If you are an energy healer and have achieved remarkable results with your clients - then this may be the just the opportunity you have been looking.  Getting you

If you want to get launched, build your healing practice and have a Global reach you may wish to know that help is at hand.

You see for over a decade now energy healers have been able to take advantage of the increasing popularity of Global platforms called Telesummits.  They may get the chance to  appear on a one-off or regular appearances on any one of these highly sought after Global Telesummits.   However, the bar is set too high for many new energy healers who have no or very little following on social media sites to get a booking.  That is where Shashi Langham's Transformation To Joy Global Telesummit is different - this Global Telesummit has relaxed requirements for you to considered to win a spot as a New Speaker.  This is provided you are a high vibration energy healer and have been achieving remarkable results with their energy healing - but has yet to get that big break!

Even if you are not ready for that step you may want to keep reading...

Especially if have yet to experience being part of, or listening on a regular basis to a Global Telesummit.  It may be the ideal platform for you to showcase your work, get more paying clients and grow your healing practice.

So what is a Global Telesummit?

A Global Telesummit is just like a radio show but with dedicated subscribers who are interested in listening to energy healers just like you.  They are also interested in getting regular emails from Telesummits and who want to discover how what you have to offer may be exactly what they have been looking.

Why Global?

Everyday, more and more people are discovering energy healing Telesummits - across the Globe.  This is now a well established but highly competetive platform for your potential clients to discover how your energy healing techniques and skills can help them heal and transform a specific area of their life.

This is your ideal platform to attract more Clients and to work from home, on Skype, Whatsapp or Zoom or a Teleconferencing platform with individual or groups of people interested in what you have to offer.

At the core a Global Telesummit is also a radio show.  It has active subscribers who are actively looking for what you have to offer.  They love to come onplatforms like these to learn more about what a healer has to offer them.  The Global Telesummit is a meeting place and a gathering of liek minded people to come together to create healing and transformation at a deep level. These Live calls are  led by the host  and individual energy healer just like you.

If you are able to get an opportunity to get on these Live calls - it can be powerful platform to get your work out there and get more paying clients.  If listeners are unable to attend the LIVE calls then they also have the option to listening to a Replay of that radio show and interview - often within minutes of the Live call ending and for the weekend and soemtimes for an extended period of time. Listeners, also have the option of purchasing the Show Live calls as recodings to have access to 24/7 in their library of resources.

These Live calls and Replay,s in our experience,has the potential to get your work out to a niche audience who typically are investing 60 to 90 minutes of their time to get on a live call, ask questions and get their issues addressed.   If the audience member is unable to get on a Live call they also have the option of submitting questions in advance and listening to the Replay.

Typically the energy healer lead the show host and audience members through a Group process and take live callers and written questions from audience members, as facilitated by the show host.  This has proven to be an ideal opportunity for energy healers to attract new clients and showcase their work.   The energy healer prepare for the show  by working with the Telesummit and theh show in advance to bring forward a Special Offer that audience members can purchase to get deeper into the energy healer's work. Typically these are daily and weekly calls that run for a Series or a Season featuring a handful of healers or up to 18 or 24 Speakers.

Shashi Langham's Transformation To Joy Global Telesummit has established itself as a Telesummit who has subscribers who are hungry for new energy healers. Shashi has gained amazing insights and expertise in guiding New Speakers in teh energy healing niche to become successful and go on to be invited by other major Telesummits in this space.

If you would like to know if this is something for you then you may want to become part of Shashi's Mentoring and Coaching Program for New Speakers.  To get started just click on the Yes! Let Me in Early button below.

