Here is the Replay of our August 31st Live Call with Vandana Atara Aura on navigating the current energies on our planet with her latest work on Divine Doctoring Grounding Galactivation Preparation.

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Navigate the current the energies with tools with Vandana's latest cutting edge program on preparation updates & inter-galactic assistance to help you inter-dimensionally travel lightly & embody your new earth soul identity as we go through the powerful ascension energies and collaborate with Creator/Creatrix for the New Earth with her Divine Doctoring Grounding Galactivation Preparation.

We were delighted to welcome Vandana back to the Transformation To Joy Global Telesummit, as we launch the long awaited Season/Series 8 of Transformation To Joy Global Telesummit.

On this Replay Vandana facilitates a powerful group Shambhalla Soul Spa Sanctuary Journey & Leumerian Laser Light Cord Removal Etheric Surgery for everyone calling & tuning in Live and listening to the Replay!  Listen and let Vandana be your galactic guide to introduce you to your Leumerian Ancestral Guardians, Doulas & Physicians to gently, safely & naturally detach from 3D anxiety & be bathed, baptized & blessed by Shambhalla New Earth Medicine! Come out & play to re-birth your christed innocence & benevolence to align with 5D prosperity, clarity & Priestess Mastery🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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Here's what Katherine has to say about Vandana's work in the Shambhala:
"I just participated in 'Shambhala Earth Star Inter-dimensional Soul Retrieval'. Vandana has exceeded all my hopes for this amazing class. Before starting I was so down with everything that effects my life in a negative way. But I decided to enjoy the class and open myself to receive.
Vandana took us on an extended tour of Agartha, Telos, and Shambhala with their Ascended Masters not only to heal our chakras and clear outdated programs, but more importantly to access our Akashic Records.
I’ve always been a bit leery of accessing these records because those in the astral plane have been falsified. Our special master Mikos guided and protected us during our realms of discovery. I desperately needed to explore my true Akashic Records deeply to free myself.
I felt so peaceful and relaxed during the class. And afterwards I felt hope that one day our world with all her inhabitants will be healed and that I play an important role in this process. I highly recommend Vandana’s Accelerated Light Healing Frequencies programs especially this timely and uplifting class which I will listen to again." - Namaste, Katherine NY

Feedback and issues Vandana shed further light on the call as a result of listeners questions covered some deep insights that Vandana shared with us on the call.

Lorna warren Hi , I have memory issues and I cannot retain information Please can you help me Namaste

Diana, Australia  What a wonderful intro thank you Shashi and Vandana. So much Love and appreciation ?? I felt Vandana's expanded explanation and it's comforting, thank you! X

Lorna warren  I have memory issues and retaining information Blessing xxx

Samantha, London  Hi there First timer on the show Thank you ?? x3. I would love some help with clarity of what cords that are holding me back from having my own independence of money since I was ill 5 year ago it’s been a struggle even my husband refuses to support me financially I’m having to rely on handouts if u can guide me I be so grateful thank you

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