June 25th, 2019

February 13th, 2018

Ignore the deadline for Fast Action BONUS on this Repaly of the February 2018.  Your Zodiac Birth, Cosmic LOVE Vibe Attunement and Activation is no longer available.    This was a beautiful call that is why we have re-opened access to this Replay.  Enjoy the Replay.

Replay of June, 25th with Gloria Shaw

Powerful High Vibe Replay of Gloria Shaw's call talking about her Journey and her Whole Heart Healing and Transformation: The 'Love Diet' - The Heart Mind Way!

In this Second Week of Series 7 - We continue to showcase some of our Best of the Best Healing Packages and Gloria Shaw is right there in our list of Top 10!  Shashi feels that Gloria...

We are right now integrating the Solstice energies and this week we have the Opportunity to step into our Divine Light!  Let go of the Past, Let go and take our next inspired step for the highest possibility for our life - we are serving ourselves and our planet.   Gloria also did a beauitful activation/meditation to help us remove that armor so we can go out and be of service in the World.   On this call we chose LOVE - we chose LOVE over FEAR.   Most loving, harmonic frequencies are now available to us - provided we are in the energy of the heart! Balancing the be-ing and do-ing.  Allowing the LOVE Blueprint to guide us.
If You are Here, You are Ready. This is Your Time.  This is Your Time To Make The Shifts You Have Been Waiting For.  As you will listen to the Replay you can step into the LOVE vibration and for some of you there will be miraculous results!   
Say YES! put your hand on your HEART and let the Love in.   Today is so special.  This call was divinely guided.   Gloria did a Powerful meditation.   Everyone who listened LIVE and will listen on the REPLAY will receive support.  Gloria highly receommends that you Listen to the Replay and do the exercises whe took the Live callers through - to bring in that energy of what it is you are READY for.   You have the Love and Support of the Universe and you can gift yourself the chance to work with Gloria and be in her 30 Days Remote Healing energies.  If you want to learn more you can access Gloria's Special Offer here:
Gloria has Helped Many Others Just Like YOU Create The Changes They Were  Looking for  - for Themselves and  for Their Loved Ones.  Now it is Your Time To we strongly believe at Transformation to Joy to Step into Your Joy and Transform Your Life.  Joy, Love and in particular Self Love is key to Your Greatest Life Possible!
Gloria says, "It Would be an Honor and a Privilege to Offer You the 30 Days of Daily Long Distance Whole Heart Healing Energy Frequencies of "The Love Diet - The Heart Mind Way" for ONE Area That YOU Want to Improve, Shift, or Heal.   If you Have More Areas to Work on Then Package B may be the one for you as it has Extra Support and you can pick up to THREE issues to work on.  My Package A will most certainly help you with that ONE issue that is the one you need to work on.  You will be pleased to know my Package A includes a  Supportive Powerful Love Activation/Meditation For you to Listen to Daily to Increase the Effectiveness of Your Shifts During Your 30 Days of Remote Healing and Transformation."
Listen to what Special message Gloria Shaw has to share with the Transformation to Joy Global Telesummit Community and discover why we bring such amazing healers like Gloria Shaw on our show, on a regular basis - to serve you - and for you to create the shifts necessary to Transform Your Life - from the Inside Out and Create Miracles - both Small and Huge!
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