Shashi Langham's Mentoring & Coaching for New Speaker includes:

   A first 45-60 minutes One to One Phone or Skype Call with Shashi (Value $397)

   Three one to one Coaching Calls of 60-90 minutes with Shashi on Setting up and Marketing with Facebook, Tools for Setting Up & Recording Live Group Calls and Building a Healing Practice that meets the needs of your clients (Value $1200)

♦   Help & Support in Creating Your first Sales Page content (testimonials, Offer/Package breakdown and Bio, help with writing content for the Opt-In page, Thank You page, Brief content to be shared on social media posts for you to promote prior to the call, on the day of the call and after the call, help with writing the content for 2 e-mails that you can share about being on Transformation to Joy Global Telesummit and help with writing the entire promotional campaign ranging from 8-10 e-mails that include creatin hype e-mails, the open cart e-mails, the come to call e-mail, the replay e-mail, teh follow up-email and the offer closing e-mail to maximize your success. (Value $3600)

♦   Three Live Calls on Transformation to Joy Global Telesummit in 2020/21  the value of these Live calls cannot be under estimated. It is a space for a whole community of like minded individuals to meet, collaborate and support each other.  It gives you a chance, as a energy healer, to be generous and give away a sample of your work as a FREE Gift.  In this way they can n get to know, like and trust you to get your Special Offer. (Value $1800)

Shashi Langham's Mentoring & Coaching for New Speakers Special Offer $4,997

For a Limited Time Only $2,997 for a One-Time Offer 0r $397 a months Payment Plan for 10 months!

(Total Value $6,997)

Welcome to Shashi Langham’s Mentorship and Coaching Program for New Speakers

Limited Time Special Offer Price



Listen to Shashi Langham speak about her Mentoring and Coaching Program on the mp3 audio below

Karen Lagrange is one of our 12 New Healer and Speaker Shashi introduced to the Telesummit World! Karen went on to speak at many other Telesummits, including YouWealthRevolution.  Here is a sample of the feedback we have received on one of Karen's Live calls:

"Thank you so much Karen for today's healing and insight. It is so good to be over and done with that planetary rewind of "deja vu all over again". As if it wasn't challenging enough that first time around. Still thinking about all the "mothers" I have had around me in my life and today anyone of them could have been with me. Belatedly Happy Mother's Day to all the Mothers in my life.😊😊 And I just love that peacock pyramid. Must be the colors." -  Diana Krewinkel

Listen to Shashi Langham speak about her Mentoring and Coaching Program on the mp3 audio above

Jade Yin Hom - who is conducting this interview was also one of Shashi's New Speaker, who went on to Speak at many other Telesummits, including From Heartache to Joy. Shashi was the midwife and now Jade, Karen Lagrange, Gloria Shaw, Justice Bartlett and so many of our other New Speakers are taking their work to a wider audience!

Justice Bartlett, was also a New Speaker Shashi introduced to the Telesummit World.  Justice is a professional Transformational Coach with 12 years of experience as healer, teacher, and paradigm shifter. Justices' unique approach to creating dynamic change through the practice Conscious Play, invites people to shift and heal in a whole hearted experiential way, engaging their own intuition and accessing their own personal, creative power, to embody an authentically joyful life.


Why Listeners and Audience Members invest their time listening to Energy Healing Telesummits:

  • Specific help - the results they want from energy healing.
  • How they want to feel when they work with energy healing and energy healers.
  • They are looking to have an illness cured.
  • They want to attract better and more loving relationships.
  • They want new business ideas, a new career, more money!
  • They want to Step into their Joy and be Happy!
  • and many, many more issues can come up!

Energy Healing Telesummits are a good way for Listeners to see if they:

  • resonate with as a healer, many of them can feel your energy.
  • they have a desire to work with a healer.
  • they are looking for healings method, tools and processes that work.
  • they enjoy listening to, and learning from each Speaker.
  • they are drawn to energy healing.


Energy Healing Telesummits feature are audio and energy work products:

There are many different types of energy healing audio mp3s that are for sale and available to purchase in telesummits. We recommend you check out these free energy healing mp3s and call recordings we are giving as free gifts on https://www.transformationtojoyglobaltelesummit.com/ to start to understand what style of mp3 you prefer. I will describe the different aspects of energy healing mp3s to consider creating as a package to offer on Transformation To Joy Global Telesummit.

