Welcome to Vandana Atara Aura's Special Offer on Transformation To Joy

Clear 3D Poverty Vows & Create 5D Prosperity

As A Sovereign Soul, You Have The Power, Sovereignty & Authority To Rewrite Your Destiny

By Asking, Choosing & Your Willingness To Embody New Earth Abundance, You Can Claim Your Joy & Thrive On Your Highest Timeline


You Can Inscribe Your Name In A New Book Of Life To Flow, Flourish & Be Free Of Old Stories & Records With Ease & Grace!

You Are Way More Powerful & Magical Than You Think Or Have Ever Been Told!

 You Have Earned The Right To Amend, Negotiate & Create Accelerated Abundance To Heal You & Your Ancestors From Lack, Poverty & Scarcity

Just Because Your Ancestors Went Without Doesn’t Mean You Need To Duplicate Their Lack, Scarcity & Disempowerment Patterns

Vandana changed her own soul destiny & now she shares how to change yours!

If You’re Tired Of Feeling Stuck In Survival Mode, You Can Choose To Thrive On The New Earth Wealth Vibration!

This Accelerated Abundance Program Helps You To:

  • Clear Lack, Scarcity & Limitation On A Cellular Level

  • Break Free Of Poverty Vows That Limit Your Money Flows

  • Heal Karmic Deprivation & Disempowerment Timelines

  • Empower Your Soul Role, Who You Are & Why You’re Here

  • Retrieve Lost Knowledge & Your Missing Power Pieces

  • Upgrade Your Wealth Vibration & Prosperity DNA

  • Manifest New Earth Abundance With Ease & Grace

  • Feel Worthy & Deserving Of Receiving New Earth Support

Unlock, Cancel & Clear Ancestral Shame, Family Karma & Survival Trauma From All Space, Dimensions & Timelines For You & Your Entire Lineage.

This Accelerated Ascension Abundance Will Align You With The:

  • Universal Laws Of Vibrational Attraction

  • Your Natural State Of Flow, Fluidity & Fun

  • Your Healed, Wealthy & Successful Future Selves

  • Your Abundant Soul On Your 5D Timeline

  • Prosperity Angels & High Vibrational Soul Guides

  • Your Soul Truth, Spiritual Identity & Soul Role

  • New Earth Support From Devas & Nature Spirits

You Came Here To Thrive Not Just To Survive!

Vandana’s Special Package Offer:  This Accelerated Abundance Program Helps You To easily & effortlessly gain access to your own soul records to heal & reveal your dormant gifts & super powers!

Here is your unique opportunity to visit your record keepers, cosmic librarians, ascended masters & soul councils to edit, amend & re-write the story of your life!

These sacred soul journeys contain prosperity keys & codes to unlock & activate your prosperity DNA for yourself & others!

Each time you listen to an abundance activation transmission, you will:

  • Meet your higher soul self, oversoul & I AM Presence in your soul home
  • Gain instant & easy access to your soul biographies in the akashic realms
  • Learn mantras to vibrationally attract abundance as your natural state of being
  • Clear lack, scarcity, & trauma from  your cells, chakras & DNA
  • Change Your Thoughts & Beliefs To  Manifest Abundance In Every Now Moment
  • Receive  Accelerated Abundance Attunements To Activate Your Wealth Vibration
  • Replace Survival Vows With Thriving Vows In The Heart Of Your Records
  • Magnetize & Monetize Your Gifts To Expand Your Money Flows
  • Activate your prosperity DNA & Be Of Service To Birth The New Earth Energies



Value - $516.06

 (81% Discount)


PACKAGE B - $147

(includes all of Package A)

Value - $849.39

(83% Discount)


PACKAGE C - $197

(includes All of Package A & Package B)

Value - $1404.39

(86% Discount)

Free Gift:

For Coming on the Live Call and Listening to the Replays of Vandana call of Ocober 15th  and Purchasing her Special Offer - a password will be required.  Email us at Support to ask for your Free Gift: Vandana Atara Aura's "Ascension Activation To Shift From 3D Separation To 5D Oneness" - Listen to this 55 minute healing transmission to unlock fear, stress & anxiety stored in our cells, chakras & nervous system. Vandanas soothing voice allows you to release & unravel tension, triggers & overwhelm. Experience profound peace & 5D healing shifts as you unplug from the 3D matrix of fear, struggle & separation. This track allows you to align with the divine & embody relaxed presence as your natural state of well being. For best results, play this audio before bedtime or when you are able to relax, receive & rest.


Accessing The Quantum Realms Outside Of Time & SpaceValue - $516.06

(81% Discount)

For Just $97

The Akashic Records is a database of every word, thought or action that is stored energetically and encoded in a non-physical plane of existence containing the information of every soul in the cosmos. Also referred to as the hall or library of records, 'Mind of God' or the Cosmic or Collective Consciousness. They contain the energetic imprints about the origin and journey of every Soul through its lifetimes.They connect each of us to one another, our soul groups, soul families and soul mates.


Akasha is a Sanskrit word meaning 'sky', 'space' or 'ether'. Here you can access your spark of divinity & change your destiny!


