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We have found that most of You Light workers, and if you are reading this then we are talking to You, are prevented from living in the Joyfully supported reality that you desire by the discordant vibrations in your field of survival fear and low self worth. These vibrations are particularly prevalent in the fields of the light workers who have been incarnating on this planet through this last very dark several thousand years as you have all had many very traumatic and disempowering experiences.


While no experience is wrong, and all are valuable on a soul level for gathering wisdom, these very traumatic experiences of abuse and persecution have left a lot of intertwined dense energies in many levels of the energy fields of your human being, (the lower self). These discordant energies are broadcasting their vibration out around you attracting situations into your life that resonate with them. The fear energies still active in your field left over from the past traumas keep you in a state of stress and uncertainty, making it very uncomfortable for you to step up and be seen, let alone be successful on any level. The resulting dis-ease manifests in your relationship with your body, with other people, and with the material world.


So, How do you release all of this fear and density from your field, so you can re-claim your Divine Authentic Confidence and Self Worth?

I know many of you have been working hard and trying to release your stuff for a long time, and trust me I know how frustrating that can be. Well ManTarA is pretty good at it, I have to admit, and Matt doesn’t really know how they do it, but I know it does work because I have witnessed enough huge transformations in our clients.

ManTarA works on many levels, on the physical plane they use the Angelic Light Language that is channelled through Matt to create a space that invites you effortlessly out of your mind into a very open, expansive and allowing state. With you in this state they can work in your energetic fields under the direction of Your Higher Self to tease out and release the tangle of discordant energies that are at the core of your limitations, the really deep seed energies that have been in your field creating discordance for many lifetimes. As those energies are released it creates a freedom and an opportunity for you to choose to embody more of your Souls Divine Essential Light and ManTarA really helps to strengthen that connection so that more of Your Light can flow more easily into You.


As You choose to embody More of your Light and carry less density and discordance, you very naturally feel safer and more worthy and then more confident in yourself, the process is self sustaining, as you then embody more Light and thus release more density, the pendulum begins to swing, your overall resonance is increasing, and the experiences you attract into your life are naturally of a higher vibration, more Joyful, and more Loving.


A very beautiful thing happens as you release your “stuff” and embody the vibrations of Safety, Self Worth, and Confidence through your Divine Light, Your Heart very Naturally feels Safe enough to open and your own compassionate, unconditional Love flows out through your whole being and You feel Loved, by Yourself. Once in that state of being the rest of your Transformation into Divine Magnificence is easy.


This comprehensive package will transform your life from the inside out.


Shaking out and Clearing;

  • Limiting programs and beliefs
  • Self-sabotaging thought patterns
  • Existence fears
  • Negative and critical thinking
  • Cellular memories from past traumas
  • Physical pains and dis-ease
  • Energetic discordance
  • Trapped emotional traumas and misbalance
  • Mental tensions and looping thought processes
  • Lack Mentality
  • Low self worth issues
  • The energies of wanting, trying, and hoping

Aligning and balancing:

  • The energy chakras and meridians
  • The mental body
  • Existence fears
  • The physical systems of the biological body
  • Nervous system , Endocrine system, Metabolic system, Digestive system, Circulatory system, Immune system
  • The Emotional body
  • The Intuitive body

Re-Connecting and Re-Enforcing:

  • Authentic Energetic Confidence
  • Self Worth
  • Your Expansive Nature
  • Abundance flow
  • Financial Prosperity
  • Empowered Thinking
  • The energies of Knowing, Accepting, and Allowing
  • Self Love
  • Joyful, Supportive, Easy Life Stream
  • Soul Wisdom
  • Spiritual Guidance
  • Higher Self and Unity Consciousness

Facilitating Expansive Transformation allows us to fulfill our Purpose and creates the greatest Joy.

We look forward to being of service to You.

This is Your Invitation.

Package A:

Item 1: I Breathe in My Divine Light, and Breathe Out All Limitations

(2 MP3s)

This is the foundational Practice that ManTarA teaches to consciously speed up and facilitate a more easy transformation into the life you desire to experience. The practice is very simple and involves combining your intentions with your deep breathing to consciously bring more Light into you being, and thus raise your vibration, and then to employ your exhalation to release the discordant energies that oppose the new higher vibration that you have chosen

This recorded Channelled Angelic Light Language Session will help You establish this intentional breathing practice. ManTarA will be working to clear out your blocks and limitations to choosing this practice for yourself, we will be facilitating a space that will allow you to have an experience of connecting to your Divine Light, and We will help strengthen that connection, We will help to empower you to know that you can breathe out the energies that don’t serve you. And to also help you Know that you are inherently worthy and safe to embody Your Divine Light.

Item 2: I Surrender my Fear, and I am Free

(2 MP3s)

Fear is a huge impediment to most people being able to be happy. Fear is the feeling that you are not safe, and therefore cannot be confident, fear causes stress as your mind and body is ready to defend itself against what you are afraid of. Now most people think that the fear they are feeling is caused by the external situation that they are dealing with, but the truth is the fear has been in your field for many lifetimes and was responsible for attracting the situation into your life that you are now facing, that situation then reinforces the fear in you. So for as long as you carry these discordant fear based energies in your field then you will keep attracting situations into your life that resonate with fear and you will not feel free.

So the energies of this session are intended to create the space where you can surrender your Fear, to stop judging, analysing, and fighting with these old energies, and simply choose to release and breathe them out of your field. Also to help you release the notion of courage and the need to prove yourself via bravery, and instead simply owning the inherent safety of your own Divine Light and standing Confidently in it.

Bravery and courage is about feeling the fear and choosing to proceed anyway dealing with the stress and coping with the doubts. While Confidence is about standing without fear and without doubt, empowered in your own Divinity. When this is your experience, You will finally be free to Be in this world authentically Yourself, and Free to Shine your unique Light out for the Benefit of All.

Item 3: I Release the Past, and Choose to Live Now

(2 MP3s)

For most people there is a lot of charge attached to the events of the past, unresolved emotional energy, strong thoughts or perceptions of injustice, victim hood, guilt, shame, grief etc. and that can make it a challenge to get over, forgive, and release the stories that you have attached to those past moments. Of course to be truly free to choose to Live in the Moment of Now, You must first choose to, release of all that past stuff.