  • group calls? Some energy healers include group calls in their packages. The energy healers tunes into to the energy of a group and gives you a lot of healing over one or two hours, and often takes individual callers as well. Group calls are often powerful because of the magnified energy of the group.
  • private session? A private session is very personal. So your ability to connect with and take audience members through mini sessions on the calls on the issues they bring to call will be very important and critical to your success. You will need to build trust and as listeners become familar with what you have you offer them they will be able to make an informed decision on whether you are the eenrgy healer they have been looking for. Doing one to one work with callers and listeners is a key element of our shows and calls.

There are so many different energy healers to choose from, that even if the specific subject or type of energy healing doesn't come up immediately in a telesummit, listeners are sure to find the energy healer they resonate and want to work with.

Listeners, know that the various Telesummits are constantly featuring the same speakers and that is where Transformation To Joy Global Telesummit is different in that it brings New Speakers who want to meet our listeners where they are and want to empower them and equip them with tools, techniques and meditations that they can use on a regular basis in support of the transformation they are looking for.

The key focus of The Transformation To Joy Global Telesummit is to provide audience members help and support in clearing all the limitations, false beliefs, false programming, and blockages that are causing the absence of JOY. It is my personal view when JOY is present in an individual's life then they can attract everything! Everything they need to thrive and live a JOY filled life of love, peace and happiness.

Facilitating an individual to step in their highest Joyful expression, it follows is a key to Personal Transformation and has the power to create a bridge to Global Transformation on  our planet! It starts with us! We as individuals have the power to create the perfect tipping point, the PERFECT STORM - where everyone is supported, irrespective of where they are on their journey of Awakening, Conscious Awareness and Enlightenment!

For my first series, I so enjoyed working with the new speakers I brought to the Platform that I am now happy to bring on some more new speakers. To qualify for my Mentorship and Coaching Program for New Speakers, you need to already have an established healing practice with a track record of providing healing that is heart based, enabling and empowering for your clients.   If, you are also now ready to widen your reach to offer your work to a world-wide audience and have a chance to appear twice on the Transformation To Joy Global Telesummit, in the next series launch then I want to hear from you.

Shashi Langham’s Mentorship and Coaching Program for New Speakers has been re-opened, for a limited time.

I am Shashi Langham, on 28th January 2017, I launched the Transformation To Joy Global Telesummit. I recently learnt that my vision for creating a community of like minded individuals loving and supporting each other was created, at the age of just three years old!

Starting on this journey in October 2016, I was clear from the start that I wanted to create a Telesummit that attracts healers and speakers of the highest level of integrity who work from the heart space. If you are a Healer or a Transformation coach and aspire to those qualities I would love to hear from you. I would at the minimum expect that you can resonate with my mission to bring about Transformation on our planet through raising the vibration of JOY!

Speaking on Energy Healing Telesummits

Energy healing telesummits are awesome venues for connecting with your ideal clients if you are a high vibration energy healer who wantes to reach a wider audience.   You can access to listeners who are used to attending global gatherings and communities.  There are many telesummit movements and more are needed that are there to serve audience members  and help them find the help and support they are looking for.  The real value that Telesummit provide is to give energy healers a global platform for listeners who are looking for good healers to get to know and connenct with energy healers. Listeners get to receive free energy healing audio mp3s when they you sign up for a telesummit.  They get to work with and hear healers talk about their modalities and the healing results they have achieved.  They get to experience free energy work in every interview, radio show, podcast and webinar style calls.

