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"Empowering You - Group Calls Series 2"

Through a variety of extraordinary sessions, Sandra can help you discover past lives, aid you in realizing your soul’s purpose and teach you about the importance of breath. She can help bring closure and healing with the loss of a loved one. These are just a few examples. Every session is unique to each soul and amazing things can transpire with so many possibilities.

As you will learn, Sandra on our calls on Transformation To Joy Global Telesummit with Shashi Langham, teaches us how to let go of our expectations, about Accepting, Trusting and Believing.

Sandra is an intuitive healer and a shamanic practitioner. Sandra's ability to draw out what is needed, at a time that you are ready for it, leads to a new path of possibilities for each caller she works with. In her healing, she extends this healing to our animal companions.

Sandra Pelley has been fully immersed in her spiritual path for the past two decades - without even realizing it. In 2015 things changed and she stepped more fully into her soul’s purpose. Since then Sandra has created powerful soul readings, worked with healing the triggers of the pain body and has become the author of her first book, A Spiritual How-To - which she is giving as a free gift in her previous package you can access here.

Sandra has created a Package of Group and One-to-One just for  Transformation To Joy Global Telesummit listeners - her Empowered You - Live Group Series 1 was launched in October 2018 and can be purchased here.  On this page she bring you her Empowered You - Live Group Series 2 - all new for January 2019 and the first Live Group call is scheduled for January 29th.  Full details are below.

"Thank you.
The call was great. I am still feeling energies from the call. It was one of the greatest experiences of my life. I seldom feel energy so well and I was able to see images of what was happening as Sandra was directing the activation. I saw the rock from my previous life and could feel the sun warming me. I also saw my aura in the shape of a golden egg with additional colors swirling around the aura. It was wonderful!"

Thelma Fitzgerald, following the June 6th, 2018 Live Call With Sandra

Package A (Value $700 Special Offer $77)

Calls are on zoom and recorded. Replays are yours as well. These calls are treated as new explorations each time as our lives are ever changing. If you have participated in the Group Calls Series 1 you will find even more layers of healing occurring with Group Calls Series 2. Previous power points are always evolving as new information is downloaded through Sandra. Sandra’s photographic skills are displayed in the power points she incorporates into her presentations.

Group call 1 – Self Love and Power of Words

It is incredible how much we have forgotten during our life time. We have misplaced part of our self. Throughout our day we give freely yet take very little. Rediscover how to accept compliments and how asking for help, opens up a new world of self discovery. Learn why asking for help is important to our personal development. Step into the wonder of you. There is real wonder when you feel how much your soul enjoys and responds. This call brings in the importance of self love to new heights. If you are a first timer to this concept or well on your path, this call will be able to meet you where you most need to hear about self love and address how to make slight changes in how you speak. Mon. Jan. 28, 2019 @ 9am Pacific, 10am Mtn, noon Eastern.


Group Call 2 – Passed Loved Ones – Pets

This family member holds a very dear spot in your life. Representing unconditional love and sometimes this is the only one you have received that from. The connection is strong and real. It is also everlasting. My own girl passed away early fall 2018. There was such peace in her passing. We were both ready for it and I had nurtured the connection. How she has come to me and with me since has been incredible. I want this for you with your loved one. Thurs. Jan. 31, 2019 @ 8am Pacific, 9am Mtn, 11am Eastern.


Group Call 3 -  Drum Circle

Join me as I drum for you and we go on a journey. Explore the true sense of being, as you feel into the energy of the drum. This can take us anywhere. I have gone to many places that are in need when doing a drum circle. Mon. Feb. 4, 2019 @ 9am Pacific, 10am Mtn, noon Eastern.)

Bonus - New Year Meditation 2019 audio (41:44)

Total Value $700

Special Offer $77

Package B (Value $1600 Special Offer $147)

Includes all of Package A

Group Call 4 –  Ancestral Healing

An incredible guided journey where you are walked back through time to your ancestors. Regardless of whether you are adopted or in a natural family, there is healing for you and those from the past. Help heal yourself and those who come after you and those who came before you. An ailment you suffer with may be the result of being carried down through the familial lines. For instance I suffered with Plantar fasciitis.  My dad also had issues with his feet. When I went back through the lineage I discovered where it started and performed a healing. My feet rarely cause me problems and if they do it is for some other reason now rather than Plantar fasciitis. A powerful ancestral healing will occur during this call. Fri. Feb. 8, 2019 @ 9am Pacific, 10am Mtn, noon Eastern.