So this session ManTarA along with your Higher Self will be right there with you, creating a space that is conducive to you easily choosing to allow those releases to occur. Through the following Light Language session they will work in your energy fields to tease out those sticky energies that have kept you tethered to your past for so long, and trapped you in the loop of reliving your past.

The intentions are firmly set, that the energies that flow through will facilitate the releases that will best serve you in overcoming your past and moving into the Joy of the present. Of course We always intend to work within the bounds of ease, grace and comfort, for you, as this process unfolds. Your Job is to keep breathing, not just during the session, but always, breathing in more of your Divine Light and breathing out all that does not serve you, breathing out and easily releasing all that has been shaken loose from your field by the energies of this powerful session.

Item 4: I Am Love, Love is My Experience

(2 MP3s)

Love is a vibration that will naturally arise within you; when your Heart feels safe enough in your field to fully open. Of course you get glimpses of the vibration of Love throughout your life in certain situations when the conditions are right, your Heart opens and you feel that Love. But it is only a temporary thing, a sniff of doubt or fear washes through your space and your Heart closes and that vibration dissipates from your field.

You must also feel worthy of being Loved, before even your own Love will flow out through your Being. You must be able to accept yourself as you are right now, warts and all, and truly know that you are divinely worthy of the highest Love, before the vibration of your field will allow you to be comfortable to Love yourself and exist in the vibration of Love for more than a few moments.

So when You can hold that vibration in your field so that it becomes your experience, that is something special, that will be truly life changing. It takes real authentic confidence, feeling intrinsically Safe, and absolutely Worthy in your own Divine Light so that your heart can reside in an open state, and your own Love can then just flow out through you and around you, So that you just exist in Love, in a field of the vibration of Love, sustained by the Love flowing from your Heart. Of course in that state, with the vibration of Love as the main vibration flavouring your overall resonance, then the experiences that flow into your life will have to resonate with that level of Love too.

This recording is going to give you a taste of that vibration, We are working with your higher self to remove the blocks and the discordance around choosing this Vibration for yourself, Helping you to feel Safe, Worthy and Confident enough for your Heart to open so you can comfortably receive Love and dwell in the vibration of Love.


Item 5: Empowered Gratitude with Your Attitude

(2 MP3s)

For many people there understanding of gratitude is that it is them saying thank you to some external being, quite often a more powerful being than themselves, that has given them something that they did not already have but they wanted. The idea is that if you say thank you and show your appreciation for their gift to you then that outside power will reward you by giving you some more.

Well I know that you can see that this is not an empowered belief system, In this scenario You are the beggar and something else is supplying you with what you need or desire and you better say thank you or they might stop supplying You. Not only is it very disempowering but it also does not work terribly well as most of you have experienced, even though you have said thank you when you have been supplied, the supply is not very reliable, because energetically you do not feel worthy to have what you are asking for.

So We would like to offer you another way of viewing the vibration of Gratitude. The Truth, as we understand it right now, is that You are responsible for bringing everything into your life experience, Pleasant and Unpleasant, not so much with your conscious mind but more with the unconscious energy that you carry in your energy fields.

So really when something that you enjoy has manifest in your external experience the vibration of gratitude can be employed, if you choose, to reinforce the vibration in your field that invited that experience. Gratitude can be like you reinforcing, Yes, I created this and it serves me, lets create more of this.

That’s it, it is up to you, You are in charge of what you choose, so choose to reinforce that which brings you Joy and choose to disengage from that which you do not wish to experience any more of. Choose to use this Vibration of Gratitude in an Empowered way, We are here to help you with the following Light Language session clear out any subservient attitudes that you have inherited or been indoctrinated with so that you Can feel worthy and good enough to claim your power to say thankyou to yourself for what you have so masterfully created, or will create in the future, and to own your power to choose to release all that still limits you with each exhalation, so that you are free to hold more of your Divine Light and create your experience of Life from that Light.  

Item 6: Strong Digestion, Physical and Energetic

(2 MP3s)

Your physical digestive system will mirror your energetic digestive system. Energetic digestion is centred in your solar plexus and is your ability to be able to take the energetic nutrients from any situation that you experience, assimilate them, and then release very easily and cleanly the energetic waste. For example, Someone criticizes you; now if your energetic digestion is strong you will be able to take the seed of truth from their critical comment and learn from it, and you will very easily without being triggered release everything else that does not serve you, their stuff, the way said it, why they said it, simply does not affect you. Now obviously when your energetic digestion is not so strong, as in most people, it is a different story, and in the example we just looked at the reaction to criticism will be to go into a stress response, looping confused thought patterns, judgements, victim mentality, needing to defend, etc. not only is the seed of truth lost, but the waste is not expelled and turns toxic as the situation is relived many times over in the mind, each time you relive the situation, thinking what you should have, could have, or might have said in response, the emotional body reacts as if the situation has just happened again, invoking more and more heavy energies in your field.


So this mp3 will help you choose to be confident with who you authentically are and thus be able to digest whatever situations you are exposed to from that place of Safe, Worthy and Confident in your own Divine Light leads to a much more pleasant existence for you.

Now as we said at the start your physical digestion will mirror your energetic digestion so as this process flows you will find your digestion improving, That means that your body will be better able to take the nutrients, physically and energetically, from the food you consume and just as importantly expel the waste quickly and effectively so that toxins are not created in your body. When your physical digestion and elimination are functioning well every aspect of your physical health will naturally improve, and yes any excess body fat will naturally fall away.

As with all transformation it is an inside - out job, first the energetic transformation must occur before the physical can manifest, ManTarA likes to support transformation on all levels at once so as they work with your higher Self to release the deep seed energies from your field that are hindering your ability to embody your Divine Light and the confidence that comes with that, they will also be working with your mental, emotional, and the physical body, so that you experience changes more quickly and that helps to reinforce the energetic transformation that you have chosen.