If what you have to offer, as an energy healer, resonates with them the listeners will buy multiple mp3s and private sessions at hugely discounted prices.  Often people start attending telesummits because they are desperate for change - many buy packages on impulse and not because they really resonate with the energy healer .  At Transformation To Joy Global Telesummit we encourage our listeners to buy Special Offer packages from energy healers they resonate with, connect with and will teach and guide to empower them.   We encourage our energy healers to create audios, remote, private and group sessions that they need, will use, enjoy using on a regular basis and will support them in the transformation they are ready for!  If this resonates with you, then you may be ready to come on board as an energy healer on Transformation To Joy Global Telesummit with Shashi Langham's Mentoring & Coaching Program.

ABOUT SHASHI LANGHAM, Host & Founder of Transformation To Joy Global Telesummit

Shashi Langham, has been an adviser and teacher since she was 18 years old and went on to become an adviser to UK Goverment Ministers, as part of the UK Civil Service. She walked away from that role with a burning desire to serve humanity on a larger scale, often asking the question, "How can I serve? She has been on her own path of awakening for the last 7 years and is creating Transformation to Joy Global Telesummit, as her vehicle of choice to make Joy a Daily, Moment by Moment Practice in all our lives! She believes that when you choose Joy, when you step into the vibration of JOY - then everything is possible! Then, "Things get to Happen for Me, and You, That are not Even Possible!" and that by examining and dealing with the core issues of anything that keeps JOY from being your Daily, Moment by Moment Experience, you can see Your Life Transform, from the Inside Out!

This is what an extraordinary healer, Emmanuelle Piers, she is introducing to the Telesummit space has to say about being a part of this Transformation To Joy Global Telesummit Movement, "I am deeply honored and excited to be part of this amazing global Telesummit along with 24 gifted healers. Shashi Langham is a powerful visionary who is committed to bring transformation to humanity and help souls find their way back home to JOY. She has created this powerful platform to serve YOU, helping you to bring transformation in your life!"

This is what an audience member, Kathy B, who has been following Shashi’s journey in creating this platform and her launch shared in the Transformation To Joy Global Telesummit Facebook Group:

"Wow! I am so excited for this day the launch of Shashi's Ship, "Transformation to Joy". Ever since she invited me to become one of her Facebook friends, and I saw the lotus blossom on her profile, I was filled with great ANTICIPATION! I was immediately reminded and taken back in memory to the days of this commercial, the words and the voice of Carly Simon. Since that day, this feeling has grown immensely as I have followed her posts and the posts from her friends and her colleagues.

Today, we take out a bottle of champagne and join Shashi in christening her ship. Then, we will set sail on an adventure. There is a full itinerary. We will stop at many ports and meet people, speakers, and friends who will teach us, inspire us, and fill our hearts and souls with their gifts. Along the way, we will eat, drink, dance and play. And like all adventures, each of us will take away souvenirs, thoughts, inspirations, ideas and memories which we will want to share. Shashi has provided us an incredible main deck, this Facebook group, where we can socialize and share our insights,"ah ha's" and our treasures.

This Ship is waiting at the pier, the Captain is standing proudly at the helm, the Crew is ready. I urge you to grab your loved ones and your friends and join us as we embark on this adventure of a lifetime! Remember, there will be lots of joy, discussion and fun along the way!

Much love and congratulations to you, Shashi!"

You can read more about what the listeners and speakers have to say about me and the Transformation To Joy Global Telesummit platform I have created, by scrolling down.

I launced Series 3 of the Transformation to Joy Global Telesummit on February 13th 2018 @4pm Eastern (US) with Gloria Shaw, my first Guest Speaker for 2018. I am looking for New Speakers and for my Coaching and Mentoring Program to launch in 2018.  

For a limited time, I am offering a low price of $2,997.00!  Total Value $6,997. However, you can still get the coaching and Mentoring from Shashi for the full price of $4,997.00 at the end of this promotion.  Shashi would like you to get this Special Offer at the reduced price - so do jump in and believe in yourself!   There is also a 12 month Payment Plan of $297.  