Group Call 5 – Pyramid Power – Clearing Negative energy and entities. The power of this is simple yet extremely powerful. If you have participated in the past you are aware of that. Each time we do this process we are able to focus on specific locations or events, healing moments in time that affect us and those around us. After the last group call, one person used this on a friend’s pet and was surprised at the changes in the pet’s regard of her.

You will be guided through the process of feeling into the energy and learn how to aid those around you for the highest outcome. We will create a Pyramid Grid bringing in positive high vibrational energy. The negative energies and entities will be purged and recycled into positive energies. Mon. Feb. 11, 2019 @ 9am Pacific, 10am Mtn, noon Eastern.


Group Call 6 - Healing a Traumatic Event During this process we will walk back in  time and rewrite the energy pattern, significantly lowering the effect of a traumatic event on your physical and emotional being. The last time we were guided very deeply and healed through many of our time lines, from a specific moment in our very distant past. Spirit will take us where we need to go with this one. Fri. Feb. 15, 2019 @ 9am Pacific, 10am Mtn, noon Eastern.


Bonus for Package B - The Pineal Chakra Activation with the lifetime access to participating in further Pineal Chakra Activations. These run monthly. The Pineal Chakra is between the Third Eye and the Crown Chakras. Re-learn how to connect with the support that is available to you eveyday.  This is cutting edge and will bring into focus your ability to "see", "hear" and "feel". The results of this activation in animals is amazing and most clearly evident. In humans it varies from person to person, with interesting results. Audio Recordings of Pineal Chakra Activation available for $10 each.  Sandra has two calls scheduled for January 29th - in two t1me slots.  You will the call details emailed to you when you get Sandra's Package B or C by January 28th. 

Total Value $1600

Special Offer $147

Package C:

Package C (Value $1850 Special Offer $197)

Includes all of Package A & B


One to One Private Call with Sandra via Phone or Skype 







"Universally, there are no mistakes. There was a reason Sandra came into my life at the time she did. I'd been struggling with some personal issues that had kept me in "stuck mode" for some time. Sandra offered me her knowledge, expertise, integrity, generosity, and passion for her work all wrapped up in a beautiful package of Light.  That is what she works with. I see it and feel it when I work with her. Her gifts she shares authentically. She has been a spiritual lifeline for me. The messages she provided from my Higher Self were profound and "spot on".  The tools she gave me to use work!  I am no longer "stuck" and am moving positively forward in large part to Sandra's gifts. I highly recommend working with Sandra in any area of your life. You will feel the healing." Sue, Massachusetts

Total Value $1850

Special Offer $197

Testimonials for Sandra Pelley...

About Kathy's Soul Reading with Sandra Pelley – March 9th 2018: “I love this. My heart feels wide open (as Sandra described how I embodied one of the animals as a true totem of that animal). This is probably the most powerful experience of my life. I wish I could express in words all that I am experiencing. It’s like WOW!” I feel like like light bulbs are going on over and over. My whole body feels different. I am comfortable. I no longer feel “Stuck”. I am no longer on the infamous “hamster wheel of life”. Sandra pulled these exact words and phrases from the recording of our session. but I would like to share a bit more now that a few days have passed since that time. You can hear on this same recording a giggle and a childlike excitement as Sandra tells me that I actually stepped into the power of the animal that she pulled for my heart chakra...the Raccoon . As she spoke, I was visualizing the family of raccoons that she told me she witnessed playing in a park in Vancouver, I could feel myself taking on the body, spirit and wisdom of this animal, I exclaimed, “I’ve never had an experience quite like this before. And I do mean an “experience!”. Sandra then took the opportunity to teach and offer guidance and concrete suggestions on the use of this new found power. Throughout the reading, both of us could see, feel and acknowledge growth, some simple, some profound. I had no expectations so the reading unfolded easily and joyfully!  At one point, Sandra cautioned me about the use and power of thoughts , words, expression and manifestation. I was using words like “can’t”, “should have”, “I’m sorry” flagrantly! Once she pointed this out I said, “I get it...I’m going to pay close attention to the thoughts and the words I choose and eliminate some from my vocabulary”. At one point, I remarked, “Sandra, this is so cool! It is probably the most exciting day I have had in a very long time.” Sandra mentioned that she too could feel change occurring for me, as we moved through each of the Chakras. I felt a keen association with the spirit, wisdom, strength, beauty and power of each Spirit Animal. In a way, we were creating my personal “totem pole”. I was gaining strength, power and dare I say, “enthusiasm”. Throughout our conversation, I was feeling , learning , knowing and loving more of who I am. It seemed there was one giant “Ah Ha” after another. Sandra certainly has some of the most powerful visionary statements, and she brings them to life and light! Her practicality is also a key. As she shared her own stories , she guided me to a deeper understanding of my own”. I have had “soul readings” before, but Sandra’s was different. It was empowering , helpful, practical, experiential and life changing. I felt that as it unfolded, it was becoming “one with me.” I was so engaged with the experience that I often had to pause just to breathe it all in and let it settle. In previous readings, I learned much, often feeling a sense of effervescence, as the information bubbled up and offered details, information and knowledge. For me, it was a “reading” and I was listening to my story, and as the pages turned, I tried to engage with it and apply it to my life and my spiritual journey. Invariably for me, within a short time, the bubbles seemed to disappear. I recall one reading after which I felt totally devastated, certainly through no fault of the reader. I had been told was told my throat chakra and others were completely closed, that I was “out of balance”! I felt crazed by it , only because despite the clearings, I had no idea on how to keep them clear and move forward. My Soul Reading with Sandra was different! I was a participant from the onset. It was a true co-creation! Sandra skillfully involved me in each step of her process. It made me feel strong, empowered and better prepared for the next phase of my journey. The reading for me was an “experience” like no other - “So simple, so beautiful, so profound. I am still taking it all in, I am breathing it all in.” I am in awe of Sandra and her methods, wisdom and loving spirit. She has a unique way of making even a “Weasel” strong, rooted,!engaging and beautiful! I feel like I have been the recipient of so much love, care, sage wisdom and advice. Overall, I felt as if the Universe handed me an incredible gift. Before me was a present with a big shiny bow! As we unwrapped it, and opened the lid, the contents seemed to overflow. I plan to incorporate all that I received into my “presence”, my be-ing, and use all that I received in a way that allows everything to flow easily and joyfully in and through me...in the most benevolent way for myself, others and humanity. I am grateful that spirit guided me to work with Sandra! I invite you to do the same!"

