July 16th, 2019 (Replay)

July 16th Replay of our Buzzing, Powerful, High Energy call with Justice Bartlett

We Bring you Our July 16th Replay of our Buzzing, Powerful, High Energy call with Justice Bartlett

Justice on this Buzzing, Powerful and High energy call spoke about wholistic prosperity, navigating the current energies we are in, taking live callers and offering a powerful transmission through her teachings and insights gained from her own journey from addiction to teaching  and taking her father's work on Matrix Energetics to another level.

Justice spoke about the powerful impact being in a container of support she provides is transforming lives and relationships - as she helps her followers and clients resolve childhood and other trauma and addiction issues!

The focus of what Justice is offering is Buzzing With Abundance! Body. Business. Belonging. Justice points out that abundance isn't a thing it's a state of dynamic well being!

Justice believes that sustainable abundance is you surfing the waves of your inner and outer worlds, all you are, all you feel, your dreams, your creativity unleashed!

If you've ever had issues with "not enough" this will help you know you're deeply lovable and completely worthy of being wildly alive and wholly prosperous, you may want to listen to this Replay and check out Justice Bartltt's Special Offer - which starts at $33.

Ths is the Off Charts Feedback Justice received after the Lice call,

"Hi Justice,
Wonderfully powerful Justice. Thanks for that gorgeous transmission with Shashi and a chance to further see your journey and my own. So much has come through and shift each time I hear you. I'm like pinch me is this real? My little self is like, "Can I really let go of the responsibility to protect and fend off the toxic energies of my caregivers?" It's so clear to me as I cried with relief and disbelief that, "Yes, I can release the responsibility of their wellbeing. Yes, it's me and I've come back for you and guess what? You get to come with me now and let it all go." It's been a daily practice to convince myself, to be here for myself by letting myself know that, "This is real, I am real and the love and acceptance is right here and as real as my breath and all the sensations in my body." I can see I've been running on some kinda limbic response. My body is tired, the burdens too heavy, unnecessary and in need of constant vigilance. This shit is exhausting. Thank you for leading me to this place where I have a choice, where I can see and then hold myself so tenderly. Beautiful."

Thank you Justice for a Powerful call - there are so many layers to your teachings and I am so excited for everyone who will work with you from our Transformation to Joy Community.

“The value of Justice’s work is fundamental to understanding trauma and the psyche. The practical yet deeply intuitive approach she offers provides a space for one to address root causes, supporting genuine breakthroughs. My personal well being in relation to working with Justice has improved immensely and has given me the opportunity to stay actively engaged in my own self healing.” Priscilla

“Justice brings a wide range of skills that she fully embodies, along with a beautiful ease, openness, and grace; held in a space that is sacred and honoring. The joint space or field that is present during her work opens up a beautiful flow that seems to invite spontaneous shifts. Those shifts, changes, and transformation we seek seem to best occur in the flow within a safe container and Justice holds that a priority.” Bill B.

"The teleconference was fascinating, a very neat look at the forces that limited me as a child, was not a part of my true self. As we went down the Rabbit Hole (and it literally felt like I was floating deep into a comforting, deep, black space that was loving and harmonious), I saw images and and flashes of myself in school. In the corner were all the things I was told to be that was not me. As the patterns were cleared, my body physically moved and I felt my mind and body relaxed and hum. I walked away from the teleconference feeling altered. Throughout the night, I felt the patterns continue to detangle, like my body was letting go of a very large load. Today, I’ve noticed stress reactions are considerably diminished. I really liked how Justice worked and taught, gentle, full of explanation and on many levels from science to spirituality. Like my ears heard some things she said and my body felt different states of consciousness that were brought to the conversation. Overall highly recommend. Thank you very much.” KM

"Justice, You have been instrumental in my transformation and liberation. I am a completely different person today then I was when I started working with you. Your assistance has helped change my life and the life of my children. I recommend you to anyone who wants to make a deep, lasting change. Thank you and much appreciation." Kim (mystic mentoring)

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