Item 7: Becoming Confident to Shed Your

Armour and the Pounds

(2 MP3s)

Of course there can be many reasons why the physical body chooses to carry extra fat, but protection and staying safe is a common one, we have all lived in lifetimes when famine killed many, or cold was an issue, but what we would like to also draw your attention to is this attempt of the physical body to create a buffer with body fat against undesirable energetic interference. Now a layer of fat is not a particularly effective energetic shield, but because most people have not been taught to set effective energetic boundaries, then, out of desperation that’s what you may have subconsciously done to protect yourself. Energetic interference comes in many forms, from curses and other malevolent thought forms, entities, dependant cording’s, societal fears and an area that is definitely increased exponentially in the last decade EMF and EMR from all the technology around us.

Now there are many ways of intentionally protecting yourself from all these energetic interferences, most of the ways that people have been taught to protect themselves involves creating energetic shields around the energy body to keep unwanted energies out, and while any such methods when employed with strong intent will work to some degree, the biggest flaw with these methods is that they are fear based, the need to fortify, protect and hide is coming from the fear that energies out there are more powerful than you, and are out to get you. This fear is the chink in the armour, an invitation for such energies to affect you, and of course this whole story is built on the false belief that we are separate from everything to begin with.

ManTarA invites you to step into your own Divine Light, to consciously choose to feel safe, worthy and authentically confident in that Light, knowing that very naturally Light is more powerful than darkness and the only way that light can be affected by darkness is when the light is covered with the clouds of fear.

When you stand confidently in your Light, and allowing your Light to radiate out around you, the dense energies cannot come close to you. You are in a state of Love rather than Fear, and by allowing your divine energies to continuously flow out from you there is a positive flow emanating from your core, that dense or dark energies cannot flow against, upstream. You become the beacon of Light in Love and cease to be a sponge soaking up the fear.

So as your body feels that you are safe, worthy, and confident in the Light it can very naturally allow that layer of fat to be released. Other fear based reasons for holding extra body weight, such as past starvation, or becoming the victim of unwanted sexual attention, etc. also subside as you naturally become more confident in the vibration of safety that arises as you choose to consistently stand in your own Divine Light, at one with the all, not separate, fully aware, yet not choosing to be affected by parts of the All that don’t serve in this moment.

Another important aspect of course is to choose to Love your body as it is right now, remembering that your body is always working for you as best it can considering the energies that you are carrying in your energetic fields. Fighting with your body or punishing it with unrealistic exercise programs or overly restrictive diets will never help in the long term. Get out of your dogmatic beliefs and judgments, set your intentions on what you desire and then listen to and honour the wisdom of your body as it guides you to realising that intention.

This Light Language sessions is intended to facilitate the conducive conditions for you choosing this transformation; out of the fear and into authentic Confidence and Love. ManTarA will work specifically with your physical body to encourage the feeling of safety to enter each and every cell and thus eliminate the need for body fat armour and other ineffective defensive protection methods.

Item 8: Relax into Comfort, Rest Easy,

and Sleep Well

(2 MP3s)

Relaxation is for many humans a precious commodity and for some it appears to have become an impossible goal. Such is the condition of many in our modern society that have made their life so demanding, as they strive to achieve all that they perceive is necessary to attain happiness, that they have found themselves in a chronic state of stress. Stress is a natural response of the physical body that is designed to help keep us alive, the fight or flight response, that involves a whole bunch of chemicals being released into our system to create a hyper vigilant, prepared to fight, state. So that is not a bad thing once in a while, but the issue is when it becomes continuous the body becomes very depleted, during the stress response the digestive function is turned off, so you can imagine what happens to a body that is under chronic stress. And there are many other physical issues as well including the inability to go into deep sleep and the tendency for the muscles to stay tight, we wont list it all but needless to say chronic stress destroys the physical body.

So you choose to initiate the stress response when your mind perceives a situation as dangerous, now for most people that all happens subconsciously, a habitual reaction. But as you hold your intentions on embodying the vibrations of safe, worthy, and confidant then very naturally you are less likely to feel that you are in danger, which is usually your reality, even though you may have in the past become stressed when running late for a hair appointment it was never a life or death situation. It is all about mental perceptions and indoctrinated belief systems about what is important. As you become more and more centred in your authentic confidence, self worth and Love then there is very little to trigger the stress response.

In the meantime this session is intended to help you release the stress response from your body and mind, to allow you to relax, and unwind, to breathe deep and soften into comfort so that you can sleep deep to integrate and assimilate the energetic transformations that you are choosing. Yes of course we will continue to work with your connection to your own divine light, and tease out and release all that does not serve you. And we will also facilitate the space for your energetic body to really relax and expand, opening up to allow the energies of transformation to flow very smoothly through your being.

Your job is to keep breathing, breathing deep into your belly is one of the simplest ways to relieve the stress response, when you combine it with your strong intention to consciously cultivate the feelings of safety, worthiness and confidence within your energetic field then you can very quickly come back to a place of peace and calm.

Item 9: Support and Balance Your Hormone System 

(2 MP3s)

The system of hormone glands in your physical body, more correctly called the endocrine system, is very closely linked to your energetic body. There are master glands located at energy centres, or chakras, in the body. So it is not to hard to understand that when there is discordance energetically within Your being then one of the first places it shows up is in the endocrine system.

The endocrine system plays a vital role in regulating many of the functions of the physical body, and science is now realising that much of what was thought to be controlled by the nervous system is actually run by hormones.

We know that many of you will have been diagnosed with, or suspected of, having some sort of hormone imbalance in the physical body. We are not going to get into the specifics of what different glands relate to energetically, but needless to say it can be complicated. There is also the whole issue around aging, and menopause for women, and what that means for the hormone balance and thus the health and comfort of your body, and that is also a very twisted web of disempowering indoctrinated belief systems that we don’t need to get caught in the story of.

What this session is intending to provide is a clearing out of all energies that are adversely affecting your endocrine system so that your body can return to full health. Also you might find that this session helps mentally, emotionally, and spiritually as these same controlling energies and the hormone glands are very closely linked to all the levels and bodies of your being.

So as well as finding a return of more stable physical energy, stronger metabolism, comfortable heat management, reduction in body fat and fluid retention, you may also experience more balanced emotional moods, clearer thinking and more refined psychic abilities, and a greater sense of personal power, as your endocrine system returns to a more balanced natural state.

