June 26th, 2019

Replay of June, 26th with Sandra Pelley

Another Powerful, Moving & Amazing Call with Sandra Pelley.

In this Second Week of Series 7 - We continue to showcase some of our Best of the Best Healing Packages and Sandra Pelley is right there in our list of Top 10!  Shashi tries to put into words why we bring you such amazing healers like Sandra Pelley.

We are right now integrating the Solstice energies and Stonehenge came up in conversation.  No wonder, we now have  have the Opportunity to step into our Divine Light!  Let go of the Past, Let go and take our next inspired step for the highest possibility for Your life.   Sandra did a beautiful grounding meditation - inspired by the Summer (Winter) Solstice celebrations that take place every 20st and 21st of June at Stonehenge! 
On this call we chose LOVE and as Sandra pointed - we are no longer falling into thetrap of trying to heal - we are asking to Align with our soul purpose!  Ask to be in alignment with your Higher Self!
This call was Diveinely guided - it is no accident that Shashi read out an extract of this...which you can use as often as you need.

"You can do this on the Replay! As and as you say each line  of the four sentences - take a deep Breath and let it go.  Say the next sentence line and repeat with the Breath work.  Do this whenever you need to ground and as part of your daily Self-care and Self-love!





Sandra asked you to connect with a happy memory and see yourself - a year from now.  Wearing ...with...and your dream becoming a reality.  This visualization is working on the energies -  Living in the Energies!"  

This call was divinely guided - for all of us Listening Live, on the Replay - even if you get to listen to only a part of it.  Let's face we are all leading pretty busy lives.

In this Second Week of Series 7 - We continue to showcase some of our Best of the Best Healing Packages and Sandra Pelley is right there in our list of Top 10! favorites of Shashi's of all time.  Shashi may be biased but she has been listening to and getting healing packages as part of her own soul alignment, healing and transformation journey since 2008 - for well over a decade.    
Often childhood events follow us into adulthood, these events and other 'traumatic' occurrences each have their own energy signature. Sandra seeks out the signature that is ready to be 'dealt' with and is shown the path that will help ease the way to positive change.
Through a variety of extraordinary sessions, Sandra can help you discover past lives, aid you in realizing your soul’s purpose and teach you about the importance of breath. She can help bring closure and healing with the loss of a loved one. These are just a few examples. Every session is unique to each soul and amazing things can transpire with so many possibilities.
As you will learn, Sandra on our calls on Transformation To Joy Global Telesummit, teaches us how to let go of our expectations, about Accepting, Trusting and Believing.

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