In the Q&A box for our March 13th Live call with Sandra ...Kathy also send this through - Sandra got dropped from the call  so Shashi could not read this out ...towards the end of the call.

"Just an FYI....Sandra’s method of recording each of each chakra is invaluable. I can listen to little clips which delights this Racoon." ~ Kathy

Kathy, B

July 26th, 2018 Live Call on Transformation to Joy Global Telesummit with Shashi Langham 

Yes! This was also another Powerful, Powerful call with Sandra Pelley and a strong reinforcement of how Powerful an Intuitive Healer Sandra Pelley is.  Sandra, I am proud to say was one of Mentoring and Coaching student on my program for New Speakers, and has been a bright, bright light in the healing and transformation she bring to all her calls and all our listeners.

Sandra started the call by doing a beautiful Grounding meditation, taking us in a different direction than usual, for the support she wanted to provide to listeners who had recently purchased her Special Offer package with their various health issues.  Working with the listeners lineage - when that energy first came into being - healing it at the root source.   Focusing on that one person where the illness started, feeling the presence of angels as that energy lifts and see it coming directly into your Heartspace and flowing - through your Heartspace to where it is needed and how it is healing in every dimension, direction and every realm.  Breathing in that change, associating it with the smell of citrus oranges - the energy adapting and that healing staying with you through all time in your lineage going forward.   Recognise how that energy follows in your footsteps, feel the ripples of that.   As you come back to you feel the ripples and recognise how the Lions Gate is aiding with that.

Mehar described how the beautiful the journey that both took with the pyramid work Sandra had done with her on her one to one session - but that she struggled with what if they don't believe me.  Sandra supported her in using her positive power and not worry about whether people believe her or not.  With self-belief, we got the feeling that Mehar will do the good work she is so very capable of.    The power of the healing that took place could be felt.

Trudy, came on to the call to say she has enjoyed all our calls, and particularly Sandra's calls and wanted some support around relationships ending and a new one coming into her life.  Sandra, took Trudy through her powerful breath work - by simply writing down and saying these 4 sentences phrase.  You can do this on the Replay! As and as you say each line  of the four sentences - take a deep Breath and let it go.  Say the next sentence line and repeat with the Breath work.  Do this whenever you need to ground and as part of your daily Self-care and Self-love!

I AM LOVE!         I AM LOVED!          I AM LOVING!            I LOVE ME!

Sandra asked Trudy to connect with a happy memory and see herself standing there with a someoney she is very happy with - a Divine compatible partner - a year from now.  Wearing yellowy green/turquoise green clothes.   This visualization is working on the energies -  Living in the Energies!   On this call Sandra taught Trudy, if she did this exercise on a regular basis - Living in those Energies and just allow the energies to flow as they will.   Feel into the energies, he will start to appear in her reality.  It will be very intriguing how the energies will shift to bring about a positive outcome - doing it first thing in the morning and at night you can manifest your deepest heart's desires.