Item 10: Optimal Hydration

(2 MP3s)

You are all aware of the importance of drinking enough good quality water is for both the health of your physical body and the ease with which you can process energetic transformation.

Basically as most people grow older they slowly dehydrate, at birth the human body is about 80% water and in the very old that has usually dropped to nearly 50%. Adequate water in the human body is essential to being healthy and comfortable. But the story is more complicated than just how much you drink, as there are all sorts of mechanisms that regulate how much You store and how you store it and how useful or available that water is. Again we are not going to get too caught up in the story of all of that basically because intellectually understanding it all doesn’t do much to help.

Our Job here is to set the intentions that the energies behind or causing the misbalance of water in your body are released so that you can achieve a well hydrated, properly, comfortably, functioning body. We are also intending to release the water retention issues that many of you may experience, for a variety of physical reasons, that have manifest for a variety of energetic reasons, luckily for us Your Higher Self and ManTarA can concern themselves with the reasons and the issues and We can concentrate our intentions of what you are choosing.

Another intention is to help you develop a taste for good clean water, so that you can enjoy maintaining your fluid intake, without it feeling that you are having to force yourself to drink. Releasing all funky energies that are distorting your body’s desire for the intake of that which would serve your highest good, like for example the emotional need for sweet things to make you feel like you are being given a treat and you are loved. So we invite you to release all of that stuff so that you can be free to be the Divine Light in a healthy happy body.

Item 11: I Love Money, I am Worthy of Having It

(2 MP3s)

Now my friends, seriously, We know that most people want money, but how many people actually Love money? Do You? Can You say, I Love Money, and feel expansive with that statement?

You see most of you have some funky energies hidden away in your energetic field regards Money and how you can, and should, interact with Money. How much Money is acceptable to have before you become “filthy rich” or greedy? If Money is the root of all evil is it “safe” to have any of it at all? Of course most of You have been implanted with these beliefs, and many, many, more, through out so many life times by a variety of powerful beings to keep you poor and disempowered. And while all that has happened as part of your souls journey and we are not encouraging you to feel like you are the victim of those actions, it is time for You to clear those beliefs right down to the core, so that you can have a healthy relationship with Money, and allow it flow through your life, facilitating the easy joyful living that you are worthy of experiencing.

Financial abundance, and how much Money you can comfortably hold in your space, my friends is completely linked to your Self Worth. If You do not feel worthy as you are right now, then you will not be able to hold much money, even if you were to win the lottery tomorrow, you, like most people who win the lottery, will loose that money somehow very quickly, simply because energetically having all that money does not resonate with you.

Another issue that we would like to address here, is the use of the term abundance. The definition of the word abundance is – a plentiful supply of, or, a lot of. That’s it. So when you ask the universe, or god, or your Higher-Self, for more abundance, you have not actually asked for anything. More a lot of??? Please. More a lot of What?, suffering, wanting, pain, No! You want Money. You have to specify what you would like to have an abundance of. It has become very popular to use the term abundance instead of money because so many people have big blocks to asking for more money.

Also Financial abundance doesn’t start at a certain $ amount. Financial Abundance is a vibration, it’s a feeling. Some extremely wealthy people haven’t obtained that vibration yet and so they don’t feel they have enough, they might have billions of dollars, more than they could possibly ever spend, but still they don’t feel they have enough to be happy, to be free of the vibration of scarcity, which is the opposite of abundance, and so it is; they are left wanting, despite the fortune that they own.

So please forget about trying to work out how to get X amount of money so that you can be happy, because it really doesn’t work that way. Choose to feel worthy, choose to feel safe, choose to feel confident, choose to feel financially abundant, choose to Love money as the form of energy that it is, choose to feel happy, breathe in your Divine Light with all of these vibrations and choose to breathe out all the false beliefs, limiting energies and discordance’s that has been keeping you out of the experience of how you intend to feel. That’s it. It really can Be that Simple.

Through this session you just keep breathing, let the energy do the work as ManTarA weaves their magic, working with the specific intentions of releasing anything that is keeping you out of the vibration of  “in Love with money” and anything that is limiting your ability to feel worthy of choosing it, anything that is making it “wrong” for you to have it, or anything that is keeping you contracted around needing to have it. Basically Your Higher Self and ManTarA will sort it all out so you can comfortably experience an abundance of financial support, and the freedom that comes very naturally with that.

Item 12:

Meditation Journey, Experience Your Divine Self

(2 MP3s)

Meditation has been a very important part of my personal ascension journey, and I have been teaching meditation from my yoga background for nearly 20 years so when ManTarA indicated we could incorporate a track like this in the package I was very excited. I personally love this track and listen to it myself often.

The intention of this mediative journey is to take you well beyond your mind into a very peaceful place where a deep intimate connection and communion can occur with the higher aspects of Yourself.

ManTarA uses angelic technologies to gently help disengage you from your egoic mind, if you are willing, of course we will never force you, It’s a gradual process, that will deepen the more you practice and really allow yourself to surrender to the process, your mind must feel safe enough to allow that.

We will lead you into the meditation with English directions and then allow a beautiful soft flowing Light Language dialogue to take you on, deep into your Sacred Heart space where you can relax and experience. EnJoy

Item 13:

Divine Authentic Confidence, Self Worth and Love,
Your Joyful Relationships

(Recorded Group Light Language Call 90 min
Recorded Group Q&A Call 120 min)

Joyful relationships whether with your family, your lover, your colleagues, your friends, or people you have just met, naturally arise when you are authentically confident in your divine Light, when you feel worthy, and when you Love yourself. Again the secret to allowing these vibrations to become your resonance is to stop trying to change the external situations, and surrender into the knowing that everything external in your life is simply the reflection of how your energy fields currently are. So then allow yourself to expand into allowance, so that you can release the discordance from your field making space for you to embody your divine Light and radiate it out around you to attract the relationships that resonate with your new confident, worthy, Loving vibration.

This module will help you understand how your relationships are currently mirroring your energetic field. How the relationships you are attracting are serving to balance and or complete you energetically or emotionally and how most relationships are co-dependent with the buying and selling of Love or respect to fill the void left due to a lack of self love.