Your soul records everything about your previous lifetimes, the origin of your soul, current life lessons and your soul purpose, as well as future soul choices.


Anyone can have the same access to the hall of Records. As long as you're connected and plugged into infinite consciousness, you can access this database of information. No special powers or abilities are needed to get into the Akashic Records.


Item #1 Accessing Your Divine Soul Purpose MP3 Value $44.44

This sacred journey allows you to access your soul records to clear unconscious blocks, unresolved trauma & inherited patterns that block your light, energy & right to infinite abundance.

This light encoded frequency transmission connects you with the heart of creation & the mind of source to help you review past & parallel lives to merge with your soul presence, soul bodies & soul mastery.

Lie down, listen & receive full access to your original soul records to ask for changes, edits & revisions to close the chapter so you may write a new book based on who you are, why you’re here & what your soul role truly is.

Enjoy visiting with your money angels, soul planners, record keepers & karmic board to make peace with the past & embody your state of grace.

Ask for a life review to clear past poverty timelines to embody your divine essence and true nature.

Re-awaken your divine alchemy & soul destiny to re-birth your star magic! 

Item #2 Sacred Soul Guidance - Accessing Your Cosmic Chronicles A.L.H. Experience MP3 Value $33.33

On this soul journey, Vandana helps you open, read & access your soul records in the heart of the Akasha Realms outside of you & deep within your heart & DNA.

Your higher self, I AM Presence & Monad team up to offer crystal clear guidance on your present life goals to create & transform your life from the inside out with ease & grace!

You'll experience the sacred gift and opportunity to meet and connect with the Lords of the records, teachers, masters and loved ones to retrieve your soul gifts and awaken your highest potential.

As you learn more about yourself, your history & your lineage, you will come to accept, own & honor your soul gifts, forgive, release & make peace with who you were & who you are in the now.

Receive An Accelerated Light Akashic Attunement Shift & Uplift Your Soul Vibration!

Item #3 Amend & Re-Write Your Soul Contracts & Karmic Agreements MP3 Value $44.44

This soul journey enhances your soul development, evolution, growth & pure potential as a cosmic creator & divine human.

Meet the members of your soul’s karmic board to clear your timelines of stress, struggle & trauma in this timeline, off planet & outside of time & space.

Clear vibrational debris & density to heal & transcend soul trauma & ancestral karma in all galaxies & realities where your soul exists.

With divine direction & intention, you can edit, review & re-write old outdated soul agreements to replace with conscious creations that reflect your inner light.

On this inner journey, you will be able to re-evaluate, re-negotiate and re-write ancient soul contracts passed onto you that no longer serve or honor your highest soul path.

In this sacred & blessed space, you can place your request to be released from old vows, oaths, contracts and agreements as you set in motion a new dream and divine life plan with the assistance of the master beings overseeing the spiritual evolution of the planet. You have the power to create a brighter future for you and your ancestors.

Decode the Spiritual Map of Your Life so you can align with and manifest your soul purpose!


Item #4 Connect With Your Soul Group, Soulmates and Soul Family MP3 Value $27.22

Listen to this soul healing transmission, to re-unite with your soul family, star tribes and divine parents to heal your soul spark, reveal your gifts & free your soul from vows, oaths & contracts that no longer serve your highest good & best interest.

Take a journey to the higher dimensions & quantum realms to meet with your soul cluster, soul-mates and soul family you've traveled with from lifetime to lifetime to make peace with the past & fulfill unfulfilled soul contracts to embrace your highest soul destiny.

Enjoy a Soul Empowerment Transmission to retrieve your light, awaken your powers & return others’ energies you’ve absorbed & stored as an awakened empath, star seed & sensitive soul.

Item #5 How To Clear Limiting & Non-Beneficial Soul Vows  (Includes Vows Of Poverty, Chastity, Celibacy & Self-Sacrifice) Value $111.11

This 4-Part Soul Healing Series helps you to mend the past & merge with your highest selves in all lifetimes, timelines & dimensions!

The Karmic Record Keepers & Karmic Clearing Angels Will Bathe & Bless You With Akashic Light To Dissolve Debt, Debris & Density From Soul Vows & Sacred Contracts You’ve Held & Stored That Block Your Light, Energy & Prosperity.

Experience Ascension Codes & R.I.C.H. Clearings To Unlock Core Fear, Lack & Limitation From Every Word, Deed, Action & Inaction That Won’t Allow You To Live A Magical Life!

Once Past Trauma Is Cleared, You Will Have Infinite Space To Receive The R.A.C.E. Creations So You Can Easily & Effortlessly Create New Soul Promises, Vows & Commitments To Love Yourself Free!

Once the old vows are released, you can experience how easy it can be to fulfill your divine dreams, soul visions & hearts desires!!!

