thank You Harrison Klein for revitalizing reengineering and reenergizing my company." ~ Richard Scott

“We landed a $3.7 million windfall” - Working with Harrison Klein helped me push through an unsuccessful deal I’d been working on for over 3 years and in 6 weeks we landed a $3.7 million windfall. Wow I’m so grateful." ~ Pam Hunter

“I wanted to let everybody know how much I enjoyed the whole experience of sharing all our loving stories and joy that is being spread around. All of us have expanded immensely during the class,thanks to Harrison’s kind and caring coaching.” ~ Ron C

"Many Blessings with Sincere Gratitude!” ?
“WOW! I recently finished listening to the “Alignment Factor” audio recordings and “WOW”
I have tried and participated in many self-development and personal-growth programs and seminars. None of them, in fact all of them combined, fall short in the “Transformation” I experienced from your program. I could physically feel my “Vibration”, “Awareness”, and “Clarity” rise instantly. I found your program easy to understand, real, raw, and juicy.
I received an e-mail from the “Masters Gathering” saying if you are ready to change your life, raise your vibration, and all sorts of wonderful things then type “Harrison change my life!” and hit send.
Well I must admit I was awful skeptical and curious, but I was ready to change my life. I had been bouncing from one familiar pot hole to another and asking “What is going on”.
I took a chance and typed “Harrison change my life!” and hit send.
“I AM” so happy I did! I absolutely without any doubt highly recommend The “Alignment Factor” to anyone and everyone who is ready to change their life!”
Many Blessings with Sincere Gratitude!" ~ John Mosher

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