Your New Speaker Mentoring and Coaching inludes:

A first 45-60 minutes One to One Phone or Skype Call with Shashi ($397)

You will get a chance to have a one to one conversation with Shashi Langham to outline your vision and goals for being on this program.  Ideally, you will have an established Healing Practice, Website and Social Media following in place.  Your success on Telesummits will depend on whetehr or not you have created a following, whether you engaging with the audience members who are drawn to listen to you and who are looking for solutions that work on clearing their energetic blocks, false beliefs and subconscious limitations they have picked up.   This is where the value of the feedback you have received and the results you have been able to achieve for your clients will need to drawn out in the Special Offer page and on the Live calls.  If you don't have this base foundation - then look at ways you can start creating that now.  You would be surprised how quickly you can build up a following, with focused and consistent action on  a daily basis.   Shashi will be able to give you real examples of Special Offers that sold well and others that did not.

Three Coaching Calls of 60-90 minutes with Shashi ($1,200)

On this calls, you will work on the priorities you have in getting you Speaking to a Global Audience, and getting your work out to Telesummit audiences who are looking for high vibration healers who can help them transform their lives.   Three one to one Coaching Calls of 60-90 minutes with Shashi, topics covered will include:

Setting up and Marketing With Facebook,

◊  Tools for Setting Up & Recording Live Group Calls, and

◊  Building a Healing Practice that meets the needs of your clients

Visit https://www.transformationtojoyglobaltelesummit.com/  to Learn more about the show, Shashi Langham, Speakers and audience members.  Sign up for the free gifts that feature call recordings of six of our Live Calls and feature six of our best Speakers and their Special Offers so you get an excellent idea of what is possible for you.

Help & Support in Creating Your First Three Sales Offer (Value $3,600)

How to put your Special Offer together is a key to your success, as is the Live interview you will have with Shashi to a Global audience  - this one to one support you will get will help you get launched on the Telesummit platform.

Six Live Calls on Transformation to Joy Global Telesummit in 2018 (Value $1,800)

This is a priceless opportunity for you to come and speak and be interviewed on my show, where my audience members are looking for Energy Healers they resonate with and can work with on a one to one basis to transform their lives.   You won't be limited to just 6 Live Calls as Shashi is committed to your sucess, but that is what she is offering as a minimum commitment to you.   These calls will also take place within 6 weeks to 12 weeks, provided you are happy with that and can be ready to launch with a Special Offer that audience members are looking for.

Shashi Langham's Mentorship & Coaching Program  includes:

A first 45-60 minutes One to One Phone or Skype Call with Shashi ($397)

Three Coaching Calls of 60-90 minutes with Shashi ($1,200)

Help & Support in Creating Your First Three Sales Offer (Value $1,800)

Six Live Calls on Transformation to Joy Global Telesummit (Value $1,800)

Total Value $6,997

Special Offer $4,997

Today's Offer Price $2,997


Payments of $297 a month spread over 12 Months


Shashi Langham's New Speaker Mentoring & Coaching includes:

  • A first 45-60 minutes One to One Phone or Skype Call with Shashi ($397)
  • Three Coaching Calls of 60-90 minutes with Shashi ($1,200)
  • Help & Support in Creating Your First Three Sales Offers (Value $3,600)
  • Six Live Calls on Transformation to Joy Global Telesummit in 2018 (Value $1,800)

For Only $2,997

(Total Value $6,997)

or 12 Payments of $297 a month for 12 months.


What are People saying about Shashi Langham:

Sandra Pelley Sandra Pelley

“Being an avid listener of telesummits since they came into my awareness, I enjoy the healing and learning I receive from them. I was truly at a point in my life where I was discouraged by them, for a number of reasons. Then along came my Transformation into Joy…. Yes a play on words of Shashi Langham’s Transformation To Joy Global Telesummit. Shashi has a warm inviting platform, that walks me through her show at a pace, that is both informative and healing. I listened to a show the other day and was shocked when she said it was time to say good bye and thank you to her guest speaker. I honestly felt like 15 minutes had gone by. The people she has on, gives the listener a wide range of experiences and her show is truly a show for healing the healer, healing the little you and every aspect of you. It is a real pleasure to be an active participant from the audience side but I also get to be a guest speaker. Shashi is so much fun to chat with and her sincere heart and desire to bring a true healing to every corner of the world, draws me like a moth to the light. Let us all be moths, as Shashi is the Light. You are awesome. Thank you.”

