June 27th, 2019

Replay of June, 27th with Brenda Lainof

A Powerful call - where Brenda brought in amazing Light Language.   That felt like an embrace from the Universe.  It helps increase our vibration and helps us connect to beings of a higher vibration.   In Community, to thrive and to be of support to each other.  

In this Second Week of Series 7 - We continue to showcase some of our Best of the Best Healing Packages and Brenda Lainof is right there in our list of Top 10!  Shashi tries to put into words why we bring you such amazing healers like Brenda Lainof.

We are right now integrating the Solstice energies and have the Opportunity to Let go of the Past, Let go and take our next inspired step for the highest possibility for Our Life and Brenda's Light Language is the key. 
So work with Brenda, if you called to do so!   
We look forward to having your feedback. Write in to support



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