September 1st, 2020 Replay

September 1st Replay of Our Call with Sunday Oliver

Here's your Replay of Sunday Oliver call on Power Healing - Turn Broken Power into Whole Power!

This Replay is for you:

  • if you feel powerless with all of the upheaval going on in the world?
  • are unsure about what your next steps?
  • don't know how you can shift into the very real possibility that you are deserving of all the good you desire and can live a happy, joyful and fulfilled life?

On this call Sunday brings you her unique perspective and life experiences that were a catalyst for her own healing!  Her journey ultimately brought these powerful work to us here on Transformation To Joy in 2018 and is more needed now than ever before.

we only wish we could put her ground breaking work in everyone of our listeners arsenal of tools to use to build a firm foundational base from which you too can feel happy, joyful and fulfilled no matter what challenge you are facing. 

Shashi is a real life example of how this work that Sunday brought to the show has opened her up to going on to create her own soundscapes and take photographs - where magical orbs show up on her camera as she is taking teh shots.  Before they were only visible when she downloaded the photographs.

Yes, even in these unstable and extraordinarily challenging times when things feel so shaky and uncertain you can own your own power and shift reality to work for you.

To learn more go to:

You too deserve to have a firm foundation to create your happy, joyful and fulfilled life from the inside out.

Feedback from the call:

"Good on you both for not reacting 🙂 and thank you both wonderful wise women. Shashi & Sunday, you demonstrate such Grace & Resilience to us all! I'm ready for more Whole Power for sure." - Diana, Sydney
"Shashi & Sunday, Up until the past 2weeks I've mostly maintained a state of acceptance and peace, even during these very challenging times. And I could blame my recent dis-harmony on concerns about my son's recent injury at work or my adult daughter's health issues. Or many other day to day life situations. I'm unsure why I feel so unsettled lately, but I'd love to experience a Soundscape today. Thank you." - Diana, Sydney

Check out Sunday Special Offer here.

Here is what Sunday has to say about this Very Special Package:

"The Power Healing Series came out of my own need for power.

I originally created it a few years ago, when the symptoms of my neurological and autoimmune illness were more severe, and I clearly needed a new form of power. I couldn’t push myself; I would simply pass out and fall to the floor. (Not an exaggeration; I did that once. After that, I made sure to drop before I fell, because I didn’t want to hurt myself.)

I was inspired to create this series to find my own power. And I still use it to find ever deeper, ever more beautiful ways that power can manifest. I got guidance for everything on these recordings, which I call Energy Soundscapes. There is help from the natural world, which I’ve spent a lot of time with. (I lived for 28 years without electricity or running water, to get in touch with the elements.) There is help from frequencies that either go beyond or are the foundation of the natural world, however you look at it. And I got deep information about some of the themes that are common to the abuse and distortion of power. About how to move into real power, instead of always chasing (and never catching) the fake stuff.

I was also inspired to make these audios really easy to use – anywhere you go. They are short – but they are packed with layers of healing that equal a full session with me. They have layered nature sounds for the sound track, and layers of energy healing placed beneath. So they are most effective with the sound on, but you can turn the sound entirely off and still get results. That means you can put them on your phone or device and use them wherever you are – a meeting, a plane, a hospital, a touchy conversation with a friend or coworker – anywhere you feel you need extra support. [CAUTION: Do not play all of them on a loop - pick one ot two you want to work with to help you deal with the challenge you are facing.]"

Check out Sunday Special Offer here.


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