These 4 Energetic Transmissions Will Help You Gain The Courage, Clarity & Confidence To Cancel & Clear:

  • Vows & Oaths Of Poverty, Lack, & Scarcity (Root Chakra)
  • Vows of Chastity & Sexual Abstinence (Sacral Chakra)
  • Vows Of Self-Sacrifice & Giving More Than You Receive (Solar Plexus)
  • Vows Of Celibacy/Separation (Heart Chakra)

Item # 6 Accelerated Abundance Attunement Value $44.44

This Accelerated Abundance Activation Vibrationally Upgrades You To 5D Prosperity To:

1) Clear out self-sabotage, survival and ‘not enough’ patterns & programs

2) Release resistance to receiving infinite abundance as your natural state of being

3) Rewire & Reprogram your brain & nervous system to wealth consciousness

4) Remove genetically imprinted money stories stored in your chakras, cells & DNA

5) Download abundance codes & wealth creation rays in your field with ease and grace

6) Help you feel safe and supported by your guides, guardians, angels and earth helpers

7) Embody the wealth vibration that is your divine birthright

Learn How To Embody Lavish Abundance, Authenticity & New Earth Prosperity!

Item # 7 Awakening Your Inner Goddess Of Abundance Value $44.44

This frequency transmission aligns you with the vibrational frequency of abundance and prosperity consciousness. This means we no longer have to compare our lives to others, their bank accounts, their homes, cars or any material possessions they have.

Receive Divine Dispensations & Abundance Blessings From Goddess Lakshmi To Expand Your Money Flows & Align With The Divine From Your Natural State Of Ease, Space & Grace.

Dive Into Your Inner Treasures To Release Karmic Debt, Past Regrets & Future Fears For You & Your Ancestors!

This ABUNDANCE Light Body Attunement will open you up to expand into the quantum field of  magic & miracles & live on your highest soul ascension timeline so you can love what you do & do what you love!


Bonus #1 Brain Clutter Detox - Unplugging From 3D Negativity Value $24.44

Listen to this healing activation to clear & release attachments to toxic energies in your home, office or relationships that distract you from your life purpose & sense of well being. Take a sacred journey within to slip into the alpha state of peace, relaxation & soulful presence, no longer stuck in the past or in fear of future possibilities that might never come to pass. Unravel brain clutter, mental debris & just be space.

Many of you are still feeling unsettled, uncomfortable & uncertain living in these times of this great shift of consciousness but it doesn't have to feel hard, dense or sticky.

Each time you receive these vibrational upgrades, it supports your spiritual evolution to help you rise above chaos & tribal consciousness & embody a higher vibrational essence to see all of life around you from a higher, vaster & broader perspective.

Unplug from the Matrix!!!

Bonus #2 Lady Nada Rose Ray Attunement MP3 Value $28.88

Embody the divine essence of the spirit of the Rose. This sacred transmission aligns you with celestial  light and sound codes held by these ancient sacred flowers. The deep rose pink ray is one of the most potent spiritual powers there is. It is the very embodiment of divine love.

Roses have the most evolved level of high vibrational consciousness of all the fragrant flowers on the planet. The Rose Ray essence assists us to access divine healing & to raise our vibrational frequency to that of pure unconditional love. If we are vibrating from the illusion of fear, we cannot attract love into our lives. The spirit of the Rose connects us to the portal of our own hearts to open us up to even higher levels of consciousness, lowering our heart walls, accelerating healing, transformation & self-love.

Experience a heart warming & softening, soul awakening to ignite your source spark & radiate your holy light to all sentient beings in all timelines & realities to transmute fear into love & density into luminous light. This love emanates from our hearts & links us with the cosmic infinite heart of oneness.

Bonus #3 The Art of Letting Go MP3 Value $24.44

Have you ever felt like you just can't let something go from the past, present or the future?

How often do you hold yourself back from being yourself and try so hard to fit into this reality in fear of being discovered and exposed as the real you?

Have you ever been told to suppress your emotions, because if you did you might rock the boat of your life and your families lives forever?

If you're ready to let everything go and vibrate from the authenticity of the real and true you, then you might be interested in joining us live for an evening of remembering the Art Of Letting Go!

The RICH Tools, Awarenesses and Energetic Body Processes can wake you up and shake you up to so much change so fast that you never thought was possible. Well, what if it is? Are you Ready to step into all of your magical powers and give others permission to do the same?

Some possible side effects of being on our Clearings, Creations and Healing Activation Calls include:

  • Enlightened Awarenesses
  • Massive Change
  • Feeling Incredibly Light and Spacious
  • Giggling
  • Sleeping for 12 hours straight
  • And More...

Let go of everything you've been holding on to for you, your family, and your entire ancestral lineage with Vandana in a safe and fun-filled experience of oneness!

Bonus #4 Vibrating From Peace MP3 Value $44.44

Would you like to gently respond instead of harshly react in your relationships with friends, lovers, partners and colleagues?

Would you like to create more peaceful and loving relationships so you can vibrate from higher harmonic states of peace, clarity, ease, space & intimacy with everyone & everything?

One way to receive more bliss & to attract more heart centered connections is to consciously create them from being a good listener, a great mirror and vibrating from the energy of oneness and infinite consciousness.

