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Foundations of Power, Lower Body Healing

This program was actually inspired by you, the listeners of Shashi’s Transformation to Joy show.

When I was introducing my Power Healing series on the show, I got so many requests for lower body healing work. It made me realize how our lower bodies are often neglected – in our daily lives, in our thoughts, and, yes, in many spiritual teachings.

If you have health issues that keep hanging on, even with good treatment, or if you have problems manifesting things, lower body dysfunction may be playing in. If your spiritual life is full of brilliant realizations, but your daily life never really seems to actually change, you might want to investigate what lower-body aliveness can do for you.

I myself had a lot of lower body issues I’ve had to heal because of my “incurable and progressive” illness (which turned out not to be). I’ve also spent a lot of time in contact with the earth, before everybody got into “grounding”. Traditional cultures have always been very wise in using grounding in their daily lives. It may be the missing piece of the puzzle in yours.

First things first: I’m not a health professional. I’m not pretending to be. But I know a lot about health, and my work can touch areas that most health professionals can’t. It’s a wonderful complement to other kinds of health care, and if your health care isn’t really healing your problem, it may be your missing ingredient. It was for me.

This program is for you if, you have any of these issues:


  • you do a lot of work on manifesting things in your life, but it just doesn’t seem to stick. Your life doesn’t really change
  • you have a hard time staying in your body; you may be ill a lot, or just spacy, and inclined to do things that allow you to escape your physical being
  • you have compulsions or addictions that seem to take you over: lots of time on the screen, overeating, obsessive reading, opiates (if you’re in pain and opiates allow you to have a functional life, that is not addiction), alcohol, shopping, raging at others in ways that embarrass you afterwards…
  • you’re being treated for pain, but it still hurts
  • you’re being treated for numbness, but you're still numb
  • you’re being treated for stiffness, but you're still stiff
  • you have reproductive system issues that your health practitioners don’t seem able to fully address
  • you have immune system problems. Lower-body work may not address them all, but it will reach areas that a lot of people don’t touch
  • you feel ungrounded, and that makes you feel insecure, or unable to cope, or both
  • you have chronic digestive issues that just won’t go away
  • you have a nagging feeling of not being quite “all there” –brain fog, indecisiveness, and confusion can be a part of this
  • you’re often on an emotional roller-coaster, and just can’t seem to stop
  • you have allergies and food sensitivities that you haven’t been able to get to calm down
  • you have chronic skin problems – you’ve tried everything, and nothing really works
  • or some issues that are just unique to you...that you want addressed and healed

A lot of energy healers and spiritual seekers don’t think the lower body is holy, so they mostly ignore it in their spiritual practices. I used to be one of them, so I know! In a lot of spiritual traditions, the big aim is to get out of the body, to be “heavenly” in a way that disregards earth. This leads to abuse – of our bodies, of others, of our planet. By starting to heal this, we can also be part of healing these deep difficulties and sorrows in our physical world.

Without being fully in our lower bodies, we’re not fully present. I had to almost die to get this one! And I don’t recommend taking that route. What I had was a continual frustration: the things I most wanted to do in the world never really landed, that there was no place for them. Eventually, that ate away at my physical health, even though I was living, in many ways, what people would call a healthy lifestyle. But in some ways, I was disregarding my deepest foundation of power. It’s not that I wasn’t active, or didn’t eat nutritious food; it was a deeper thing than that.

Half of your brain is in your gut. Did you know that? I thought I was pretty up on health, but I didn’t find this out until about seven years ago. Turns out a lot of doctors don’t know about this, either, even though there is plenty of medical evidence and medical science on it. This is now actually cutting-edge medicine. It’s also ancient tradition: you know all those sayings about “gut feelings”? That’s the brain in your gut telling you some truths that the brain in your head just doesn’t know. The best scenario is when these two brains, and the neurons in your heart, are working together. The gut brain is especially important if you have digestive or neurological problems – the two go together.

A lot of your immune system is in your digestive system. This is another piece of cutting-edge medical science – and ancient tradition. If you have a strange autoimmune illness, or constant allergies or inflammation, this is an important area to tend to. And if you just want to continue to be healthy through your life, it really helps to tune up this part of your body. Bonus: you’ll find you’re less emotionally raw; your baseline will become more stable and calm.

The more alive and aware I become in my lower body, the more magical my life becomes. I’d love for that to happen for you, too. The more of us there are living magical lives, the more healing will spread, not only through our lives and those around us, but through the planet. We all benefit from that.