Thelma came on the line to give some amazing feedback, after her one to one session with Sandra, her daughter asked, “What happened in there, you look ten to fifteen years younger!” Even the next morning, she said “Mother you look wonderful.” Thelma said she had to write in to Sandra to tell her.  Thelma, went on to say, “Not only that I could not take in a lot of that I just wanted to go to bed but unfortunately I had to stay up a while before I could go to bed. “

"One wonderful thing that has happened was I started to sing!", declared Thelma. Singing along with a Kundalini audio that is a favorite of hers” Thelma you see is a trained classical singer – she was so wound up with the training taboos that she had stopped singing!  But that morning, after her call with Sandra the evening before she overcome those limitations and she just kept with it and kept going and her singing – with joy – sounded good even to her own critical mind and ears!    She opened up to the possibility of healing work - her daughter had been encouraging her for years! It finally has sunk in.  She said she loved 'George' – her dragon – and can feel his energies – this was something that came up in her session with Sandra.   The other thing that Thelma mentioned on this live testimonial was the freedom Thelma now has to allow things to unfold and just happen.  A lot of it is about allowing, as Sandra has demonstrated with our other callers on this 25th July call and all her other calls with us.  So much of a real sense of freedom came in for Thelma to allow things to unfold – Living in the Energies! All of that in a mere hour and a half session with Sandra Pelley.   Thelma thanked Sandra for her wonderful work, thanked Shashi for having Sandra on the show and also thanked Mehar for recommending that she come on our Live calls to listen and work with our energy healers.

“A wonderful, fabulous, beautiful experience.” decalred Thelma.  Sandra, said “Wow”

Here we were keeping our Divine something, something…even Shashi struggled with getting the right word to describe the synchronity that was just demonstrated of the right speaker and right audience members coming together in Divine Right Timing! But, of course, the word I (Shashi) was struggling  to get was 'Appointment'.  This was Thelma's and Sandra's  Divine Appointment.  As one of the ladies piped up...Appointment!... as I (Shashi) struggled to find that elusive word.   Sandra was in tears, overcome with the feedback she had just received, and was encouraged by me (Shashi) to take her time to come back to centre and to take that feedback in.

Do listen to the call and share with your friends and family - you never whose life you will be able to touch just by sharing this Replay.

Sandra will be back on our show on a regular basis so do register here for call details, and if you have not registered already.   We would love to welcome you to the show.  

Shashi Langham, Transformation To Joy Global Telesummit, https://www.transformationtojoyglobaltelesummit.com/listen-s4-2/

“I have had 2 sessions with Sandra and both times I was blown away by her insight. Sandra has a unique gift that allows her to give you more than just what the cards say. Her connection to Spirit brought in great enlightenment and understanding so that her readings are so much more than the usual. Thank you Sandra for using your gifts in such a positive and giving way.”

P. W. - Oct 2017 , Florida

“I just had a soul reading from Sandra Pelley that was thorough, clear, and spot on! I resonated with it very much. Her vision is incredible. I always enjoy listening to her explanation of the information coming through her. She is very helpful also, always willing to send a link, recording or book/author. Her generosity is a gift. A wonderful example of a healer/shaman - Woman!”

Mary , Dec 2017 - California, USA

I had a very enlightening session with Sandra and my mare, I came away with more insight as to what my mare is looking for from me to have a better connection. Desi very much felt the energy as when the conversation came off her she let me know...much love to you Sandra for your gifts!!!

Roxanne, USA

Sandra was great! I got so much from my session with her since she is very intuitive and has much depth and wisdom. I find that the tools and techniques she uses to connect with higher self / soul and expand with my own gifts and life purpose. Thank you Sandra! Much love and light to all!

- Anat – Texas

“Sandra offered a Higher Self reading. She delivered her message with such love and in a way that I should be talking to myself! Thank you Sandra for not only responding with your reading but following up when I commented. You were a blessing in disguise. Thank you so much!!” ~ Leslie Hillyer

- Leslie Hillyer

I had a reading and it was very accurate. I had just prayed that day for something in particular and it was answered through my reading. Very spot on! Thank you again!

- Crystal Hand

“When I hear Sandra Pelley,... ️️️️ She is awesome!! Having this session with her always blesses the days, weeks and months ahead for me. Especially when I get discouraged. I always smile with joy as I reflect on how accurate and yet insightfulSandra's messages are. She's my favorite go to person when I want to know what my Higher Self is guiding me to do. I highly value, and I'm so grateful for her gift. Thank You so much Sandra Pelley. I most sincerely pray that abundance and more joyous blessings be yours daily.” ~ LadyMaster Qamar Queen 

- LadyMaster Qamar Queen

"I have received 2 messages from my Higher Self from Sandra, months apart. Both were very accurate."

