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"Love, Money, and You - Happy, Joyful, Blissful and Fulfilled New Money, Wealth and Abundance Codes" 

Maria is a Success Coach, Multi-dimensional Healer, Energy Alchemist, Breakthrough Specialist and Wealth Consciousness Activator.

Are you ready to:

Enjoy a life of freedom, Peace, Joy, and Vitality?

Choose every day the reality that you want to create and live it?

You now have a new start, a clean slate, a new canvas. 

What are you going to paint? What are you going to author?  What are you going to choose? You are the director and producer of your new reality.  

Take responsibility for your life. Become the observer , move into self-mastery and design your life.  Let go of the drama, the victim, the ego, and all other archetypes that sabotage you, hold you back, and keep you hostage.

Reprogram your mind, clear your energy, release the emotions, complete karma and soul contracts and raise your vibration, heal all areas of your life and align with all that you desire.

Have healthy boundaries, stand in your power, feel healthy, energized, confident, inspired and completely comfortable in your own skin.

Be Your Greatest self and Create Your Most Extraordinary life with ease, grace, and certainty.

Love yourself, love your body, fully express yourself and honor your Divine Uniqueness.

Maria is here to support you in identifying your gifts and talents, discovering your Life Purpose, living your full expression, and achieving Happiness, Joy, Fulfillment and Prosperity.   In this very Special Program Maria brings you 6 New Divine Consciousness Codes to live your Blissful and Fulfilled life - delivered to your inbox every week beginning September 4th.  See full details below.

Maria's brings to Transformation To Joy Listeners, the keys to:

  • Living a happier more abundant life
  • Letting go of all the blocks and limitations in your way of creating your most extraordinary life
  • Feeling Happier and more joyful
  • Feeling more inspired to create from a higher vibration
  • Accessing your personal power
  • Creating Abundance, Wealth and Prosperity
  • and so much more!

When you Get this Special Offer You also get a Free Gift & Love Offering from Maria:

One with the Universe, Create Your Heaven on Earth Mp3 and audio

Maria's Package A - Value ($1495)- $197


Included in package A

#1 New Codes Receive, Activate and Integrate the New Ascension Divine Inheritance, Divine Consciousness codes

#2  5 Bonus powerful audio recordimgs

#3 Private FB Group

Upgrade to the new codes to live your blissful and fulfilled life

Delivered to Your inbox every  week beginning September 4th.

Love Code 1: Become more magnetic. Activating new frequencies of Radical Self love.  Divine Love, Unconditional Love, Intimate Love, Unconditional Compassion, Self-love, Happiness and Joy.

Abundance Code 2:  More than Enough, A frequency that fills you up with gratitude, generosity, kindness, Affluence, plentifulness, Wealth, Plentitude, Profusion, Overflowing

Wealth Code 3: Open up and Amplify Your ability to to receive, hold, accept, build, grow Wealth.  Reclaim the right, permission and ability to create your Wealth Legacy. Embrace Your Divine Inheritance.

Success Code 4: Creating ease in career, job and business.  Successfully aligning with your Divine Mission and Thriving in every venture or project.  Having the Midas touch. “Success is all I know”.

Health Code 5: Connecting to the wisdom of your body.  Accessing and unlocking the inner intelligence of your body to allow your body to hold the vibration of optimal health. Developing a loving, beautiful, healthy, supportive relationship with your body. Honoring it as your beautiful temple.




Prosperity Code 6: Live a fulfill, blissful, purposeful, abundant, in service, impactful, with Grace and philanthropy Life.  Live in your flow, in Divine partnership, unattached and surrender with the universe.




1. Money and You - What is your relationship with money? All the stories you created, or bought into about money.  All your feelings about money that are no longer serving you.  We will transmute all the emotions in your bodies holding you hostage. We will delete and uncreate it all and transform your relationship with money.  You will  re-establish your relationship with money to one of empowerment, joy and happiness. You will raise your value and your self worth.




2. Safety, Security and Your savings Account - Your bank account often reflect the loss, insecurity and sadness of past events and we find it difficult to save or  put money away.  This creates shame, fear,  and doubt about the future and  so we avoid it.  It may also create anger and judgement toward yourself.

In this call we will clear all the sadness and loss about money so that you feel empowered to build your financial foundation and feel safe financially in the world.





3. Set Yourself Free -Release the events that keep you Frozen,  trapped  and as a victim  - In this call we will identify all those events where you felt victimized by others, dominated, suppressed control.  These events are child support, alimony, law suits, inheritance and other type of money that you needed to survive but by needing it you also validated your victim story.  This creates resentment, judgement and anger toward yourself.





4. Live Your Own story-  Let go of the life that was given to you and design your own life.  In this call we will release everyone else’s energy in your field that has been creating your life.  You will let go of your parents, authority, society and humanity’s energy that has been dictating what you can have and what you deserve. You will clear your canvas and paint your own story.  You are the hero, the author, the director, the Creator of your Life.