Another great tool is to ask for your needs to always be met even if you judge this as being hard, narcissistic or exhausting. Asking questions instead of assuming you know what someone else is thinking or feeling is always empowering & will always lead to the highest and greatest outcome.

The greatest awareness is to never take things personally and trust that no matter what we all get to choose how we would like to feel and if something or someone doesn’t feel good to be around, we can change this with high vibrational conscious tools that can allow any situation you find yourself in.

In this Accelerated Light Healing Experience, Vandana will share her insights of how she’s healed & shifted her own relationships & has evolved into a clear & perfect channel of peace, clarity & crystal clear communication just by using the RICH & RACE tools and embodying the divine essence of accelerated living light as her daily guide.

You’ll receive a living light infusion, a divine liquid light healing transmission & direct guidance and instructions from Archangel Gabriel who will be delivering messages on inspiration and reconciliation so you can speak your truth & express your feelings perhaps for the first time from the space of a higher love.

Release all anger, fear, doubt & misunderstanding into the heart of infinite consciousness, shine your light & be the energy of peace in the midst of chaos!

Bonus #5 Creating Your Life In Living Color MP3 Value $44.44

When you were little do you remember playing with kaleidoscopes, crayolas and jumping for joy when you caught a glimpse of a rare rainbow in the sky?

Do you remember doodling, drawing, colorforms, finger painting and using watercolors and pastels for hours and hours and getting lost in the patterns and designs you created because you were having so much fun?

Kids are not the only ones that benefit from playing with color and light. Kaleidoscopes are used in hospices and other medical facilities more and more. Doctors & dentists have been known to keep them in their offices and waiting to reduce stress and anxiety in their waiting rooms with amazing results.

Would you like to transform your life from ordinary black and white still shots to a panorama filled extraordinary colorful life that you’d actually look forward to creating every day?

Color Is The Language Of Non-Verbal Communication. We can communicate telepathically through the colors we wear, use, and choose to reflect our unique style and message to the world. Color therapy has been proven to affect our mood, release trapped emotions, improve our health, and can energize us just by being around or near specific color frequencies.

Learn tools and techniques to open, expand and activate your natural second sight abilities to make your waking life and dream states more vital, vivid and vibrant than you ever imagined possible.

This class will explore the meaning of colors, which colors of the spectrum are most beneficial for you and how to use color breathing techniques in meditation.

Even though we don't see it, the light around us contains the full spectrum of colors. Since each color carries it own unique vibration & frequency, different colors can heal us in different ways. When disease or injury disturbs the vibration and energy of an organ or area of our body, applying the associated color frequency can restore the body to health.

Vandana will walk you through a guided colorized chakra balancing meditation journey to align, awaken and activate your chakras, meridians and energetic pathways while unlocking stuck points, congestion & blockages.

Experience a color breathing exercise known as breathing in the rainbow. The purpose of this is to heighten your awareness of color and to encourage a balance of all the seven main chakra colours for your well being.

Come play, envision, breathe, learn and discover the colors that light up your life and how to allow them to dramatically improve your life.

A living light infusion & liquid light transmission will connect you with your divinity and higher self and allow you to shine your light from the inside out.


Value - $516.06
(81% Discount)

For Just $97


 includes everything from Package A


A One-On-One Private Soul Reading Session

Value  $849.39

For $147

Receive A 30-Minute Contract Clearing & Soul Healing Session with Vandana


Value $300

Soul Guidance Readings - Your soul records contain your soul truth & ancient  information available to those who enter with an open mind & a pure heart.


Receive divine guidance, clarity, & direction on your highest life path & special soul mission to unlock your abundance stargate, heal past livest & reveal your inner treasures & hidden gifts.

Vandana will help you get clear on why you’re here so you can break free of poverty & re-write your soul destiny with courage, clarity & authenticity.

This is your unique opportunity to break free of limiting programs & false beliefs that keep you bound & enslaved to past timeline trauma & karmic agreements from past or parallel lives.

Visit the past, future & parallel realities & choose the most beneficial timeline to merge with that will allow you to reach & exceed your peak potential as a divine creator & sovereign being.




Bonus Sacred Soul Journey Video Transmission Value $33.33

(Available With Package B Or Package C)

Re-Discover Your Soul Purpose On A Journey Into The Akashic Realms

Relax, unwind & allow Vandana and the Accelerated Light Healing Masters to teleport you from heart to the heart of your akashic records.

Receive profound healing, clarity & comfort on your journey to your soul home on this powerful sacred visitation to meet your loving & compassionate akashic masters, teachers & galactic guardians of light. Your Star Families & Soul Tribes are always available to help you remember & embrace your unique gifts, untapped abilities & divine essence.

Meditate from the space of grace to up-level your personal frequency and activate your ascended self-mastery in all timelines, realms and dimensions.

This Accelerated Light Healing Transmission includes 528 HZ Solfeggio miracles tones to upgrade your DNA & slow down your brain waves to the theta brainwave state. This is a guided imagery sacred journey to allow you to dive even deeper into the quantum field containing your soul truth & life purpose with ease & grace.