Healing recordings for immediate download:

You’ll be getting more healing recordings with each class up to 20 in total – as Sunday explains why below, under “What the classes will be like”.  These are different from my Power Healing series; I’m using different modalties, because it’s a different angle of approach. Like the healing work I do on Shashi’s show, these recordings are silent.

Sunday's Power Healing - Turn Broken Power Into Whole Power Package of 16+ audios and Live Group classes was very rich and took us deep into Sunday's teachings.  Issues that came up got cleared at a deep, deep level.  Participants were able to write in and submit requests for clearings and healings.   The Power Healing course turned out to be about unwinding all the tangled emotions and thoughts that hold us back – things we’re taught so early that we don’t even realize we’re following someone else’s program for our lives.  Sunday's Special Offer on Power Healing - Turn Broken Power Into Whole Power , is still available and can be viewed here. Do come back here to check it out!   The 16 audios soundscapes are very powerful for getting to the core of issues that have been running you in the subconscious!

So, let's get started with these Gifts:

Pdf document: Click on this url to get access to this guidance note on  “How to Use and Energy Healing Recording” that Sunday has put together just for you. It will give you more precise instructions on how to calibrate the amount of time it’s optimal for you to play a recording on a loop, and how to get the most out of Sunday's SILENT energy transmission and healing audios.

Second, here are some recordings to start with, which Sunday I thinks you’ll really enjoy and benefit by. The first one you can have even if you don’t join the class. I feel most people in the industrialized world need this one:

Free Gift from Sunday for coming on the live call and listening to the Replay: "Soles of feet touching living ground":  About this track Sunday says, "This is one of the easiest ways to be in touch with our lower bodies and our physical connections with our planet, and yet so few people do it. So I’ve created a recording that allows  those connections to happen energetically. Great to play when you’re feeling scattered, overwhelmed, or confused – when you have a sense that you’re just not really present. It’s short: loop it for most pronounced effects."  How to get your Free Gift:  If you qualify just email Shashi at Support with the magic words, "I listened to Sunday Oliver live on your show/on the Replay and Iwould love to receive her free audio on "Soles of feet touching living ground audio."

7 Day Fast Action Bonus: Powerless to Powerful audio.  If you decide to jump quickly in and get this Special Offer you will also get this track for taking fast action. Here's what Sunday has to share about this track:  "This is a guided meditation, with spoken instructions and silent energy healing. The first part supports you in bringing up a situation you feel powerless about – in your work life, your family, your health – any of the things that we feel unable to affect. The second part supports you in focusing on the qualities you would actually like to feel in that situation, with energetic work to help it along."

Surprise Bonus

Surprise bonus: Daily lower-body energy transmissions throughout the duration of the class  - including the break for the holidays.

Package A:

Live Group Classes and Energy Healing Recordings

 Total Value: $588

Transformation To Joy Special Offer

For You: $147

Class starter healing recordings for immediate download:

Fast-action bonus: Powerless to powerfulThis is a guided meditation, with spoken instructions and silent energy healing. The first part supports you in bringing up a situation you feel powerless about – in your work life, your family, your health – any of the things that we feel unable to affect. The second part supports you in focusing on the qualities you would actually like to feel in that situation, with energetic work to help it along.

Spinal Nerve HealingWhile this isn’t strictly lower body, you will find that it can affect your lower body a lot – coordination gets affected, and sometimes you’ll find that back pain eases up, too (depending on its source). There’s a feeling of overall comfort and relaxation, and more liveliness in the lower body. This is another one to loop. Please read “How to Use an Energy Healing Recording” for how to calibrate it for your best results.

My Aching BodyI think you’ll really like this one. It brings blood circulation to your muscles, fascia, ligaments, and tendons. The overall feeling is relaxation and a sense of ease. Used on a steady basis, it can help relieve different kinds of stress, stiffness, inflammation, and uncomfortableness all over your body. This healing recording is one of my personal favorites. Like the Spinal Nerve Healing, it’s most effective when you loop it. Please read “How to Use an Energy Healing Recording” for how to calibrate it for your best results.


Surprise bonus: Daily lower-body energy transmissions throughout the duration of the class  - including the break for the holidays.

What the classes will be like:

In each class, I’m going to be giving you more healing recordings, tailored to the class. You’ll be receiving three or more energy healing recordings for each class. I’m giving them out with the classes because, while the healing that comes through me is gentle, it is also very powerful, particularly when I’m working directly with the more physical realms. It can cause a healing crisis.