5. Surviving to Thriving –Let go of your survival story.  We Clear, Repair and activate your Root Chakra.   We clear any imbedded loyalties to suffering as a way to  honor others  out of guilt or obligation.   You will Release this loyalties and the energy you are holding in your field.  Reclaiming your own energy to Thriving and the right to take up space and manifest in this reality.





6. Access To Maria's Private Facebook group


Maria's Package A - Value ($1495)- $197

Included in Package A:

#1 6 New Divine Inheritance, Divine Consciousness Codes

#2 5 Powerful audio Bonuses

#3 Private FB Group

Maria's Package B – (Value $1895) - For You $297

Maria's Package B – (Value $1895)- $297

Included in Package B:

Everything in Package A

so you get Private Facebook Access, the 6 Activation Codes emailed to you and

3 New Bonuses so 8 Audio recording Bonuses in Total (see details below)


One 25 Mins 1:1 Session with Maria

  1. These sessions can be scheduled at any time via the link provided.   
  2. These calls can be recorded at your request.  
  3. Sessions are held via phone, Skype,  WhatsApp or conference line.  

Your 3 New Bonuses are:

Bonus #6 - Release trauma and devastation around past investment, business failures, bankruptcy, divorce, illness etc. - Is the shame, guilt, regret, resentment and judgement of past experiences blocking you from creating the kind of wealth you deserve.   Are you stuck in the past and are unable to create the life you deserve?.  Are you still punishing yourself for the way you handled money and all the money that you lost in the process?  Are you sabotaging yourself and keeping money away because you are afraid it may be taken away?  All of this will be cleared so that you can create from a higher vibration.

Bonus #7 Let go of Control and Surrender to Divine timingLet go of trying to control everything and everyone in your life. Control or the need to control create a blocks and it pushes things further out.  Let go of the fear, doubt and insecurity and practice radical trust.

Bonus #8 Your Soul and Money- soul contracts of poverty, struggle, sacrifice and survival -  Release vows, contract, agreements of poverty and struggle from other lifetimes.  Release self sacrifice, release serving without reward, release married to God, church, religion or religious covenant giving up material possession.

Maria's Package B – (Value $1895)- $297

Everything in Package A

Everything in Package A - so you get Private Facebook Access, the 6 Activation Codes emailed to you and

3 New Bonuses added so you 8 Audio recording Bonuses in Total


One 25 Mins 1:1 Session with Maria

What People are saying about working with  Maria...

"I found that since connecting with Maria Martinez I AM more and more Fearless now.  I choose to claim my rights with Super Natural Ease and Grace from this moment forward- I AM ready to claim my Divine Inheritance consciously now. "

- JaiShree

"Good Morning Maria,

I just want to let you know I’ve been listening to the different shows you have been on and there is continuously clearing going on for me.  I have listened to so many speakers in the past and can’t understand why you are able to make such a great impact with me when others could not. Thank you so much for being a blessing." 

- Simone

"Maria, thank you for an absolute magical experience! I’ve enrolled in “Unleash the Goddess Within” and “Unleash your Super Powers” and just have to say they have made a positive and powerful impact in my life and inner spirit!  Self love, self worthiness, self awareness, self healing, self empowerment are some of my learned blessings. I loved how we released Karmic cycles of self- sabotage and un-deservingness and love that we all have super powers.   It’s definitely a loving journey, one that is allowing me to live my life with purpose and abundance!"

- Claudia, Marketing Director

“I’ve done a lot of these clearings with many different healers this past year, and Maria is hands down the most grounded, generous and authentic of them all.  The truth of her spirit comes through the sound of her voice and her healings are profound and deep.  She possesses a genuine Christ like quality; like she is from another dimension or planet."

- Cheers, Allyson

"Working with Maria has been truly amazing. I've gained insights into situations that i have been aware of for years, but was not able to understand or transform before this. It has been fun in the class situation to see the precise observations that Maria offers individuals so that they are able to become revitalized and reclaim their lives."

- Latifa, Homeopathic Practitioner

"I am beyond grateful that I attended the Unleash Your Superpowers training. I was able to release the limiting beliefs that held me back from accepting my gifts. Throughout the seminar I learned that I am an Earth Angel and that I am more powerful than I imagined. I was able to gain clarity of my life purpose and learned that my purpose is to heal others, which is incredible. Also, Maria guided me on how to tune into others and clear any limiting beliefs and view future projections. She provided me with the tools to enhance my gifts and clear my ego from interfering. She also provided us with homeplay to put our gifts into practice and identify what our life looks like when we step into their authentic self and fully trust in God/ Source. I am thankful that I attended the training, I gained more clarity of myself and my superpowers and have reconnected to God and to my higher self. I am excited to continue to put my powers into practice and continue to expand my connection with God, My higher self, and my Angels."