(includes all of Package A)
Value - $849.39
(83% Discount)

For Just $147


Includes ALL of Package A and Package B


Accelerated Akashic Advisor Certification ($197)

Value $1404.39

For $197

Become A Certified Soul Records Reader With Vandana Atara Aura Value $555


There are no prerequisites to become an Accelerated Light Soul Records Reader.

Your Soul Records Contain Your Soul Truth, Soul Plan & Information To Heal Your Soul Essence & Divine Blueprint In All Lives, Dimensions & Lifestreams Where Parts Of You Exist.

This Soul Empowerment Program Gives You The Quantum Tools To Clear Your Old Story Lines, Trust Your Intuition & Re-Write Your Own Book Of Life!

As A Divine Human, You Can Read Your Own Soul Records For Yourself, Your Clients & Your Loved Ones!

This program is designed for all levels of spiritual seekers, empaths & sensitive souls whose soul desire is to heal the pain and suffering, liberate lost souls & bless all sentient beings!

You don't have to be a professional psychic, medium or energy healer to have a positive impact on the planet!

Listen to each class recording at your own pace in the privacy of your own space.

The heart of Your Soul Records lies within you!

This life changing service is needed now more than ever to awaken our full potential as divine humans & magical creators.

As a soul record records reader & contract clearer, you can share your gifts, transform lives & be of service!

This Soul Healing & Contract Clearing Certification Course Prepares You To:

  • Easily & Effortlessly Gain Access To Heal Your Own & Your Clients Soul Records
  • Burn Family Karma & Soul Trauma To Re-Birth The New Earth
  • Awaken & Activate Your Wealth Vibration & Prosperity DNA
  • Follow Your Highest Path With Courage, Clarity & Confidence
  • Heal Soul Suppression To Live From Your Highest Expression
  • Retrieve & Recover Lost Or Missing Soul Fragments
  • Transform lives & be of service!

You Can Learn To Clear Soul Trauma From Your Own Or Others Sacred Vows & Soul Contracts To Embody Soul Mastery & Re-Write Your Soul Destiny!

Each Class Recording Includes Contract Clearing Codes To Release You & Your Ancestors From:

  • Poverty & Scarcity Vows
  • For-Ever After Marriage Vows
  • Celibacy & Chastity Vows
  • Silence & Suffering Vows
  • Enslavement & Bondage Vows
  • Persecution & Punishment Vows
  • Self-Sacrifice/Self-Denial Vows
  • Family Loyalty Vows
  • Loneliness Vows
  • Anxiety Vows
  • Starvation & Deprivation Vows
  • Fear, Fight & Flight Vows

Once you understand how these worn out & limiting contracts once served you but no longer do, you can forgive yourself, release others & co-create magic & miracles!!!

Vandana will help you to make different choices & create new vows to replace the old ones.

In this 5-class sacred soul journey you will learn how to:

  • Connect With Your Spirit Guides & Soul Councils To Re-Write Ancient Vows
  • Meet The Karmic Board, Ascended Masters, Teachers & Loved Ones To Amend Old Contracts
  • Work with the Karmic Clearing Angels For Karmic Resolution & Completion
  • Identify Your True Soul Vows & Clear Your Families Karma & Ancestral Trauma
  • Delete Unconscious Patterns, Habits & Automatic Programs From The Past
  • Release & Resolve Unresolved Emotions Stored In Your Chakras & Meridians
  • Consciously Create New Vows, Promises & Agreements In The Eternal Now
  • Experience What It Would Look Like & Feel Like To Be Happy, At Peace & Free
  • Express Your Authentic Soul Gifts In A Whole New Way With Ease & Grace

Re-write the ‘story’ of your life to experience happy endings & new beginnings with integrity, transparency & authenticity

Your Soul Healing & Contract Clearing Practitioner Course Includes:

Class # 1:

  • Learn How To Access & Open Your Own Soul Records
  • Connect With Your Personal Guides, Guardians, & Akashic Record Keepers
  • Identify Your Original Soul Contracts, Vows & Karmic Agreements

Class # 2:

  • Learn To Access & Open The Vibrational Archives Of Others, Your Loved Ones, & Your Clients
  • Connect With Your Higher Self, I Am Presence & Cosmic Librarians
  • Identify The Soul Lessons & Soul Choices That Served You In Other Lives

Class # 3:

  • Learn How To Cancel & Clear Non-Beneficial Vows, Contracts & Agreements
  • Connect With Archangel Michael & The Karmic Clearing Angels To Heal The Past
  • Identify Your Soul Truth, Soulprint & Soul Essence With Ease & Grace

Class #4:

  • Learn How To Create 5D Abundance & Soul Mastery As Your Divine Birthright
  • Connect With Your New Guides, Teachers & Master Devas Of Healing
  • Identify Your New Soul Vows To Co-Create Wealth, Health & Prosperity

Class # 5:

  • Learn How To Make Peace With Your Records & Discover Your Passion & Purpose
  • Connect With Your Healed, Whole & Holy Abundant Selves On Your Future Timeline
  • Identify Your True Soul Role & New Soul Choices On Your New 5D Timeline


Bonus Sacred Soul Journey Video Transmission Value: $33.33

(Available With Package B Or Package C)

Re-Discover Your Soul Purpose On A Journey Into The Akashic Realms

Relax, unwind & allow Vandana and the Accelerated Light Healing Masters to teleport you from heart to the heart of your akashic records.