Justice Bartlett Justice Bartlett

‘Thank you to Shashi Langham for hosting this and sharing this great description of the last call! "Justice Bartlett came back by popular demand, and it was a high energy call. In a group process, as you listen she will help you get in touch with your inner child's traumas with a powerful process involving a crystalline rainbow bridge clear those out so that they are released an a new understanding is brought in to re-ignite you to your gifts that may have been quashed! Magically shift and live a more playful and joy filled life of magic and mystery - that is yours for the asking! As any 4 or 5 year old innately knows that there is no such thing as lack or limitation, they instinctly know that it is all possible!’

Anne H Anne H

" Thank you very much for restoring my confidence back into Global Teleseminar platforms. I've just listened to the listened to your speech in your interview with Gloria and wow! You surely couldn't be more genuine.... Only a couple of days ago I was considering unsubscribing from all of them but because I've been listening for the past few years, I resisted the frustration and now I am glad I didn't."

Gloria Shaw Gloria Shaw

“Thank you Shashi for sharing, warming my heart today and clearly March 17th was a new beginning, growth and expansion. The blessings are far reaching, how beautiful is that. Well done! universe...Shashi Langham Transformation to Joy Global Telesummit.”

Agnes in Germany Agnes in Germany

“Shashi darling, you bring the most amazing healers in the world to your show. OMG, what's your secret? Where do you find them? In my opinion, you are the best host so far, already, with the best healers & affordable packages, in the whole wide world. No doubt. And, darling you are only just starting! You dearly. I haven't listened to today's healer (Gloria Shaw) before but I plan to purchase her Package B even before the show starts. Her work just resonates deeply . I'll definitely be tuning in tonight. Please ask her to help me open my physical & spiritual hearts. That'd be the greatest gift. Loving you loads Shashi.”

Sandra Pelley Sandra Pelley

“Wow, that was so incredible! I had been having such a busy hectic day but was drawn to listen to Amirah. I am so glad I did. I love how quickly she got to the crux of the problem. I once was told, because I am healer... why don't youheal your self. Sometimes we too have "issues" pop up that are beyond us, we are all learning. I loved how comfortable I felt with Amirah. My headache, of roughly 8 or 9 days is gone, I feel lighter and the world feels brighter. I had to make a three hour trip later and literally sang all the way in to the city. It felt like I had been reborn, like I was looking at the world thru a different set of eyes. Thank you so much for the help and the lesson, I have a new awareness. Much love.”

Jaishree Mogi Naidoo Jaishree Mogi Naidoo

“Thank you, Shashi Langham! I was remembering the first night that I listened to your Telesummit... I cannot recall why I was preparing supper late... I had not listened in to any of your shows, and I was guided to leave supper [the preparation and eating of it] and get on the first call that I listened to with Karen Lagrange. I AM infinitely grateful that I did... follow the inner guidance... to listen ... Since listening, my journey has been up-leveled beyond comprehension...  Just in this last week, many shifts have occured...  After listening to S Arathi Ma, I went into spontaneous meditation for 10 minutes directly after she worked on me, and have felt very still since then.  I found myself smiling after Matt Andrews process, and felt happy for most of the day after for the longest time in any one day."

Sarah Otis Sarah Otis

“I wanted to provide a brief testimonial about my experience with Emmanuelle Florence Pries during her live call. I go in near the end despite so many distractions and things attempting to block me from calling in to have something removed that was blocking me from truly living life in joy!