- Evelyn, College Student

"It has been a life-changing experience working with Maria. With the latest course I have been able to obtain a clearer picture of the energetic matrix of the body with all its different levels.  At the same time I have been able to clear a lot of my blocks and limiting beliefs, that have prevented me from developing my intuition and progressing to the next level.
Maria is a great teacher, and teaches clearly and openly. I have come out of the course with greater clarity and humility about human potential. Thank you Maria!"

- Bernard, Partner Arocrest Capital Management

"I feel very grateful for Maria Martinez. Maria’s coaching and multi-dimensional healing gifts are one of the best experiences in my life (having my three beautiful daughters is number one!) I am more connected to GOD,Source ,Universe and LOVE than I have ever been. Her caring and loving nature made me feel safe and supported during the process of peeling the layers away and clearing what was not in my highest good. Our work together lifts me up to a higher vibration and brings me joy. The conferences I have attended are life changing in the way that I come to know and love myself deeply. My family life has improved greatly with her coaching and support. I am always happy when people ask me what is different about me and how can they experience that as well. I gladly refer friends and family to Maria because she is a trustworthy and kind as well as motivational and supportive."

- Danielle, Business Owner

"My feet had become extremely painful, mostly on the tops.
I've had energy work done on them in the past.yet nothing seemed to be working.
It was really frustrating to say the least.
So when I called in to The Greatest You Summit with hostess Christine Williams this is what happened:
Within maybe all of 5 minutes on a webcast email sent in to Maria Martinez as the guest speaker she went straight to what was happening with me! It wasn't even my feet -  it was a circulation problem that no one else saw. While on the call I had a computer glitch at the same time she was working on me. I couldn't hear what she saying at all. I was stretched out on my couch and was wiggling my toes and feet. As I listened to the replay she said " I can feel her wiggling her feet!! Please let me know how this works out for you."
Well, Maria...
I walked 3.8 + miles today, on the beach, through sand and waters edge  PAIN FREE!
It was AMAZING!!! I was usually having to stop and just stand for awhile or sit down. I was a little nervous that the
pain might return.
It didn't.
THANK YOU Maria from the bottom of my heart for this healing. I am beyond grateful and send to you much love and gratitude! This is so AWESOME! My feet and I  are so happy!  We thank you thank you thank you!
Forever grateful,"

- Linda

"I was part of seminar Unleash Your Super Powers. By far it was the best experience I've ever had. I was able to find out who I am what is my purpose and how I could carry out my purpose my journey. I was able to let go of a lot of doubt and fear that I had within me yet I discovered how powerful I am. Maria was there every step of the way to help me release and let go of anything that was still blocking me from believing in myself and living the experience of knowing of who I am. And discovering everything I can do and what I'm capable of doing. I highly recommend you to attend this seminar and live the experience that you will not regret."

- Carolina

"Whenever I work with Maria I achieve a level of release, clarity and direction that I have not experienced with other coaches or healers before. After every single call I feel more grounded and more authentic to who I really am, and I move out of fear and into trust. I always make more money and improve my communication with clients, partners and friends, and the ease I feel helps soothe my body as well.  I have tripled my income and attracted my Divine Compliment.  I am so Happy!"

- Karenina, Successful Mindset Coach

"Maria is an AMAZING mentor and teacher in my life, and emanates unconditional love and compassion in guiding people forward on their life's journey.  She has been a critical part of my healing team as I continue to step forward on my healing path from an auto-immune disorder that almost took my life a little over a year ago.  I am very grateful to Maria for providing me a new perspective on life, and helping me to heal through all aspects of myself; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  By guiding me to connect and work with my higher self, I have been able to overcome old fears, patterns and belief systems. She has assisted me in dissipating unconscious blocks that have kept me from accessing my true potential to health, wealth, abundance, and so much more. THANK YOU Maria for being such an earth angel and making a difference in my life!
With Much Gratitude, Love & Light,"

- Diana

"I was in such an anxious place before this call and in mental anguish. As Maria started doing the activation, my brain fog, my feeling unworthiness, my pain and anxiety just disappeared. Now I am feeling so calm, centered, complete, worthy, peaceful, and more in control of me. Thank you soo soo much. What a GORGEOUS PLACE I AM IN."

- Sadia, Toronto

About Maria Martinez...

Maria is a Success Coach, Multi-dimensional Healer, Energy Alchemist, Breakthrough Specialist and Wealth Consciousness Activator.  She helps people unleash their human potential and their Super Human Powers. She helps them step into their personal power, amplify their passion live in possibility, manifest their dreams and live in their flow, creating an extraordinary life of purpose, service, contribution, and fulfillment.   She has the unique ability to see, what is in your way, where it came from and what belief and emotion is anchoring it.    She is a catalyst for transformation, healing, and empowerment.