Receive profound healing, clarity & comfort on your journey to your soul home on this powerful sacred visitation to meet your loving & compassionate akashic masters, teachers & galactic guardians of light. Your Star Families & Soul Tribes are always available to help you remember & embrace your unique gifts, untapped abilities & divine essence.

Meditate from the space of grace to up-level your personal frequency and activate your ascended self-mastery in all timelines, realms and dimensions.

This Accelerated Light Healing Transmission includes 528 HZ Solfeggio miracles tones to upgrade your DNA & slow down your brain waves to the theta brainwave state. This is a guided imagery sacred journey to allow you to dive even deeper into the quantum field containing your soul truth & life purpose with ease & grace.


For Just $197

What People are saying about working with  Vandana...

“It was WORTH WAITING my whole LIFETIME for this. I am so without words and so hopeful for this amazing connection….I was dumped off the phone twice and came into this instead. Brilliant work, Precious One. Brilliant.”  ~ Virginia

“I just have to thank you for this profoundly beautiful and potent call.  Vandana’s energy and the processes she did were so brilliant and elevating, and I definitely felt like a new person by the end! Wow! I feel so tremendously blessed to have been a part of this experience! I received a huge healing today. I just can’t thank you enough”

- Kathy

"FROM GRIEF to PEACE  “3 years ago, I lost my beloved cat. I had her for 16 & 1/2 years. I now realize there was a huge amount of grief and sorrow that I wasn’t willing to look at or feel until one day I could no longer ignore the pain and sadness I was feeling. I was looking for answers about our soul connection and why my beloved feline companions soul chose to return to heaven. That’s when I met Vandana, a caring and compassionate soul who  always has my best interest at Heart. Each time I have a session with Vandana, I feel more peaceful and joyful. She has now become my teacher and I am happy for the experience I have through the Akashic records. I highly recommend working with her and I am so grateful for her wisdom and guidance. In one of our Akashic reading sessions, my loving cats came through to Vandana. She patiently and lovingly took the time to channel messages from my cats in heaven which resulted in me finding acceptance and peace of mind and Heart in knowing I could never lose them and their love. It’s been a  while since I have felt so good. Thank you Vandana for your spiritual guidance in my life. I have finally found the peace, ease and grace I was looking for. Thank you & Bless You Vandana!"

- Mai-Britt, Denmark

“Dear Vandana, you created a miracle for me a couple of days ago. I lost a substantial amount of money in my apartment when 3 people came to paint. They really threw me off balance, and when I couldn’t find the envelope containing the money, I thought they had taken it. When we had our session, you said that it was in fact in my apartment…so I spent a few months looking high and low, and couldn’t find it…but the last time I talked to you and asked where it may be you said “You’re going to find it when somebody visits you”.  A few days ago I took your advice and invited a friend for lunch and when I opened the kitchen drawer, I was in absolute disbelief! The envelope was there on the side in the drawer. I’ve looked in the same drawer for the money but I never could find it before. It only came to light when I opened the lower drawer! Wow!!!Every word you said about the details of finding the money was true and amazingly correct!!! You are a fabulous psychic, and I’m so grateful.Thank you!” 

- Iren, NYC

“I discovered Vandana’s work recently and she is beyond-phenomena! Many, Many shifts have taken place since I first listened to her transmissions from family clearings, to soul retrievals to deep emotional trauma release and working with the Akashic records. Her gifts are more than I can describe here. On the night before a Court Case last month, Vandana was ‘guided to connect with me’ during an intense night before the Court appearance. I am amazing how she knew I needed support and her guidance was spot on to connect with me at a very low point that night… And the most amazing thing… I have not even had the pleasure yet of working directly with her, or any of her show packages. I just know that beyond-rapid shifts are occurring just from hearing her voice. So many, many, many blessings since discovering Vandanas work.”

- J.M.N.

“Vandana, I’m so grateful to you and the akashic records course! I’m practicing every day & just wanted to share I had a very deep experience on your last call. I’m not usually one of those people who falls asleep during energy work but on this call I do…so  this is very deep! I am always left with lingering images from the Akash and I have a book just for this and keep everything written down. Everyone feels the energy of the akashic readings after your attunements. It was so palpable how much this energy changes things so quickly. I am finding it amazing how much the inner Akashic Work is flowing into the outer world. If I need to clear something, I just RICH & RACE all over the place. It’s brilliant!! Thank you so much! I Love you.” 

- Al, WA

“I wanted to say thank you for the incredible class yesterday and the personal work you did on me as the surrogate. It feels like you saved my life. I was completely clouded and disoriented and for the last 24 hours I have felt clearer and happier. I have felt more like myself then I have in a long time and ready to take the next steps on my highest path, whatever they may be. Thanks again for the Akashic Records training classes. I feel better then ever and the wisdom to trust is helping tremendously.” 