We are then going to help you with the light language to bring in your Divine Light so that you can feel Safe, Worthy, and Confident in Yourself, so that your Heart can open and your own compassionate unconditional Love can flow out to yourself, so that you do not need any relationship to complete you. Through out the process ManTarA will be facilitating and assisting your Higher Self to release all the discordant energies that are resisting the embodiment of your Divine Light and Self Love.

Of course as you become free of the need to be loved or respected by another you become open to experience Love from a far deeper or more spiritual perspective. And as you radiate the vibration of unconditional Self-Love you will naturally attract into your life experiences that will mirror that back to you. Witnessing this unfoldment in people is one of the most joyful experiences we can have, and it would be our great pleasure to serve you in this way.

Item 14:

Divine Authentic Confidence, Self Worth and Love,
Your Healthy Body

(Recorded Group Light Language Call 90 min
Recorded Group Q&A Call 120 min)

Your Body is part of the external world, and the external world is always a perfect reflection of your energetic fields. So if you are wondering what is the state of your energy fields, then a good place to look for clues is in the Health of your Body.

Your Body will manifest conditions as a way of trying to balance the discordant energies from your field. Your Body is always working for you as best it can. When You are out of balance with the energies of self worth and authentic confidence the body may as a result manifest many different conditions, some of the very common ones are:

  • Digestive issues
  • Weight Gain
  • Back/hip pain
  • Autoimmune disease
  • Joint pain
  • Breathing/lung issues
  • Eyesight, hearing problems
  • Stress/tension/anxiety issues, headache, insomnia, poor memory, lack of clarity, overthinking mental confusion

This module is intended to help you understand that you are not the victim of your body and the conditions it presents with. We are going to help you develop a loving relationship with your body that will allow you take the wrongness out of the conditions your body has manifest and bring a vibration of allowance to your transformational process. Once You can expand with allowance into feeling safe, worthy and confident you will find you are able to Love your Body just as it is and it will very natural heal and regenerate to better reflect the vibrational resonance you have chosen and embodied.

ManTarA will weave their Magic through both calls in this module working in both English and Light Language to create the most conducive environment for your transformation. Helping your mind to evolve to a new way of thinking and being open to your own intuitive guidance. We will facilitate the releases of discordant energies from your field that will free you up to choose to transform from the core of your being out. And also work with your Body itself on all levels, from the subatomic out, to release the discordance and disease so that healing can take place very quickly.

Item 15:

Divine Authentic Confidence Self Worth and Love,
Your Abundant Financial Support

(Recorded Group Light Language Call 90 min
Recorded Group Q&A Call 120 min)

We feel it is safe to say that you Light workers and spiritual aware people have more discordant energies and limiting belief systems around money and financial support than anything else.

There is a whole group of you that desperately want money as a way of escaping the pain of the 3D world, and of course that desperation is a contracted lack vibration that very effectively will hold you out of the experience of having financial freedom. It’s the financial freedom that most of you desire. Money is a form of energy that can only be held in your field to the level that you energetically feel worthy of. And then there is a whole range of limiting beliefs around money and how much you can safely have, and what you need to do to earn it, many of them subconscious and from past life experiences.

The great thing about working with ManTarA to facilitate transformation is that you really don’t have to understand, or even name, the discordant energies or beliefs that are in your field and limiting you, to release them. We simply hold the intentions to release what does not serve you and in the space that the light language weaves ManTarA assists your Higher Self to release those energies.

We will though through the two calls of this module help bring an understanding of the mental attitudes that will support you to be confident in attracting the abundant financial support and developing a level of self worth that can attain the financial freedom that you desire. As with all transformations it is an inside job, clearing out the discordant energies so that you can choose and hold the vibrations of Self Worth and Love confidently, that will then lead to you feeling free and joyful and then the outside world will reflect it back to you. The magic is in the release of those energies that have been impacted in your field for many lifetimes, that’s our gift to you.


Item 16:

Divine Authentic Confidence Self Worth and Love,
Your Empowered Purpose and Spiritual Gifts

(Recorded Group Light Language Call 90 min
Recorded Group Q&A Call 120 min)

So many beautiful people get hung up on finding their “life purpose”, putting their life on hold until their intellect thinks it knows what they are here to do in this life, and can make plans to make it happen. OMG it so doesn’t work that way.

What if your purpose is simply to become empowered in your authentic confidence to act intuitively and go with the flow? Now before you allow your mind to convince you that if you just went with the flow that would be lazy and nothing would get done. I can assure you that is not the case, when you start flowing with your intuition you are working for spirit and there is plenty to do, if you are willing, and although it won’t feel like the sacrifice most of you associate with “work”, you might still find yourself very busy.

What happens when you disassociate from you egoic mind, and its need to plan everything, is that you create space in your field and energetic relaxation that allows the release of all that is holding you back. You breathe in and invite your own divine light to embody within you, your vibration natural rises and you breathe out and release all that does not resonate with your new higher vibration, with each breath you consciously take you are becoming more authentically your Divine Self, and very naturally you become aware of your gifts and abilities and you have the confidence to exercise and strengthen them, you feel empowered in your Self and you feel you have purpose in your Life. Now that is Living.

So in the two calls of this module our intention is to bring this process to reality for you, bringing mental clarity to the process so you can relax and allow it to happen as well as facilitating the energetic space with the light language where by your Higher Self can easily release the blocks and resistance you have to allowing it to happen.

Item 17:

Live Group Q&A Call

1 Live Group Q&A Call to be held on the Last Sunday of each Month at 3.30pm Central

A 120 min Q&A Call to provide additional support for everyone, facilitated by working specifically with individuals to answer questions with both information and potent transformational energies from ManTarA via Light Language and Direct Intent. The Call will be recorded and the replay made available for those who cannot attend live, and questions and requests can be submitted ahead of time or live on the call. These calls are always very powerful, and a lot of fun.

