Leslee Nelson's Replay - July 25th, 2019

July 25th Replay of Our Call with Leslee Nelson on

Replay of our call with Leslee Nelson on Transformation To Joy Global Telesummit

On this Light Infused, High Vibration what Leslee brought forward that having a Spiritual Practice and using Divine Intelligence - that is not linear will help us to embody the physical and the non physical and can be guided through these chaotic times.  We can move beyond mind chatter, creating stories and let the EGO run wild! This could be over no-thing -  about how we have been wronged and fallen victim to... to our story! NOW we can hold that level of vibration and all aspects of ourselves and not fall into the old patterns. Asking, "How is this serving me?  and "How do I want to move forward with this?"

Leslee goes deep, deep into how opening to your Divine Intelligence.  Asking questions and listening for the guidance that comes through and acting on it.

As we bring in the Divine Feminine energies we are slowing it down, listening for that guidance and allowing it to come..  We are looking for a knowing or a sense of doing it differently we are not recreating the old patterns or ways of seeing things.  Leslee is seeing with her clients that so many of their relationships are playing out these scenarios - and the opportunity now is to move into a higher vibration and knowing.  As Gaia is elevating her frequency the growth we are having as individuals is going into the ascension energies.

As you shift and climb ever higher on an upward spiral or vortex - it may feel like being in  apressure cooker - for an explosion to happen.  We're in a 3 year cycle of being a catalyst for the new to come through - as we birth a New Earth.

Do listen to this call for some deep, deep insights and tools you can use to hold more light so you can be in the eye of storm and move through it safely! For me it was singing and dancing and eating chocolate cake!   That was Divine Intelligence - to move and shift the old energies and patterns out and to be empowered.   What I got from Leslee was that in choosing this ..need to slow down...I am opening up to the new energies  and contributing to the raising of the Collective call for Expansion and Growth!

Leslee also took callers and worked with them to see how they can move forward with Divine Intelilgence - elevating our vibration.

Leslee’s brings to us he Specail OIffer in which she in her own modality called the Fields and Harmonics of Sacred Light™- which are field of energies of light  - she sees snapshots within her clients fields - and the harmonics come as Templates in the form of artwork and as sound to get the person into alignment - working always with the person's Higher Self. The templates give off field of energy and the Light Language does the same.   Leslee has noticed there are four major energies that get us stuck - and not being able to move forward.   To learn more listen to the Replay and visit her Specila Offer page here.

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