A healing crisis can be a great opening to a better life, but I want to be sure you have all the information you need to avoid one, if it’s possible. If a healing crisis is what your being requires to become more whole and powerful (and sometimes it really is, especially if it’s something longstanding), I want to be there to help you understand and navigate your healing crisis as easily and powerfully as possible.

For more about healing crises, read the .pdf “How to Use an Energy Healing Recording.” And I strongly recommend following the instructions in this .pdf for the energy healing recordings that you can download now.

We ’ll also be giving you practices that you can work into your daily life to create increasing strength and fluidity in your lower body. For instance, qi gong is amazingly helpful if you have balance problems. Your diet may play into some of your lower-body issues – even if you eat “healthy” food. And then there’s lifestyle. These are all important, and work really well when combined with the energy healing recordings.

I’ll offer a menu of items; you can choose one or two that feel most doable for you. Start slowly. Overloading yourself with new habits often means that you wind up giving up on them. It’s like making a really ambitious New Year’s resolution to go to the gym and do an extreme workout five times a week – that kind of thing tends to last about a month, and then you never darken the gym’s door again, meanwhile feeling guilty and discouraged. I’ll help you find gradual ways to work these practices into your life, so you don’t shock your system. That’s the key to making lasting changes that will support you all your life.

In the classes, you’ll have the opportunity to ask for healing on specific issues and areas related to the class work. If you can’t be on the class live, you can email them to me ahead of time, and get them on the class recordings.

In the classes, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions about your particular issue. I’ve done a lot of research in these areas: in books and online, with health professionals of various stripes, and by my own experience and experimentation. If you have questions, chances are I can point you to useful information.

If you have serious, ongoing issues I recommend working with me personally, one on one. Longstanding issues are complex, because different systems entangle with each other to create the big snarl that is your particular issue. Since thoughts and emotions are involved, your healing will be different from someone else’s healing. (This is why medical science, even alternative medical science, often has problems with chronic lower-body issues: the scientific idea is that one solution gets matched to the one problem and then it’s done. But, as you may have found out, that’s often a piece of fiction.)

What the recordings will be like:

For this series, the recordings are going to be entirely silent. They are short, because they are meant to be looped – but it’s important to start slowly and work your way up gradually, or you may have more of a healing crisis than you bargained for! I’ll give you really specific instructions on how to use the energy healing recordings, and I’ll be here to support you in calibrating the energy healing to your own individual needs.

Class 1: Feet, legs, knees, and hips

A lot of people have difficulty with these, especially as they get older. We’ll go into some of what I feel are causes of this.

We’ll be addressing:

  • numbness
  • joint pain
  • stiffness
  • awkwardness when you walk
  • lack of coordination
  • balance and perception problems

In Class 1 you will get these healing recordings:

  • Healing Crisis Gentler
  • Lower back, pelvis, and hip, legs, and feet nerves safety filter
  • Buttocks, thighs, lower belly and genitals safety filter
  • Knee, hip, and ankle joints anti-inflammatory and safety filter

Class 2: Reproductive organs

A lot of people have difficulty with these. Even if there aren’t direct problems, your reproductive organs are part of your endocrine system, and if something goes amok in one of your other endocrine glands, all glands are affected. Reproductive organs are also a tender spot for us: they’re about deep, private issues, creativity, the ability to generate what we want into the world. We’ll be addressing:

  • creativity (and blocks to creativity)
  • manifestation/fertility
  • sexual experiences that damaged us
  • ideas about gender that damaged us
  • inflammation
  • grief and loss (it often gets held here)

In Class 2 you will get these healing recordings:

  • Women’s reproductive organs
  • Men’s reproductive organs
  • Gender trauma
  • Sexual experience trauma

Class 3: Digestive system part 1: the belt of organs around your waist

The digestive system is so huge, and so important to your health, that I’m devoting two classes to it. The fact is, I could do a six-month course on the digestive system, easily. We can make a lot of progress in two classes, though. You’ll be hearing about things you may have had no idea were affected by your digestive system. And you’ll be hearing about things that may be damaging your digestive system – things you thought were helpful, but actually aren’t.

We’ll also be discussing the dangers of some common medications for digestive issues such as gastrointestinal reflux, and some surprisingly effective natural helpers for digestive issues.  We’ll be addressing these chronic issues:

  • inflammation
  • food sensitivities
  • sharp or dull pains
  • resentment
  • bitterness
  • anger
  • grief
  • disappointment

In Class 3 you will get these healing recordings: 

  • Gallbladder safety filter
  • Spleen safety filter
  • Pancreas safety filter
  • Liver safety filter
  • Solar plexus blue light
  • Stomach safety filter

Class 4: Digestive system 2: your lower gut

This is an area that many healers don’t bring up, and yet it’s supremely important. Did you know that a lot of your immune system is in your lower gut? Your appendix and your intestines themselves play a huge part in how your immune system works. This is why allergies and other immune problems are often related to digestive problems.