Item 18: 28 Days of Remote Energy Support

Private Facebook Support Group

We will work with the whole group as well as with You as an individual for at least half an hour every day for 4 weeks during the next calendar month. Our intention will be to support you in releasing those discordant energies from your field that have been keeping you out of the experience of Divine Authentic Confidence, Self Worth and Love and the freedom on all levels that results from embodying that Divine state. We will be channelling, direct to you, beautiful compassionate energies that will help you feel safe and confident to allow this transformational process to proceed quickly and easily.

You will also have the support of the whole community at your disposal via the private Facebook group, and we have found that such support both physically being able to connect with

Package A includes:

12 MP3s two parts each
8 Recoded group Calls covering 4 modules,

1 Live Group Q&A Call
28 days of remote energy support and closed Facebook Group


Total Value $2856


Special Offer $99


Expert Reviews...

I feel renewed, and deeply seated into my soul

“Words cannot express the light language experience and healing that I received from ManTarA channeled by Matt!  All of my past experiences that were a challenge for me floated into my consciousness and one by one floated up to the surface to be blessed and cleared.  Experiences I had forgotten, but were clearly in my subconscious body and now ready to be released into the loving embrace of ManTarA.  Matt excels at raising into consciousness that which needs to be released, and has a beautiful way at expanding your field of awareness and intention to the path that is now available to me.  I feel renewed, and deeply seated into my soul. Namaste, Matt & ManTarA!”

Grace Valador, MoneyGRACE©

Replaced Exhaustion with Light and Ease

“I want to thank Matt Andrews for such an amazing session. Many people forget that light workers are also prone to exhaustion and stress on occasion and it was such a blessing to be able to connect with Matt and his amazing Channel of Light who lifted my tiredness and replaced my being with light and ease and also answered many of my unspoken questions regarding the direction I am taking. There are no words to describe what the session is actually like! It has to be experienced to be believed. Matt and his Channel spoke in Light Language that reached into the deepest levels of my being and were spot on with the issues that I was holding on to. Thank you Matt. The changes continue to be felt. You are a blessing to this World.”

Sandra St.Yves , Quantum-Transformations

I was Shown the Limitless Possibilities Available to Me

“When I got an opportunity to get a session with Matt, my body jumped at it! I didn’t know what he did or how he did it. My body already knew we needed one!

At the beginning of the session when we were introducing ourselves and determining the goal/intention of the session my body had already started to buzz. It felt like champagne bubbles then when Matt started to speak in the light language, it was as if I came home. I started seeing how I can accomplish all my goals and objectives then I was shown more possibilities. It seemed to me that there must have been about four different groups of beings that came through in the session. Each time a group started to speak in the session, I’d see more and more…sometimes it was a very fast movie, other times I was experiencing what they were showing me. The day before I had been doing meditations in the 5th dimension…I was shown that I can easily just stay there. I was told to be who I truly be and brake out of my limiting shell and just fly and look at things from different angles to change perspective and find new solutions.

Matt must have spoken non-stop for about 45 minutes during which my body was vibrating higher and higher. He would speak English in certain places where I needed to open up more and allow. It was a very rewarding experience and so worth it! If you have the chance to experience it, try it…your being will thank you!!

Thank you Matt…with much love and gratitude,”

, Ximena Velasquez

Opened me up to a Higher Self Realisation and New Level of Compassion

“I participated in Matt's ManTarA session of Channeled Angelic Light Language yesterday. WOW!!!! This is really a deep dynamic process of Higher Self realization. It took me away to places unknown to my conscious mind. The cleansing was so deep that the release made me nauseated. That doesn't happen for me very often. So, afterwards, I spent 30 minutes in a Baking Soda and Epsom salts detox bath to get rid of the toxic waste that was released and felt so much better. I'd love to share more, but I think the process is still coming on. Thanks for opening me up to a deeper connection through my Higher Self and more wonderful and beautiful things to come. You truly are a blessing to all of us. I'm honored to be in your circle.

Hi Matt, I want to share with you additional transformation I've noticed that I can ascribe to my session with you. I've entered into a new level of compassionate awareness and understanding of my own inner child, which has reflected in experiencing more genuine compassion for others around me.Thank you Matt  You ROCK my friend :-)”

Rev Tom Hudson PhD, Birth Rite Technology

I felt excited with an I Can Do Everything Feeling

My session with ManTarA was A-MAZ-ING!!! I had never experienced a Light Language session before; I was curious and open to all possibilities. I had been working on a new writing project where I kept finding myself stopped by a chattering brain that wanted to "figure it all out" first, interrupting my Flow. Immediately into my session with ManTarA, I felt soothing vibrating sensations around my throat and soft twitches in my right leg. I relaxed almost into a sleep state where I saw beautiful colors and pictures. When the session was over — I wanted it to last forever it felt so good — I felt excited with a "I can do everything!" feeling. Then two days afterward, when I went to sit down at my computer to resume my writing project, I played my session's replay while wearing headphones, and thechattering brain quieted down so I could get in my zone. Thank you, Brother, ManTarA! What an enormous gift you bring to the planet!”

Simone Valentine, Los Angeles, CA

Great Spiritual Experience

"When I contacted Matt for a session my intention was to just to experience Higher Beings. When the Light Language started, I was like, wow, what is he talking about? Although Matt had warned me not to focus on sounds he makes, it took me several minutes to relax and surrender to the sounds and the energy that they created, but then I had great visions from spiritual beings like Lord Krishna, Jesus, Babaji, and few others. I completely started enjoying their presence and forgot about the sounds. Before I had this session, for the past month or so, I was not able to do my regular meditation that I have been doing for long time. After the session with ManTarA I am back to my daily meditation routine, which makes me feel so happy. Thank you so much Matt. I am glad that I had a session with you at the right time."

Aparna Vemuri

New Levels of Awareness and Stronger Confidence

“I am so appreciative of the beautiful session I had with Matt and ManTarA. First off, Matt is so easy to talk to. His energy is kind, loving and peaceful. I was instantly at ease just being in his energy field. Then when he channeled ManTarA all I can say is holy wow! It was amazing. The energy was deep and profound. As a light worker, who also channels light language, and has worked with many powerful healers I have to say that this work is absolutely filled with light, love and healing. I was pleasantly immersed in a loving embrace of supportive energy. During my session I was deeply moved, and at the same time relaxed, as I was taken to new levels of awareness. Afterward I felt a higher level of confidence, as well as a higher level of mastery with my light language. The energy that was transmitted and the light language that was spoken is high frequency, one that opens up new and deeper channels of healing, awareness and support that was felt in every cell of my body. Thank you so much Matt and ManTarA! I am so grateful for your healing gifts.”