- M.C.

“I LOVE You, Vandana! You have no idea just how much your work has helped me… from incredibly deep sexual trauma in just this one lifetime. At times, I truly did not think I would survive the pain… I RICH it, and RACE it, and Reality Reset it… just trusting in my reactions to just your voice on the shows. I AM so very grateful to God, Source, Universe for you and your gifts… As I listen, I often find myself asking how you know all that you do… thank you for your investment in yourself… in your gifts… truly… the work that you bring forth is unique .” 

- Jaishree, India

“Dear Vandana, I just wept on receiving my soul message from you. I feel blessed. You are one of the chosen few and I am so grateful to you for facilitating my accelerated healing session. You have such a beautiful voice, very soft, soothing and comforting.” 

- Pauline, Ireland

“Wow Vandana, That was huge! Thank you for awakening me to my inner truth. I’m still experiencing showers of bliss and downloads day and night after receiving your activations. I’m very grateful. You are right. There is a program running that keeps holding on to expectations. It feels just one step ahead , even less. I’m confirming your soul reading that I did take bodhisattvic vows in so many lifetimes …..well, that is deleted now. I’d rather be that now on earth and enjoy the immortality of living and thriving right here on the new earth. Thank you so much”

- A.W. – Berlin

"Accelerated Light Healing EMPOWERS YOU. 

When you put into practice these 3 tools daily, you live authentically you in a POWERFUL way.

People spend money on happiness and many call "spending money" an investment. It's time you invest in you're happiness by learning empowering tools from the amazing healer, Vandana Meryl Brinin

...I have healed with her in a powerful way and will continue to do so for the rest of my life.

May I politely and lovingly remind you that YOU are the creator of your own reality? Choose YOU once and for all.

It's simple really: I apply the 3 ALH tools daily. When I find myself unbalanced, I clear, create and reset my reality. As a result, I feel, see, hear, sense, taste, touch, smell clearly and powerfully. 

A lot of TRAUMATIC experiences have surfaced these past 10 days and because I am have done the work of clearing out blocks, creating clarity and reseting my reality, I am now me-- authentically.

Did I mention that I am a healing practitioner, empath, Indigo warrior who seeks honesty, integrity, trustworthiness and truth for all?

Empower yourself. Invest in your happiness and soak in the success of pulling back layers of masks and shields to see, honor and love your authentic self--you deserve to feel as empowered as I do.

P.s. Healing allows you to play with dark and light. For the longest, I feared dark... thinking I had to always stay light. I now understand that healing is PLAYING with dark to illuminate the light... here is a powerful visualization to understand what I MEAN... envision yourself swimming to the dark depths of the ocean of your soul... (you know, dark stuff that's been stuffed deep down below)... as you begin to feel the darkness around you, a mystical, vibrant, mer-star being, that is Vandana, swims next to you, shares wisdom and gives you a mirror that has the power to have you see, feel, and fully experience your authentic you amidst the darkness.... then, as you envelope in this empowerment, you gain understanding and swim back to the surface.... the surface of who you are AUTHENTICALLY. This is what I'm referring to as playing with light and dark. Choose YOU."

- Kaia Olivia

"I have just received a one to one healing session with Vandana and I can only describe it as an amazing experience that I know has changed my whole life. I have worked with other healers who have helped me on my path to self discovery but no one has been able to move me forward in the same way Vandana has. I am truly grateful to her for giving me back my life."

- Sue Stephenson

"It has just been a week but I'm already sleeping much more deeply and peacefully, as messages from the upper dimensions have replaced nightmares, and your guides instruct you what you what you need to let go of. I wake up feeling regenerated and hopeful, as I've accessed realms that are gently yet clearly letting me know I'm on the right path and building my intuition. Vandana puts *a ton* of work into these meditations; they seem to sync up perfectly with the energies hitting the earth now and what is going on in our individual and collective psyches. They'll get you out of a jam, which is the highest compliment I can pay to anything. Very gentle and strong detox as well...they will bring you back into homeostasis. Thanks, Vandana!"

- Matthew V - New York City, NY, USA

“Vandana, I am only about 10 min in to your 'Beyond The Veil' MP3 Healing Recording and I am COMPLETELY RELEASING Tears of gratitude!You were sent by my Dad! I have been literally begging him for a hug. I am hoping! I LOVE your voice. It is so comforting to my grieving soul and so confirming! I DID feel him kiss me when the veil must have been thin or my frequency high. When he passed it was like a FLOOD to me energetically. I was having vision after vision like a freight train. This has since slowed. I saw him standing in front of a WINDOW OF LIGHT. I will never forget that LIGHT. He was watching though not entering. I knew he had not entered the light. You confirmed it was to help my mother and brother and I. My 9 year old recently dreamed of a doorway he was in front of. He has since stepped through. Thank you! I will keep you updated on the communication. I also saw that you know about the psychic clairs ( sense of smell and hearing). I have these!!!! Blessings to you!"