We also tend to ignore – especially in “spiritual” circles – where our food gets eliminated. Yes, it’s down-to-earth, some might even say gross, but it’s a very important part of our health. Imagine, for an instant, what would happen if you couldn’t eliminate solid wastes from your body. How would your life change? How long would you actually live? We’ll be looking into some of what it means to digest and absorb, and I’ll be talking about some easy, basic things you can do to help that process pleasant. We will be addressing:




  • eating habits (spoiler alert: there is no one size fits all way to eat)
  • what it means to digest and absorb
  • resistance to/overwhelm with  digesting and absorbing
  • fear and mistrust of our gut feelings
  • heightening our intuitive abilities
  • sending along what no longer nourishes us

In Class 4 you will get these healing recordings:

  • Intestines and peritoneal fluid safety filter
  • Enteric nervous system safety filter
  • Colon safety filter
  • Vagus nerve safety filter
  • Immune system calmer
  • Choosing What’s Nourishing and What’s Not

 Total value: $588

Transformation To Joy Special Offer

For You: $147

Sunday's Package A Includes Starter healing recordings for immediate download:

Fast-action bonus: Powerless to powerful audio

Spinal Nerve Healing audio

My Aching Body audio


Surprise Bonus: Daily lower-body energy transmissions throughout the duration of the class  - including the break for the holidays.

Four Online Live Group classes with more healing recordings to follow with each of the four classes:

Class 1: Feet, legs, knees, and hips

Class 2: Reproductive organs

Class 3: Digestive system part 1: the belt of organs around your waist

Class 4: Digestive system 2: your lower gut

 Total value: $588

Transformation To Joy Special Offer

For You: $147

Package B:

 Includes all of Package A of Classes and Energy Healing Recordings, Bonuses (Value $588)


One 45 min Private Session with Sunday (value $147)

 Includes all of Package A of Classes and Energy Healing Recordings, Bonuses (Value $588)


One 45 min Private Session with Sunday (value $147)

Total value: $735

Transformation To Joy Special Offer

For You: $197

Classes, energy healing recordings, and a private session

If you have a longstanding or complex issue, the classes will help. Private sessions with me allow us to laser-focus on your particular issue, and get at its deep origins, freeing up more energy for you to live and enjoy your life. Once you sign up for the package, I’ll get in touch with you personally about scheduling a session.

What happens during a session?

A session can either remove something that’s blocking you in your life, or amplify something you like about your life. It lasts 45 minutes to an hour. First, we’ll talk about what’s going on with you – this allows us to find a focus, and it allows the energy that comes through me to know where it’s needed. I may give some practical advice that will help you solidify your healing in daily life. When the talking feels complete, we go into the silent healing, where I become a focusing device for my spirit friends to do the healing work which will subtly, gently, and powerfully address the root of what’s going on with you. You may feel spacey, or you may have some sensations or visuals. Or you may feel nothing at the time, and just notice differences afterward.

What can I expect to get out of a session?

After a session, your situation will change. Sometimes the changes are subtle, over time, and sometimes they are immediately obvious. Part of how your situation changes has to do with noticing how you are responding differently, and reinforcing that new response in your daily life (that’s what the practical advice is for). While science is involved, healing truly is an art, which means I know something will happen to help you, but I can’t predict exactly what it will be. (Actually, this is true for people in any healing profession, which is why you get all those warnings about side effects and success rates: people are very individual in how they respond.) If you’d like to know what has happened for other people during my sessions, take a look at my testimonials.

Total value: $735

Transformation To Joy Special Offer

For You: $197

I am having difficulty remembering how I felt before Sunday’s powerful work. I feel like I have received a huge and valuable gift.

The work Sunday did for me has been exceptional. Sunday helped me in two areas.  The first was confidence.  She was able to help me really define what confidence means to me.  Within hours, I felt completely and unapologetically in my power, something I have never before experienced.  I was able to be completely honest with my mother for the first time in my life without worrying how she would react to me speaking my truth.

The second area that Sunday helped me with was something I call weepiness at inappropriate times (like while watching Xena, Warrior Princess or anytime I try to sing). During the actual work, I became very aware of tightness and releases in my pelvis.