Robin Chellis, Light Code Healing

Many Breakthroughs that Helped Me be a Better Healer

So much gratitude to Matt and ManTarA! My 1-1 session was so phenomenal; feel I can’t do justice with my words describing it. Matt was so loving, patience, kind, and sooo supportive.  ManTarA Light language speaks to my Soul so profoundly that I “cried a river”, so much releasing & clearing, so many insights, immersed in infinite Love, and support from Above. What I also love about Matt and ManTarA, is that they lovingly help guide us back to our True Essence, who we REALLY are, and effortlessly abiding in the Heart space of allowance, peace, unconditional love, support, and trust where the concerns from our “list” are irrelevant.  I also quickly had a lot of breakthroughs shortly after working with Matt & ManTarA that helped me become even a better healer, shining my Light even brighter, and feel empowered to make several more powerful healing MP3s for which before I was definitely not confident before since these MP3s topics were way out of my comfort zone.  Also, before my 1-1 session, just after listening to 3 of Matt’s MP3 early in the day, that evening I spontaneously started to speak similar Light language.  This never happened to me before and the experience was so healing, filled with overwhelming joy and gratitude.

Jenny Ngo, RN, CNM, Dimensional Healing

Package B:

60 min Personal Session with ManTarA

This is an opportunity to have ManTarA address your personal issues or limitations and have specific energies brought forth to assist you in expanding into your greater potential and releasing the deep discordant energies from your field that have been attracting unpleasant situations into your life.

The format of this session will be tailored to suit your requirements. As well as working with the Light Language to facilitate expansion on the energetic front we also quite often support the work with coaching style practical steps to empower you in the process and help your intellectual mind to evolve and become more allowing of the process. Although we work in an intuitive way we do not do “readings” as such, we are much more interested in facilitating the energies required for you to become empowered enough to know for yourself. The session will be recorded.

Package B includes:

12 MP3s two parts each
8 Recorded group Calls covering 4 modules,

1 Live Group Q&A Call
28 days of remote energy support and closed Facebook Group

60 Min Individual Session with ManTarA


TOTAL VALUE :  $3153

Special Offer $177



Others have to say about Matt's work...

The Package has done Wonders in my Life

“I listened to Matt first on the teleseminar where he did a group healing.  In that time, some deep sadness and some tears were released.  I also felt a big clearing in my root and sacral chakras and felt like a space was being made there, to allow abundance and other things to come in.  Hearing Matt and ManTarA speak resonated with my soul.  I could feel the love and I could feel remembrance, like my soul knew them from another time.  I bought the package and it has done wonders for my lifeI recommend Matt and ManTarA to everyone that is interested in changing their lives.  I have listened to the healings over and over and have benefitted more and more deeply.  I will be ready to buy the new package when he speaks again on the telesummit!”

- Tammy Manzo

Completely Healed Severe Hip Pain

I tripped on my shoelaces and fell over, landed on my right hip and it hurt, not a big deal I thought at the time. Well it turned into a big deal for me, instead of getting better it gradually got worse, a month later I could hardly sleep at night from the pain and I had lost all my strength in that leg, to the point where it would just give way on me. I was struggling to function in my life. I tried all kinds of modalities both mainstream and alternative nothing was helping. I finally tried a Light Language session with Matt and ManTarA, It was an amazing experience, not quite sure where I went, but it was beautiful, and I certainly felt different when I came back. My hip felt a bit better straight after the session, and then very gently over the next week or so it steadily improved, but I hardly noticed this because so many other fabulous changes were occurring in my life. I was talking to Matt two weeks later telling him about how much more free and abundant I felt and in the way I viewed life, when he asked how my hip was? It was then that I realized it was completely healed, pain free and strong. I love how naturally everything just unfolded after the session.

- Jon G., Wellington, NZ

“I am Happy and truly at Peace”

“Matt Andrews and ManTarA is the real deal. Anyone who is willing to work on them-selves and grow shouldn't think twice. They are a true blessing for everyone who has worked with them. Matt is always available for his clients and extremely caring. When I first started working with Matt and ManTarA last October/November I was a complete mess. I felt I was getting nowhere in my life, I was fed up and more than once wanted to end everything.  Today 4/5 months down the line I can say I am Happy and truly at peace. Even if there are things that still need to sort itself out, I know I am on the right path. I keep hearing people say I am glowing and I look peaceful. I have also been losing weight without changing anything in my diet nor do I exercise. I owe who I have become to Matt and ManTarA.  I am and will always truly be grateful to Matt and ManTarA.” 

- Nishna Rambocus, Mauritius 

“I am truly in awe at the ease and grace of the life I am now living”

“I started working with Matt and ManTarA in September of 2015.  As a very left-brained person, the light language appealed to me as it by-passes my strong need to analyze everything.  At the time, the idea of a life of ease and grace seemed like a fairy tale.  

I was working in a very toxic environment that was effecting me negatively on all levels....physical, emotional and spiritual.  I was so burned out that I couldn't figure out what my next steps needed to be and had a level of fear about leaving.  I started working with the MP3s, particularly "Manifest a Supportive Environment".  During my private session with Matt & ManTarA, we worked on the truth that if I didn't resolve what attracted the toxic environment, I would just find another toxic environment.  Two weeks after our session, I put in my notice.  I had 8 weeks of paid time off coming and the possibility of some funds arriving from a personal legal issue.  Leaving felt like a huge risk.  I was asked to stay longer and my last day was January 22nd.  By the time I left, I felt nothing but love for all of the people that I worked with...even the most difficult co-workers.  

I am truly in awe at the ease and grace of the life I am now living.  I have the ability to stay home for 6 months and have decided to study for a professional exam.  I was able to purchase a home and I am creating an urban oasis with fruit trees, a vegetable garden and a pond filled with fish and turtles.  My home life is amazingly peaceful.  Even the little stuff...I need to call the City Trash Collection Department & was putting it off because I knew I would be put on hold and probably transferred a couple of times.  Imagine my surprise when they called me to make a minor change.  Everything was handled quickly and with ease.  Wow!