Emmanuelle discovered I had a energetic knife stuck in my heart via my back, which I was greatly feeling and had been feeling for the past 2 yrs. This was from a ended engagement with an abusive fiance who I just haven't been able to fully release myself from. She picked up on the great suffering I had been experiencing and also so did Mother Mary who stepped in to assist as well. Emmanuelle also used the Violet Flame to assist in the healing and clearing. The pain became so intense it felt like a heart attack and at one point felt I was going to pass out as if life was over for me but soon shifted and could feel the increase in my energies. I appreciate the wisdom she shared that I needed to hear or be reminded of. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your loving assistance!”

Sarah Otis Sarah Otis

“I wanted to give some feedback about my mini session on Laura Hasford's call this week. I almost didn't call in but glad I did and was humbled by what came through as was feeling extremely emotional that day which she sensed and Mother Mary came through to assist which felt very comforting. Laura has such a loving and gentle energy that I feel many will resonate with. I'm grateful for the blessing of getting on the call live before it ended. Thank you again Laura.”

Jenette Traverson Jenette Traverson

"What a great opportunity to be a part of Shashi Langham's first Telesummit Transformation to Joy. This was also my first Telesummit and a wonderful experience to learn the in's and out's of the telesummit world. What a great way to share with the world what I do on a daily basis with my clients all over the world. Shashi is very caring, supportive, and encourages you to let your light shine. Blessings & love."

Justice Bartlett Justice Bartlett

"I felt an instant connection with Shashi Langham and the Transformation To Joy Global Telesummit.  She shared with me me her intention to create a mutually beneficial, conscious, online community for teachers, healers and consciousness explorers to meet and offer their work, and receive support for growth and healing. Her words and the vibration behind them, conveyed the feelings of being dedicated, clear, grounded and open.  Engaging with her through this process, has been pleasurable and powerful! She is certainly professional but even more than that, she is in true alignment with what she is creating and that is palpable and refreshing. I am growing and learning so much through this process and I am so excited to continue in this experience with Shashi and this wonderful community."

 Kathy Kathy

"Much love and gratitude to you and your many incredible speakers who gave and continue to give so much of their time, energies, love and support to each and all of us. The love and intense vibrational energy is transforming so many hearts and souls and extending far beyond. Thus far, I have had the privilege to work with Lorelei Robbins, Madlena Kantscheff and Gloria Shaw. Each have these beautiful women have facilitated profound changes for me spiritually, physically , mentally, emotionally and energetically. And by no means do I want to forget you , Shashi! I can honestly say that I am a different woman today than when I first responded to your email friend request and joined "Transformation to Joy...a Global Telesummit! " (Would you agree, Gloria?)
Much love to you Shashi  for opening us to a new world of men and women whose purpose is to heal, guide and transform...and the Joy that results is indescribable!"

Kathy B Kathy B

"What a joy to see that Cindy is back on Transformation to Joy. As you know I purchased her package and have so appreciated her guidance and support! Cindy brings such incredible authenticity to her work, her blogs, her book, her Facebook Sessions!!
Thank you for inviting her to return and for an opportunity to work with her again.
With love and gratitude,

Kathy ...about Cindy Mazzaferro Kathy ...about Cindy Mazzaferro

"After listening to Cindy on the Live Call in Series 1 on the summit, I continue to think on the card messages and the understanding that she shared with me. All of it was amazingly so true, and I’ve tried to open up with that course of action and have met enormous support from the Universe, family and friends. I resonated with her so much, I purchased Package C because spending 1:1 time with Cindy is worth the price alone. I am looking forward to really digging deeper into my health related issues.

I was following Cindy before on her awesome FB page, The Power Within Cynthia Mazzaferro and jumped at the opportunity to connect on a personal level. I strongly encourage people to take advantage and work with Cindy. You’ll be so happy that you did and be amazed at the results."