- Christine Nolan

“Had a higher self reading with Sandra, She was right on target. I would read with her again. Thank you Sandra and God bless you <3”

- Nina Keehn

" I loved it!!! I love her!!!️"

- ZoryMolano Garcia

"Had the higher self reading done by Sandra Pelley. To my surprise it was really fantastic was so much spot on. I was really impressed..an so much me. Thank you for your time."

- Sandy Hershey Jones

"I had a higher self reading and it was spot on. I was very impressed. Thank you!"

- Michele Ann Langdon

 I had a higher self reading with Sandra can't wait to see what happens. Thank you.

- Annie M Blair

 "I had a higher self reading and it was spot on. I was very impressed. Thank you!"

- Michele Ann Langdon

Thank you sweetheart, it’s because of you and your beautiful angel help that you give to me. Your my biggest inspiration in my life. Don’t get me wrong, it’s the hardest thing I have ever had to face in life. But with you by my side I feel I have the strength that wasn’t there before. Who knows where I would be without you, I honestly believe that God put you in my life so that I wouldn’t break down. I am not ashamed to yell out to the world that you have brought me so far and I love you like no other Angel. You are one of my sisters, just as my blood sisters are. Your the most beautiful angel princess in the entire world gorgeous. I LOVE YOU AND THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH BEAUTIFUL


Hello. I had to tell you this. I voluntarily take care of an elderly neighbor and her senile, little blind and little def dog. He is 14 and just ok. I practiced what you told me today, after I fed him. He was playing like a 5 Year old dog. Tug of war, he was tough. Lol. I have never seen him play with gusto before. I was great. His 84 Year old mom , who also had a touch of dementia was laughing and smiling and was sooo happy.
Thank You Cupcake for being you and sharing your gift with me so I can help the critters. Lol.


And Thank you for an amazing experience. I loved it and feel a clear connection to the pineal chakra. The tingling around my head was quite something and what moved me very much was that my heart chakra started to vibrate repeatedly and seemed to build a connection or opened up a next pathway.

- VM - Anguilla

Mind blowing experience wow so amazing I was wishing for the recording n Angels n you gifted us how blessed are we all so humbled.


Sandra is phenomenal! Her intuition, kindness and sensitivity are such a gift! I feel so thankful for her life-giving words! I felt encouraged, inspired, and hopeful after our session!


About Sandra Pelley...

A regular Guest Speaker on Transformation To Joy with Shashi Langham, Sandra Pelley has been fully immersed in her spiritual path for the past two decades. 

In 2015 Sandra stepped more fully into her soul’s purpose.  Sandra's powerful soul readings are a must for our listeners and truly transformational.

Sandra has worked with healing the triggers of the pain body and has become the author of her first book, A Spiritual How-To which she offered our listeners as a free gift as part of her Special Offer here . She teaches the power of breath and the strength of our words. Sandra’s ability to read your energy, your soul’s energy, brings about healing and closure on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

Sandra's special gift is the space she holds for you to Unblock the Greatest Expression of Your Soul to Live Your Life Fully Empowered, Energized and Ready to Greet the World! Through various methods, helping people has been her goal for her entire life. In the early 2000’s she suffered a life changing injury, that took 10 years to truly recover from. During this time, Sandra was directed towards a non-traditional way to begin healing and her Soul’s Purpose began.

Sandra facilitates true healing on four levels, PEMS (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual). This leads the individual on a path towards a healthier life, happier and a more soul aligned life.  Sandra has the unique skill of reading people and animals by releasing fears, past and present, that manifest as Dis~Ease in the body and affect our adulthood. Through a variety of extraordinary sessions, Sandra can help you discover past lives, aid you in realizing your soul’s purpose and teach you about the importance of breath. She can help bring closure and healing with the loss of a loved one. These are just a few examples. Every session is unique to each soul and amazing things can transpire with so many possibilities.

Sandra  had a large shift in consciousness. Because of this, she chose to open her heart to all the possibilities, to be all that she can be as a facilitator and teacher.

Sandra teaches how to let go of our expectations, about Accepting, Trusting and Believing. She walks you through how to ground your self, balance your chakras, talk with your Higher Self and embrace the little you. Sandra is a shamanic practitioner as well. Her ability to draw out what is needed, at a time that you are  ready for it, leads to a new path of possibilities for each animal and person she works with.