The life of spiritual growth is very much a solo journey, yet I do not feel alone.  I have the support of Matt, ManTarA and the wonderful souls who have been attracted to his work.  Matt is very vulnerable and real in his work which makes it so easy to relate to and his sense of humor and fun provide joy in the process.  My deepest gratitude to you.

Much Love,

- Shelby

Empowered to know that I have the Answers

“I first saw ManTarA’s videos on YouTube and while I didn’t understand light language and most often fell asleep listening, I always felt better afterwards. After some live group calls, I felt really moved to work with ManTarA.  What I appreciate most is that a session is part coaching and part energy healing. This benefits me because after ManTarA’s energies have supported me, I also have tools to keep releasing discordant energies and raising my vibration.

 When I first approached ManTarA, two things that were said to me really stood out: 1.  That my higher self always knows what is best and 2. They couldn’t guarantee that working with them would create what I was seeking.  I knew I was working with someone honest who reminded me that even working with ManTarA I ultimately had all the answers.

 I look forward to my continued journey with Matt and ManTarA.”

- Julie Coraccio, reawakenyourbrilliance.com

Profound Release

"From the moment I booked my appointment with ManTarA, I could feel a gentle vibration within my physical body begin to emerge.

Our casual yet intentional conversation at the beginning of the session joyfully felt as though Matt was my long time best friend holding authentic sacred space for my confused heart while he lovingly reflected back to me what was to be clearly accomplished as we moved forward together.

During the second phase as ManTarA was beautifully speaking the familiar language of light, I could sense an angelic energy of warm gold and soft pink gently flowing in and throughout my expanding heart and solar plexus. It then gracefully continued radiating from my physical body out into my mental, emotional and etheric bodies. As Matt gently returned sharing his insights, my higher self knew that a deep profound releasing had taken place and that more healing would be unfolding.

I am deeply grateful to Matt for facilitating this unique and divine life empowering experience.

Thank you...Thank you...Thank you ManTarA"

- Colleen, Wake Forest, NC

Re-Awakened my Ability to Communicate with Spirit

"I had my session with Matt a little over a week ago. I had been having a great day by the time of our appointment. When Matt and I were talking, I immediately felt the light beings, ManTarA, he works with scanning my body and seemed like they were cleaning and aligning some of my chakras. We started the session and it was a wonderful experience that zero'd in on my issues that I wasn't completely aware of and included an internal visual beautiful picture of a full bloom yellow rose with a pink rose color on the edges of each petal that has stayed with me and soothes me when I bring it back up. Immediately after our session, an ability I used to have was reawakened. I used to be able to hear externally my main spirit guide and lost that years ago, but this time I could internally hear and have a discussion with my higher team. It has not been as strong as right after our session, but comes and goes with very interesting perspectives. I have felt a strong connection to these light beings (ManTarA) and still do; they are so sincere and have such a gentle energy and determined to help me get to where I need to be. My higher team has said they are still around and they enjoy working with these light beings as I have a very stubborn mind. My solar plexus chakra blew wide open this past week and my heart chakra opens but is in cautious mode, I am still working on that and have been having constant tingling in my spine and feeling the love internally and externally since our session. I have also noticed that ManTarA’s energy enhanced any energy work that has already been done on me. I highly recommend working with Matt and ManTarA, I have noticed significant changes in me both internally and around me externally from my session and the MP3s that I continue to listen to and I am so grateful for having this opportunity to work with them. All their energy including Matt’s has been an awesome experience."

- Cathy, USA

Direct Loving Advise

"I have had several of Matt’s healing sessions and have found them profoundly life changing. The pure angelic team that he channels have given me direct, loving advice that I have never experienced before with any other healer. Listening and taking action have helped to guide my life to a more positive, rewarding, and meaningful direction. It is very similar to having a honest conversation with yourself, but it is very difficult to get the same level of clarity on your own. Matt has a unique gift and delivers the healing sessions in such a grounded, practical, easy to understand way. He is a very trustworthy person with high levels of integrity and a very giving, generous heart. I am sure with his deep sincere desire to help many people, he will be very successful in his healing work. Wishing him all the very best."

- Tanya Griffin, NZ

Body is Finally Pain Free after Years of ongoing Problems

It is with a very humble heart and great privilege that I have this opportunity to express my great love and gratitude for the healing journey Matt Andrews and myself have walked…

From our very 1st session together it has been a journey of discovery, trust, healing and love. Matty’s beautiful nature, friendliness and authenticity shines through in the way he conducts himself and his healings. There is a great sense of Faith and belief in the process. The healing and transformation together has been one of great growth and awakening in all areas of my life. I’m in much gratitude for our time spent as we have peeled away layer upon layer of suppression, limiting beliefs, fears and long since done memories. I’m proud to say I’ve re-awakened to so much self-love, inner trust, freedom, truth and understanding of the gift that we all are, through our sessions. ManTarA's healings have allowed me to see the abundance of love and support that is in, and around, my life. My body is so much stronger and finally pain free after years of on going problems.

With love and light

- Paul Jackson, Titahi Bay, NZ

Matt Andrew's Bio:

Matt comes from a very intellectual, left brained, training as a professional mechanical engineer. However he now finds himself as a conduit for the powerful transformational energies that flow through from spirit. Matt works primarily with a collective of angelic light beings known to him as ManTarA, using Light Language to create an energetic space in the quantum that invites clients to expand out of their limitations, release their discordant energies, and to connect with their higher aspects of Self.

While Matt’s amazingly powerful work with ManTarA is a relatively new phase in this life, it is not an overnight transformation. Through his dedicated and disciplined practice of traditional yoga and meditation over the last 20 years he has purified his energy system, strengthened his awareness and raised his vibrational frequency, which allowed him to reconnect to his higher Self and ManTarA. However he is still a down to earth, well-grounded guy that enjoys a good laugh, and his progressive transformation has unfolded while living, working and raising a family in our modern society.