- Anhaya Astara, New York

"Hi Vandana, Wow! I got more than I asked for when I listened to your tape on communicating with loved ones behind the veil (and I didn't even get through the whole MP3! After listening to some of your MP3 on communicating with loved ones behind the veil, I asked my pets who have passed years ago to visit me in my dreams. Well, last night I dreamt of my first pet, a Siberia Husky, who was in my arms in the dream & eager to play with her best friend, a dog named Sheba.I saw Sheba's face as clear as day!I just woke up from a visitation dream with my father! I never had one with him before!"

- Catherine M.

"I have a wonderful update for you. I've been happier since we spoke. Things are changing for me and I'm allowing and asking for more. I've been seeing rainbows in many places. I am acknowledging the magic in my life and I'm filled with joyful exuberance. I'm in awe of how wonderful and exciting life can be for me. I appreciate your support. I know the universe supports me in target of becoming super conscious and creating a financial reality beyond my wildest dreams. How does it get even better than this? The audios are magnificent."

- Maria Barajas, Florida, USA

"Thank you, Vananda, for your great work - I love your voice & and your warm style of formulating & laughing!I Just heard "accessing your inner shaman"... and during the weekend 4times the sexual healing -free- call" .... love it!!I like, that you integrate angels, masters, personal guides & all the "lovely stuff" .... that makes your wording sincere to me and it feels great!"

- Christina Wozak, Austria

"I recently received an Accelerated Light Healing Activation from Vandana and it was mind blowing ! I felt a powerful vibrational shift as if my brain was clicked into balance. I sensed a letting go of my barriers and body armor . I now feel ready to take action on a path that I was confused about. I highly recommend a session! Thanks Vandana"

- Dawn Sharrocks

Vandana Atara Aura's Bio:


Vandana embodies the divine feminine frequencies of compassion, grace & unconditional love through her soothing voice, open heart & tender touch.

The divine healing intervention team & doctors of divinity can be felt, seen & experienced through her body, aura & field when you are in her divine presence.

Vandana was gifted ascension keys & codes during the paradigm shift in December, 2012 to help usher in the new energies of unity, community & 5D living with ease & grace!

Her greatest joy is to transmute 3D density & duality into pure light & oneness as we move into the aquarian age & birth the new earth together.

Vandana Atara Aura was gifted her name by Divine Mother. It is a holy sanskrit name that means to worship, praise & adore. It also translates to bright star.

She is the Creator of Vandana Light Healing & is a divine channel, soul guide, angelic shaman, energy healer & ascension teacher whose soul role is to inspire and empower all sentient beings.

Vandana is a first waver, awakener, re-birther & timeline transformer who is here to raise consciousness, elevate souls, be of service & uplift the planet.

Vandana is known for her soothing voice, hypnotic soul journeys loving touch & out of this world healing transmissions to balance & harmonize the mind, body, spirit & soul.

Vandana's soul calling is to empower & inspire all sentient beings to navigate the new earth energies of rapid transformation on the planet. She shares her intuitive gifts & clairvoyant abilities as an energy healer, shamanic practitioner, soul guide, akashic advisor, & accelerated light master teacher. She travels and teaches accelerated light healing practitioner certification programs wherever she is called & whoever is guided to spread higher consciousness as a light & power source for others.

She was awakened by the star councils & galactic doctors of the universe on December 21st, 2012 & was shown a fast, easy & effective way to help others awaken & ascend with divine ease & divine grace.

She received the keys & ascension light codes to transmute human suffering into peaceful living & multidimensional self-mastery.

This quantum intelligent source light聽 information allowed her to attune others to a higher dimensional cosmic consciousness, help ease ascension symptoms & create more ease, space, & peace as we ascend into a new earth template based on universal peace & oneness.

The light she channels is pure source light & the heart of all creation. It's a nameless light from the great central sun & milky way galaxies that allowed her to download a brand new system of sacred heart healing to free us from our minds & help us embody loving kindness as our natural state of being.

Accelerated Light Healing consists of quantum healing activations, divine light transmissions & celestial star medicine from benevolent beings, archangels, & akashic beings of light to align with the divine & connect with our higher selves.

The magical mutli-dimensional energy transmissions allow her clients to be let go of old stories, unlock false beliefs, & release cellular trauma. She's helped thousands of clients to awaken to their truest & highest soul path & embody soulful presence as divine humans on planet earth.

Vandana is an gifted empath & many of her clients are starseeds & sensitives here to awaken & evolve the planet to a higher octave of consciousness & require loving guidance, clarity, & direction on their path of truth. She empowers & inspires her clients & students to access the quantum field of magical possibilities. Those that are ready seek out Vandana's services so they can manifest their dreams, visions, & desires with accelerated light faster & easier than ever before.

Vandana's path of healing began as a caregiver, guide, & healer to her Indigo son with Aspergers & her then husband who shut down his psychic & artistic abilities & numbed himself with various addictions to remain asleep & unaware of his soul purpose. After years of pain, struggle, & energy loss, she took her powers back gaining & claiming the divine wisdom & vision about how to use her healing gifts to help & heal others.