I had a profound realization that I carry extra weight because I want to have a larger personal space. I am not craving unhealthy foods, either. I am noticing that I am less weepy and it is not as intense. Sometimes I feel it swell in my throat, but never manifest as tears. The healing has integrated very quickly (3 days) and I am having difficulty remembering how I felt before Sunday’s powerful work. I feel like I have received a huge and valuable gift.  Thank you Sunday!

- Easter Alexander

Total value: $735

Transformation To Joy Special Offer

For You: $197

More on What People are saying about working with  Sunday Oliver...

Thank you for this unbelievable healing.

It is one of the deepest I have ever experienced. I usually smoke in the morning first thing. I did not! Wow! I do not seem to have the cravings to smoke that I usually do. I smoked nvery little today about 5 cigarettes compared to an entire pack. I have smoked for 24 years and I am 49 in July this year. You do really powerful work!

I drank NO coco cola for the entire day. I do not have cravings for the coke and the sweet zippiness of it. I avoided the creme caramel that I like to buy on the way home from dropping my sister to school from a certain bakery. I bought a fruit salad instead and wanted it. Today I thought to myself, when last have you had a fruit of any type? Not in a while. I went to the grocery and purchased a large slice of water melon, half a cantaloupe and some gala apples.

- Reenee Mahabir

I have experienced a variety of energetic healings over the last twenty years, but I have never felt a healing so strongly in my body before.

Sunday Oliver is helping me heal a persistent hand and wrist problem. I have experienced a variety of energetic healings over the last twenty years, but I have never felt a healing so strongly in my body before. After the first healing, I felt significant relief. Sunday has a genuine healing gift. She is also a deep listener, and a person of very high integrity.

- Joy Weaver

I didn’t even remember I had the problem in the first place

Sunday assisted me with a panic problem of letting people see the real me. If I let people see my creative side I experienced severe shame. After her treatment I didn’t even remember I had the problem in the first place.

- Sherry Phillips Swatek

He woke from a semi-coma and asked for a pizza!

My husband had been in the ICU in a semi-coma from multiple health complications. He didn’t respond to commands, but he would spontaneously wake up, look around, move his body, then go back into his trance. He wouldn’t eat or drink, but he was stable, so they moved him to the neuro wards for monitoring.

My opinion was that he wasn’t done with his spiritual work “out there” and didn’t want to come back. But the hospital schedule said it was time to move him to a nursing home, and in order to do that, they needed him to eat. He refused, so they wanted to puncture his stomach and put in a direct line.

He had already gone through so much medical trauma, and was in such a delicate state, I was afraid that would set him back again. I asked Sunday to see what she could do about getting him to eat. Two days after her work with him – the day before the transfer – he woke up and asked for a pizza! I went out and got him a personal-sized one and he ate half of it. He also drank some water with cranberry juice and let me give him a spoonful of probiotics. We were able to move him to the nursing home without the stomach puncture.

- Reonne Haslett

"Thank you so much for my healing for MS a couple of nights ago & wow did I feel the benefits the next morning!! I felt very peaceful & physically a lot stronger than normal. By the afternoon the effects had worn off quite noticeably but again this morning I'm feeling really good."

- Francine Wells

"I thank you so much for the healing you did for me. I was deeply touched that you too understood some of the past hurts emotionally affecting my health… I believe I have had some pain reduction and look forward to more progress with Fibromyalgia/ Pain syndrome. It is refreshing to just "BE" instead of being responsible for every mistake past, present, and future."

- Janell S.

"Thanks for doing work on my back pain. I feel comfy/easy now actually.  RRe-espect!!  Well done."

- Adam H.

"I am walking much more easily, nothing hurts now. You helped my back more than the chiropractor did!"

- Nika B.

"I don’t know what’s in your healing recordings, but they are profound!"

- Melissa Thomas

About Sunday Oliver...

When Sunday Oliver realized she had CFIDS/ME/FM, she looked up the latest medical information. Her prognosis was "Progressive and incurable" - that she would get worse until she died. But somehow, she felt that that didn't apply to her. And as it turns out, it doesn't. Through energy healing, Sunday was able to gradually change her condition. An ordinary day used to involve getting out of bed by rolling off it onto the floor and crawling up the wall (and sometimes falling back down again and crawling to the bathroom so she wouldn't pass out), having nausea and gut cramps so eating was excruciating, and having a ten-minute phone call be so exhausting that she'd fall back in a sweat on her bed - if she could manage a phone call at all. Now, she is able to stand, talk, walk, eat, read, and continue to have more energy to do things every week.